Monday, March 31, 2008

Review - Pure Pores Blackhead Remover Gel by Joey New York

Looking for a quick and easy solution for blackheads? Pure Pores Blackhead Remover Gel has got you covered. A one minute treatment that gently helps to remove blackheads, shrink and tighten large pores while absorbing excess oils. Perfect for women, men and teens. Contains 100% all-natural ingredients. Recommended Use: On clean skin, apply a thin layer on areas with blackheads, excess oils and large pores. Wait for gel to dry - approximately one minute. With gentle up and down massage movements, roll away impurities and blackheads. then rinse with lukewarm water.
DermStore price: $25.00 - Free Shipping!

I love Joey!! I hate blackheads and Joey is the most effective product I have found to fight them. I won't name names but I have tried quite a few other products before coming across Joey. I did find that it dried my skin when I first started using it. It was not serious enough to discontinue use and the dryness subsided quickly. It does aid in getting rid of the blackheads as well as acting as a preventive in their reappearance. After the initial dryness issue resolved itself I actually find that this agrees with my skin and leaves it feeling a bit smoother. It does not moisten your skin so you will still need your own moistener if you use one. However, it does battle the blackhead situation and also seems to tame down the appearance of large pores which is a nice little bonus. You can find Joey in many cosmetic stores and through many sites. Most have the same or very similar cost. However, this is the only one I have discovered with the all important Free Shipping. Actually the price may seem a bit steep for a small bottle but that small bottle last quite a while and I find that I do get my money's worth.

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