Monday, March 24, 2008

Review: SKIN by Monica

SKIN by Monica Olsen™ introduces revolutionary skin care which is simple, kind and natural. This line of natural skin care is brought to you by model Monica Olsen , who knows firsthand how important it is to have soft, radiant skin. Free of parabens, urea, alcohol, petroleum and other harmful chemicals, this is 100% pure skin care without all the junk. It is nourishing, rejuvenating and gentle enough even for baby. You'll see and feel the difference with consistent use of any of our anti-aging skin care , natural baby skin care and mens skin care products.

I love how the Restore MSM Facial Cleanser smells and feels. Same for the O2 pH Balancing Spray that follows. I wash with the cleanser then wait a few seconds before using the spray. Then I wait about 30 seconds before I apply the Perfection-C Vitamin C Crème. The first time I used these products, I wasn’t sure what I thought. Women are funny that way. We tend to think a “miracle” is supposed to happen when we use something once. By the next day, though, I really did like that my skin looked and felt smoother. The fact that everything is organic is a plus, because I feel I’m treating my skin with kindness. I was also given the Moisture-Rich Body Lotion to try and like how quickly it goes onto and into the skin. When I use these products, I always feel I could eat them with a spoon because they smell quite scrumptious…especially the Vitamin C Crème (it’s like a desert)—though the scents are light rather than heavy. Don’t be surprised if someone moves in closer to take a whiff of you when you use this line. Hey, if someone thinks you smell edible, that’s a good thing, right?

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