Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review- Sulwhasoo Basic Line Trial Pack

"Nourishing skin care formulated with precious Korean Medicinal Herbs to promote harmony and balance in the skin." 

When I first recieved this trial pack, I didn't realize I would be changing from one step after cleansing my face to four.  I'll admit, I was a little daunted.  But let me tell you, my skin is singing the praises of Sulwhasoo skin care.  Let me tell you the routine.  First, on a cleansed face, you press the First Care Serum into your skin.  It does smell like medicinal herbs to a degree, however, that disappears once it soaks in.  This step prepares your skin for the products to come.  Next comes the "toner" in the form of Balancing Water.  This is really refreshing and doesn't make your skin tight whatsoever.  I'm not a big fan of traditional toners, but this one I love.  After that you smooth on the Balancing Emulsion which serves as a lightweight yet effective moisturizing lotion.  It sinks in beautifully and I (miraculously enough) have not seen a single dry skin flake since I've been using this set!  The final step in the kit is the Concentrated Ginseng Cream which is a slightly heavier moisturizer but again, it soaks in beautifully.  Now this may seem like a lot of work, but my dry, acne-prone skin hasn't looked this good in as long as I can remember.  No tightness, not even wind chapping from this brutal NYC winter.  Also, you don't need to leave any time at all between steps, so the whole thing takes less than five minutes.  And tell me, who doesn't have five minutes for georgeous skin?  I even went out without make-up on Saturday!  I never do that.  Now these products are a bit pricey, $55-$220, but you use the products so sparingly that the full sized products will last you a year.  This is a brand to look out for, they'll be big.