Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review- Aussie Aussome Volume Spray Gel

"Take a hands off approach to gel. Spritz this ultra fine mist, for ultra high volume. No mess here! Look, ma! No hands! Kissed with white ginger and hops, Aussome Volume Spray Gel lets you crank up the volume and style - and turn down the mess. Contains natural Australian ingredients. " $4.69

I love styling products that come in a spray, let me just say that. I have long nails and dipping into the tub of my usual gel gets very messy. This is a gel with a "Strong" hold (according to the label) which makes it a 2 out of 4 in strength. There are 2 things that I really like about this product in addition to it being a spray:
1. It's entirely flexible in it's usage. If I want to spray it on and scrunch my hair I can and if I want to blow dry my hair pin straight with it, I can do that too.
2. It gives you a nice even coat of gel. You spray more where you need more, but you can cover your head in an even fashion. And this volumizing gel leaves hair touchable, not glued.

The last time I got my hair cut the stylist taught me a trick to using volumizer. I have very soft, "slippery" hair and by spraying on some volumizer, it doesn't have to add volume, but it does add grip to the contact between my hair and a brush. So now when I want to dry my hair straight, I use this volumizing gel and a round bristle brush and the hair actually clings to the brush. It used to slide right off. It makes for the ultimate blow-out. She also told me to avoid volumizers with alcohol and this product has none. Add to that the fact you can get this at your local drugstore and I'd say I've got a keeper.

Sheba says I have had some very good luck with Aussie products and this is one that really does seem to work well. I try anything that claims to add the look of more volume. I prefer the 'spray' or the 'pour into hands and work into hair' ones for the same reason as Hillary. I prefer not to dip my hands into it. I can feel the texture it adds to my hair when I am styling it. I realize it is the product coating the hair I am feeling but it does feel nice and full. It does give the appearance of fuller hair and that is what I am searching for. There are often coupons available for Aussie and, like Hillary mentioned, you can find them locally for reasonable prices. In addition to coupons, their products go on sale pretty often also.

Maria says: I have GOT to stop being such a drug-store brand snob. Seriously, I'm missing out on some really good products - such as this volumizer from Aussie. My number one reason for liking it is for the fact that it does not weigh my hair down. HUGE plus. I also like the way it sprays - I know that may sound off, but I've tried a lot of volumizing sprays and it comes out in a foam or too thin a mist - you can get a lot of coverage with the Aussie spray without feeling like you've oversaturated your hair. Another reason why I like it? It's NOT sticky. Hooray! No killing your scalp trying to get your brush through your hair. One thing I like to do is flip my head over and spray the gel on the underside of my hair b/f I style. Then I take the blowdryer to it (head still flipped over) and dry it a bit - when I flip my head volume awaits! Very well done, Aussie. This product is a keeper! Oh yes, forgot to add that it smells great too!

Review- Poshe' Cosmetic Bag

Poshe' Cosmetic Bag with mirror $9.99

I have been using this for over a month, I have been carrying this in my large handbag. This means just about everything I carry ends up getting lost in the bottom. I am a lippie girl and usually am carrying quite a few lippies, glosses and a couple of liners. Well, my point in all this is I am always loosing one part of the mix, this bag fits really well in my bag and is perfect for my needs, it's roomy enough for all of my things. It's very sturdy and will hold up a long time, the mirror is a generous size and comes in handy especially when on the go and my contact is giving my a problem or I want a close up to see if I am experiencing flaking from my mascara, whatever the problem is or even if I just want to ask "who is the fairest of them all" this is perfect. I think it's priced right and will continue to use! Also if you don't carry an arsenal of cosmetics this is perfect for a night away..

Deedlejuse Says: I love this little cosmetic case! They really thought of everything a cosmetic case should be. It is made of some kind of very durable sort of plasticy material (that is much softer than plastic I just don't know quite how to explain it) that wipes off in a jiff and is like mess resistant or something. I can honestly say that a good portion of my cosmetics tend to spill in my bag, with this case I don't have to worry because no lasting damage is done! That is such a relief for me. There is a zipper as well as a flap so all is contained. The sizable mirror is perfect for checking things, as city slicker mentioned, but also if you need to do some major work on the fly... This bag is awesome, and no-nonsense! If your in the market for a beauty bag that really works and isn't just pretty this is your bag!

Amanda S. Says: This is my favorite little bag for my purse! I'm one of those people with the gigantic purse full of a month's supply of everything in case of disaster, so normally I would use a bigger make up bag for carrying extras like vitamins, advil, those necessary female products, and so on. But I realized keeping make up separate from all this stuff makes it actually easier to find it when I am having a face-emergency. And I love the little mirror being on the flap because, unlike others that have that mirror on a string that hangs inside the bag, this one doesn't get scratched.

Hillary says: I'm not going to lie and say this bag fits all the make-up I carry in my purse, but I do find it the perfect size for my mineral powder make-up. My compacts and pots fit perfectly in this bag and there's even room for brushes. If you are ordering from Poshe, make sure to throw one of these into your cart- you won't be disappointed. And besides, who ever has enough make-up totes.

Sheba says: I have to agree with everyone on this little gem. Poshe has given us a handy little tote for whatever you might want to carry around in it. Of course, it isn't going to hold a lot of items - just those you find indispensable. It has just enough room for those items and the mirror is a great addition as it comes in so handy and is easy to locate as it is part of the bag.

Maria says: To quote from Ghost: "Ditto" !! I too love this little tote from Poshe. This is the second one I received - the first being a little bigger but none-the-less adorable and functional - perfect for overnighters when you want to just throw a mascara and eyelash curler and a lippie - perfect for in your purse too. I tend to carry several lippies in my pocketbook so rather than have them floating around at the bottom - I just pop 'em in my little Poshe bag. The little mirror is a very cool added bonus! This company is so hip and current -- I think you'll be hearing a lot more from Poshe. Love it!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Review- Covergirl Outlast Lipstain

"The water-based colorants of Outlast Lipstain give lips a beautiful, lightweight flush of color that won't come off, lasting for hours without the heavy look or feel of an ordinary lipstick. Its pen-like precision applicator makes it easy to define your lips-just draw on color without any hassle!" $8.49

I am and always have been a fan of lipstains. I tend to wear bold colors that are obviously gone when they come off. I feel like I've hit lipstain gold with the new Covergirl Outlast Lipstains. They are plenty moist and distribute a ton of gorgeous color. But be careful, once it's there, you'll need something to take it off, in other words, don't mess up. I bought 2 as they were on sale, 425 which is a medium pinky plum and 445 which is a brown. Oddly I feel the plum applicator releases more color than the brown. I'll have to buy some more in order to test that theory. They work wonderfully! Pure coverage which you can leave semi-matte as-is or add a gloss if you prefer. I dare say these work better than my old standby, Stila Lip Rouge, although my ideal would be to mix Stila's colors with these pens. I'm hoping they come out with more colors as this delivery system in a dark red would be divine! These are so good, I'd pay retail for them (and that's saying a lot!). Highly recommended!

Helpful Hint: If you live near a CVS, buy them there as they stand behind their cosmetics %100. If you try the shade and don't like it, you can go back with your receipt and return it. I'm not sure what other stores have this policy, but it always helps.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review - Wild Mint Lime Coarse Salt Scrub

"Made with mineral rich dead sea salts, this body scrub provides the ultimate exfoliation while is soothes and remineralizes the skin leaving it super soft and well nourished. Made with all natural ingredients. 10 oz." $15.00

I just happened upon this Wild Mint Lime Coarse Salt Scrub on EBay by chance. I love anything Lime so I bid on it and won it at an incredible price. This is definitely one of my favorite scrubs. The consistency is coarse as the name suggests -- but a very mild coarse. It is very easy to use as it spreads very nicely as you apply it. It is a very gentle scrub and does exfoliate well and leaves your skin feeling so soft, silky and regenerated. I did not get a Lime scent from it. It is a very light fresh scent but I really could not pick up the mint or lime that much, which is really fine. It comes in other delicious fragrances which you might want to try. I think I use quite a bit for a shower - but the jar is not going down very fast so it certainly does last. My skin feels wonderful after using it as it does not dry it out while exfoliating. It leaves you feeling nice and invigorated.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Review - Maybelline Mineral Power™ Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation

"Mineral Power Powder Foundation with micro-minerals provides a more natural, healthier, luminous look. Discover the natural power of micro-minerals:
100% natural mica creates a more natural luminosity - Complete, yet refined coverage - Provides buildable, even coverage - Preservative-free, talc-free, oil-free, fragrance-free - Medium to Full Coverage" $4.95 and up, depending on where you purchase it

I promised to review this as I finished up my review on Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation which I discovered really works very nicely for me.
I had been hesitant to try the liquid as I cannot tell you the last time I used a liquid foundation -- but it resulted in a very pleasant surprise -- I loved the final result. Well, I have been using the Maybelline Mineral Power™ Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation off and on for some time now. Even when I find something I love -- I have to keep trying other products. . . but I will return to the ones that really work often. I have many higher priced brands of Mineral powder foundation that I positively adore -- and Maybelline compares to some of them very favorably. It goes on so evenly and easily and looks very, very natural. . . yet at the same time it does enhance your appearance. Once again, you can always add another layer for a fuller coverage. I usually just go for the medium type coverage, but when going out for the evening I might just go for a fuller concentration. If you do not want to spend a fortune, yet want a very good mineral powder foundation you should check this out. . . you will not be sorry.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review - Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray

Our strongest holding spray dries quickly to freeze your style in place.
Gives instant, long-lasting hold, yet shampoos out easily. $4.99

.Yes, this is a very strong holding hair spray. The only time I need the extra hold is when I have the doo in a ponytail. Honestly, I wear it in a pony about 1/2 of every week since I am usually rushing around to get out of the house in the am and it comes in handy at the gym Having said all of that I haven't used such a strong spray in ages. This isn't for the faint of heart, this is for all the gals that want their doo in place! it's got a floral almost fruity scent but it is quickly masked by the high alcohol aroma but when it dries down the fragrance does shine through and it's not bad at all. If you don't mind the drying effects of the alcohol then you will be able to use. I would put my hair in a pony smooth over with my hands then spray this into my hands and smooth over again to get all the little fly aways to lay flat, no joking this does work and keeps my doo in check all day.. The downfalls are if you get into a weather predicament and get the doo wet, almost immediately a strong smell the hairspray again and I didn't like that at all, I don't need my hairspray competing with my fragrance. I did experience my hair looking a little more dry also so beware that you may need to use with a leave in product to keep the drying at bay.. At the end of the day I will continue to use but I highly doubt I would repurchase, I am just at the point where I would rather spend a little more and get a product that is gentler to my hair.

Sheba says: 'Ditto'! I have used this in the past and it definitely does what it claims - Instant Freeze. I think this is a great spray for those who have details to their style they might want to 'freeze', like maybe spike type styles or anything where you want the hair to just stay exactly like it is when sprayed. I bet there are many of us looking for just that spray. However, I, along with Cityslicker, seem to prefer a spray with little or no alcohol, and a natural hold. This one seems more adept for holding the more dramatic style. I have gotten away from the extra firm look but for those who want it -- this rocks!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Review - Yes to Carrots C the Difference Mask

I really love this mask. My skin, as I have said over and over again, has become in the past two years totally prone to freak attacks, redness, dryness and suddenly, breaking out! The horror!
When I got this product, my first reaction was, I LOVE CARROTS. I drink carrot juice all the time, I eat carrots with my dinner, and holy cow, I even have a rabbit who eats carrots with every meal. So I totally say yes to carrots already. My faith in carrots proved strong again with this mask. My freak out skin relaxed the first few times I used it, the dryness tapered off the few days after each use, and my breakouts seemed to be breaking my life apart a little less. This isn't one of those explosive 'oh my god what's happening???' masks that tightens on your face and cracks like a barren desert, nor does it turn into a shiny scary peel off (those sort of scare me, does anyone know of any that don't feel like they're going to yank all the teeny fuzz off your face? I'd like to try one that doesn't hurt!) and it doesn't give my skin any sting. I would really recommend this for those that (1) like natural products and (2) want to try something without hidden dangers.

Review- Barex Italiana Hairgomine Smooth Styling Gel

"Absolutely no flakes
Both hair gods and goddesses worship this relaxing balm that does it all. Barex Hairgomine styles, conditions, calms, locks out humidity, provides elasticity and sun protection with no flaking or buildup." Sug. retail $26

I don't have a huge problem getting my hair "reasonably" smooth, but with the layers I currently have, it is almost impossible to get it %100 smooth. That's where Barex Italiana Hairgomine comes in. I use a squirt for each side of my head and one for the back. It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky at all. The bottle says "absolutely no flakes", but I've never had a problem with a product flaking on my hair, I just mention this in case you do. This product makes my hair perfectly smooth without weighing it down or making it look greasy (as some products do), it actually adds shine. It allows me to blend my layers with the rest of my hair in order to get that perfectly finished straight look. Oh, and I love that it provides sun protection. It claims to lock out humidity, but I've been using it on dry days in the winter, so I'll have to try it on a rainy day & revise this post when I see if that's true. Overall I'm very pleased with this gel and I recommend it despite the $26 price tag. Why? Because a little goes a long way & this tube is going to last me a long time. If you are the type to overdo it with the product, I'd probably suggest a cheaper gel, but for regular users it's worth the initial "splurge".

Friday, February 20, 2009

Review - Barex Italiana Gloss Spray

Let there be light. Even the most product weary will be thrilled with the weightlessness of the "must have" product for all hair types. Barex Gloss Spray prevents colour from oxidizing. Lightens a dull hair day with light reflecting mist.

We all have those days (like today, specifically, for me) when your hair just looks like it needs a lift. Perhaps it has been a few months between coloring, or the heat was up extra high last night, or there just wasn't time for the entire straightening process. It doesn't matter what did it.... only what you can do to make it go away! This Barex Gloss Spray is the answer to my problems. I have blond (processed) hair, that looks super shiny when all of the stars align in my favor, but can look really dull during the rest of the month. With a little spritz of this amazing gloss spray all of my hairs frizz-free shine and glory is restored. It doesn't make my hair look greasy ever (even if I apply more than once throughout the day) and doesn't smell like much so it doesn't compete with whatever else I might be wearing that day. I will say that $25 for 5 oz seems a bit steep to me (since you can find other pharmacy brands for so much less) but the effect really isn't comprable. This light spritz doesn't just add some oil to lighten your hair, it works on the roots of the problem. I highly reccomend this product!

Review- Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara

"High-Precision Panoramic Mascara
Introducing Givenchy’s revolutionary new mascara! Its innovative new design and high-precision application method will make all existing mascaras a thing of the past. For many women, applying mascara is still a difficult process. Without a steady hand, it is hard to get precise results. That’s why Givenchy has taken a leaf out of this daring new design offering a brand-new way to apply mascara. Givenchy’s groundbreaking patented spherical brush reaches everywhere. It simplifies application, for perfectly shaped eyes and spectacular panoramic results." $28

Let me say right off the bat, I adore this mascara! As you can see from the photo above it is not your typical mascara. The spherical applicator does take some getting used to, but if you are patient enough to take the time to get it right, your lashes will look amazing. And after a few applications you'll feel as if you've been using a round brush forever. This mascara coats every bit of every lash more than any other mascara I've used. It gets all the tiny little lashes that you usually ignore because it's too much trouble. They are a breeze with this mascara. Instead of "swiping" on this mascara, you sort of "paint" it on by running the round brush from root to tip on every section of the lashes. It reminds me of what it would be like to put on regular mascara if the brush was only 1/2 an inch long. Also the black is a true black for dramatically defined lashes. I also have not had to use a spoolie or a comb to get rid of any clumps since I've been using it. Like everything, it does have a drawback: it looked horrible when I applied it to my lower lashes. I think it does such a good job of defining and thickening that it made me look a bit like a cupie doll. Granted, I do not usually wear mascara on my lower lashes, so maybe someone more used to the look would have no problem with this mascara on the bottom. That said, I think every lady who is due a splurge should run to Sephora and buy this mascara. If you like long, defined, curled lashes that stay the day, this should be your next treat to yourself!

Handy Tip from someone who LIVES @ Sephora- If you want to try this but are afraid you won't like it, buy it from Sephora and keep your receipt. They will accept returns on things you are dissatisfied with. Sephora rules!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Review - Giselle Cosmetics Lip Gloss

Lip gloss $3.50

I have this little clear pot of gloss. I don't think it's just a gloss, it offers my lips a nice shine but it also is like a balm, thick and emollient. My lips feel plump and healthy when I wear this. I have been mixing up a storm with this gloss. I have used in conjunction with the Giselle shadows and achieved numerous blends. It's so easy to do and I am loving all the nude sheer colors so this is right up my alley. I also have used with other liners and lippies. This really seals in the color and lasts for a long time. I highly recommend picking up this portable pot! It's only $3.50 and rocks!

Review- L'Oreal Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleansing Towelettes

You'll notice that this review doesn't have any background information or a photo. That's because I don't think the good people at L'Oreal would be happy with me using their content for this review. Why? Because I really do not like this product. I gave it a ton of chances because they promise to enhance smoothness, they contain Vitamin C and they exfoliate your skin. Sounds good for one step, right? Here's the thing (and I'm not saying this will happen to everyone) they burn the skin around my eyes. Let me note that I do not have especially sensitive skin. Like I said, I tried them several times and I finally said "This is stupid. If they burn, they burn." Also after using them a few times the package no longer closed properly and I had to tape it closed (which was not %100 successful). Why would I use these stinging cloths more than once? Well I do it so you the reader doesn't have to! My pain is your gain. If you like using make-up remover & cleansing cloths, I suggest you try Nixie Natural Cleansing and Make-up Remover Cloths (reviewed
here). The Nixie cloths are thorough yet gentle and they smell great. They may cost a little more, but you really get your money's worth with the Nixie Cloths. I see the Revitalift cloths as a total waste of money.

P.S. Read the comments on this post and you'll see that the burning was not only my experience, there are others who had the same reaction.

Review- Decleor Tonifying Lotion

"Leaves the skin wonderfully toned and perfectly prepared for further care.
• Calms and softens
• Rebalances with softening and toning properties
• Decongests and soothes
• Removes makeup" $36

This is without a doubt, the gentlest toner I have ever used. And yet, to my surprise, it's effective. It literally feels like water with a little fragrance on your face, but it leaves your skin very refreshed and clean feeling. Speaking of the scent, I absolutely love it. It is very soothing and slightly floral. It contains essential oils and waters and is good for all skin types. Decleor Tonifying Lotion is the perfect finishing touch to cleansing with Decleor Cleansing milk (which is a wipe-off cleanser). I use this toner all over my face including on my eyes, it's just that gentle. The $36 price tag may seem steep, but you only use a tiny bit each time you tone your face. It is a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Review- Decleor Cleansing Milk

"Perfectly cleanses the skin and restores softness and suppleness.
• Suitable for all skin types

• Calms and softens the skin with emollients
• Decongests and soothes the skin and provides and exquisite fresh effect" $36

This "milk" may be suitable for all skin types, but it is an absolute Godsend for my dry face. You simply rub it on for a minute or so and wipe it off w/ cotton or a tissue and Whoosh! Away goes all your make-up, dirt and grime. It's super gentle on the skin, yet it gets off even mascara. If you wear a lot of liquid eyeliner like me, I suggest using an eye make-up remover first just to make it easier, but you don't neccesarily have to. It leaves a thin layer of moisture on your face after removal and there is no need to rinse. You might think that something like this would make one prone to breakouts, but not once have I woken up after using this the night before to a breakout situation. This has to be the gentlest way to clean your face. I like to follow it up with Decleor Tonifying Lotion which ensures I've wiped away all the impurities. I will be buying this cleanser again and again.

Amanda S. Says: It's so funny that Hillary posted about this cleansing milk today. I had trouble sleeping last night, took a little nap, woke up to get ready for work and the first thought I had was, I can't wait to wash my face ! My skin totally freaks out all the time, and has been flaky and sad lately. After using this for 4 days, I am flakeless again and my skin has stopped being red and sad. It hasn't caused any breakouts yet, and my skin seems brighter after I use it. It's definitely suitable to use right before applying make up (regular foundation or mineral) with no caking/sliding off issues. Like Hillary, I am going to spring for this stuff when my bottle runs out, and get one for my mother!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Review- Decleor Moisturising Body Milk- Systeme Corps

"A complete body treatment that moisturizes and firms.
• Tones, firms and revitalizes entire body

• Improves elasticity and firmness
• Energizes and revitalizes skin
• Softens
• Smoothes" $45

Decleor just never seems to dissappoint me. I literally have never tried a Decleor product that I wasn't happy with, this is no exception. It has a light, ever-so-slightly floral scent which doesn't compete with perfumes, but is pleasant on it's own. It has the consistency of a thick lotion, but glides on and absorbs completely. It only takes a few days of use to see a vast difference in your skin's moisture level. Vitamin E, Panthenol and Plant Glycoproteins are just a few of the "good for your skin" ingredients. I only have one problem with this cream, the price. I could not normally afford a body lotion that cost $45, but if you can, I would definitely give this one a try as the feel of this cream is heavenly.

Deedlejuse Says: I have to agree completely with Hillary! This Body Milk is the most interesting consistancy. It feels like a milky rich cream, but glides on more like a lotion and doesn't leave your skin feeling oily or greasy in any way (which is awesome!) The smell is very light, like Hillary says, but is just beautiful and feminine. While I agree that it is quite expensive I thought that I needed to use much less of this Body Milk than other body moisturizers for a wonderful effect. One pump fully moisturizes a whole limb (and I tend to get very dry in the winter) and I definitely noticed a difference in the eleasticity of my skin. I would say that if you can get this product you will be completely thrilled with the results. At least I was!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review - Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream for Sensitive Skin

Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream for Sensitive Skin prepares the hair in only 3 minutes for effective hair removal with the bladeless razor. It has been specially designed without a blade. You dont need to worry about dry skin or cutting yourself. You can work quickly with perfect control - for close hair removal and long lasting smoothness $5.03
Well, I have dark hair so I have to shave frequently and in the winter I tend to get a lot of little red bumps on my legs after shaving so this was a perfect product to give my stems a break. I didn’t do the recommended test patch. It’s my fault that I just lubed up the legs. I applied from the knee down, the scent was minimal then the smell changed and started to stink, ugh! It wasn’t that bad but still stinky nonetheless. When I used the tool to remove I did see lots of hair coming with it. My legs did feel smooth but Veet didn’t remove all of the hair, it could be from my application or the product. I found lots of stragglers around my knees so the next time I tried to make sure I spent more time on the knees but still I had stragglers so it does work really well on smooth areas for my like the area between the ankle and knees but not as well on the bends so beware and spend more time on those areas.. I thought it was easy to use and pretty quick... I think I will revisit in the warmer months when showing off the goods is more likely so I can take advantage of the smoothness. I ended up having to shave in 2 days also... I think this will be beneficial when I am going to an event not an everyday thing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Review - Smashbox Rapture Eyeshadow and Brush Set

This get-gorgeous set includes 16 luminous shadows and 2 full-size metallic pink brushes for flawless application. The inspiring shades allow you to create an endless array of beautiful eye looks that take you from day to night.

Movie Maven says: Smashbox's eyeshadow colors are, on the whole, to die for. Gorgeous options abound, which is why this Rapture Eyeshadow and Brush Set really is a great deal. Of the colors you see above, I got to try the green and gold (go Packers) set and the shadow brush. I thought the green would be a little deeper based on the photos I'd seen online - it's dustier than I anticipated, more muted, but still a lovely color. The sheer, shimmery gold that goes with it is great for highlighting, or for wearing alone when you don't need as much drama. The shadow stayed on pretty well - when I wore it with a little concealer underneath as a base, it not only stayed on longer, but the color was more intense, which was nice. The brush is fairly standard, with soft bristles. The funny thing is that I found myself using the Smashbox brush with some other eyeshadows more than with the green and gold Smashbox shadows I got, simply because the brush is a little on the large size, and these duos are pretty small. I ended up using a smaller brush to apply the Smashbox eyeshadow. All in all, a great color combo!

Sheba says: I received the Silver combination and let me say -- it applies very nicely and has staying power. I did use a primer first as I have become addicted to them. It is a perfect combination for hazel eyes -- but then I would think it would make blue eyes pop. Come to think of it -- I bet it would really just enhance almost any eye color. But then, remember if you have the whole kit you can just select another combination. There are so many that you will find several that work for your eyes. You will have a difficult time trying to decide -- but then you don't have to decide. You can wear different combinations on different days!! The Smashbox Rapture Eyeshadow and Brush Set is an incredible deal at only $59 for all that Eye Candy.

CitySlicker Says: I am a big fan of Smashbox Cosmetics so there is pretty much at least one of their products in my rotation. Their shadows are rich and velvety, I got what looks like the bottom on the right, it’s a golden brown color called luminous golden brown and a peachy nude highlighter called shimmery champagne. They are a great combo that complements one another. I have been using the peachy color on my lips and the darker color as a liner. The shadows melt into my lips and give a nice shimmery sparkle without looking overly shimmery – perfect for day or night. They stay on feel light as air. The pot is easy to tote around and very deep so this will last a long time.

Deedlejuse says: Goodness I do love Smashbox! I think that my favorite part is that they make really use-able colors and then pair them in a very user friendly way. I have the navy/white combo pot and am happy to report that these easy to wear colors work perfectly with my hazel eyes. The only thing that I might ask is for them to be a little more shimmery, because if you've ever read my reviews I live for shine, but these colors are opaque (in a great way) and so good for day to day wear. Really I don't think you can go wrong when you go for Smashbox, you sort of know it is going to be a great product! I wish I had them all.

Hillary says: For me, Smashbox means quality. It also means the latest and greatest colors. And the cherry on top, I can actually afford Smashbox, unlike some of the other brands I see at Sephora and Dept. stores. I'm not at all cheap when it comes to buying cosmetics, but I've got to feel as if I'm getting something worth my money. Smashbox eyeshadows stay the day (into the night) and come in colors that are both practical (in that they look good on) and trendy. The brush I got (Definer Brush) is perfect for putting on your darkest color right near the lashes (at least that's what I use it for). The brushes are top notch, not too soft, not too firm like a cheap brush. And unlike some cheaper brushes I have, they keep their shape. I have a special place in my heart for Smashbox and I can't wait to see what they come out with next!

Amanda S. Says: I have the "Enchanting" split color of this shadow. This is, by far, my favorite eyeshadow I have ever used. It goes on so beautifully and smooth, it feels weightless, never creases or flakes off, and lasts for an entire eye rubbing day at work. I have paid embarrassingly large amounts of money for eye shadows that worked well in the past. I have very sensitive eyes, and they are a very pale blue color. If my eye make up gets screwy, I end up looking crazy eyed and un-human. Smashbox is my new 'go to' for shadow. the white makes my eyes look bright even when I have panda-like circles under them, and the purple-ish color goes really great with my dark blue eyeliner and black mascara. It seriously, no joke, stays on for 9 hours or longer. If you have eye shadow issues, go for this stuff!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Review- Nvey Eco Organic Lip Lustre

"NVEY ECO, Organic Lip Lustre’s fusion of nature and color is a dual purpose lip color and moisturizer, enriched with organic elements and Orange Essential Oil.
All Nvey Eco Products are:
Talc Free, Paraben Free, Artificial Preservative Free, Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) Free, No Propylene Glycol, Genetically Modified Crop Free, Not Tested On Animals, No Petroleum Based Ingredients and No Nanotechnology based Ingredients." $24

If you just read the description above of Nvey Eco products, you have to think they must be the best- for- you cosmetics on the market. Their policies on artificial anything and animal testing are absolutely wonderful. I just have one problem with the Nvey Eco Lip Lustre: it tastes funny. Well not so much funny as tasting (and smelling) a bit oily. Although I think there is flavor or fragrance added to it, the first 4 ingredients are oils and waxes and it comes up smelling like something your mother would have worn back in the day. Other than that, it's great. It stays on well, it shines nicely and it moisturizes like the best of lip balms, now if they could just adjust the scent and taste, it would be perfect. I have the Lip Lustre in Cristal, a light sandy beige which goes on relatively clear. I fully support this company and what they stand for, I just can't endorse this particular product. Check out the reviews of other Nvey Eco products here.

Review - Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara, Lengthening

"Get 100% thicker lashes in one clump-free coat. This volumizing formula builds lashes double long in one quick, smooth, clump-free application.
Nourishing formula is infused with aloe and Vitamin B5 to keep lashes feeling conditioned and cared for. Specially designed Quick Coat Brush wraps Mascara evenly around every lash as it separates for a full, lush, high-volume look. No clumps, flakes or smudges. " usually under $5.00

Almay is a very good brand that is hypo allergenic and very gentle. It is an excellent every day mascara which can be used for day and night - according to how many layers you want to apply. I always use my eyelash brush (even when the product claims to be clump-free). However, I really did not see clumps when using it. I like the brush for the clumps and to make certain the lashes are completely separate and some are not stuck together. This can add a little color, body, and length or quite a bit of drama to the eyes. It has staying power, yet, is easy to remove when you want to remove it. Actually, every once in a while my eyes will act up from mascara ( allergies -- they itch) but this does not occur with the Almay. So if I am using another brand and the allergies kick in - I immediately switch to Almay. They advertise that it is hypo allergenic and I guess I am proof that is true. I have to say you cannot go wrong for the price. I always have a couple of Almay mascaras handy -- in case of allergic reaction to other brands. I would not be without it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review - Nvey Eco Organic Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

Chamomile, cucumber and organic Calendula combine to create this soothing, moisturizing and aromatic liquid foundation. The luxurious addition of Rose Absolute assists dry and sensitive skins. Tinted using natural earth elements, NVEY ECO, Organic Moisturizer.

Have you ever had that moment with a beauty product when it hits you: this is what using X is supposed to be like? Well I have finally had that moment with this Nvey Echo Organic Moisturizing Liquid Foundation. Not only is this foundation organic, and natural but it is also the exact perfect shade for me ( I have shade 510, the palest) and it glides on so you would never know that I’m wearing make-up. I don’t like a lot of coverage, just touch-ups at the problem areas like cheeks and chin where I tend to get a bit too rosy so this fluid foundation is exactly what I needed. It is sort of a thin consistency that basically turns directly into a powder on my skin and doesn’t stay thick and creamy making it noticeable. It is sort of like a stain, instead of a cream but it really covers up problem areas. I would say that if you prefer the creamier side of things you might want to mix with your face cream before application. I find it is best applied with fingers, my brushes all make it a little streaky. The smell is the best part for me. I think it smells like rose (and as it turns out absolute rose is used in production.) This very well could be my all time favorite product I have ever used. I certainly recommend giving it a try!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review- Yes to Tomatoes Tender Touch Hand Cream

*Combines Organic Tomatoes, Avocado (a great natural source of potassium, which increases moisture retention) and 26 Dead Sea Minerals.

*This special combination not only promotes healthy skin, but also absorbs excess surface oils, perfect for balancing skin.

*99.6% Natural Ingredients

*Free of Parabens, Petroleum and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

*Against Animal Testing

*Has it's own charity, "The Seed Fund"

Before I discuss the performance of this hand cream, let me tell you briefly what it is: it's an almost entirely natural hand cream, free from ingredients found in most other creams that are suspected of doing (in the long term) more harm than good. That said, don't go into sampling this hand cream with the thought of tomatoes in your head despite the name. It smells nothing like tomatoes and lets face it, love them or hate them, most of us do not want to smell like them. This has a very light, pleasant smell which is very clean and I venture to say, good for men or women. In addition to how good it is for your hands, it feels good on them as well. It absorbs almost completely while leaving your hands super soft. The only thing I would change is I would add a sunscreen.People seldom realize how much time their hands spend in the sun. Tender Touch Hand Cream really has everything you want in an everyday (& night) hand cream without a lot of things you don't need. Those of you with super-dry hands or that work with your hands in water might need something a little heavier, but for the average person, this cream is perfect. An added bonus is that the generously sized tube is going to last me a very long time as you only need a pea sized amount to be completely moisturized. This would make a great component of a Valentine's day gift basket!

Review- Aloette Enzyme Peel

Restorative Enzyme Peel: Try this alternative to harsh chemical peels today. Right before your eyes, this unique exfoliating fruit enzyme peel removes dead skin cells without the use of harsh acids or damaging granules!

When you get over the weird green gelatinous appearance of this enzyme peel and just use it, you'll fall in love. I think it's the use of fruit enzymes versus stronger and more acidic ingredients that make this product really great. It feels so cool and spreads easily over your skin creating a fine layer that doesn't slide off or feel impossible to keep on for the allotted time. I've tried this out twice. I have to say, even with my freak-out sensitive skin that gets so dry and whiny in the winter, there was no stinging or burning with this peel, and almost felt calming. It really did instantly soften my skin and take away some dull dark and reddish spots I've been getting annoyed with lately. Well worth the money and perfect for someone who has skin that is normally to sensitive for your average peel.

Movie Maven says:

Here is the thing with this peel: it doesn't "peel." The directions on the container of this otherwordly green goo say to massage it into your face in a circular motion...and then they stop. Do I rinse? Do I wait? Do I peel it off? What do I do, Alouette? I did go online for further research, and it turns out the intended use is to massage it into your (dry) face and then rinse in warm water. I did this, and I just - wasn't sure if it was doing anything. It felt nice, and the color is gorgeous (note to self: find nail polish this color), but whether it was successful in "peeling" me remains to be seen. I noticed that my skin was a bit softer afterwards, so that's good. Perhaps I'm still not using it correctly?

Deedlejuse Says: I, like Movie Maven, was a bit confused as to whether I was using this product correctly. Try as I might I just wasn't able to get the "little balls" to form after 20-30 seconds of use. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but regardless it seems to be producing results, even if I can't visually see the peel working. I have been using this product bi-weekly for several weeks now, and I am more than happy with the results. Granted I am 24, so my skin doesn't need a huge amount of help to look young and supple, but this Aloette Enzime Peel really makes a difference in the brightness and feel of my complexion. I have sensitive skin, so genereally speaking any kind of mask makes my face feel tight and burns just slightly, but I haven't noticed anything like this with this peel. My favorite part, other than having a little pot of the craziest looking dark green gel on my bathroom sink, is how quickly it works. This is the perfect thing for people who want results, but also don't want to have to spend hours to get them. I would definitely re-purchase this product!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Review - Aloette Lumitone HP Pro Brightening Serum

"Brighten dull, ashy skin and target uneven skin tone with Aloette’s nonabrasive skin brightening system and see results in just 14 days! Containing a proprietary blend of five clinically tested peptides and brighteners—including the powerful white daisy extract—in an aloe vera base, Lumitone HP (High Potency) Pro Brightening Serum enhances the brightening capabilities of our existing Lumitone complex to minimize the appearance of red and splotchy skin and help neutralize uneven tone." $69.95 Super Sales Special!Only $24.95 with $30 purchase!

I have used some other products to 'brighten' my skin but I was never really sold on them. This Aloette Lumitone HP Pro Brightening Serum has me sold!! It does smooth out my uneven skin while reducing the appearance of spotty areas. They claim it will "help neutralize uneven tone" and it delivers. It applies very easily and is absorbed quickly, leaving your skin looking much more radiant than before using it. They do mention that it will be 14 days before you really notice so don't put it on the first time and be disappointed. It takes a little while to work its wonders on your skin. The usual price is a bit high but worth the price for what it does -- but -- look now. There is a Super Sale which I have included above. I know I can find so many other Aloette products that are real treats for my skin that I might just get a couple of them at this great deal!!

Hillary says: Aloette was kind enough to give me this product to review, but I can't really do one. You see, I use a prescription retinoid on my skin (Tazorac, it's like Retin-A) almost every night and it seems the two don't mix well. I took the bottle of Lumitone HP Pro Brightening Serum to my dermatologist and asked him if he thought the serum would brighten the skin and he said "Yes". He said it has an ingredient in it which is much like hydroquinone, but gentler. Most doctors would not recommend covering your entire face in hydroquinone as it can be very harsh. So to sum up my "non-review", yes I believe it works, no I don't recommend it for those using a prescription retinoid (nothing bad happened, it just stung a bit).

Review- Pür Minerals Pür Perfection Starter Kit

"4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup: The cornerstone of Pür Minerals, this one-minute mineral makeup miracle is your mineral foundation, powder, concealer and SPF protection all in one neat makeup compact. Completely free of oil, alcohol, talc, fragrances, preservatives and chemical dyes, this mineral foundation is actually good for your skin!" Pür Perfection Starter Kit $35

This is perhaps the best mineral make-up I have ever used. And not only is it good, it's good for you too! I need full coverage in my make-up. There's nothing terribly wrong with my skin, but when you are spooky-white, even the tiniest blemish shines out like a beacon. You can adjust the amount of coverage you recieve from this compact by starting slowly and layering. It has a nice matte finish and somehow doesn't stick to my dry patches like most other powder foundations. The color I got (Porcelain) matches my skin to a "T". Once you've put on the foundation, glow and blush, you've got a totally healthy, natural look. I recommend that everyone who is considering trying the Pür Minerals brand start out with one of these kits because when you put all the components together, the look is fantastic.

"Mineral Glow: A touch of sun in a makeup compact, this mineral powder will impart a natural, sun-kissed glow to your skin."

Ordinarily I wouldn't buy a product like Pür Minerals Mineral Glow because I'm not one for the tan look, but when used sparingly this compact gives you more of (dare I say it) a glow than a tan. It adds a little something to your overall look if you apply it with care. Now I find myself using the Glow with my other types of make-up, I like it that much. But be warned, overdo it and we'll have to send you back to the 80's (of course back then, the tan would have been real!).

"Universal Marble Powder in Pink: Give your skin back that rosy glow you were born with. Universal Marble Powder corrects, brightens and imparts antioxidants into the skin. This multi-purpose mineral makeup can be worn on your eyes, lips and cheeks."

When I first looked at the Marble Powder in Pink, I wasn't so thrilled. I'm not much of a pink person. I decided to have an open mind and I applied it after the foundation and glow. To my pleasant surprise it isn't bubblegummy or clowny, it looks totally natural, like I just pinched my cheeks. Don't ask me how they made a blush that flatters every skin tone, but they've apparently pulled it off as the same color comes in every kit. I wouldn't dare try to buy a pink blush on my own (I still have that lingering clown fear), but this one, I love.

"The Chisel Makeup Brush: The magic behind the mineral makeup look! The only makeup brush to use for application of your 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup, it provides maximum coverage and an amazingly smooth finish."

I use the Chisel brush for both the Mineral Makeup and the Mineral Glow. The brush is shaped like a small kabuki brush with a handle. It gives you more control than a traditional kabuki brush due to it's smaller size and is the perfect firmness to use with the pressed powders.

Amanda S. Says: Like Hillary, I really do believe this is the best mineral make up out there. I have been using Pur on and off for a while, but haven't used all the items in this kit. I am so happy I took the time to try them out and was given the extras because I am really pleased with how everything looks. The brush is super useful too for the foundation (I usually use the sponge, but I am getting the hang of the brush because it doesn't clump the powder at all!).

I tend to get a little sallow looking (I'm surprised no one asks me if I have jaundice to be honest!) in the winter, a little yellowish and pasty. For some reason my olive skin doesn't work out so well when I don't get any sun. I confess, unlike hillary I *do* get some sun, I know it's bad! So in missing my usual touch of color I was pleasantly surprised with the 'glow' powder and the marble blush powder also. I was real afraid they'd go on either too heavy in spots, or else they would just not blend with the mineral foundation underneath them. I am not all that great with blush sometimes, I go a little heavy, but with these it seemed to glide on, and I can imagine if I took the wrong turn applying, it would be easy to brush the extra off.

Pur mineral is great because my super sensitive skin never gets irritated by tons of weird additives and it doesn't make my face look one-tone-plastic. It definitely doesn't cause break-outs and if you're really having skin problems, you can actually apply the 4-in-1 foundation powder over a liquid foundation and trust me, no one will see any flaws and it will last more than 15 hours.

Review - Aloette Look Alive Eyeshadow Base

Remove the appearance of dark circles under eyes with Look Alive Eye Base and Brightening Powder. $20.00
I have been using this for almost a month now. In the beginning I wasn’t seeing a difference until I didn’t use it for a couple of days. I now realize that I need a base for my shadows. I have been wearing this with loose mineral shadow and pressed shadows. It has a light yellowish color and when I apply it, it does offer a nice light coverage that is absorbsed in and doesn’t just sit on top of my skin. When I layer shadows over this base the resulting effect gives my shadows a creamy smooth appearance. I think the biggest asset is when I am wearing loose shadows – I find that they tend to feather and not stay put. However, with this product I notice that I get much longer wear and the shadows aren’t ending up in the crease of my eyes. I have also worn this alone on the weekend, it give a nice natural look that brightens my eyes and give them a subtle pop! Also this is loose and one morning it did slip out of my hands and dumped over ½ of the contents onto the bathroom floor. UGH! I was very upset. I vacuumed up quickly and didn’t leave any marks on the floor. My advice is use a death grip when using, this is a precious little pot!

Sheba says: This little Aloette Look Alive Eyeshadow Base is one handy little tool for your eye area. Cityslicker said it when she said -- you might not notice any difference unless you stop using it. Then you realize just how wonderful it is. It does its job without screaming out - 'look at me'. Eye shadows stay in place and there is no slipping into the crease. She uses it alone -- I have and I think it brightened my eyes that way. I have also used it as a concealer when I awoke with racoon eyes or just looked ragged at the end of the day. It is so very useful and it works so well. It is a tiny little pot -- but you only need a tiny dab-- so you will get your money's worth for sure. Because it is so tiny -- Cityslicker is so right -- hold onto it tightly. I have actually wound a fat little elastic around it and the elastic gives me a good grip.

Hillary says: When I first got this powder, I didn't really understand how it was for under and over your eyes, so I just jumped in with both feet and started using it. I love it! I use a swipe of it right under my eyebrows to make my eyelids look bigger (I have short ones) and I use it under my eyes to get the perfectly finished and concealed look. Now I don't know what this powder would look like on darker skin, but on my fair skin it blends perfectly, totally eliminating dark circles and the best part- mistakes! The other day I was putting on my make-up on the subway when I suddenly got the brilliant idea to put mascara on my lower lashes. Well it appears my new Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara was not built for the lower lashes. It was clumpsville (otherwise I love the mascara). Anyway, here I am, on the train with racoon eyes. I wiped up as best I could then I applied my Aloette Look Alive and you would never have known there was ever a flub there. I was floored. This is a product I will be buying again and again.

Free Sample- Alterna Hair Care

Click link above for free samples of Alterna Hair Care. As seen in Lucky Magazine.

Free Sample- Murad Sleep Reform Cream

Free sample of Murad Sleep Reform Cream. 1 per household. Click link above.

Free Sample- Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths

Use link above for your free sample of Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths. U.S. addresses only.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sale, Free Jumbo Samples (w/ order) + Free Shipping @ Smashbox

Check out for their "Curtain Call" sale and get a great deal plus jumbo samples and free shipping on any order (in the U.S.). Most of the Wicked Lovely collection (as reviewed here) is on sale as well as many other kits and palettes. Definitely worth checking out! BTW, samples and free shipping applies to everything on the site, not just sale items.

Review - AHAVA Dermud Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream

Highly concentrated formula created to rejuvenate even the driest skin. A grease-free blend of mineral enriched mud, Mineral Skin Osmoter™ complex and assorted natural essences works deep to relieve itchiness, redness and scaling and stimulates your skin into moisturizing action.

This Dermud Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream really is just that intensive. If you are like me and you need a little extra love in the winter this just might be what your looking for. It is serious stuff, just a dab will work in and take the edge off, but don't use too much or you will feel a little greasy! After the first couple of weeks you will notice that your hands feel much softer and the oh-so-attractive scaly winter look will be behind you. The smell is not my favorite. I will say that, it is really natural and sort of smells like a clay face mask. Like I said it tends to be a bit greasy if you use too much, so I always apply right before bed and it works like a charm. $25 seems like a lot, but really for how long this 4.2 oz. tube has lasted me it's more like a long term investment!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Review- Fusion Beauty SkinFusion Micro-Technology Bio Active Brightening Minerals

The natural illuminators in this amazing, oil-free mineral powder deliver a flawless finish for instant brightness and a healthy glow. $49.00

I have this in translucent since I am fair. It's so finely milled, it feels like it evaporates into my skin upon application. It's got a light shimmer to it so I don't feel like I am a dancing queen during the day. I think it adds a light reflecting quality and does in fact brighten up my complexion. My skin has been taking a beating this winter, it's been dry so I have been relying on skincare products to get me through (thank goodness for Beautifile!) I have been using this for 2 weeks and will totally use this till I have none left. The packaging does look pretty but isn't really practical. It's hard to explain - you shake it then turn the lid and a small section is open, its very easy to spill and for $49.00 I don't want to loose a single particle. I have made a mess of it so I am super careful with it and keep it on my dresser, this can't go in the train case, it does spill out even when closed. I can recommend on the quality of the minerals and their ability to brighten my skin but don't like the container, it looks cool but is useless!

Review- Cutler Salon on 57th St. NYC

Cutler Salon (Uptown)

47 West 57th St. between 5th and 6th

New York, NY 10019




How do I love my new hairdo? Let me count the ways! The color! The cut! Everything about it is just wonderful. You may have read my review of Cutler Salon Soho a while back and if you remember, I was pleased as punch with my cut and color. I thought it would be a tough act to follow. Not only did my cut and color at Cutler Salon on 57th St. live up to the standard set in Soho, it exceeded it! But it is totally dependant on who I was talking to which salon I would send them to. The two have totally different vibes. The Soho salon is much more relaxed and sedate. The floor plan of the Soho salon makes you feel as if you are in your own little pod and there is far less hustle and bustle than at the uptown location. I, however, have no problem with hustle and bustle and like the lively atmosphere at Cutler's uptown location. And everyone from the coat check lady to Mark and Kara the assistants are as friendly as can be. They really go out of their way to make you feel important at the Cutler Salons.

I had my color done by Laura who did an outstanding job of matching the color which was already on my head. Before I went to Cutler, everyone kept making my highlights blonder and blonder. At Cutler (both times) they gave me exactly what I wanted, lighter brown highlights on my brown hair to hide the greys. The intricacy with which Laura colored my hair was truly impressive. I felt as if every hair was getting personalized attention. And to top it off she's an absolute sweetheart. Chatting with her really made the time I had to sit in the chair fly. I highly recommend Laura if you're visiting the salon, even my hairdresser, Francesca was impressed with her work.

My haircut was done by Francesca, and I have to say, it is one of the top 3 haircuts I've ever had in my life! Last time I got my hair cut with Tyson at Cutler Soho, he couldn't do a thing to the layers in my hair as he said they were already as short as they could be without looking odd (which means-you guessed it- the person before him botched the job). This time my hair was about an inch- inch and a half longer than last time, so Francesca had something to work with. And work she did. I've never had a more thorough haircut in my life. She wields her scissors with such precision, I was floored. She also showed me where my hair needed fixing (I needed more bangs) and once my hair was finished I felt like a model. There was not a split end or fly-away on my head. Francesca is a perfectionist, but don't think you sacrifice personality for that, she's friendly and pleasant to talk to (although I mostly sat in awe of the transformation my hair was getting). Cuts with Francesca are expensive ($110), but bang trims are free and I have to say it's worth every penny.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Coupon Code- Exclusive Savings for Beautifile Readers @ e.l.f. Cosmetics

Use Coupon Code: BEAUTIFILE09 at checkout @ e.l.f. Cosmetics and save
%50 off all orders up to $15. This offer is good through April 1, 2009. FYI- their make-up brushes are awesome and with almost everything priced @ $1, you can get a whole set guilt-free.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review - Decleor Paris Radiance Revealing Peel-Off Mask

"Calm and revitalize the skin with this illuminating mask. • Eliminates dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities• Brightens and enhances the complexion• Nourishes with essential oils and vitamins• Protects against harmful free radicals• Boosts the skin's immune system for lasting brilliance. $42"

When I was a kid, I loved peel-off masks. LOVED them. I had tubes and tubes of them all over the place, just because I liked peeling them off my face. The thing is, peel-off masks are SO NOT NECESSARY for a child, because the whole purpose is to "renew" your skin, and kids don't need skin renewal. At some point, I stopped really using peel-off masks, and I'm not sure why, because guess what? I STILL LOVE THEM. And this Decleor Paris Radiance-Revealing Mask is a great one. Now, this is definitely a high-end product, and at $41 is pretty pricey. That's really the only complaint I have with it, though. The main thing that bothers me about some peel-off masks is that once they dry, they don't actually PEEL all that well. This one, however, practically came off in one big piece, which made it easy for me to ensure that it was all off my face. (It was easy to apply as well.) While I didn't see a huge difference, I could practically feel my pores unclogging as I removed it (which sounds hokey, but for real was kind of amazing). If you're in the market for a luxury peel-off mask, this is it.

Deedlejuse Says: Ladies, I am almost positive that most of you have forgotten how wonderful it feels to use a peel-off mask, or at least a quality one. Personally I have to totally agree with Movie Maven, the ripe old age of ten was exactly the last time I used a peel off mask. I loved it then, and I really love it now! There is just such a fulfilling feeling to peeling off the mask after you have allowed it to dry, and then to see the results. It took a few rounds of bi-weekly application, but now there is no hint of darkness in my pores, and my skin is so soft. The mask comes off in one fell swoop, and although you don't actually see impurities in the peel, you will see the results on your skin. I am definitely sold, and I will treasure this mask down to the last drop!

Hillary says: OK, let's just say we all agree that peel-off masks are cool. It hasn't been that long since I last used one, but it was nowhere near the quality of this one by Decleor. This is truly the Lexus of peel-offs. It goes on so easily that I think it would be very hard to mess up (unless you didn't put your hair back first- that could be a problem). You simply apply a thin layer, wait 8 minutes and peel it off. Every time I've done it, it has come off in no more than 2 pieces (which is cool to see, I don't know why). It can totally pull off the flakes from dry skin, leaving your face refreshed. It makes your face feel amazingly smooth and extra clean. It is recommended for all skin types and seriously, how often do you get to have fun while doing something good for your skin in the privacy of your own home? I like to finish off with Decleor Tonifying Lotion and Essential Balm.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review - Decleor Aromessence Iris - TimeCare Concentrate

"Formulated for mature skin, this elixir is 100% pure and contains 100% natural essential oils.
• Redefines features• Softens signs of aging• Slowly hydrates• Protects skin from harsh internal/external factors• Fights free radicals" 0.5 oz.Price: $84.00

(Receive a FREE Ooh La Spa Set when you purchase $75 or more. Your free gift will automatically be added to your shopping cart. Offer valid while supplies last.)

I have been using this Decleor Aromessence Iris - TimeCare Concentrate in conjunction with the Decleor Experience De L'age - Triple Action Rich Cream. Let me tell you -- this is one dynamic duo!! This is like a light oil with a pleasantly light fragrance. Fear not -- your skin drinks it up immediately -- you will not have an oily appearance at all. It feels so, so good on. You look so, so good with it on. Then you apply the rich cream as I mentioned. I do not know if they would work as effectively if used separately -- but why try it when I see the results from the combination. They are responsible for my face (and neck) appearing much firmer with lines that appear noticeably reduced!!! Decleor, where were you all my life??? Now that I have found you I will never let you go!! You can see that the price is a bit high -- but then look at the Spa Set they are giving with any purchase over $75 while supplies last. Hey, order this one day and get the Spa Set and then order the Cream another day and hopefully get another set. UNLESS they have some rules that only one free set per customer. Check it out while they are still available.

Maria says: Another hands down winner from the House of Decleor. A richly hydrating and soothing oil, this has the ability to calm my stressed winter face and neck and impart baby-soft skin. No easy task. I will say that I only use the oil at night as I sort of have one too many steps in my morning regimen as far as skincare products - but I'm glad I do because it makes my nighttime routine so much easier. I cleanse - apply the oil - maybe a little eye cream on top (if even needed) let it absorb, then off to bed I go. I wake up in the morning and I don't see the Sahara Desert looking back at me - just soft, luminated skin. At 45, I am not looking for gimmicks and hype - I am looking for products that WORK. Decleor got it right with their Aromessence Iris. Truly Fab. A must try will most definitely turn into a must BUY for you once you've given it a whirl. Well done, Decleor.
Joyce says: Big, big love. Love what it does for my skin. Love how easy it smoothes on. Love how it’s scented. Love the bottle. Love that it’s 100% natural with essential oils and fruit extracts. L.O.V.E. it! Please see my review for Decleor Triple Action Rich Cream that is the companion product I used with this scrumptious oil for mature skin.

Review - Decleor Experience De L'age - Triple Action Rich Cream

"An anti-aging, moisturizing facial cream.
• Combines ''peeling effect'' and ''patching effect'' for clear, radiant skin• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines• Intense hydration that prevents premature aging• Appropriate for all skin types• Designed for daily use"

1.69 fl oz. Price: $100.00 (Receive a FREE Ooh La Spa Set when you purchase $75 or more. Your free gift will automatically be added to your shopping cart. Offer valid while supplies last.)

Oh my goodness, this Decleor Experience De L'age - Triple Action Rich Cream is designed for mature skin. However, I am betting that it would enrich younger skin also. If I knew all the information I know now when I was younger -- I would have searched high and low for cream like this. It is applied in the morning over your face and neck. Believe me, you can feel your face and neck responding with a much better feel. They are so hydrated with just the little dab and your skin takes on a real glow. I feel that the fine lines (sounds much better than wrinkles) look diminished and my face and neck actually look very refreshed (from aging I think). It does have a slight fragrance which I found to be very pleasant. It is expensive, yes!! But it does a wonderful job and you need a drop or two so it will last. Also I did include the note about a free Spa set so hurry up and order while the supplies last. That way you are getting so much more for your money. Oh, what I wouldn't give to work there and get all of this cream for an employee discount. My body would be soaking in it for hours at a time. In real life I need to pull out my wallet and dig into it. Usually I try for bargains at bargain basement products. This is a bargain for my face and skin but it is not at basement prices. I guess when it works like this -- you cannot be stingy. I have been using this along with Decleor Aromessence Iris - TimeCare Concentrate which I will be reviewing in a few minutes.

Maria says: Love. This. Cream. What a luxury this little jar of wonder is. From the moment I opened the jar and took a whiff of the slightly almond-y scent, I knew it was destined to be a winner. I was right. It's an all-out pampering of the skin. Listen, let me tell you, this winter in New England has been HELLACIOUS - from icestorms to freezing temps, my skin has been sucked dry and this cream just gives me back the moisture I've lost but in addition it imparts a soft glow and a comfort to my skin if that makes sense. Whenever I saw a Decleor product I always thought of extravagence and indulgence - but this cream is sooooo worth indulging in. It's one of the rare creams that delivers on its promises. My skin feels refreshed and soothed when I wear this - and I say this truthfully b/c after being hit with the flu, my skin was so sallow and parched looking but after a nice mask, then an application of the Decleor Iris Oil, then this skin felt and looked 10 trillion percent better. If you get the opportunity to to try this cream, please don't pass it'll be sorry if you do. Don't think you are not worthy of this cream - you ARE!!
Joyce says: Ohhh yeeaaahhh. Use the Aromessence Timecare Concentrate first then apply this cream and we’re talking product promise fulfillment. It doesn’t take much and skin absorbs it quickly, so no problem with liquid or powder base going on atop both products. I had a health issue come up; and I really believe these two products made a difference. I may have had days where I could have felt better, but my face (skin) looked GOOD.