Saturday, February 7, 2009

Review- Cutler Salon on 57th St. NYC

Cutler Salon (Uptown)

47 West 57th St. between 5th and 6th

New York, NY 10019




How do I love my new hairdo? Let me count the ways! The color! The cut! Everything about it is just wonderful. You may have read my review of Cutler Salon Soho a while back and if you remember, I was pleased as punch with my cut and color. I thought it would be a tough act to follow. Not only did my cut and color at Cutler Salon on 57th St. live up to the standard set in Soho, it exceeded it! But it is totally dependant on who I was talking to which salon I would send them to. The two have totally different vibes. The Soho salon is much more relaxed and sedate. The floor plan of the Soho salon makes you feel as if you are in your own little pod and there is far less hustle and bustle than at the uptown location. I, however, have no problem with hustle and bustle and like the lively atmosphere at Cutler's uptown location. And everyone from the coat check lady to Mark and Kara the assistants are as friendly as can be. They really go out of their way to make you feel important at the Cutler Salons.

I had my color done by Laura who did an outstanding job of matching the color which was already on my head. Before I went to Cutler, everyone kept making my highlights blonder and blonder. At Cutler (both times) they gave me exactly what I wanted, lighter brown highlights on my brown hair to hide the greys. The intricacy with which Laura colored my hair was truly impressive. I felt as if every hair was getting personalized attention. And to top it off she's an absolute sweetheart. Chatting with her really made the time I had to sit in the chair fly. I highly recommend Laura if you're visiting the salon, even my hairdresser, Francesca was impressed with her work.

My haircut was done by Francesca, and I have to say, it is one of the top 3 haircuts I've ever had in my life! Last time I got my hair cut with Tyson at Cutler Soho, he couldn't do a thing to the layers in my hair as he said they were already as short as they could be without looking odd (which means-you guessed it- the person before him botched the job). This time my hair was about an inch- inch and a half longer than last time, so Francesca had something to work with. And work she did. I've never had a more thorough haircut in my life. She wields her scissors with such precision, I was floored. She also showed me where my hair needed fixing (I needed more bangs) and once my hair was finished I felt like a model. There was not a split end or fly-away on my head. Francesca is a perfectionist, but don't think you sacrifice personality for that, she's friendly and pleasant to talk to (although I mostly sat in awe of the transformation my hair was getting). Cuts with Francesca are expensive ($110), but bang trims are free and I have to say it's worth every penny.

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