Monday, February 9, 2009

Review - Aloette Look Alive Eyeshadow Base

Remove the appearance of dark circles under eyes with Look Alive Eye Base and Brightening Powder. $20.00
I have been using this for almost a month now. In the beginning I wasn’t seeing a difference until I didn’t use it for a couple of days. I now realize that I need a base for my shadows. I have been wearing this with loose mineral shadow and pressed shadows. It has a light yellowish color and when I apply it, it does offer a nice light coverage that is absorbsed in and doesn’t just sit on top of my skin. When I layer shadows over this base the resulting effect gives my shadows a creamy smooth appearance. I think the biggest asset is when I am wearing loose shadows – I find that they tend to feather and not stay put. However, with this product I notice that I get much longer wear and the shadows aren’t ending up in the crease of my eyes. I have also worn this alone on the weekend, it give a nice natural look that brightens my eyes and give them a subtle pop! Also this is loose and one morning it did slip out of my hands and dumped over ½ of the contents onto the bathroom floor. UGH! I was very upset. I vacuumed up quickly and didn’t leave any marks on the floor. My advice is use a death grip when using, this is a precious little pot!

Sheba says: This little Aloette Look Alive Eyeshadow Base is one handy little tool for your eye area. Cityslicker said it when she said -- you might not notice any difference unless you stop using it. Then you realize just how wonderful it is. It does its job without screaming out - 'look at me'. Eye shadows stay in place and there is no slipping into the crease. She uses it alone -- I have and I think it brightened my eyes that way. I have also used it as a concealer when I awoke with racoon eyes or just looked ragged at the end of the day. It is so very useful and it works so well. It is a tiny little pot -- but you only need a tiny dab-- so you will get your money's worth for sure. Because it is so tiny -- Cityslicker is so right -- hold onto it tightly. I have actually wound a fat little elastic around it and the elastic gives me a good grip.

Hillary says: When I first got this powder, I didn't really understand how it was for under and over your eyes, so I just jumped in with both feet and started using it. I love it! I use a swipe of it right under my eyebrows to make my eyelids look bigger (I have short ones) and I use it under my eyes to get the perfectly finished and concealed look. Now I don't know what this powder would look like on darker skin, but on my fair skin it blends perfectly, totally eliminating dark circles and the best part- mistakes! The other day I was putting on my make-up on the subway when I suddenly got the brilliant idea to put mascara on my lower lashes. Well it appears my new Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara was not built for the lower lashes. It was clumpsville (otherwise I love the mascara). Anyway, here I am, on the train with racoon eyes. I wiped up as best I could then I applied my Aloette Look Alive and you would never have known there was ever a flub there. I was floored. This is a product I will be buying again and again.

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