Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review- Giselle Mineral Foundation

For quick personal service, contact Stephen in Sales at: He can help you with all your mineral make-up needs.

For some reason I received this foundation in both Matte 111 and Matte 1. I didn't actually realize this until tonight as I was actually writing about it. What I used was the Matte 1 as a foundation and the Matte 111 as a sort of powder. I am in love. If you noticed my post yesterday, I adore this line of makeup. The look is more than natural, just touching up red spots and problem areas. My complexion is quite good, so I don't feel the need to cover up completely. Just touches here and there do the trick, as long as I have applied an adequte face cream. This foundation allows me to do this perfectly. I have never really used mineral before, I think I might have reviewed one for this blog, but I wasn't in love, so this was an exciting revelation. If you haven't tried mineral before, I would reccomend giving it a try. At least I am sold!

Sheba says: I have used and have been using mineral make up for a while and I have to say Giselle Mineral Foundation is up there with the best of them and at a very minimal cost. I am not as lucky as Deedlejuse with my complexion -- I need a lot of help. I like to blur the lines of reality if you get my meaning. Yes, I like to soften the appearance of shall I call them smile lines-- around my mouth and even my eyes. Yes, when I smile - my eyes smile too!! I don't expect much -- I want to look natural -- but without the appearance of lines, etc.!!! I want all of this without cosmetic surgery or botox. So I tried this $20 mineral foundation and I have to say I am pleased with the look. I attained a very natural look with a definite minimizing of the appearance of the lines. I have to admit that I did use some concealer with the foundation and that really helps the foundation work its miracles. So Giselle Mineral Foundation is a foundation for those of us like Deedlejuse with a flawless complexion as well as for those of us with a flawed complexion and for anyone in between. It does help enhance your complexion -- whatever type of skin you might have.

CitySlicker Says: I got this in Matte II. I am very fair and usually lean towards the lightest shade in foundation palettes. The matte II looks like it’s a bronzer without the mica in it, the color is lovely but isn’t a match for my skin at all. I have tried to utilize as a foundation but the effects made me look terrible, the color is way too dark for me. The only way I can use this is as a blush/ bronzer. I can apply a very small amount and get a lovely shade that blends with my skin. I also like the fact that it’s not really shimmery. I think this give my skin a healthy glow and doesn’t look like I am overdoing it with the color. This just didn’t work for me as a foundation at all.

Sheba says: I'm back. I have to admit that I asked CitySlicker to let me try her shade. Yes, it is too dark for me. . . but then remember that I am the mixer!! I mixed it with a lighter shade and vavoom -- it looks great and blends right in. My skin is sort of medium so I thought I might be able to use it and I am so glad that I tried it. I love Giselle products and found another foundation that works for my skin!!

Joyce says: I got to play with mineral foundation (Matte IV--Medium), face powder, bronzer, and blush. I love the natural look and easily get it with these products. They brush on smoothly with excellent coverage on my skin, but it just looks like great skin. I also don’t like to take a lot of time to apply cosmetics. You can’t get any faster than powders. Another benefit is that mineral powders are good for the skin, which is great since I sometimes fall asleep and stay asleep with them on. But you know, I don’t have a problem with looking good when I wake up. Is there a Giselle Girl Fan Club?

Review - Giselle Mineral Blush

For quick personal service, contact Stephen in Sales at: He can help you with all your mineral make-up needs.

I don't normally use a lot of blush, as I am naturally fairly ruddy-cheeked, but on occasion I need a little bit of a boost for my complexion. The Giselle Mineral Blush gave me the little punch I needed without making my face look "makeup-y." I got the blush in Giselle Doll, a light, almost cotton-candy pink (far right in photo) that at first I thought would be really neon and 80s. But when I put it on, it was more sheer than I thought it would be, and really looked great on my fair, cool-undertones skin. The color will suit most people with cool undertones, regardless of whether you're more fair or more dark, as it's a very bluey pink. The other thing I really liked about this blush is the little bit of iridescence it has, due to the mica pigments used to make it. It's not enough to call it "sparkly," but just enough to catch the light and make you really glow. I'm sold!!

Deedlejuse Says: I have this blush in Chocolate, the second to the right. It is honestly a bit too brown for my super-light, very pink complexion. It makes my face look too flushed, but if I just dust very lightly it is wearable. The look with this whole line is like totally my thing, like the designer polled me, specifically and made everything I wanted. I love being shimmery, I do not do matte, if I look powdery I am VERY upset. So all of the slightly iridescent, light covering make-up is totally me. And it is mineral wear so its good for my skin! I am very happy to have found Giselle Cosmetics, and I would definitely recommend them to everyone!
Sheba says: Giselle Blush in Red Hawaii is one of the best mineral blushes I use. It has that tiny bit or iridescence that is exactly right. In the container it looks to be much too red for me but I have learned not to judge by that. Apply it lightly and see what it does to your appearance. It looks very subtle when applied lightly -- but it definitely enhances my face -- I feel that bit of color is just what I needed -- it is the frosting on the cake. I might put an extra swipe on for the evening and it still does not look like too much. It enhances while it does not look like make up. Minerals seem to just blend in with the skin and become a part of it while actually being good for the skin. How can you go wrong? The price is actually more than reasonable. You get enough product to last for a long time and it is very flattering to your skin. They have a great selection so you will find one or more that works wonders for you.

CitySlicker says: I have this in Rich Girl, which is the first color from the left.. It's pretty much as deep and rich as the image and on me isn't a match at all. I have worked with mineral based products for a long time and have had great results and this wasn't one of them. This color on me is a deep orangey tone. I applied very lightly and still ended up with streaky application - sort of like someone smeared makeup on my cheeks. I just couldn't get it to blend in for me. I tried and tried and to my dismay it still looked heavy and didn't work. I hate to be a rotten egg but I have to be honest and say that as a very fair skinned person the colors are to bold for me.

Sheba again: I have been experiencing such good luck with Giselle that I asked CitySlicker if I could take the Rich Girl. Hurray, hurray, it works wonderfully on my medium toned skin. Actually, I used to have pale, fair skin until I sat out in the sun for summers on end. Now it is on the fair to medium side and it can take a range of colors. I have actually brought several samples of foundation to my girlfriend's home to have some of them help me select a shade. Guess what, they said -- Oh, it will be easy -- some of them are way too dark. When I put the samples on various parts of my face they could not select the closest as they all somehow blended in. . . and adjoining sections seemed fine -- even when one was dark and the next one was light. After wasting your time with that little story I have to say I am one blush richer with the Giselle Rich Girl!

Amanda S. Says: You may or may not want to take my opinion into much regard... I am not a good person with blush. I tend to overdo it, or put it on in the wrong places and look like a doll / clown (and I am terrified by clowns). I did find that the Giselle products went on well and blended, but I couldn't get the color right and I always felt like it was a little too thick for me. I tend to go on a more 'bare' side of things with make up though, keeping it light (even when I have a lot on, which I call the Amanda "Smoke and Mirrors" effect). But, it is a good product, just not one I will probably use too much.

Hillary says: When I first looked at the Giselle Mineral Blush in Giselle Doll my first reaction, honestly, was "they must be kidding". It is just about the most bubblegummy pink blush I have ever seen. But I have nothing if not an open mind, so when I was only going out to the store I gave this blush a try. It looks great! It is so sheer that it leaves only a hint of pink and makes your skin look totally healthy. I put this powder at the back of the hollows of my cheeks and under my eyes (a habit of mine). It gave a vital glow to my face (I had already applied Giselle's All Purpose Powder in Flawless). Now whenever I feel my complexion needs a little lift I reach for this "too pink for words" blush and radiatea healthy glow! One Caveat though, use too much of this and the circus might recruit you. Also, I see this as suiting only fair-toned skin.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Review - Dr. Michelle Copeland Advanced Acne Solution

Developed by renowned New York Plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Copeland, this advanced acne formula contains powerful azelaic acid, salicylic acid and BSF (balanced sebum formula) for resistant acne. While powerful, it doesn’t cause drying or flaking. This formula also contains soothing aloe and cucumber to reduce inflammation and lipoic acid and antioxidants to stimulate cell renewal.

This spray solution, containing 2% salicylic acid, is an easy, spray-on way to treat acne-prone skin from my favorite, Dr. Michelle Copeland. Her line has never failed to impress me, and this one is no exception. Aside from the fact that it's easy to apply (the little spray bottle makes it simple), this stuff REALLY works. I started using it, and about a week later, saw a friend of mine who actually asked what I was doing to my skin, because it looked really "clear and luminous." If you ask me, that's the real test, and this Advanced Acne Solution passed with flying colors! It's fairly expensive, but it lasts a long time (the fact that you spray it means that you use less than you would with cotton balls), and I've found I can use it every other day rather than every day with similar results, since it tends to be a bit drying (obviously, since it's acne-fighting). Still, I'd recommend it for teenagers or young women with moderate acne.

Hillary says: I am "fortunate" enough to have dry skin, slight wrinkles and occasional acne. I assumed right off the bat that this potion would be too drying for me to use, but I gave it the old college try anyway. Amazingly enough, even though it contains salicylic acid, it left my face acne free without drying it up. I use a prescription retinoid, so I alternated nights with that and this solution. My skin looks wonderful with this one-two punch. I recommend this for women and men with any skin type who break out.

Amanda S. Says: It's absolutely official. I will never use an acne treatment that isn't from Dr. Michelle Copeland's line. I have had a horrible run of things lately, my skin is frazzled and I'm breaking out for the first time in my life. I went through so many products and each one burned or turned everything more red, at the least, the just did NOTHING. I am so relieved to be using this line of products now so I can show my face without wondering how awful my skin looks all day. 

Review - Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner

" Our gentle daily shampoo helps repair damage with quinoa protein, while nurturing with rich coconut and babassu—lending new life to hair. Our daily conditioning formula with quinoa protein helps repair and re-moisturize damaged hair—infusing it anew with healthy movement, silkiness and shine. " Shampoo 8.5 fl. oz. $24, Conditioner 6.7 fl. oz. $24

I am reviewing this awesome Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner together only because I truthfully believe they should be used together. And, yeah I get it, spending close to $50 on your shampoo and conditioner seems completely unrealistic, but I am telling you it is so good that it is totally worth it! You probably won't need to use it very often, I had pretty damaged hair, box blond dye, I wear it up a lot, and I occasionally blow dry. So yeah the basic prescription for super-damaged hair. This shampoo and conditioner is like miracle serum. My hair is so incredibly healthy shiny and bright that I hardly recognize it. I haven't had to use any special conditioning masks or anything since the first week of use. Now, by the fourth I am just completely in love. It doesn't tangle as easily, stays straighter without any help from me. I am completely sold, without any hesitation. I will repurchase in a heartbeat, but I probably won't need to soon!

Amanda S. Says: Oh Aveda, how do I love thee? My world in the past few weeks has been this: me trying to look out at the world with a straight face through a frazzled rat's nest of a hairdo. You see, I am trying to go with the times and be a little less strict in my hair care. I recently made a bet that I wouldn't cut my hair at all for a year, so I stopped ironing and straight up beating my hair into a straight line, and instead I have been trying to laminate it with various products, continue dying it, and leave the rest up to the gods. What this has done was made me realize the importance of not using a cheapo conditioner and shampoo. Even though I only actually wash my hair once or twice a week, even this fried my head and dried out my scalp horribly. I regret the terrible mistakes I have made recently, and am so glad Aveda exists. These two products, in a week, turned my hair from a place for squirrels to hide into a nice wavy sleek looking hairdo. They smell great and a little goes a long way. That's why I always love Aveda.

Hillary says: Last year I got a 3-use sample of this shampoo and conditioner that I used once and promptly left at a hotel. We were almost out of Montreal on our way home when I realized I'd left them and I was "this close" to making my husband bring me back to the hotel to retrieve them. It's just that good. It makes my hair look amazing and silky and the smell is divine although I can't really put my finger on what it smells like. It smells clean- yes- but I would swear it has a hint of black pepper to it. That may sound weird, but I am really digging it. My husband also commented how good it smelled. Now for the down side, the price. The shampoo and conditioner are $24 each. Ordinarily that would completely turn me off a product, but I know what care and quality ingredients go into Aveda products and I'm willing to pay extra for a product that delivers on it's promises and this duo does. I'm also willing to pay extra for Aveda products in general because of their strict environmental policies. For example, their factories are run by clean wind power. Another impressive initiative they have started is their bottle caps recycling program. I participate and it only takes a trip to your local Aveda every couple of months to keep all the plastic from bottle caps and shampoo tops out of landfills. If you are interested, there is more information
here. It's a really great program and I feel the extra few dollars I spend for Aveda products are worth my peace of mind.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Review - L'Oreal Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss

"Colour Juice delivers a pop of sheer glossy colour that adds a shiny finish while moisturizing your lips. Just squeeze and apply! Or use as a top coat over your favorite lipstick." From $4.99 @ above website

has an excellent reputation for its products. They are 'top of the line' and seldom disappoint. This L'Oreal Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss is no exception. It is applied easily and looks great. It has staying power. Also, it goes over other lip colors wonderfully and enhances them. The cost for such a brand name is very average and not quite as high as you might expect. It is a small investment in an excellent product. The shade I have been using is Passion Fruit Squeeze, which is an absolute neutral that can be used with anything. My interpretation of the color is light to medium cocoa, but don't go by me. . . check it for yourself. They have a very good color selection to choose from and you just might find yourself selecting more than one.

Deedlejuse says: I, like Sheba, am in love with my L'Oreal Colour Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss! I have the color Bubble Gum, a beautiful sheer light pink which looks so pretty with my pale blond complexion. It stays with me for quite a while and really feels nice on my lips. It definitely moisturizes as it wears. Of course I would expect nothing less from L'Oreal! Love it, and so will you!

CitySlicker Says: I have this in L'Oreal Colour Juice Sheer Lip Gloss, Watermelon and I can't come up with a better color description, it's a total watermelon color, not as summery bright but still pinky, reddish color. I don't mind my gloss stick or smooth this feels really different on my lips. When I first applied it, it feels thick but not sticky. I mean i know it's there when I smack my lips together but it's not uncomfortable and doesn't dry the lips out. I found that it really is a marathon gloss with power to stay on my lips pretty much till I eat. I also can vouch that it doesn't feather in the corners of my lips. This is only $4.99, you really can't beat the price! Nice product!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Review - Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter, Mint

"It's all grown using environmentally sound practices without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides that could be harmful to our bodies or Mother Earth. All Natural Ingredients --No Animal Testing --Paraben, Petroleum and Phthalate Free " $3.69

Yes, I am saying Yes to another Carrot product!! Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter, Mint is a wonderful refreshing lip butter. Once again, it does not have the carrot taste but it has a delicate Mint scent that I can feel and taste. It gives your lips a nice break from the harsh winter cold and heat -- or from the summer heat and dryness. This will, no doubt, work wonders on chapped lips but better still -- why not use it to prevent chapped lips. Your lips will be so very hydrated and silky smooth and it does last for a pretty long time. You can always add color on top of it. You want this directly on your lips for the good it does to and for your lips. The price is very reasonable for a nice hard- working product.

Review - Yes To Tomatoes Facial Hydrating Lotion

" We've combined the hydrating power of 26 Minerals from the Dead Sea with yummy organic tomatoes, rosemary, and red pepper, rich in anti-oxidants and powerful sebum absorbers." $14.99

I feel like I am endorsing a vegetarian way of life. First I am happy with Yes to Carrots Eye and Face Makeup Remover and now I am just as happy with Yes To Tomatoes Facial Hydrating Lotion. Who woulda thunk?? I have heard of many things that are good on your skin for your skin -- tomatoes are not one of them. However, my list needs to be updated -- this Hydrating Lotion is wonderful. It goes on smoothly, is absorbed pretty quickly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, soft, and silk like! Do not worry -- it is white -- not tomato tinted and it has a very light scent which does not smell at all like tomatoes. Look at the price!! It is such a reasonable cost for a very effective Hydrating Lotion. Viva la vegetables on my face!!! (Actually, I think that tomatoes are considered to be a fruit!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Review - Yes To Carrots Eye and Face Makeup Remover

"This exceptional blend of organic carrot juice, minerals and Dead Sea Mud removes all traces of both eye and face makeup to refresh, stimulate and revitalize your skin." $17.50 - 8.45-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) @

I HATE carrots! My mother would make me eat them 'as they are good for your eyes'! I did not care about my eyes -- I cared about my taste buds and they said NO to carrots. Well, I am going to have to change my mind set -- Carrots are good on my outside!! As long as I do not have to eat them -- I love them!! This Yes To Carrots Eye and Face Makeup Remover has converted me. Look at the price of $17.50 for two full size bottles!! I thought I was seeing things. It is so gentle but it does the job. It does not smell of carrots -- thank goodness!! It has a nice fresh scent and is very easy on the skin. It removes the makeup and leaves your skin feeling wonderful. It looks nice and clean with no traces left of either eye or facial makeup -- but feels so nice and soft and smooth. I find it hard to believe that I am saying YES to Yes To Carrots Eye and Face Makeup Remover wholeheartedly. You cannot go wrong with this product.

Review - Nvey Eco Lipstick

NVEY ECO, Organic Lipstick delivers both vibrant and natural color selections in a smooth and creamy to the lips. Safflower Oil, Organic Castor Oil and Vitamin E provide antioxidant and nourishing properties for soft and smooth lips

I just have to begin with, we all know about some organic cosmetics: your giving it a go because it's the right thing to do, but they never really work as well as their less-natural counter parts. Not so with Nvey Eco! Everything I have tried (which is totally not enough, Nvey Eco I will be your test subject for everything!)has been stellar, and work at a level far surpassing most cosmetics I have tried in the past. I do understand, of course, that $28 for a lipstick is quite expensive, and if I hadn't been sent this to try I probably would have laughed and walked away, but not so anymore. This lipstick is totally gorgeous, I have shade 359, a garden party pink that makes my pale rosy complexion look almost doll-like. Seriously, I have never ventured very far into the realm of pink lipstick, wholeheartedly believing that it was reserved for people closer to my Grandmother's age(I am 24), an assumption which was totally off-base for me, I love the look it gives! Now, obviously you should choose the color you like, but I can attest to the fact that the consistency of this lippy is wonderful. It is more like a velvety soft balm that has complete coverage, and stays for a whole day. You might have noticed in previous posts I am very hard on my lips, I am constantly drinking something, or chewing on them, or something, regardless lipsticks usually stay for a good 1/2 hour at the very most. So for this to last a whole day blew my mind. I would definitely say that this is more than worth the price-tag, if only because you will not have to re-apply! Very well done.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Review - Yes To Cucumbers Facial Hydrating Lotion

Delicate skin deserves gentle care, especially when it comes to hydrating. Our Complete Care spring water based lotion combines Aloe Vera and organic cucumbers to give you gentle, fast absorbing hydration.

Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Spirulina, a renowned 'superfood' rich in vitamins, proteins and nutrients to purify and regenerate your skin. You won't stop smiling now your skin is so soft, supple and radiant.

More like Yes Please To Cucumbers! This Hydrating Facial Lotion has quickly and effectively lodged it's place into not only my daily routine, but also my heart. When I learned that I could purchase for around $15 I was floored. This Hydrating Lotion is thick, rich, and creamy yet it absorbs in seconds and leaves my face and neck feeling like I live in the tropics, instead of the super-dry Northeast. The scent is light, but distinct, it doesn't smell like cucumbers (which I wouldn't have minded by the way) but more like the idea of a cool mountain stream. Very pretty and delicate. After using this cream for about a month I have to say my face is completely happy and moisturized all the time. I tend to really feel the winter months in my face, but this year not so much. My skin is soft and absolutely buildup free, which I think is a major plus. My only recommendation, other than drop whatever your doing and go to your local pharmacy to purchase, is one pump will do you. Do not think you need two, regardless of how dry you feel, a very little bit goes a very long way. Even better for your wallet!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review - Ahava Mineral Body Lotion

Intense moisturizers work to make this formula an ideal milk that hydrates and heals your skin. Rich in Aloe Vera, natural moisturizers, and Ahava’s own Osmoter compound, Mineral Body Lotion glides on easily to wrap your body in splendid, silky softness all day long.

So, obviously, I have tried a ton of different body lotions. Some were busts, some were awesome, but I have to say this AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion tops the list. AHAVA has been working with mineral and clay cosmetics for years, and they seem to totally get what my skin needs to be moisturized, plump, and beautiful. With the first application I noticed a difference in my skin's resiliency and feel. After a month I am totally sold, I feel like I could take on the world! In the winter months my skin gets so dry, I usually have flaky patches that itch and feel irritated. They always go away in the summer, but regardless of the lotion I use they generally come back in the winter. These patches go away right after I use most lotions, but by the end of the day I will feel them reappear. With my Ahava Mineral Lotion I have skipped two days (just to experiment) and no spots! It is the most luxurious feel, and it smooths in directly, without much effort at all. The smell is sort of perfumy, which I could see as being an issue for some people. It basically smells exactly like Laura Ashley No.1. Those of you who love that fragrance, and haven't been able to find it will be psyched! For others who don't know what it is, it has an undertone of musk with a fruity top (current I think). It is noticeable, and will last with you for a good long time. Don't let this deter your from the Lotion, though. It is amazing and so worth the price!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Review - Say Yes to Carrots Eye Contour Cream

Eye can C Cleary NowEye Contour Cream
You never believed your mom when she said carrots were good for your eyes. Our Eye can C Clearly Now moisture rich Eye Contour Cream will have you believing differently.

A gentle spring water based Eye Contour Cream with organic carrot juice, organic cucumber juice and 26 Dead Sea Minerals.

Okay, so I'm a drug store brand snob. As soon as I started earning a paycheck I've always steered toward high-end skin care - although at times I would dabble in drug store products and find a keeper. I have seen this line in Walgreens many times and admittedly, it sparked my interest, but again, I thought "well, it can't be as good as my $50 eyecream so I shall pass it up." I am here to say, head hung in shame, that I was wrong. This, my friends, is a very good eyecream. My gosh, you get a HUGE tub of it for under $20 and it is really, really nice. The cream sinks in, does not migrate towards my eyes, mixes well with my other facial potions and lotions, has a very, very light fragrance...I am impressed! This is a quirky little line that I think will earn its way to the top of drug-store brands due to its effectiveness, pricepoint, and ingredients. I am saying yes to carrots! Now, if it were brussel sprouts....that'd be a different story. :)

Review - Eminence Organics Quince & Ice Wine Mask

Rich in polyphenols and tartaric acids to refine skin. Enriches and firms the skin’s texture. Heals and repairs. Purifies and soothes irritated skin. Brightens complexion and reduces redness and irritation. Detoxifies and tones. Reduces the signs of aging. Restores hydration levels in the skin.

We received samples of this wonderful Quince and Ice Wine Mask, so unfortunately this review is only for one application. I say unfortunately because I want gallons of this beautiful smelling mask to be mine! It is quite grainy, which was sort of abrasive when I applied it, but as long as you're gentle with your application and removal it should not be too rough. The smell is to die for, and I loved every second of it being on my face. When I removed it I noticed that my skin was a bit red for about 10 mins. but my skin is generally quite sensitive to masks and such. After the redness cleared up I noticed my skin felt very clear, and moisturized. I did have to apply a facial cream afterward, but it is winter and I need my moisturizer! All in all, like I said, if I had enough of this mask to use it twice a week I would be a very happy girl! I don't know if they offer samples, but if you can score one this mask is totally worth trying.

Sheba says: When you go to their website you will need to call their toll free number in order to locate the nearest distributor to you. However, it is worth the extra effort. . . Eminence Organics Quince & Ice Wine Mask has one heavenly scent to it and it is a pleasure to use it. Follow Deedlejuse's hints and go very easily with the application. Don't rub it in too much as you will definitely irritate you skin. However, when you gently apply and remove it -- you will be rewarded. Your skin looks so healthy and moisturized. It is winter and that means heat blasting away drying your skin around here. You do need to add moisturizer to to protect your skin from the heat damage. You will like everything about this product!!

CitySlicker Says: The sample we got is very small and for me almost too small. When I am giving myself an at home treatment I like to slather masks on. It's just my nature. This was a very thin application. The scent is divine and the mask feels lovely on my face. I found that it dried down very quickly so I spritzed myself with my favorite Caudalie Beauty Elixir, this gave me extra moisture and prolonged the wear for me. I utilized what I think to be the grape pulp as an exfoliant when rinsing away. The end result is baby soft skin that feels fresh and clean. I would love to be able to apply this one a week and just relax after. I think this is a great line that offers some at home luxury!

Movie Maven says: Oh, Eminence. The scents of your products are so, so good. This Eminence Quince and Ice Wine Mask smells absolutely glorious. The recommendation on their website says to place moist gauze strips over the mask while it's on your face, which I did not do, but I was very pleased with the results anyway. The mask has a lot of granules in it, which definitely do well to exfoliate, but were a bit abrasive. Just be cautious and you'll be fine! Definitely a thumbs up.

Review - Canyon Ranch Age Transforming Concentrate Serum

Formula offers clinical strength ProNAD that taps into skin's regenerative power for the ultimate transformation. Lines begin to blur, elasticity surges and skin lifts to visibly transform. As the cornerstone of the line, this cream gel provides clinical strength ProNAD, enabling the fastest penetration to promote the generation of healthier skin cells and building of the skin barrier from the inside out. 1 oz. $150

Canyon Ranch Spas are apparently places to recharge and renew. If you go to their website you will notice healthy recipes, supplements, and inspirational retreats at the spas which are located in Florida, Arizona, and Massachusetts. Their products are all centered on health and well-being, and it is even mentioned that this serum might be able to prevent skin cancer from sun damage. They have definitely tapped into the concept of the science of skin care.
I have very easy skin it is a bit on the sensitive side, but all in all pretty resilient, and I have been really careful around the sun so I don't have any wrinkles yet. So, obviously, trying such an amazing product was really a treat for me. The biggest improvement I noticed was the brightness and resilience of my skin. It didn't really take long either, after only about one use I noticed that the elasticity of my skin was improved. Not that I have too much of an issue with that, yet, but I could definitely still tell. The smell of this serum is to die for, it smells like fresh grapes or some other kind of delicious berry. The only problem I had with this serum is that I used it more like a moisturizer, because it feels so darn good on your skin when you apply. For that reason I would definitely recommend getting the whole line (they recommend serum, cream and hydramist) because although your spending a lot of money all at once you will use less ultimately of any one product. It is expensive, but I would say from my experience it is really an amazing product and definitely makes your skin healthier from the inside out. It heals everything that the environment has done to my skin.

Sheba says: Oh no, we are going from Deedlejuse, probably the youngest of us all to me, probably the oldest (or best aged - that sounds better) one!! What can I say -- she said it all and she is so smart to avoid the sun and to treat her skin so well at her age. Her skin will repay her. Mine is paying me back now!! It is getting even for lying out in the sun in my young and foolish years!! Deedlejuse just hit the nail on the head. This company is really into healthy. I was actually hesitant to do a review of this product as I thought I was seeing things -- I saw differences after one use. However, thank goodness I am not seeing things -- Deedlejuse also noticed the subtle changes right away. I saw the changes that she mentioned and the improved elasticity is noticeable. I am sure that it can only improve my damaged skin to a certain degree but I will take it!! For now it is still improving so I am not sure to what extent this improvement will go to. . . but I am thrilled with the results to this point. I am not delusional -- I realize that no matter how good it is -- I will not look like I am a twenty or thirty or forty something. Hey, I would settle for a couple of years younger and I do think I may have almost attained that already. Another very good point she made is -- we should really try the rest of the products for full results. Yes, it is expensive -- but it works. Make your boyfriend or husband feel guilty about something / anything -- then he will be only too glad to spend some extra money for your Holiday or birthday present. I think I will tell mine that he might find a much younger looking wife if he breaks down and buys me the whole line! If that works on him half as well as this product -- I will have the whole line and he will have a much younger looking wife. Hip, Hip, Hooray to Canyon Ranch for this line of products!! My face thanks you!!

Maria says: Dear Santa: Please bring me a vat of Canyon Ranch Age Transforming Concentrate. What an awesome product. I am in love. My skin is in love. I have been using this amazing treat for the skin for the past couple of weeks and I must say that it is just DIVINE. It sinks right in, leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated, clearer, firmer - you name it. I am in my 40's and like Sheba above, I am not looking for miracles, but I gotta tell you - no one was as surprised at me at just how good this serum is. Whatever they are doing at Canyon Ranch they should keep on doing it b/c it works. It smells great too - so bonus there. This is a line I would rather have not fallen in love with b/c it's a little more than I'd like to spend - but I could make an exception here. I would absolutely try more products in this range and I know that when this amazing bottle of goodness is almost gone, I'm going to be bumming big time. I am absolutely delighted in how good my skin has been looking and feeling b/c of using this product. Well done Canyon Ranch. Wonderful serum.

Hillary says: Not to sound like a mocking bird, but I too love this serum. At first I was a little leery as there is a slight tingle when you put it on & I thought "Uh-oh. Trouble." but within seconds it had settled down. I'm blessed with very few wrinkles for my 36 years so it's hard to assess the wrinkle reducing properties of this cream (although Sheba seems to love it!) but I will tell you this- it does give your skin that special glow we all look for. It also has great moisturizing properties. I've used it with about 5 different moisturizers with no problems. I didn't bring it with me to my parents over Thanksgiving & right now my skin looks horrible. I'm amazed at what the Canyon Ranch Your Transformation Serum had been holding back. I've got my skin slathered in this serum and Aquaphor it's so dry & damaged! If it can repair this, like the rest of the reviewers- I'll be wishing I had a case! Hopefully we'll get to review the rest of the line.

CitySlicker Says: This is an amazing product.. I think anyone can benefit from the product regardless of the fact that it is an age transforming serum. I swear that it will bring a new vibrancy to your skin no matter what age you are. I have been using this for over 2 weeks now and pleased to report that my skin has a new luminosity that was non existent before. I also feel like my skin looks firmer too. I am not talking Joan Rivers firm more like the right after a good facial firm. I apply this to my skin right after cleansing and am sold on the fact that it not only absorbs lightening fast but creates a barrier on my skin that hold it in and goes to work throughout the day - crazy? I know but it's true. This is the kind of line that will transform your skin and it doesn't takes months to see the results. This is a PERFECT product to invest in during the winter months when your skin is depleted and needs that extra boost. If we are writing to Santa well, I too would love a lot of Canyon Ranch in my stocking.. I swear I have been good all year long!!

Amanda S. Says: I grew up in the same town as Canyon Ranch (the actual resort/spa) and I can attest to the fact that they do great things for people as far as natural health and beauty goes, and I've seen the results. Although I don't have many age related skin problems, but my skin gets dry and red in the winter and does awful weird things. After using this my skin felt tight and soft, and I honestly didn't have to reapply moisturizer for the entire day, which is a miracle when you consider that lately, I've been putting almond oil on my skin once or twice a day so I don't look like crazy lizard-skin girl. I give this a thumbs up and I have already got it on the list of things I'm buying for the ladies in my family for Christmas!

Movie Maven says: Like Amanda, I'm not plagued by age-related skin problems, but even an oily girl needs a little moisture boost in the winter for soft skin, and this uber-healthy product (not to be a mockingbird here) is just the ticket. I can't speak to the transformative powers the other ladies attest to, since I'm a little younger than some of them, but I'd definitely recommend it just for the moisturizing properties, and the way it makes my skin feel more glowy and lovely!

Joyce says: Deedlejuice says she’s the oldest in our group. Hmm. We should compare digits to see if that’s correct. But I agree with my fellow bloggers about the effects of this product. I’ve used it for around three weeks now and I have to say the little lines around my eyes and lips, though not totally gone, are really and truly, obviously diminished. My skin is brighter and the texture is smoother. I also like that it’s not greasy once it goes onto and then into the skin. I think that’s the tingle Hillary mentioned. I feel it too. Well, penetration should make you tingle a bit, yes? (wink) New guy was joining me for dinner and arrived early—as I was getting ready. I started to put on mineral powder, looked at my skin after using this product, and realized my skin looked so good, I didn’t need a base. Wow!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review - Eminence Organics Mimosa Champagne Body Lotion

Movie Maven says:

Thank goodness I live in New York, where brunch is an institution. Brunch is my favorite meal, for several reasons. I love breakfast foods (pretty much all of them). Brunch is later in the day than breakfast, so you get to sleep later. But most of all: I love drinking in the morning. It feels sort of subversive while at the same time being totally socially acceptable. And my favorite brunch drink is the old classic, the mimosa. So when I saw this Mimosa Champagne Body Lotion, I got pretty excited. And you know what? It totally smells like a mimosa. What!?! I was amazed, y'all. It's that perfect blend of tart citrus and sweet champagne that make the real mimosa so good that make this lotion delectable to smell. Now, I'm sure the grapes and citrus oils have benefits beyond just making me want french toast, like antioxidants, but honestly, I just really, really like the way this lotion smells. Get it. And have some bacon.

Deedlejuse Says: I have to agree with Movie Maven on how nice this lotion smells. While it has that citrusy-champagne smell it is definitely subtle, which is my favorite part. I can't stand a lotion that is so strong that I have to decide which perfume I am going to wear around the smell, and luckily there was no problem with this Body Lotion! It also made my skin feel really nice, we got a very small sample, so I had to be rather stingy, but for how long I was able to use it the results were great. Aaaannnddd... It's organic, sigh, how could you ask for more?

CitySlicker Says: Crisp, clean and citrusy is how I describe this lotion. I think it's a little thicker than the normal body lotion I use. The sample I got wasn't enough to cover my legs to I ended up using this on my elbows, knees and hands. I applied after showering in the hopes of locking in moisture for the entire day. This does the job and makes my skin feel silky smooth. This is a really nice creamy lotion that absorbs quickly and has just the right amount of fragrance, its not too perfumy or overbearing. I can't stress how much I really like the smell. YUMMY! I wish I had access to more of the Eminence line, everything looks wonderful and the ingredients to die for!

Amanda S. Says: I love the smell of this lotion, it doesn't seem like it's even perfumed, but it's got this great fruity subtle scent.  I'm picky with lotions and I would hate to recommend something that doesn't work well enough for dry skin, because once the cycle starts, it's really hard to repair and start over again in the right place. I can safely say this is a great moisturizer. These scaly patches on my shins haven't gone away in over 4 months, and they're finally gone! They were getting so bad I was afraid I would have discolorations there by the time spring came. What a huge relief. That should be enough evidence for most people, considering the loads of things I've used to try and stop the madness. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review- Smooth ‘N Shine Therapy Silk Sleek Results Silkener

Indulge your hair with silk proteins and pearl extracts that will condition, reconstruct and transform damaged hair into manageable, healthy and lustrous tresses. This leave-in styling and conditioning lotion will leave hair silky, smooth and sleek without weighing hair down. – 6.7fl.oz. - $5.99

This product adds fullness and shine to my hair. The shine, I expected; the fullness and body, I didn’t and am quite pleased since my hair is fine. I have to say I haven’t seen what the results are if I use a brush or comb when I blow-dry my hair. I dry it and then use Velcro rollers that I leave in while I put my makeup on. My hair gleams and has such bounce and really keeps the style. I do not have these same fabulous results when I don’t use this product, which I’ve done only once because I’m too happy with my hair when I use it. But, I had to experiment for comparison. It’s a keeper! And, what a bargain. I use such a small amount for such great results--less than a dime-sized dollop for my hair. The tube is quite large and the price is quite reasonable.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Review- Giselle Mineral Bronzer

For quick personal service, contact Stephen in Sales at: He can help you with all your mineral make-up needs.

Sooooo..... They don't necessarily have the best website, and I'm not completely in love with the packaging, but I can't get enough of the make-up!!! I adore this line. Seriously, I'm not a huge "make-up person" I don't like to look like I'm wearing a whole lot. I need to look natural, so I don't feel funny. Obviously, it is relatively difficult to find the right make up to make me look gorgeous but completely natural. I don't think that I have ever really found a line that I have liked more. The shade I lucked out with in this line is the Golddigger, it is a fabulously fantastic shade of gold with a hint of darkish pink. There is mica, I think, or some other wonderful thing, but regardless the effect is a beautiful shimmery bronzer that highlights my pale pinkish undertones perfectly. Definitely my new favorite bronzer!

Sheba says: Giselle Mineral Bronzer is a little different from my other bronzers. It has some real shimmer to it -- just the right amount. Any more and it just might be just 'too much'. I have Selfish and it is a gorgeous bronze and gives your face exactly the amount of oooommpphh you want to add. I have been watching Carmindy on 'What Not to Wear' and she brushes the bronzer lightly all over the face. So I have been using that tip and it works very nicely. It is up to you how much you want to apply. It is easy enough to just do another swipe of bronze to add a little more. I like a little less so I just use a light swipe here and there. It looks very natural with just a tiny shimmer and you look a little more healthy. I do like another quick application when I am going out at night. I find that it does stay on relatively well and it definitely agrees with my skin. I have been having luck with mineral make up for some time now and this is right up there at the top of my favorite bronzers!!

Hillary says: I initially thought that I would have to review this product based on quality alone as it looks so dark in the container (I have this bronzer in Baby Brown) & I am so pale, but as it turns out, it works for me. Now if you are a fair girl like myself you must be very careful with this bronzer, one extra swipe & you look like you have brown 5 o'clock shadow. This color would look amazing on someone with darker skin as well (say olive or possibly darker) but with some care can be worn by someone like me. I really like the quality of the Giselle products. If you've seen all the reviews, you may have guessed the fact that they sent us their whole line (and then some). The other reviewers and I have been very impressed with the quality of the Giselle cosmetics and their versatility can't be beat. You can turn any of the powders into lip balm, nail polish, eyeliner and more.
Please Note: is in the process of being updated, so your best bet is to: A) look at the colors in the photos in our posts or B) contact Stephen @ Giselle ( and have him help you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review- Kinerase Under Eye Rescue

"Helps to reduce the look of puffiness and under eye circles associated with aging, stress and the environment." 0.7 fl. oz. $75

So the big question you're dying for me to answer- "Does it work?" Well I've been using it for some time now and I can say unequivocally- YES! I'm not saying I saw results right from the beginning but over the course of a couple of weeks I became a true believer. I had tried little samples of Kinerase products over the years and I now know that it has a cumulative effect so a sample can only really give you an idea of scent and consistency. But believe me, if you are on the fence and the only thing holding you back is your doubt that it works, just go for it. You won't be disappointed. I will warn you, however, when you stop using it, you see the results of that too. I forgot my tube of Under Eye Rescue over the Christmas holiday & went 6 days without it and my eye area really missed it. In addition to being a super line fighter, it moisturizes without feeling greasy. The only drawback from my point of view is the lack of sunscreen as you are supposed to use this cream morning and night. I had to add an additional product as a sunscreen. If you want a real 1-2 punch for too much "wisdom" around your eyes, I recommend using Kinerase Under Eye Rescue followed by 2 applications 5 minutes apart of Dr. Michelle Copeland's Rewind Advance Wrinkle Defense. These two used in tandem can really turn back the clock. I am now LOVING my eyes!

Review - Vanitymark The Lash Mascara

Movie Maven says:

I love mascara. I do. And I have tried many. This one, The Lash by Vanitymark, is a shining example of what mascara can be. The best thing about this mascara is seriously - no clumps. On the real. They must be geniuses over there at the Vanitymark labs - they shouldn't be creating mascara; they should be ending world hunger. I bet they could do it, because this mascara is some sort of miracle. I'm in love with it. Now, I will say that while I love mascara, my lashes are pretty okay to begin with. Dark, longish (though unfairly not as long as my younger brother's, which: what? Why do boys always have beautiful lashes? But I digress) and overall just fine. So when it comes to mascaras, I don't need a whole lot of help - just a little curl here, a little length there, a little fullness all around. I suspect that if you are someone who feels they need a lot of help, this mascara might not do it for you (which is why, I assume, Vanitymark makes a primer as well). But as someone who loves mascara and likes a medium amount of help, this formula is perfect.

Amanda S. Says: For those that did not hear Ms. Maven, NO CLUMPS. I have complete wimp lashes. They're lighter than my hair color and skimpy. As above, I used the primer (which I will tout again in another entry I'm sure). As it is, I feel like any minute the teeny amount of lashes I have are going to fall out and I will be a complete freak. This mascara really plumped them up and made me feel proud of my lash situation instead of chagrin and afraid for their future.

CitySlicker Says: First off I need lash help. My lashes are little twigs that need to be built upon. This mascara works really well for me. I apply over the primer and upon the second or third swipe I can see that the mascara is doing it's job. My lashes are thicker and longer. The best feature is, as mentioned, the no clumping factor. Another positive feature is the fact that it builds without over building my lashes. My lashes look long and lush without that thick, God rest her soul, Tammy Faye look. I think it goes on easily and doesn't flake throughout the day either. I wear contacts and have had no adverse reactions. I will use this till the wand runs dry! I almost forgot - washing off is easy, I find that with my normal eye makeup remover I can remove everything and not have that raccoon eye with a ring of grey underneath, no rings on me! Thanks Brett Freedman for creating a fun line that has worked wonders on my wisps!

Deedlejuse Says: I just have to fourth (I guess) what everyone else has said, and add that this is my new favorite mascara, and I am super picky. I also like the no clumps thing, but even if it did clump I would be willing to deal just so I could have the easy removing factor! I have never been more pleased with the way a mascara comes off. Even if you tear up (it has been like -20 up here recently!) all you do is wipe your eyes and voila! its off, just re-apply when you know your safe and go on with your day. I was expecting it to flake or smudge because I noticed how easily it came off the first time I wore it. So I was really vigilant for a few days after....nothing. It looks beautiful on your eyes, wears impeccably, and comes off in a jiff. How could you possibly ask for more? Seriously this Brett Freedman is sensational, I have to try something else from their line just to see what other cosmetics they have mastered!

Sheba says: Who am I to disagree??? These girls know what they are talking about -- I actually had my lashes brush my glasses because they are so long and beautiful. They brushed the lens but did not smear or anything. Okay, so I am going a little beyond with this mascara (no need to have lashes hit glasses)-- but I can't help it. I used the primer which really enables the mascara to be so gorgeous. I will never go without primer again. I used my lash brush out of habit -- but I didn't really need to. My lashes had no clumps (just like everyone said) and they did not stick together or flake. I just cannot say enough good things about this Vanitymark The Lash Mascara. It is just about impossible to exaggerate about this mascara -- it is that good!! Even if you do not want to use it on a daily basis (but you will) you must use it at night. I totally agree that Brett Freedman should be in the makeup Hall of Fame. I also have to see what else has been created by this genius!! No, I do not work for them -- but I would in a flash -- especially a flash of my eyelashes!!

Review - Vanitymark The Prime Pre-Mascara

Movie Maven says:

I have to be honest here: I don't need a lot of help with my eyelashes. They're pretty fierce au naturale, and when I add mascara? Well, let's just say you don't want to go against me in a winking contest. But I do like a full, lush lash, so I use mascara on the daily. So when I got this Vanitymark The Prime Pre-Mascara, I was like, " my lashes will be unstoppable!!" But I must say: I tried The Prime with a couple different mascaras, and I didn't notice that much of a difference. Maybe it's because I'm already fairly satisfied with the results I get from mascara alone. Maybe I didn't wait long enough for it to dry (I did wait the recommended 45 seconds, which is like an eternity when you're trying to get to work on time). Whatever it was, I found that it made only the slightest difference for me. I will say this, though: many mascara primers dry white, but this one dries clear! Which is nice. But overall, I'd say get Vanitymark's great mascara (which I tried alone) and spend your $16 on something else.

Amanda S. Says: As a confessed wimpy-lashed American, I believe people should start buying stock in Vanitymark. The primer made such a huge difference in the thickness, length and noticeably of my lashes that it was night and day for me. It does dry clear and really clings to the mascara you put over it. I did notice that it takes a bit to really dry, and you really DO have to let it dry before applying the mascara over it. But it's worth the wait if your lashes are always wimping out.
CitySlicker Says: I really enjoyed trying and using this product. I am a fan of any kind of primer - I look at it as if priming can make something better-- then it's worth it to me. I am completely sold on this primer. I noticed a real difference in the overall look after the mascara and I attribute it to the primer. It makes my lashes thicker at the root without being clumpy. I apply 2 coats and I get my desired effect of thick and rich without looking too false looking. I am not particularly fond of the clear primer. I like the primers that are white, as I can see where I put them and know how much is on. This, being clear made it a little more difficult to see how much was on. That's why I do the 2 coats-- to make sure I am completely primed.

Deedlejuse Says: So, you might have noticed that in the early months of this blog I reviewed a similar product by Tweezerman, and it was not pretty. That is the only other Mascara Primer I have ever tried so don't laugh at me when I gush over the usability and overall performance of this primer. The one I used before was literally fluff that you try to put on your lashes, but more often than not got lodged in your eyes, hair, nostrils, etc. This primer is sooooo different, it is like mentioned above, a clear liquid that you apply to your lashes and let dry before applying the mascara. Let me tell you it works. I am more on Movie Maven's side of things, having very thick dark eyelashes that don't always need mascara. So I'm not desperate to enhance, but fortunatly this primer goes on lightly so you can work up to an intense volume, or leave it a bit lighter for day. I am very pleased, and it stays on all day without either the mascara or primer cracking or crumbling. I love it!

Sheba says: I have never used mascara primer before and I guess I am glad as I might have invested in some earlier mistakes!! I am now a firm believer in primers. Vanitymark The Prime Pre-Mascara does the job. It prepares your lashes for their best look yet!! It goes on very easily and definitely improves the look of the mascara when it is applied. I have now used this with other brands of mascara and it does not discriminate -- it improves all that I have used it with -- but I have to admit I think it works best with its partner Vanitymark The Lash Mascara (my review of that to be done shortly). It is definitely worth the little extra cost to use this primer -- your lashes will look great!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review - Smashbox Rapture Travel Brush Set

Perfect for beauty on-the-go, this limited-edition collection features 5 metallic pink travel sized brushes in a take-along quilted pouch that protects brushes and keeps them clean.
I got to test out the face brush in this – so far so good. It’s great to have high end natural fiber brushes at home but when it comes to traveling or even staying over a friend’s house with them, it’s a big NO NO! I would die if I lost my favorites as the replacement prices are significant and would hurt my wallet. Well, Smashbox's answer to that dilemma comes in these super cute mini sized brushes that are natural fibers. They are just not made with the fur coats of the brush world – as always cruelty free. The Pony that gave up their hair for my brush must have gotten a nice hair cut so I can live with that. I do find that the bristles are a little firmer than my others but the application process isn’t tainted at all. I have used this for my all over powder and I get a nice even application and I have also used for my bronzer and that easily picks up a light coat and is good to go over the apples of my cheeks. I wish I got the whole kit as you can see it’s cute as a button and what girl wouldn’t want it all? I am very satisfied with the overall quality of the brush, nice work, Smashbox!

Deedlejuse Says: I am the lucky one who actually got the case, as well as the nicest eyeshadow brush that I have ever tried from Smashbox. I have to absolutely gush about the entire thing, I absolutely love the case! Unfortunately it's a bit too small for all my other brushes, but c'est la vie, I adore it. You cant really tell in the picture but it is this beautiful gold/metallic/pink (p)leather on the outside and pretty pink satin on the inside and the bow is satin as well. Let me just say if I ever found a purse that looks half as good it would totally be mine! Onto the brush: as Cityslicker mentioned the hair is cruelty free , which is wonderful, but most of my brushes are synthetic, and the difference is totally unbelievable. The bristles are firm in a soft way so you can really build up the colors your working with. If your like me and you can't spend a bundle on brushes I would definetly reccomend investing in a quality travel sized kit. It works, and it won't kill your month! and obviously if it comes with the cutest little bag that's a good deal too! Love it.

Sheba says: I have been using the Blending Brush which Smashbox describes as 'An almond-shaped brush designed to blend any powder eye shadow in one or two soft strokes. Also perfect for applying lighter shades across the entire eye in one easy sweep.' I wanted to clarify what it is intended for right away since I use it for that among my other uses. Let me say that it is definitely a great blending brush when you use it as you should. As others have mentioned before me -- it is cruelty free and that makes it feel better already!! It is natural and it has a very nice feel to it. It is not too strong or firm but just right to dabble in the eyeshadow and conjure up the right blend for yourself. I also think it works well to apply my concealer and correctors. It applies them perfectly. I feel as comfortable using this brush as I do with my everyday brushes. It works that well. I cannot comment on the case since Deedlejuse was the lucky recipient -- however, just look at it and also read what she has to say about it!! Sounds like you cannot go wrong with the total Travel Brush Set. Considering the natural brushes you get and the case -- you are receiving a good deal for the price. I know I have paid good money for bad brushes. Well, I do not mind paying good money for good brushes!!

Review- Mineral Essence Loose Foundation and Brush

Discover perfect coverage for any skin tone and type. Mineral Essence foundations are made of 100% pure micronized minerals. They’re all natural and free of additives, oil, talc, harsh chemicals and preservatives. Combats aging. $22; Retractable Powder Brush - $25

My shade was M2 (medium with yellow undertones) which worked well on my skin tone. As a person who loves mineral powders and has used one particular brand for almost a decade, I have, from time to time, tested others. ME’s foundation does cover, but I found I was more satisfied with coverage if I did two to three layers. I have used it every day, though. There are two things I’d like to see ME do because their product is good and their purpose and formula has such good intentions for women’s skin: I’d like the powder foundation better if it were even a bit more finely milled and if the retractable powder brush was upgraded to the quality of my own Kabuki brush. They do offer Kabuki brushes for $28 and $30. Since I didn’t test either, I can’t comment on their quality. I like the retractable brush design with its nifty push-up feature and cap; but each time I use it, I have to pick off little bits of bristle from my face. Overall, I wasn’t dissatisfied with the foundation and brush, but I could be more satisfied. And, yes, I will continue to use it until the container is empty.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Review- Avène Ystheal+ Lotion

Preventative anti-aging lotion visibly reduces the early signs of aging without irritation. Improves skin’s tone, texture, and radiance. $32 – 1.01 fl.oz.

I appreciate the literature that came with this product, especially the part about how they include thermal water (from nature) for its curative properties. It said stringent tests revealed this water is ideal for treating skin conditions, even serious ones. The Web site even lists a product for wound care. All of this scientific stuff aside, my skin is more radiant; my skin tone is more even, my skin texture is smoother – and I ignored their instructions to use at night only. Call me a rebel, but since it was the only product of theirs I had, I put it to work. The size may seem small unless you readily know what 1.01 fl. oz. is, but it’s really a good amount and it takes very little. I recommend it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review - Smashbox Radiance Lip Gloss Set

Get glam with this party-perfect set of our award-winning, ultra moisturizing lip gloss. The luxurious velour wand perfectly contours lips for a flawless application every time. Includes three best-selling shades and three holiday exclusives. Wear alone or layer together for instant color and stunning shine.

Movie Maven says:

The color I lucked out with from this Smashbox Radiance Lip Gloss Set is stunning. No,'s called "Stunning." In the photo above, it's the second from the right, a gorgeous bright pink with a bit of shimmer. I like this gloss because while it provides a lot of shine, the color is super-sheer, giving just a hint of pink to my lips. While I've been wearing it alone, it would be just as good layered over your favorite lipstick. It's not sticky, and while it doesn't have a flavor per se, it tastes good. Not so much that you want to eat it (like some too-tasty lip glosses), but enough that it tastes like something. The only thing I don't like is that apparently, "Stunning" is one of the "holiday exclusives" in this set of 6 mini-glosses, which means you have the buy the set to get this color (which I really like). A bit of research on reveals that their color "Electric" is probably the closest I can get without buying the whole set.

Deedlejuse Says: Movie Maven totally stole my line! The color I lucked out with is called "Illume" which is I believe the farthest to the left in the picture. It is an absolute pleasure to wear. I have been wearing it consistently since I got my box about a week ago. The color is almost nude, but adds a beautiful shine and sparkle while really moisturizing the pout. I have worn it both alone and also to define another lip color. It works beautifully both ways, and I definitley think it would work with just about any skin tone because it is so sheer. I have a feeling that the "Sheer Gloss" Lip Enhancing Gloss would probably be the closest match without actually buying the whole kit, but..... If you can get them all for $29 why wouldn't you! Smashbox makes such nice Gloss, I'm sure anyone would be thrilled with the whole pack.

Maria says: I think I'm second from the left - or "Radiant". At first glance, I thought - hmmm...may be a little too brown...but on the lips, a different story! It's a neutral mauvey-but-not-too-mauvey just right color. Lovely shine and not yucky sticky - it's actually moisturizing which is nice from a gloss. I'm thinking that it would accomodate quite a few skintones. It's very close to a gloss I got in a Stila sample pack (Raisin I think was the name?) but unlike Stila's - there's no aggravating click pen that dispenses a glob of gloss - plus there's no filmy weirdness that Stila tends to leave on my lips. I think the Smashbox has a very, very slight vanilla scent to it, but I would NOT call it scented. What I would call it is a very cool gloss. Well played, Smashbox. I'd definitely repurchase as evidenced by the fact that I've been wearing it every day since I got it!

Joyce says: I could tell you how the rosy shade, Candid, I tried made my lips look kissable, and how the formula made my lips get rid of that dry feeling winter can cause—and both statements would be true. However, I think an even better testament about how this product line has impacted users is to share that when I mentioned this lipgloss to a friend, she stopped moving, her eyes glazed, she nearly drooled, and appeared to go into a trance-like state as she quietly uttered, “I LUUUUVVV Smashbox.” I don't know that I can say anything better than that.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Review - Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish

Cleanses - Exfoliates - Softens 18.00

I got 2 small sample packs of this and if you saw them you too would think, you would get a little more than a hands worth of the body done with these sample packets so I used them on my face. I had high hopes for this since I love the other Yu-Be products I have. This polish is oozy and messy; I thought it reminded me of an apricot scrub, I could see the big grains suspended within. I thought that it was too harsh on my face. I am spoiled and used to polishes that have a finer grain that feels almost massaging on my skin. This polish would be better suited for the body and not face. I don’t think there are many products that are for face and body that actually perform well for both. After using my face was red and raw feeling, I didn’t over do the exfoliation either, it just didn’t agree with my face.

Sheba says: Aha, perhaps with age comes a tougher facial skin!! I have been using this for the past couple of days and found it to scrub, clean, and exfoliate my face well. It did leave my face a tiny bit pink but it felt good, not uncomfortable. My face then drank up moisturizer which is suggested by the Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish. I have to agree with Cityslicker that I have found very few products that work for both the face and body. I would personally prefer this skin polisher for my body. It seems much better suited for that. It did work for my face but I did have that pink to it. I will be using the remainder of it for body polishing. Tender facial skin may very well react like Cityslicker's experience. So, you might be better off just using it to polish up the body rather than the face.
Joyce says: My experience was different from my co-posters. I really appreciate someone combining a face and body scrub into one product gentle enough for one, effective enough for both. I love the scent and the idea of exfoliating and stimulating skin with rice bran, bamboo, ginger, ginseng, green tea (we know how healing that is for skin), and camphor. My more mature skin loves when I use this product, and I love how smooth my skin feels, forehead-to-toes.

Review - Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss

A full color, ultra-moisturizing lip gloss. $18.00

I have this in Aura – the color at the top. It’s a pinky, taupe with lots of shimmer. When I saw this in the tube, I was not impressed it looked more like a beige tone. I think by the second stroke on my lips I was sold. I have this in a tiny sample size and I find myself losing it in my handbag daily. I love the color but I need more of it so I don’t lose it! I am very satisfied with the performance. I have worn it every day since receiving the sample. The color on me is a perfect nudie color with a touch of pink. I love it; it’s like those retro nudes too. I find that it wears for a decent amount of time, it’s not gooey, sticky, or heavy. It actually makes my lips feel smooth. I haven’t found that my lips have dried out at ALL! I have worn it alone, over a lipstick and just with a liner. It works all the angles and still keeps on going. I am very fair in complexion and feel that it works for me; I think it’s pretty versatile since it’s not a heavy color but full of shimmer which anyone can wear. I wear it to work and apply a double dose for the evenings... I will be buying my own full sized container!

Sheba says: Sorry, I cannot find my shade on the chart-- it is 'Lovely' which appears to be a very vivid hot pink in the container. However, when you put it on it appears very innocent with a muted shimmer. In other words it does not stand out too much. It simply enhances your lips which is what glosses are supposed to do. Many other brands go on and are there but they really do nothing for your lips. Smashbox goes on so nice and evenly and caresses your lips. It prevents chapping while in use and gives your lips their best pout ever. It feels so soft and silky -- not waxy or heavy. I find that it stays on for a while longer than my usual glosses which means I retouch with it less frequently. You can fool around with it like Cityslicker and put it over lipstick, etc. I always like to mix and match and this is no exception. Again, this particular color seems to me like it would enhance any skin tone but like I said -- you would not realize it when you peek at the container. It just looks a lot more stronger and potent than it turns out to be -- which is a very good thing. You can add a layer or two to intensify the appearance if you are so inclined. No matter how you decide to wear it -- you will be happy with the effects.

Amanda S. Says: I have posted my firmly set fear of lip gloss on here before. I am terrified it will slide around my lips or collect in the corners (this has embarrassingly happened, how horrifying!). Luckily, smashbox has great things to offer all around and I wasn't disappointed here either. The colors I have (I bought some of my own also, after trying it) match my skin and blend in really well, I don't feel like I have a sticky weird layer on my lips, and it has nice staying power. Highly recommended.