Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review - Ahava Mineral Body Lotion

Intense moisturizers work to make this formula an ideal milk that hydrates and heals your skin. Rich in Aloe Vera, natural moisturizers, and Ahava’s own Osmoter compound, Mineral Body Lotion glides on easily to wrap your body in splendid, silky softness all day long.

So, obviously, I have tried a ton of different body lotions. Some were busts, some were awesome, but I have to say this AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion tops the list. AHAVA has been working with mineral and clay cosmetics for years, and they seem to totally get what my skin needs to be moisturized, plump, and beautiful. With the first application I noticed a difference in my skin's resiliency and feel. After a month I am totally sold, I feel like I could take on the world! In the winter months my skin gets so dry, I usually have flaky patches that itch and feel irritated. They always go away in the summer, but regardless of the lotion I use they generally come back in the winter. These patches go away right after I use most lotions, but by the end of the day I will feel them reappear. With my Ahava Mineral Lotion I have skipped two days (just to experiment) and no spots! It is the most luxurious feel, and it smooths in directly, without much effort at all. The smell is sort of perfumy, which I could see as being an issue for some people. It basically smells exactly like Laura Ashley No.1. Those of you who love that fragrance, and haven't been able to find it will be psyched! For others who don't know what it is, it has an undertone of musk with a fruity top (current I think). It is noticeable, and will last with you for a good long time. Don't let this deter your from the Lotion, though. It is amazing and so worth the price!

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