Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review- Giselle Mineral Foundation

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For some reason I received this foundation in both Matte 111 and Matte 1. I didn't actually realize this until tonight as I was actually writing about it. What I used was the Matte 1 as a foundation and the Matte 111 as a sort of powder. I am in love. If you noticed my post yesterday, I adore this line of makeup. The look is more than natural, just touching up red spots and problem areas. My complexion is quite good, so I don't feel the need to cover up completely. Just touches here and there do the trick, as long as I have applied an adequte face cream. This foundation allows me to do this perfectly. I have never really used mineral before, I think I might have reviewed one for this blog, but I wasn't in love, so this was an exciting revelation. If you haven't tried mineral before, I would reccomend giving it a try. At least I am sold!

Sheba says: I have used and have been using mineral make up for a while and I have to say Giselle Mineral Foundation is up there with the best of them and at a very minimal cost. I am not as lucky as Deedlejuse with my complexion -- I need a lot of help. I like to blur the lines of reality if you get my meaning. Yes, I like to soften the appearance of shall I call them smile lines-- around my mouth and even my eyes. Yes, when I smile - my eyes smile too!! I don't expect much -- I want to look natural -- but without the appearance of lines, etc.!!! I want all of this without cosmetic surgery or botox. So I tried this $20 mineral foundation and I have to say I am pleased with the look. I attained a very natural look with a definite minimizing of the appearance of the lines. I have to admit that I did use some concealer with the foundation and that really helps the foundation work its miracles. So Giselle Mineral Foundation is a foundation for those of us like Deedlejuse with a flawless complexion as well as for those of us with a flawed complexion and for anyone in between. It does help enhance your complexion -- whatever type of skin you might have.

CitySlicker Says: I got this in Matte II. I am very fair and usually lean towards the lightest shade in foundation palettes. The matte II looks like it’s a bronzer without the mica in it, the color is lovely but isn’t a match for my skin at all. I have tried to utilize as a foundation but the effects made me look terrible, the color is way too dark for me. The only way I can use this is as a blush/ bronzer. I can apply a very small amount and get a lovely shade that blends with my skin. I also like the fact that it’s not really shimmery. I think this give my skin a healthy glow and doesn’t look like I am overdoing it with the color. This just didn’t work for me as a foundation at all.

Sheba says: I'm back. I have to admit that I asked CitySlicker to let me try her shade. Yes, it is too dark for me. . . but then remember that I am the mixer!! I mixed it with a lighter shade and vavoom -- it looks great and blends right in. My skin is sort of medium so I thought I might be able to use it and I am so glad that I tried it. I love Giselle products and found another foundation that works for my skin!!

Joyce says: I got to play with mineral foundation (Matte IV--Medium), face powder, bronzer, and blush. I love the natural look and easily get it with these products. They brush on smoothly with excellent coverage on my skin, but it just looks like great skin. I also don’t like to take a lot of time to apply cosmetics. You can’t get any faster than powders. Another benefit is that mineral powders are good for the skin, which is great since I sometimes fall asleep and stay asleep with them on. But you know, I don’t have a problem with looking good when I wake up. Is there a Giselle Girl Fan Club?

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