Friday, January 23, 2009

Review - Say Yes to Carrots Eye Contour Cream

Eye can C Cleary NowEye Contour Cream
You never believed your mom when she said carrots were good for your eyes. Our Eye can C Clearly Now moisture rich Eye Contour Cream will have you believing differently.

A gentle spring water based Eye Contour Cream with organic carrot juice, organic cucumber juice and 26 Dead Sea Minerals.

Okay, so I'm a drug store brand snob. As soon as I started earning a paycheck I've always steered toward high-end skin care - although at times I would dabble in drug store products and find a keeper. I have seen this line in Walgreens many times and admittedly, it sparked my interest, but again, I thought "well, it can't be as good as my $50 eyecream so I shall pass it up." I am here to say, head hung in shame, that I was wrong. This, my friends, is a very good eyecream. My gosh, you get a HUGE tub of it for under $20 and it is really, really nice. The cream sinks in, does not migrate towards my eyes, mixes well with my other facial potions and lotions, has a very, very light fragrance...I am impressed! This is a quirky little line that I think will earn its way to the top of drug-store brands due to its effectiveness, pricepoint, and ingredients. I am saying yes to carrots! Now, if it were brussel sprouts....that'd be a different story. :)

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