Saturday, January 3, 2009

Review - Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing Cream

Removing makeup can be a frightening task, yet leaving it on can cause even more alarming damage. Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing cream effortlessly removes all makeup and impurities, even waterproof mascara without disrupting your skin's natural harmony.1.7 fl. oz.
A staple for all to use as a gentle, soothing cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover.
Glycerin is a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. Sesame is rich in essential fatty acids that smooth and nourish the skin

All Karin Herzog products are based on the research of Dr. Paul Herzog, the first scientist to successfully stabilize active oxygen in a medical grade emulsion and to patent his invention internationally. Not new to the study of oxygen, in 1948 Dr. Herzog pioneered the respirator used to ventilate the lungs of patients undergoing surgery.
Lack of oxygen accelerates the aging process of your skin. Karin Herzog oxygen skin care boosts the natural levels of oxygen in your skin, increasing the rate of cell renewal, helping skin absorb essential nutrients, and eliminating toxins and enhancing its natural glow

I'm just going to come right out and say it - KH Professional Cleansing Cream is probably the BEST cleanser I have used in all of my 30...cough - okay 40 something years. I was extremely skeptical - the vaseline-like texture, etc....but once I got the hang of it - wowza. I warm my fingers with warm water, squeeze a little more than a pea size amount in my palm, then gently massage all over my face - gently pressing around the temples, under the nose, etc - and then I take a baby washcloth (these are fabulous - not just for little wee ones! They're a perfect size, very gentle on the skin..I usually buy a package of six at Wallyworld Carters, Gerber - it doesn't matter, but I digress) and then wash off. My face feels so clean - not dry, just clean and very soft. When I wash my face at night, this is the first cleanser that I don't feel I have to add a moisturizer after cleansing b/c my skin never feels dehydrated or tight. Seriously great product.


Lili said...

The product might be good but the Karin Herzog company you are writing about has the worst customer service I ever tried. After placing an order online in september 2011, I’m still waiting 2 months after to receive my package ! No one ever answer my emails nor return my phone calls. Which is pretty bad when you actually spent GBP 149.17… For me it’s a scam, so honestly, don’t even try

Movie Maven said...

Lili - thanks for sharing. That's so frustrating! I have sometimes found that using Twitter to complain to companies works well, because it's public - they're @karinherzogUK. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I also love this product - I get mine from Karin Herzog in Australia and they post worldwide - never had any problems.