Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Review- Smashbox Wicked Lovely Cream Liner and Loose Shimmer

Three sultry cream liners and a sparkling loose shimmer in one mirrored pot! The liners provide totally customizable eye definition that doesn’t flake, run or tug. This mistake-proof formula is a great tool for the perfect smoky eye, and is ultra-blendable to create a range of eye looks! The loose shimmer provides the finishing touch for wickedly lovely eyes.

If you like the look of a smokey eye (and who doesn't), this is a fool proof all-in-one kit. You can wear one or all of the eyeliners and finish the look with the Metallic Taupe loose eyeshadow. The shadow has the perfect amount of shimmer, is totally wearable and well pigmented. I can see it matching any skin tone. The eyeliner colors are nice and rich and last all day which I don't usually find with cream eyeliners. I call this product fool proof because the colors are so well matched, any combination will provide that smokey eye we all crave now and then. This is a must-have for fall.

Review - Pureology StylingLotion Support Hold Shine

Longer Lasting Hair Colour Guaranteed!™Hold and sculpt without limits. Blow dry without tangles or drag. Alcohol-free formula with non-stick resin provides weightless support. AntiFade Complex™ enhanced by nano emulsion technology and UVA/UVB sunscreens, maximizes colour and thermal protection.
100% Vegan. Not tested on animals. $20.00

Wow, this styling lotion is alcohol free, does not flake, and has incredible hold without being stiff. I know I sound like and advertisement but Pureology has an excellent product here. I actually used too much my first time out with this and I was positive my hair would be so stiff that I wouldn't be able to even comb it out. It turned out soft, silky, with the feel of extra body, and easy to style and it held. There was no flaking -- even with the excess amount I used. It has many other features such as sunscreen, thermal protection, etc. I am mostly concerned with that it works and does what it says. Pureology Styling Lotion does that and I am a very convinced customer. I have had the luck to find it on EBay at a pretty decent savings so you might want to look there first. It is worth the cost if you do need to pay the full price -- but I am betting you won't

Monday, September 29, 2008

Review - Smashbox Wicked Lovely Eyeshadow

Sweep these luxurious, shimmering shadow duos across lids for a truly smoldering look. $24.00

All I can say is LOVELY. These shadows are velvety smooth and highly pigmented. They have a rich almost creamy feeling when applying. A light swipe and I have enough on my lid. The colors are a shimmery ivory and shimmery steel gray that can be layered for a severely smoky black look. I love both colors and find that they wear all day and stand up to the hot summer. I don’t reapply or touch up. I wear them mostly by using the charcoal gray close to the lash line and with a deep line then feathering it out then using the ivory tone in the crease and a little at the brow bone. It really makes my eyes pop and is very modern and cool looking. I highly recommend looking into the Wicked Lovely Shadow... $24 is a small price to pay for these are deep pots that will last a very long time. They go on so smooth and you will be hooked!

Joyce says: Do I ever agree with my fellow Blogger about this eye shadow duo. From the first time I used it, it’s been the only one I’ve used every day. I love how a dampened eyeliner brush lets me either use it as a liner, or if the brush is dry, to create a soft, smokey look (or both techniques). And she took the word “pop” right out of my typing fingers. The combination of the ivory and smokey charcoal (almost black) duo called Gala really does make my hazel eyes pop and smolder at the same time. Love it, love it, love it!

Review- Derma e Hyaluronic Acid Night Creme

This extra-rich, deeply penetrating crème, infused with Vitamins A and E, Ester-C®, Allantoin and Macadamia Oil, drenches your skin in moisture. By plumping skin tissue, fine lines and wrinkles seem to disappear. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a 'moisture magnet', capable of retaining up to 1000 times its own weight in water, and thus attracts and retains moisture for the skin. Its unmatched hydrating properties result in smoother, softer and younger looking skin.
Regular Price $29.50 Sale Price: $25.50

This cream is a Godsend for my dry, flakey skin. It is one of the richest creams I have ever used and I wake up with smooth skin that stays hydrated all day. I've paid twice as much for creams that were half as effective, but from now on this is my night cream. A little goes a long way with this one because it's so emollient that it glides accross your skin. Derma e does not use parabens and is cruelty free to boot! If I were to formulate my own night cream, I would probably put the exact same ingredients in it as they did. I highly recommend this cream for people with normal to dry or dry skin. I'm glad I found this cream especially as L'Occitane discontinued my old cream. Woohoo!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Review- Ocean Potion Natural Mineral Sunblock

Ocean Potion Naturals, featuring our trademark SeaCure Sea Plant Botanical Complex, is rich in healthy anti-oxidants to nourish the skin. The line consists of protective products for face and body, plus gentle skin protection for children. Additionally, there are four skin care products to rehabilitate over-exposed skin. Feed your skin from the outside in, while protecting from UVA I, II, and UVB exposure. Cruelty Free. No Animal Testing. $8.99

I was really looking forward to using the Ocean Potion for Kids SPF 45. It's natural & it provides complete UVA/UVB protection. I do recommend this product for kids as it is very water & sweat resistant. For adults on the other hand, not so great. It comes out of the tube white and as you slather it on, it remains white and makes you look paler. Especially at the beach, no one wants to look extra pale. It also leaves white residue on things you hit with your arms and legs. Overall, this product has some good qualities (especially for kids), but I wasn't a big fan.
CitySlicker Says:
I have this in the Mineral Sunblock Active Wear SPF30, I am so pleased with it. I have been using on my face for over 2 weeks now. I can get away with just under a quarter’s sized amount. I know I should be using more but with the transition from summer to fall, I haven’t been outside as much. I have used more expensive mineral sunscreens and have to say for the money, go out and get a tube; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all. It takes a little longer to absorb into my skin but I don’t mind it at all. Once it’s absorbed I am not all greasy or oily feeling, it’s been easy to apply my foundation over too. I do think the formula is a little loose most sunscreens are a bit heavier / thicker in my opinion. I am thinking this is a great line for carrying in the purse; it’s affordable and works... I have experienced no breakouts or additional oil in the face area either, nice find!

Review- Perricone MD Hydrating Nutrient Mask

Provides instant hydration and locks in moisture. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Imparts a fresh radiance. With Olive Fruit Extract, Jojoba & Vitamin E. $65

My skin is usually as dry as the bottom of a Bedouin's flip flop. Even in the summer my face can peel from dryness. That's why I was so excited when I got this mask to try. Perricone is a well respected name in skin care and I have to say this mask lives up to expectations. The box says to use the mask once weekly, but I'm finding it helpful to use it 2-3 times a week. But again, my skin is not average. It smells great which I suspect is because of the olive fruit. You coat your face in the thick cream and leave it on 15-20 minutes. You then tissue it off and rinse. It leaves your skin soft as a baby's bottom. The ingredient list reads like a who's who of the anti-oxidant world. This mask is the perfect remedy for winter skin, especially for those of us who are frequently exposed to the elements.

Review - Plum Island Soap Co. - Soap

Ours are made in small batches with high quality vegetable-based ingredients. We use pure essential oils for scent, ground herbs, and clays for color and texture. Creamy in lather, natural, pure, gentle & wonderfully scented! Available in 8 scents. 3.5 oz.

A spicy concoction of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove with ground oats for a gentle exfoliation. A scent that's almost good enough to eat! $4.75

I selected Island Spice and have included its description above. This does not even feel like soap as you are using it. It lathers up beautifully and just envelops you in it's utterly gorgeous scent. It feels so creamy and soft - even with the ground oats in it. It is one of the smoothest soaps ever that exfoliates as well as it does. Plum Island Soap Co. knows its business -- this is by far one of the best soaps on the market. The cost is more than reasonable for the results you will get. Your skin will be so clean, exfolitated, silky smooth and feel wonderful. There is a $6.00 s+ h charge so make it worth it. Don't just buy one bar -- buy several. Even better, if you are located near the Plum Island Soap Company or a Nantucket Natural Oils go there and buy it with no shipping charge. But beware -- you will definitely buy more products than you went in to buy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Review - Plum Island Soap Co Salt & Sand Foot Scrub

$10.75 for an 8 oz jar $10.75

As you can see from the picture, you get a generous amount of foot scrub for a mere $10.75. You would think with a posh boutique line you would pay double. I am so in love with this line. I swear it’s a diamond in the Plum Island rough! I am not the kind of person that goes to get pedicures or paint my toe nails but I like to take care of my feet, going to the gym, working, running around after my kitties keeps me on my tootsies so when I have the chance to chill with a scrub from now and then, I do. There is no better scent than peppermint and especially for the feet, it invigorates my feet and instantly sloughs away the days turmoil. I use this scrub on wet feet but not in the shower; I sit on the side of the tub so I can rinse it all away afterwards. The scent is cool and refreshing, the scrub rough but not too harsh. The result soft smooth feet that feel relaxed.. I also want to point out that this doesn’t have too much oil in it, some scrubs have too much oil, leaving greasy almost coated feeling feet behind. This leaves my feet ready for shoes or fluffy socks. They are soft and smooth but not greasy. I can’t wait for the holidays, cause this better be in my stocking! Perfect!

Review - Nature's Embrace Organics Body Wash

Cleanse your skin with pure nutrients to promote healing from dehydration, sun damage, aging and harsh chemicals $24.50

This is a really different body wash for me. It’s a clear liquid, while I am used to thick and rich creams. The scent is a unique blend of energizing peppermint with relaxing lavender. It’s a blend that I didn’t think would work but completely does. There are no mixed signals either, wake up- no- go to sleep! I use this with a bath pouf and find that it lathers up into a light airy froth. My bathroom smells amazing too. I am over-using it everyday just to get the scent to remain strong while I shower. Also by using in moderation this will last a while too! It’s a yummy new take on an old product. I hope I piqued your interest cause this is a little gem of a line!

Movie Maven says:
If you've used any of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, you'll be familiar with the consistency of Nature's Embrace Organic Body Wash. It's just barely more viscous than water, which might seem strange at first, but makes sense for several reasons. Primarily, the fact that you need less of this body wash means a) it will last longer and b) it uses less packaging (since you don't need to keep buying more bottles as quickly). For consumers who are green-minded (as I would imagine most of Nature's Embrace's customers are), this is great news. Add to that fact that this body wash really does lather up well, even without the dreaded lauryl sulfates, and you've got a wonderful product. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but it will last a long time (I've been using it for two weeks and made barely a dent), and if you want to be green, this is the way to go!

Amanda S. Says: "No animal derived ingredients", boy do I love to hear that! No SLS, even better! This body wash is delicious. Actually it's more like delicious times 50. It's my favorite that I have reviewed on this site so far, maybe my favorite ever, because of the two reasons above of course, but also just because it smelled really wonderful and made my skin feel super clean without feeling tight and itchy and over perfumed with chemicals afterward. This would be great for anyone to use, sensitive skin or oily skin, boy or girl. I absolutely love it.

Joyce says:

Oils of coconut, olive, jojoba, tea tree, plus chamomile, grapefruit seed extract, and more . . . all equal healthy, healed, soothed, smoothed skin! One thing that impresses me is that this wash appears just slightly thicker than water, yet it lathers enough to let you feel as though you’re cleaning and not stripping the skin of natural emollients as a detergent would. I also use it to shave with--sort of a three-in-one: clean, shave, moisturize. And I like the fresh scent that’s neither too heavy on the lavender or the mint. I’m also inclined to try it as a shampoo, kind of an intuitive curiosity. Hmmm . . .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review:- Allison Raffaele Primer

Face Forward Primer SPF 15 - Acne Response is designed to create a smooth, even canvas for perfect makeup application. A mineral-based SPF of 15 protects the skin against UV damage while Alison Raffaele's Frutta di Vita complex neutralizes free radicals with antioxidants.

One problem I've always had with wearing foundation is that I feel like it slides right off my oily skin, making it difficult to keep it on all day long. This primer (a product I didn't really even know existed until I started writing for this blog) stops that problem in its tracks. There's really not much to dislike about it - it instantly (no, really: INSTANTLY) creates a smooth, dry surface on which you can layer whatever makeup you normally use. I'm pretty much always at some level of "shiny" in the face, and in the heat of summer, it's even worse. (Remember, though, girls don't sweat...they glow. And normally, I'm glowing like a pig.) My face actually looked like a matte surface instead of a reflective solar panel. It feels wonderful, and the results are great. My face looks controlled, but natural. It's $44, but I might actually spring for this one!

Amanda S. Says:

I break out and I have super dry skin. It's a real pain in the you-know-what. Unlike above, my make up won't slide off, it'll flake my skin out like crazy. I was hesitant to try this because I was afraid it would exacerbate that already awful stuff, but to my happiness, it didn't. My make up stayed on in all the right places, no flaking, and after a week my skin looked much nicer.

Sheba says:

I also had no idea what a primer was used for until I read the reviews!! I thought I just need to put on my moisturizer and then the make up. Wow, have I been missing an important step!! My only problem is that I received such a small sample that it was only enough for 3 days and it is very hard to make a true evaluation in such a short period. I would have preferred to be able to use it for a week to 10 days in order to get some real feedback from my face on this. I am betting it would have been an excellent review judging from my three days experience. I would like to have seen if I noticed the skin improvement that Amanda had. I will say that my limited experience was very favorable. I did see and feel that my skin was more prepared to apply my makeup, etc. It was sort of like getting the canvas ready for the paint. The Allison Raffaele Primer definitely set my skin for the make up. My skin looked and felt firmer and smoother -- making it relatively easy to apply my makeup. $44 does seem steep to me but if I saw the skin improvements that Amanda saw - in addition to the benefits of the primer just setting my skin for the makeup application -- I would gladly hand over my $44. . . okay, maybe not gladly.

CitySlicker Says:

I am a primer lover! I feel like making the extra investment in primers is well worth it, no matter what age. It really assists in a better look to your foundation. Allison’s is really nice product. I got a sample and was able to scrap till the last molecule I got 4 days worth. I found the formula to be light and finish to a soft lightly powdery feel. It truly helped out in keeping my foundation in place as well as giving me a boost in the plump factor. My makeup stayed on without any slippage and didn’t ride into any of my fine lines. As Sheba mentioned I would fork over the $44 for an entire bottle. My face felt great using this!

Deedlejuse Says:

I have to agree with everyone above, this primer made my foundation stay right where it was supposed to be, and it made the application process much easier. I applied it after my face crème and before my foundation, and it didn’t feel like I had anything on! I am not a big foundation wearer. I usually just stick with the tinted lotions, because I have clear skin and I don’t really need to wear a base. So, for me to have three layers on (and a real foundation) and not even feel it is to say the least amazing. As others mentioned, I didn’t get enough of a sample to really give too much feedback. But I really liked the way my skin felt, and how it looked when I was wearing it. In fact, since I could probably get an entire lifetime out of a whole ounce (you really don’t need very much; the sample that we got was seriously minuscule) I would definitely consider getting this product for the rare occasions that I do actually wear foundation.

Review - Holly Beth's Butterfly Lip Nectar

Naturally flavored honey and orange, mint essential oils. Soothes and protects dry, cracked lips. 100% natural. Uses NO petroleum. Uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Artisan-Crafted from family recipes

You will have no hang-ups from me when it comes to spending a little bit more on a far superior product. When I first went looking for this Butterfly Lip Nectar online I was shocked to see that it cost $7, and in fact you cannot ( I don't think) find it for less anywhere. Now,I know that you can find glosses that cost way less than this, but they are really not comparable. Holly Beth's products are all 100% natural and organic, they are inspired from Homeopathic Remedies from around the globe, and are created with care for our environment. They are based out of Georgia, and it looks like they try to use a lot of the locally grown plants. I think that is wonderful. I also think that the fact that this lip balm has Lysine in it is awesome. For anyone who is prone to lip or mouth sores of any kind you might know that lysine is the vitamin you should take when you first start feeling it. Thus, it only makes sense that having a daily dose of lysine in your lip balm is probably really good for lips.
I love everything about this Lip Nectar, from the way it glides on to the way it wears for ever. It smells faintly of orange and mint and makes your mouth tingle just a teensy bit. Love it, the only down side is that it does not have an SPF. All in all though, I now completely understand why it would cost a couple bucks more than a regular chap stick. Still for under $10 you are nurturing your lips and the environment at the same time. How could you possibly do better than that?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Review - Pureology SprayGel Support Shine

Longer Lasting Hair Colour Guaranteed!™Finally, an alcohol-free spray gel that provides flexible hold for your colour-treated hair! This versatile silicone formula adds weightless body, control and shine. Advanced nano emulsion technology allows the AntiFadeComplex™ to penetrate deeply. Potent antioxidants and UVA/UVB sunscreens maximize colour retention and thermal protection 8.5 fl oz (250 ml) $21.99

Pureology has an excellent reputation in hair products and I can definitely see why. This spray gel is terrific. It does add body, shine, and style to your hair and is so darn easy to use. It does all that and it is alcohol-free. You do not need a lot to get the job done so the price is actually very reasonable. However, I found it for .99 plus shipping and handling on EBay. Of course, I realize the next time I may not be so lucky to get it at .99 but I am betting I can get it for less (including s +h) than the price shown -- even though I do find it to be a reasonable price. It cannot hurt to try. The results are definitely worth the cost shown so if I had to pay it - I would.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Review - Rusk Sensories Shampoo & Conditioner Calm Guarana and Nourishing Ginger

Rusk sensories calm guarana & ginger nourishing shampoo awakens the senses and nourishes troubled, stressed hair. Formulated with guarana extract to add a healthy, natural sheen and ginger extract to maintain the natural moisture balance.

Recently I was give a little sample bottle of this Rusk Sensories Calming Shampoo and Conditioner. It was actually the amenity shampoo and conditioner that they gave us at a hotel, if you can believe that. Let me tell you that was the first time, ever, that I was more than satisfied with the amenity shampoo at any hotel I have been to! It is literally wonderful, the scent is calming and relaxing, very aptly named. The little tiny 1.5 oz size lasted me through four washes, which for me is really amazing. I have long chemically treated blond hair, and it sucks up moisture like a towel. This shampoo and conditioner pair worked so well that I only had to use a teeny drop! Rusk is a brand I have always seen around, but just never took the time to try. Now I wish I had, I will definitely be getting this again in the future!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Review - Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss, Angel

Fresh® Sugar Lip Gloss is a high-shine, non-sticky gloss enhanced with a bright citrus flavor. This lip-loving lacquer is enriched with sugar, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and black currant seed oil and has an amazing color payoff. It is free of mineral oil, lanolin and paraffin.

This is a wonderful lip gloss. As with most of the colors that I choose this is the lightest, palest of pinks and it really just adds a beautiful light touch of shimmer. It is very light and slick on your lips. The consistency is actually a lot like the Mario Badescu Lip Wax that everyone (including me) was raving about earlier, but with a hint of shimmer and shine, how could you ask for more???? The shine lasts for a while before it fades, but it fades really nice and evenly. I think my favorite part of the whole product might just be the smell. It is like lemon mousse, but not overpowering at all, just a very light hint of smell when you first put it on. I kind of want to reapply every few minutes just for the sensation! $25 is a lot for a gloss, I know, but for me this one is sooooo worth it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Review - Poshe Anti-Microbial Base Coat

For healthy natural & artificial nails highly adhesive for longer wearing polish. Protects nails from damage and staining chips. Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-microbial. No Formaldehyde, No Toulene.

I'm always wondering, why the heck does nail polish have formaldehyde in it?!? And then I see Poshe makes products without it, which is awesome. Formaldehyde can definitely soak into your skin through your nails... And wind up in all sorts of places in your body, seems pretty shady doesn't it? Well, anyway, on the bonus side, this is great base coat, it held my polish on and dried REALLY fast. There's nothing more painful than a base coat that didn't dry enough and your polish clumps or smears and then you have to start all over again. I really like this stuff, it's body safe, and it's comparable in price to other nail polishes you'd find at a drug store. Pretty soon I'm going to try out the anti-bacterial oil and I'll let everyone know how that works out too.

Sheba says:

I like the Poshe Base Coat: it applies very easily and dries quickly. It says it dries super fast and it actually does seem to so. I have many other polishes that dry quickly but this one outshines them -- it is definitely drier must faster. I have worn it a couple of days without adding color and it gives a very nice shine. Then I added my color and it did keep the color on without chipping or wearing off for quite a while. I may even try it with one of my cheapie nail colors to see if it might make it last a bit longer. It is an excellent base coat and, as Amanda mentioned, the price is very reasonable for such a good product.

Hillary says:

I love this product not only because it dries quickly (who WANTS to sit there watching paint dry?) but because it is anti-microbial. Last time I had my nails done I couldn't find my cuticle nipper to bring with me. I'm a little cautious about the sanitation at any nail salon, but I felt much safer this time because I used this anti-microbial base coat and also the Poshe Anti-Microbial Cuticle Oil. The week before I used it on it's own and it stood up to my obsessive hand washing. I feel this is a "must have" product for those of us who frequent nail salons.

CitySlicker Says:
My nails are weak, brittle and always dry so I try to keep them painted with a clear or very light polish. I always use a base so I get longer wear from my polish. I, like everyone really enjoy using this and I do believe it dry much quicker than any others I have. The formula isn’t thick and provides a great base for my polishes. I have found that no matter what the tips of my nails are the tell tale sign that I need to refresh my polish but I honestly am getting a longer run using this base than the others I have... I did put on a dark polish just for giggles to see how the base performed. I am happed to report that my nails didn’t absorb any of the color at all so all the ladies who like dark colors this is perfect for that too. On another not I love the this base coat offer all the Anti’s, I am not Miss Germ conscious but I like the face that I am getting a little extra protection cause nails with fungus’s don’t look pretty! Thanks Poshe for being so Poshe!

Joyce says:

I love this product! Using this basecoat plus their cuticle oil has made all the difference in my nails getting healthy again after being affected by “something” for over year. My fellow bloggers are right about the fast drying time. Too often, with regular polish, it’s really not dry or set enough by the time I start getting active again. Not so with this basecoat. I also notice that when I put it on, my nails feel harder. One thing: layering coat upon coat doesn’t quite do it. My hands are in and out of water and doing stuff so often during a day, I always manage to need to redo my nails often. I have layered this one if I just don’t take the time to do a fresh coat, but the fresh coat (plus another two days later as recommended) really does a far better job of giving me the nails I enjoy.

Review- Plum Island Soap Company Citrus Scrub Soap

Soaps are made in small batches with high quality vegetable-based ingredients using pure essential oils for scent; ground herbs and clays for color and texture. Creamy in lather, natural, pure, gentle & wonderfully scented! Available in 8 scents. 3.5 oz./$4.75

I used Citrus Scrub made from grapefruit, lemon, and orange essential oils with cornmeal for the gentle scrubbing qualities. Though it seems the ingredients would make it heavily-scented, it’s actually very clean-smelling—in a good way. I like the moisturizing lather so much I use it to shave with, as well as on my entire body. It’s one of those really good soaps that’s best kept out of the water stream. Be sure to do this so it lasts a long time; you’ll want it to. However, at only $4.75 a bar, that’s a reasonable price to pay for a good soap. I know it’s only September, but for those holiday early-bird shoppers, these are terrific stocking-stuffers.

Hillary says:

I really enjoyed how soft this bar of soap was (I've used the whole thing already). It had a light, not overbearing, citrus scent that wasn't so strong as to clash with my perfumes. It lathers rather well for a natural bar of soap and I appreciate the slightly "nubby" texture. It left you feeling clean with no signs of residue. The only drawback is (and I hear this goes for most natural soap bars), if you don't keep it dry, it doesn't last as long as a drug store bar of soap. I learned that the hard way. Overall, I was very happy with it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Review - Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Face Scrub

A non-abrasive face scrub to gently exfoliate and refine dry, flaky skin and dulling build-up. It is made with finely ground Almond and Cornmeal combined with Honey to buff away flaky skin without irritating 4oz. $15.00

Mario Badescu
has created a heavenly facial scrub that is so gentle to the skin, yet very cleansing. I am not surprised as just about every one of Mario Badescu's product line that I have tried has been terrific. Why would this one be different? It has the most delicious scent and you feel good as you are cleansing your face. It is a scrub but one that does not irritate or upset your skin. It does not dry out your skin as many scrubs do. It leaves you with a very fresh face that is as soft and silky as it can be. The cost is very reasonable for the wonderful product you receive.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Review - Asquith & Somerset Fijian Coconut Cream Bath & Shower Gel

Asquith & Somerset Fijian Coconut Cream Bath & Shower Gel 8.5 Fl.Oz. This Bath & Shower Gel has an exotic coconut scent that will leave your skin clean & moisturized. Use in the bath or shower in a pump container. Imported From England
Exotic Coconut Scent
Leaves Skin Clean & Wonderfully Fragranced
Use In The Bath Or Shower 8.5 Fl.Oz - Price - $14.00

I had no idea what a great deal I got until after using it. I started searching for this on various websites in order to do a review. I bought it at Home Goods on clearance for $2.00. I hate coconut but like the scent -- no it does not makes sense, I realize. However, this stuff is great. I love the container. It is so much easier to get the exact amount you want out of this. Many times the product just keeps coming out with the tubes until you have mastered them. It does lather up rather nicely but not a lot. It does feel nice and creamy as you use it. You are left with very clean, soft, and silky skin that is lightly fragranced. The scent does fade shortly after use. This is what I want -- I do not want to compete with the cologne I am using for the day. I really do like this product but doubt I would pay the full $14.00 price plus shipping and handling. I will continue to bargain shop and hopefully run into this again and again. Hey, maybe I should check EBay!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Review - Wet N Wild Beauty Benefits Sheer Luster Lip Gloss

Prismatic pigments create multi-dimensional shine while the naturally hydrating formula keeps lips conditioned. Infused with botanical ingredients, this never-sticky gloss wears comfortably, giving you a hint of glistening, mouthwatering color.

Ummmm. Are we kidding THIS is from Wet n Wild??? I think I might be in heaven. I have always been sort of snobby when it comes to make up. When my friends, and family felt fine spending a dollar or two on Wet n Wild I absolutely had to buy the pricey stuff. I mean, of course I have tried it, those first few pieces were definitely Wet n Wild... but it was never noteworthy or superior. This lip gloss changes my mind, or maybe they just got better with their new vision. If you read this blog normally than you have noticed Movie Maven's post on their new edge, more health conscious make-up. I have to say I love this lip gloss. In fact I recently lost my purse make up bag. I know, devastating, but I lost the Smashbox awesome lip gloss (that I absolutely love...please try it!) that I reviewed earlier . I haven't replaced it yet and since I got this new Wet n Wild lip gloss I might not. It is comparable, um.. are we hearing this??? lip gloss that costs like $4 at the very most is comparable to SMASHBOX??? yeah, well It is. I have worn it for the last few days, and I had to re-apply two times, all day. Unreal. It is beautiful, I have the sheer one and it works with everything! It stays on forever ( at least 4 hours) and it moisturizes your lips so well. I have been happier with this lip gloss than many four times as expensive. Love it!

Sheba says:
I am not afraid to admit that I am one of those people who has been using Wet N Wild off and on for ages. Okay, okay, rather than admit that I am a cheapskate - I will say I am a bargain hunter. I have been semi faithful to Wet N Wild for some time. They often have better color selections than some of the snobby brands and I am a person who mixes and combines shades to get what I think is a perfect color. I can buy their white and mix it with any brand to get a softer look or a frosted look. This time I went for Toffee Glaze and it is a color that would look good on anyone. Sometimes colors can be too orangey or pinky. I can add my white or whatever to offset something like that. This Toffee Glaze is very neutral and as Deedlejuse mentioned - believe it or not, it really does last for several hours. I am normally refreshing my lipstick frequently as I am very rough on it. This has some staying power for sure as I do not have to freshen it up for 3 or even 4 hours. It glides on easily and has a very nice shine to it. You cannot beat the price and the quality is as good as a lot of my more expensive brands. Sometimes less is more!!

Review - Revlon Flex Shampoo, Extra Body

Triple Action: Fortifies, and Protects -- Balsam & Protein
Thicker, shinier, healthier-looking hair! That's what you get every time you shampoo with body building, Triple Action Flex. Fortifies with Pro-Vitamin B5 to thicken hair from the inside out. Nourishes with a unique, smoothing complex as it provides super shine and extra body. Protects with moisture-binders to help safeguard against heat styling and the drying effects of the sun. The result: even fine hair comes out luxuriously full -- sparkling clean, healthy-looking, beautifully manageable, full of body and bounce -- with the great Balsam fresh scent. 15oz. Made in U.S.A. $2.69

This is an old standby. I have used this shampoo off and on for several years -- with amazing good results. Then, it just seemed to disappear. I went to the Revlon web site and searched -- wasn't there. I guessed that it was discontinued. Thank goodness I was wrong. I was visiting a friend and she had several bottles of it lined up in her bathroom. When I asked her about it -- she was hoarding it since she had such a difficult time locating it. Revlon is slipping -- they should put this on their advertising front burner. The price is incredible for the value. I have now actually found it on sale for $2.69 -- buy one -- get two free. I could not resist: I have stocked up. Further I bought a supply for my friend who told me where she found it. It was in the Big Y supermarket which is not too far for me. I almost had to torture her to get the location as she feared if word got out -- it would disappear. This shampoo smells great, cleans your hair perfectly and does leave the feeling of some body and a wonderful shine. I have paid a lot more for shampoos that have done a lot less. You cannot go wrong -- especially at such a price. Actually if you do get it from Drugstore.com there is no shipping and handling so you can stock up once you realize what a deal you have just made.

Review - Revlon Flex Balsam & Protein Frequent Use Triple Action Conditioner, Extra Body

For hair in need of some hydration, Flex® Conditioner is the perfect way to restore lost moisture and protect against breakage. This unique conditioning formula supplements your hair's natural moisture, while strengthening and protecting during wet and dry combing. $2.69

Let me repeat Revlon is missing the boat by not pushing this line of products. It is an excellent line. The price is more than reasonable, especially when you can find it near you. I find it on sale as buy one, get two free. I have stocked up on it as it sometimes disappears for a while and you need to really look around to locate it. The search is always worth it. I find it works best with the coordinating shampoo and it leaves your hair so clean, smooth, fresh feeling, soft, and yet with a feel of more texture or body. It remains one of my all time favorites for my hair. Actually, I should be happy that Revlon has left this line on the back burner: if they did 'push' this product line, the price would certainly go up. So I am content with it remaining a hidden gem.

Review - Mario Badescu Chamomile Eye Cream

Sensitive and dry eyes will be soothed and intensely moisturized with this thick and antioxidant rich eye cream. Contains a blend of several oils and Vitamins A & E to help reduce the look of dry, dehydrated skin, along with fine lines and wrinkles.
Good for All Skin Types
0.5oz. - $18.00

I find this to be an excellent eye cream. I switch back and forth with brands to make sure my skin does not get really immune to the products' effects. I have no idea if this really works but I try it. This cream definitely moisturizes the eye area and I swear I do think it minimizes "the look" of the fine lines and wrinkles. It does not claim to actually minimize the lines and wrinkles - just the appearance. Most brands will limit their claims to that. Some brands can be excessively expensive and do nothing or very little. This is a moderately priced item that works for me. It treats my eye area skin very well leaving it hydrated and, like I said, it appears to have that minimizing line effect.

Review- Samy Fat Hair 0 Calories Thickening Shampoo

Samy's exclusive FH4 Thickening Complex, a blend of natural extracts and proteins, penetrates each hair strand, increasing the strand's diameter and expanding the air from the inside out. The result, thicker, fuller, stronger, healthier looking hair.

My hair is fairly fine and very straight, though there's a lot of it, and combined with my naturally oily scalp, I tend to end up with limp, languid-looking hair by the end of the day. I'm always looking for ways to plump it up and make it bouncier. I bought two products from this line - the shampoo and the thickening creme - and have been experimenting with them to see what works. I find that they're best when used together, although using them separately can work all right as well. The main thing to note about the shampoo is that it contains no sodium lauryl sulfate, which is good because that's not good for your hair, but it does mean that the lather on this shampoo is significantly less than what you might find with other shampoos. However, it does get your hair clean, smells great, and does what it says: thickens your hair and leaves it soft.

The thickening creme works well too; use it on damp hair for the best results. It smells almost peachy, which is nice. Just be careful not to use too much, especially in the front of your hair, because it can get a little stiff if you overdo it.

Overall, the products are good for a drugstore brand, but might not do it for you if you've got very, very fine hair.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Review- Beauty Benefits by Wet 'n' Wild Triple Fusion Eyeshadow

Make your eyes dazzle with this silky eye shadow trio. Designed with 3 coordinated shades to define, highlight and brighten your eyes, you’ll get maximum beauty with minimal effort. Long lasting wear for all-day glamour.

Wet 'n' Wild has long been the line I turn to when I want to try a crazy new color without spending a lot of money. Turquoise eyeliner? Deep purple lipstick? Bright blue eyeshadow? I have all of these things because when you buy them from Wet 'n' Wild, they're just a couple bucks. But now the discount line has made a foray into the trendy world of mineral cosmetics, with an entire new, healthier line of any product you could want, called Beauty Benefits.

I tried the Triple Fusion eyeshadow in Purple Haze. While this is still definitely a discount line - the pigment isn't as intense as some products I've tried - it's a solid product and holds up well on your eyes. I like to use the darkest shade as a liner and the medium and lighter ones on my upper lid, but you can mix and match them in a number of ways. The only thing that makes me sad is that this new line comes in more natural colors, and not the bright, crazy ones I love so well! Definitely worth a look, and if you don't like it, hey, you didn't drop the big bucks.

Review- Citre Shine Split End Mender Shine Miracle

Leave-in Treatment Replenishes Vitamins and Nutrients that Repair and Strengthen Split Ends. Leaves your Hair Smooth and Full of Brilliant ShineDaily Use prevents New Split ends from occurring by 90%.

I didn't really think this stuff would do anything special for me. I've been straightening my hair and dying the heck out of it for several years and I need constant maintenance of the ends of my hair (Read: cutting it all the time) to not get really bad damage. It's been just about time to trim my hair again and I decided to do an experiment, to just air dry my hair and not iron it afterward because the humidity is waning and my hair isn't as out of control as it usually is. I've also been using this stuff for about a week now, and my ends look sleek, fuzzless, and not frazzled or frizzy at all. So I think I can put off cutting it and actually grow my hair out a little, which I've been wanting to do for quite a while. I haven't found another split end mender that works like this. And it's cheap!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Review- Ocean Potion Natural Mineral Protective Faces SPF45

Ocean Potion Faces Daily Wear Protective Lotion SPF 45 is lightly tinted for a hint of color in a fragance free protection formula enriched with powerful anti-oxidants. Designed for daily use, with or without makeup to both hydrate the skin and even skin tone.

The right tinted moisturizer has always been like Goldilocks' porridge for me - it should provide coverage, but not too much. It should have color, but not too much. It should be light, but not too light. Unfortunately, this Ocean Potion tinted sunblock doesn't really solve the riddle. At first, I was skeptical - after putting it on, my face felt super-greasy and swampy, but I think that may have been a result of the insane humidity this time of year. After a little while, it evened out and I felt like it provided okay coverage and wasn't too heavy. However: after wearing it for the whole day, it was collecting in the crevices of my nose a little bit and looking a little bizarre. Perhaps on someone with a different skin type, this product would work out, but on my combination-bordering-on-oily skin, it wasn't really what I was looking for.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Review - Becca Beach Tint

BECCA Beach Tint is a beautifully blendable crème stain for cheeks and lips that suits all skin types. Kiss-proof and water-resistant, it dries to a perfect, streak-free, non-greasy and non-drying finish. Each shade is deliciously scented in its synonymous name.

I don't know about you, but when I go to the beach I need everything to be easy. So this little tube of tint is perfect. It is much smaller than a lip gloss but you can use it on everything! The color is a dusty rose, it is called watermelon, but it is not as bright as a watermelon sounds. It is just beautiful on cheekbones and lips.
I have pale skin and blond hair and it looks great on me, but I bet it would look wonderful on any complexion. It dries down to a matte tint which stays forever and doesn't crumble like some other tints can. It stays through multiple swims in the ocean, and lasts for more than 5 hours. The only thing I might have a problem with is the price. I just feel like $25 for .24 fl/oz is a lot for a product that you only use at the beach or while exercising, at least I probably wouldn't use it anywhere else. It is a good product though, I guess it depends on how often you might use something like this.

Review- Erbaviva Quease Ease Lip Balm

Our great new Lip Balm that fits easily in your pocket or purse is perfect for calming mommy’s queasy stomach. With long lasting, hydrating effects, it will smooth right on and tingle from essential oils of Ginger and Peppermint. Petroleum free, and almost 100% organic, this Lip Balm is safe and healthy for mommy-to-be.

Well, to be totally honest, I'm totally NOT pregnant. Alright, no biggie. Not to get TOO personal, but to get personal enough to make a point, I have gone through (medication induced) periods of severe nausea and barfing (gross I know) and I am excited to try this stuff out when those terrifying, exhausting times hit me. I'm sure those of you that are weak of stomach or take medications that mess with your stomach can relate.
With that said, the next time a friend gets pregnant, I am going to buy this stuff for them and say "try this out, NOW", and see what happens. But let me say this, it's soft and gushy and feels great on your lips and also is tingling and softening. It's also only $9 according to the link noted above (click the headline up there, ok?) If you know anyone pregnant, or prone to puking, let them try this out. In the meantime I'm going to just use it because I like the smell.

Review - Nixie Moisture Rich Lipstick

Moisture Rich Lip: Cream Shades -Luscious creamy long lasting color $14.00

I got this in Cosmic Dancer and it has become my new favorite lippie. It’s a perfect summer shade if you like a pinky nude look. It’s a great blend of pink and lavender. It goes completely smooth and doesn’t dry out my lips. This lipstick delivers a lot of color without feeling heavy, it’s such a light shade and amazingly I get complete coverage. I have been wearing this every day. I am mixing it with a gloss so I can get some summer shine. I will tell you this; it stays on and feels really comfortable. I find that I am applying my gloss more than touching up the lippie. For me this is the most superior product I have tried from the line. I look forward to picking out some shades for the fall. I forgot to mention, I love the super cute compact packaging too!

Sheba says:
'Artist' is the shade I selected in this line and I am thrilled with it. I don't think I could have picked a wrong shade as they are all gorgeous. This is like a mauve with swirls of darker and lighter shades. I am like the mad scientist with make up -- mixing and matching until I find my unique color. I love this color as it is -- but then I love it when I add some frost to it -- also when I add some white to it. It is a hit -- no matter how I wear it. I sometimes just add a little gloss to it -- other times I do not feel the need for gloss. It is very smooth and silky on me. It does stay for a little while - I just wear out every lip product there is in no time. But that is not a problem -- I am used to it and I simply refresh it from time to time. The price is definitely a little higher than a cheapskate like myself usually likes to spend. However, it wears and looks well. Oh yes, I love to double the use by appying to my cheeks as a blush. I then know my lips and cheeks blend and that I have not created a color clash on my face. So I will break down and spend the little bit extra for this product. So far the Nixie line has been one big hit for me. They have earned themselves a regular customer.

Deedlejuse says:
I TOTALLY love this lipstick! I have to agree with everyone's love and commitment to the Nixie line. It might be more expensive than the CVS cosmetics, but in my mind there is absolutely no comparison. Everything I have tried has put a smile on my face, and kept it there. This lipstick, specifically, is so nice. I am used to sort of shinier lippies, generally gloss, and I would never purchase opaque lip stick. It freaks me out, I feel that I am too young and carefree to be that restricted (this isn't really true I'm 24 and I have a customer service sort of job so I always must look well groomed). So this is one of my first real lip sticks, and the only one that has me actually grabbing for it every morning. The color I chose is "Posh" and oh my my do I feel like a movie star when I wear it! It is a very pale pink, almost white but it shimmers and shines. It is very Victoria Beckham. It stays put for much longer than other lipsticks I have tried, and you know that awesome look that can happen with some lipsticks? The ring around the lips look? I have mastered it, give me five minutes, it'll happen. Not with Nixie, this lipstick wears so well it just fades evenly over time. I love it, I will definitely try more, but maybe less daring shades.

Movie Maven says:
Loves it, loves it, loves it! Now, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you're aware that I'm not much of a "lipstick lady," since I tend to think it looks strange on my face - really artificial. But my philosophy is that if you're going to wear lipstick, you better work it out (thanks, Tyra). This lipstick really lets you put on a show. I got it in, of course, the most dramatic color possible, Cherry Bomb; it's definitely not a color I'd wear every day (though some girls would, and more power to them), but for a special evening out, or a day when I wanted to look particularly 1940s glam, it's a perfect bluey red for my cool complexion. The first thing that impressed me about this lipstick was the way it stayed on my lips and not on my glass while enjoying some wine with my roommates. I almost took a picture! There was a little residue there, but nothing like you'd see with most products. The other thing I liked was that it really felt like it was treating my lips well, instead of drying them out. And the color selection from Nixie is unparalleled - so many options! Definitely a recommended one.

Joyce says:
Review- I also agree with my fellow bloggers about how this lipstick performs. It has a nice creamy feel to it when I apply it to my lips. I don’t like lipsticks that are too waxy or drag across the lips. I had Vamp as my color. It’s a true vivid blue-based red (perfect for brunettes or brunettes who’ve chosen to go silver). It’s so vivid some may prefer to save that intensity for evenings out. If you want to soften the look, just blot it with a tissue. Doing this leaves a nice “stain” of color on, and it does stay on for a long time. Another thing I noticed was that it makes my smallish lips appear fuller. That’s a plus I hadn’t anticipated. Thumbs up, Nixie!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Review - Juicy Couture Royal Body Creme

This regal crème is filled with royal bee jelly, essential nutrients, lipids and proteins - nourishment fit for the skin of a queen. $55.00

As far as body crème’s go this is by far one of the creamiest! It’s rich, thick and full of fragrance... I didn’t jump and buy the $55 jar; I have a slew of samples. It’s a big bouquet of scent, I can pick up the lily in it, as anyone knows lilies are quick strong and to rate this scent I would have to say it’s on the strong side. I think it’s very pretty and feminine to but it’s also bold too. I like the crème but don’t love it, yes it makes my skin feel amazingly soft and supple but it actually takes a long time to absorb into my skin. I use after showering and I can still feel tacky on my way to work. I am also not slathering it on, remember I am using from a sample pack. This is great for a day when you are lounging around and want to pamper yourself. If you are looking for a cream that goes on and you can get going this is not it. On the days I use the crème I don’t need any perfume at all. The scent wears on my skin throughout the day, it is so pretty. When I initially got a whiff of the Juicy Couture Fragrance I didn’t love it but having used the crème I would totally give the fragrance a go!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Review- Plum Island Body Butter

Our Body Butters are rich, thick, decadent and wonderful for moisturizing thirsty skin. Made with a pure olive oil and beeswax base, our butters are absolute heaven to dry skin and will help seal in moisture for prolonged protection.

One of our favorite companies, Plum Island Soap, sent us itty-bitty baby samples of this delightful body butter - my main complaint is that we didn't get bigger containers! Happily, you need only a teeny bit of this thick butter to soften dry hands - and keep them soft. It's crazy creamy. Because this butter is made with essential oils, I found the scents to be a bit subtler than some creams and lotions I've tried, so if you're sensitive to artificial scents, but like a little somethin'-somethin' in your lo-lo, this might be a good option for you. The pink grapefruit (my favorite flavor!) scent is almost overwhelmed by the natural beeswax scent, but not quite, giving the butter a great, really natural smell. Definitely recommended!

Deedlejuse Says:

I totally agree with Movie Maven on this one! I am completely in love with Plum Island Soap Company, and their Body Butter might be my all-time favorite product of theirs. I love the smell of the natural oils, and I especially love that they are sooooo natural. My amazing story about this butter is I woke up in the middle of the night one night, and the crease of my toe had cracked. I wear sandals all summer, so my toes get so dry. Anyway, I slathered on some Wild Lavender Body Butter just because it was there and went back to bed. The next morning my toe had healed and my foot felt nice and moisturized. Lavender is one of those oils that have medicinal qualities, but I really had not expected it to work so well. Needless to say I went over and bought a tub the next day. You will not be disappointed!

Review- Gym Grooming

Volume Body Building Shampoo and Moisture Hydro Therapy Shampoo – Both offer gentle cleansing action with essential nutrients to effectively clean hair and scalp while providing fullness and thickness to the hair without weight. 12 & 32 ozs., no price listed.
Restore Daily Nutrient Conditioner – A rich, supercharged treatment with botanicals to instantly condition and detangle the hair while energizing the scalp, leaving hair soft, shiny and manageable and the scalp refreshed. 12 & 32 ozs., no price listed.
Refresh Active Body Wash - Refreshing wash designed to gently clean skin and restore proper balance, leaving skin clean with a unique blend of natural extracts containing anti-oxidants. 8 oz., no price listed.

It was a little odd testing hair and skin products for men . . . but what the heck. Volume did as promised; each of the shampoos really did leave my hair feeling clean; and they really are scented for men. I think because my hair is color-treated, the products were a bit drying for my hair. Honestly, I think any man would enjoy using them, would like how his hair and skin feels, and enjoy the fragrances. I used them enough to test them, but I’m about to give them to my friend’s husband and request he test them for me. I'll add his comments once I get them. **My friend's husband really loved the tingly, clean feeling when he used Refresh Active Body Wash. He liked the shampoos, didn't use the hair conditioner, and his wife said his hair wasn't quite as "poofy" as when we uses baby shampoo. She also used the hair products. At first, she didn't think they were working because they don't lather (this is the new "breed" of healthy shampoo: no lathering detergents, just good stuff). She also didn't feel the conditioner was doing anything (because it didn't feel like drug-store conditioners on her hair). However, once her (uncolored) hair air-dried, it was a different story. The texture was amazing, and her naturally loose curls were gorgeous. We were both impressed.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Review- Aveda Green Science Lifting Serum

Helps skin boost its natural collagen production for a more lifted appearance. Part of a 4-step system clinically proven to perform in 4 weeks. When used together with Firming Face Creme, Firming Eye Creme and Line Minimizer, clinical results show 41% more lifted appearance; 37% reduction in appearance of lines and wrinkles. 30ml/$50

I’m happy to say I don’t have a lot to lift. This is one reason why after I used this light serum cream all over my face the first time, I decided to use it only where there were some little lines like around my eyes and the odd small crease here and there. So far, I’ve used it daily for a week with no noticeable change. It’s possible that one week is not enough time, or because I didn’t have the other three products, I couldn’t experience a true effect. I’ll continue to use it until the sample tube runs out of product. If I see a change, I’ll adjust my comments.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Review - Nexxus Designing Texxture High Fashion Texture Creme

Part pomade, part crème, and part lightweight gel, this state of the art styler helps render your look—beautifully.
Say goodbye to unruly manes and the heavy, sticky products designed to control them with a Micro emulsion formula of Hold polymers, and Humectants. Designing Texxtur gently coaxes hair into place to create smooth sleek styles, sharp definition, and high fashion looks, while taming frizzies and flyaways. The blend helps keep hair healthy-looking and includes NexxuSpheres®, our exclusive micro sphere delivery system containing Ceramides, Nutrients, and Lipids, which release over time.

Once again Nexxus has done it! They advise you to use a small amount and they are not kidding. You only need a tiny, tiny dab to get the full effects of this creme. It really does knock out the frizzies while adding some texture to your hair. It adds shine and seems to really bring out your highlights. While doing all of this -- it leaves your hair soft and manageable. It can be costly so check your local stores and always check EBay. That is where I picked mine up at a fraction of the actual cost. It did not disappoint me -- Nexxus has not yet disappointed me with any of the many products I have used and use.