Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review:- Allison Raffaele Primer

Face Forward Primer SPF 15 - Acne Response is designed to create a smooth, even canvas for perfect makeup application. A mineral-based SPF of 15 protects the skin against UV damage while Alison Raffaele's Frutta di Vita complex neutralizes free radicals with antioxidants.

One problem I've always had with wearing foundation is that I feel like it slides right off my oily skin, making it difficult to keep it on all day long. This primer (a product I didn't really even know existed until I started writing for this blog) stops that problem in its tracks. There's really not much to dislike about it - it instantly (no, really: INSTANTLY) creates a smooth, dry surface on which you can layer whatever makeup you normally use. I'm pretty much always at some level of "shiny" in the face, and in the heat of summer, it's even worse. (Remember, though, girls don't sweat...they glow. And normally, I'm glowing like a pig.) My face actually looked like a matte surface instead of a reflective solar panel. It feels wonderful, and the results are great. My face looks controlled, but natural. It's $44, but I might actually spring for this one!

Amanda S. Says:

I break out and I have super dry skin. It's a real pain in the you-know-what. Unlike above, my make up won't slide off, it'll flake my skin out like crazy. I was hesitant to try this because I was afraid it would exacerbate that already awful stuff, but to my happiness, it didn't. My make up stayed on in all the right places, no flaking, and after a week my skin looked much nicer.

Sheba says:

I also had no idea what a primer was used for until I read the reviews!! I thought I just need to put on my moisturizer and then the make up. Wow, have I been missing an important step!! My only problem is that I received such a small sample that it was only enough for 3 days and it is very hard to make a true evaluation in such a short period. I would have preferred to be able to use it for a week to 10 days in order to get some real feedback from my face on this. I am betting it would have been an excellent review judging from my three days experience. I would like to have seen if I noticed the skin improvement that Amanda had. I will say that my limited experience was very favorable. I did see and feel that my skin was more prepared to apply my makeup, etc. It was sort of like getting the canvas ready for the paint. The Allison Raffaele Primer definitely set my skin for the make up. My skin looked and felt firmer and smoother -- making it relatively easy to apply my makeup. $44 does seem steep to me but if I saw the skin improvements that Amanda saw - in addition to the benefits of the primer just setting my skin for the makeup application -- I would gladly hand over my $44. . . okay, maybe not gladly.

CitySlicker Says:

I am a primer lover! I feel like making the extra investment in primers is well worth it, no matter what age. It really assists in a better look to your foundation. Allison’s is really nice product. I got a sample and was able to scrap till the last molecule I got 4 days worth. I found the formula to be light and finish to a soft lightly powdery feel. It truly helped out in keeping my foundation in place as well as giving me a boost in the plump factor. My makeup stayed on without any slippage and didn’t ride into any of my fine lines. As Sheba mentioned I would fork over the $44 for an entire bottle. My face felt great using this!

Deedlejuse Says:

I have to agree with everyone above, this primer made my foundation stay right where it was supposed to be, and it made the application process much easier. I applied it after my face crème and before my foundation, and it didn’t feel like I had anything on! I am not a big foundation wearer. I usually just stick with the tinted lotions, because I have clear skin and I don’t really need to wear a base. So, for me to have three layers on (and a real foundation) and not even feel it is to say the least amazing. As others mentioned, I didn’t get enough of a sample to really give too much feedback. But I really liked the way my skin felt, and how it looked when I was wearing it. In fact, since I could probably get an entire lifetime out of a whole ounce (you really don’t need very much; the sample that we got was seriously minuscule) I would definitely consider getting this product for the rare occasions that I do actually wear foundation.

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Sheba said...

Thanks, this sounds like a product for me. Instead of makeup sliding off my face -- I dab it off when I use a tissue to remove the shine. . . when it gets to 10 soaking tissues no makeup remains -- but the shine quickly returns. Definitely checking out this face saver!!