Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review- Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes

Our Exfoliating Facial Wipes gently lift dead skin cells to leave your skin revived and revitalized, plus they contain a perfect blend of our purest possible skin loving ingredients with added vitamins.



   PRO-VITAMIN B5 known to help restore, soften and smooth
   VITAMIN E known to moisturize to improve skin condition

   ALOE VERA known to soothe and condition


to upset skin    Dermatologist tested
   Ophthalmologist tested
   Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Yeah! Simple... Sometimes all a gal wants is a straightforward and clean facial wipe or cleanser, and this gentle Exfoliating Facial Wipe really is effective. As noted before, my skin breaks out way too easily from certain products and when I'm in the midst of a breakout (like now!!), all I can actually handle is something uncomplicated and pure feeling. Simple's basic goodness delivers on its promises and I am able to use this exfoliating facial wipe without irritating my skin, yet cleansing it thoroughly in the process. The facial wipes are noticeably thick with gentle exfoliating ridges to really clear deeply and the formula does feel clean and nurturing against the skin. I don't know if I notice much of an exfoliating glow after using the wipes, but my skin is much clearer and softer as a result and when you're breaking out and can't use much on the skin, these wipes have become much of a skin-saver for me. And I am thankful that with sensitive skin, I can use something so highly effective without adding any more irritants to the skin. For those of us who have sensitive skin, the Simple line may just be the right solution! Definitely worth a try!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review - Face Stockholm Lash Boosting Mascara

Lash Booster

Get noticeably longer, thicker and fuller lashes after only one day of use!
This revolutionary, strengthening and lengthening mascara with Booster Complex – a blend of rich vegetable waxes and polymers – nourishes and stimulates the growth of eyelashes.
Use Lash Booster as your everyday mascara for at least 60 consecutive days and get clinically-proven, measurable results: lashes up to 1.5 mm longer and 15% fuller! $34

You all know from my previous posts, that I love a good mascara.  Mascara with a growth formula to boot, makes it that much better.  FACE Stockholm is one of those classic companies that manage to come out with new goodies to keep with the trends. 

I am used to bigger brushes, but this one had a normal sized brush. I instantly got longer and thicker lashes after applying.  The formula goes on smooth without any clumping.  Two coats will do.  Also make sure the coats are thin, even coats. My lashes felt extremely conditioned and glossy even after I washed it off later that night. 

The price is $34, but remember you are paying for the mascara AND the lash booster.  So the price makes perfect sense. 

Hillary says:
I too, love this mascara.  It goes on super smoothly, not to watery, not too thick.  And I am all about the lash boosting products.  Anything that can help my puy lashes is great in my book and so far, this mascara delivers.  Just by applying it my lashes look boosted- I'll have to get back to you to let you know if it helps my lashes grow as it is not supposed to be magic, but gradual over a couple of weeks.  I've been using it for about four days, so I'll write in a couple of weeks as to whether my lashes are longer or not.  But as far as using it as just a mascara, it's a really great one.

Review - Pureology Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil

Key Ingredients



  • Equalize porosity
  • Restore manageability
  • Replenish the protective lipid layer
  • Enhance colour vibrancy

Offering the utmost respect to colour-treated hair and the environment, Precious Oil contains 100% biodegradable ingredients and is a paraben-and silicone-free formula, earning it the prestigious Green Seal™ certification.
Pureology is one of my favorite brands. Precious Oil by Pureology is break through technology.  Not only is it versatile, but its also the FIRST Green Seal Certified 100% Biodegradable formula.  It is good for your hair and skin AND the environment. 

This oil is a multi-tasker that can be used in a variety of ways:

Curl Revitalizing
Silky conditioning
Skin softening

The best part of this oil is that it helps preserve your color treated hair, which is a plus.  A lot of hair products are filled with chemicals that break down your hair.  This product is gentle and natural. 

My favorite thing about Pureology's products, is the way they smell.  Precious oil smells like a beautiful vanilla/caramel dessert.  After I take a shower and I put a bit on my hair, I also put some on my body.  It makes your hair and skin super smooth and silky but also smelling yummy.  

It will run you about $40 for a 4.2 oz bottle and $12 for a 1oz.  I have the bigger bottle and I have been using it everyday for about two weeks and there is more than 3/4 of the bottle left. Its worth the money to me because you are not going to be using this on just your hair or just your body.  You are going to be using it for both.  Quality products that protect you and our earth are worth a couple extra bucks if you ask me!  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Enjoy our limited time Peony Hand Care Set to celebrate Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer's 80th birthday. We often look to Thelma for inspiration on creating a clean and happy home, being healthy, resourceful and in taking time to celebrate life's joyful moments. In honor of all she has given us, we've created a special, Hand Care Set, in one of her favorite garden-fresh scents--Peony.

Peony Hand Care Set includes:
Peony Liquid Hand Soap, 8 oz
Peony Hand & Body Lotion, 8 oz $6.99

I didn't know much about Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products before I got to try this adorable little set, but I am pleasantly surprised. It is a limited edition set that consists of (1) Hand Soap and (1) Hand & Body Lotion with a delightful peony scent.

This set was made to celebrate Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer's 80th birthday.  If you read the website, you will find that Mrs. Meyer is really an extraordinary woman.  She believes that house work should be enjoyable and also be natural. With a very modest price of $6.99, they are also affordable.

The ingredients in the soap and lotion are at least 98% naturally derived.  Think about it, do we even eat anything thats 98% naturally derived?  Let alone use it on our skin.  

The hand soap gives a nice lather and cleans thoroughly. The lotion goes on smoothly.  They both leave a pretty peony scent behind. The bottles are generously sized, and will last a while.  Affordability, natural ingredients and modest prices make this set a must have! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review- Butter London Teddy Girl Nail Polish

I truly love pink nail polishes! Even more when the shade is the pretty sort of pink. Lately I've been seeing butter London nail lacquers everywhere and am really glad I had a chance to try their Teddy Girl shade, a powdery bumble-gum pink. It's my favorite color, light and soft, and reminds me of the understated, but classy and sophisticated look of a french-style manicure.  

On my first coating, it streaked just a little, maybe it was the lightness of the color, but by the second coating, the color's consistent form started to set and a solid finish was easy to achieve. It does dry evenly and rather quickly too and the overall look is soft and pretty with a light shininess. It's also nice to know that there's no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP in their formulas - just a lovely color in a straightforward and fashionable shade!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review - Lash EM Measurable Difference Lash Gel

Experience the difference with our dual-patented lash boosting formula that is sure to condition those beautiful lashes! This lash boosting product works great on short, brittle and weak lashes. $69.99

I have naturally long eye lashes, but they are not very thick. I refuse to leave my house without mascara.  My lashes need to have lots of volume as well as length. 

I noticed my eye lashes becoming kind of sparse over time.  They weren't growing like they used to.  I tried Lash Em and I was not disappointed.  I applied it once per day, usually at bedtime.  Within a week or so, my lashes were noticebly thicker and longer. After a full month, I barely needed mascara.  If I did use any, I only used one coat.

Lash growth products such as Lash Em are becoming more and more popular.  They really do work if used correctly.  You can also use them to regrow sparse eyebrow hair, which makes it more valuable.

An average price of $69.99 puts this right in the middle in comparison of other lash growth products. I have seen similar product sell from $25-$150. This puts Lash Em in a very competitive price range. 

The best thing about this product is a little goes a long way.  I have only been using for a little over a month and I still have at least half left.  I am very pleased with the overall results.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Review- White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold

Liquid Texture Firm Hold is the “ultimate design tool” because it allows you to create and recreate any hair design imaginable. Liquid Texture has raised the bar for hair spray because it can be combed through and has incredible memory to provide long-lasting designs without regard to humidity. It is thermal intelligent, so the more heat used, the shinier the hair becomes. Liquid Texture leaves hair soft and silky without flaking or leaving residue on hot tools. 

Imagine a really firm hairspray that can hold curls and waves without any of the stickiness...that pretty much sums up my experience with the White Sands Liquid Texture styling spray. It is recommended to be used on dry hair either as a working spray or before styling in conjunction with flat and curling irons or blow dryers. Some days, when I'm in a super rush, I'll spritz the White Sands Liquid Texture on my hair and put it up in a loose bun while getting ready. As a result, my hair has more volume and a soft waviness to it, yet still looks and feels natural. I could even brush through my hair and re-style if needed without interfering with the actual body and movement of my hair. I like that it holds up well without flaking or making my hair feel heavier or look matted. It's definitely a nice tool to have if you like creating body and texture, but don't like the feel of hair products. Also if you're like me and need something quick and low-maintenance, but has lasting and soft results.

Review - Duri Nail Polish in That Summer Feeling

As summer comes to an end, I decided to bid my farewell by wearing Duri's That Summer Feeling.   Even though I got up this morning and it was in the 60's,  I looked at my nails and still felt like it wasn't over just yet. It packs a bright punchy and deep orange color.

This is my first time trying Duri.  I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised.  The formula goes on smooth and dries fairly quickly.  With this color, you will need a second coat.  It tends to be a little pasty when it goes on because of the creamy consistency.  Kind of like an orange creamsicle!

I like the fact that Duri is close to home.  They are located in Brooklyn NY.  They sell these polishes $5 each.  This is a great price for salon quality nail color. Regular drug store nail polishes are the same price!

If you haven't tried Duri as yet, give them a chance.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  I am looking forward to trying their glitters! 

Trish says: I also tried Duri's nail polish in a neon mint green called Summer Rain. I'm so happy that the bottle runs for about $5 each because I would expect for such a nice quality and rich enamel, it would be higher. I did use two coatings and that seemed to cover all I needed for a brightly painted salon-style manicure. I'm most impressed with the thick coating and vividness of the color! The Duri nail polish has so many right things going for it - in color, texture and value - that  I'm looking forward to their latest fall/winter collection! I agree with Sultana, pick a color you'd love and give it a try, I was happily surprised as well!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review- Royal & Langnickel [R]evolution Brush

I don't always notice striking differences with make-up brushes until I experience one that really stands out. The Royal & Langnickel [R]evolution Eyeshadow Brush BX-75 made me feel like I was living in the dark ages before and now that I've upgraded, it's going to be hard to go back! The high-tech "synthetic" (Dupont Natrafil) fibers on the brush are especially designed to replicate the feel of natural fine hairs, and I was almost very certain it had to be made of real hair. (As a side note, I'm so grateful no animal hair products were used!!) The brush was able to pick and lift up so much of my eyeshadow and upon application cover my eyelids smoothly and fully. The actual barrel handle also has a smooth comfort grip, which was easy to hold and control. As a result my eyeshadow application looked considerably better and not of my own doing. Not only is this one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes, but I'm also impressed that it remains quite affordable for such a quality brush ($13). I'm definitely interested in checking out their other brushes, because if this one can elevate eyeshadow application this well, I can only imagine the amazing possibilities with their other brushes!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review- Egon Schiele Matte Lipstick

A rich matte formula that smoothly glides on the lips with a decadent silky texture. Highly pigmented and long lasting.

Nothing says 'Hello, Fall' like a deep red lipstick! From the Egon Schiele Cosmetics studio, this matte red lipstick is classic in both color and style. It is easy to apply and highly moisturizing. The color stands out gorgeously and the lipstick has a smooth and silky feel. For me, I noticed that I needed to re-apply it frequently, within a couple of hours, to keep it looking refreshed, but the color remains and when used with a light dusting of powder, the lipstick lasted much longer and stayed put. With such a nice pigmentation, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't dry out my lips or flake. The vivid colors used in the Egon Schiele cosmetics line are inspired by the famous artist and each product seems to be made with delicate thought, care and ingredients. This is a classy red lipstick, especially for someone who likes unique and artisanal products. Even though I had to add a loose dusting of powder to keep it from running, the color itself is what makes it special.