Thursday, September 20, 2012

Enjoy our limited time Peony Hand Care Set to celebrate Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer's 80th birthday. We often look to Thelma for inspiration on creating a clean and happy home, being healthy, resourceful and in taking time to celebrate life's joyful moments. In honor of all she has given us, we've created a special, Hand Care Set, in one of her favorite garden-fresh scents--Peony.

Peony Hand Care Set includes:
Peony Liquid Hand Soap, 8 oz
Peony Hand & Body Lotion, 8 oz $6.99

I didn't know much about Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products before I got to try this adorable little set, but I am pleasantly surprised. It is a limited edition set that consists of (1) Hand Soap and (1) Hand & Body Lotion with a delightful peony scent.

This set was made to celebrate Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer's 80th birthday.  If you read the website, you will find that Mrs. Meyer is really an extraordinary woman.  She believes that house work should be enjoyable and also be natural. With a very modest price of $6.99, they are also affordable.

The ingredients in the soap and lotion are at least 98% naturally derived.  Think about it, do we even eat anything thats 98% naturally derived?  Let alone use it on our skin.  

The hand soap gives a nice lather and cleans thoroughly. The lotion goes on smoothly.  They both leave a pretty peony scent behind. The bottles are generously sized, and will last a while.  Affordability, natural ingredients and modest prices make this set a must have! 

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