Thursday, March 31, 2011

Help SK-II Give Water to those in Need with a Click!

SK-II's new charitable website, Clear for Life is now live! Today, consumers can start helping SK-II provide Asian communities in need with life-saving, clear drinking water just by 'sharing the word.'
To contribute to the cause, simply visit the SK-II Clear for Life website and click to ‘Share The Word.’

For every ‘click to share’ on social media websites, SK-II will donate 1 liter of water to communities in need; no product purchase necessary.

Spa Week is Coming April 11th-17th! $50 Spa Treatments! Everywhere!

Check the link above to get some awesome deals on spa treatments!  This year they're in more places than ever, so it's worth it to check.  I've already booked 3 treatments!  They've got everything from teeth whitening to vajazzaling (not sure if that's how it's spelled, but you know what I mean- jewels for your lady parts).  So go ahead, get your jazz on.  Or just go for a facial like I'm doing.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review - Rohto Cool Redness Relief Eyedrops

Clears & Brightens
  • Removes Redness
  • Cooling
We all have days when we wake up and cringe when we look in the mirror in the morning, for me its usually because I stayed up too late and my eyes are telling the sad sad story. They might burn, and itch, and just look horribly horribly red. So I tried these eye drops, they sound pretty cool right? Well I will tell you, this is a two part review. First off, the product works. It is the most effective eye drop I have ever tried. Secondly, I hated it. Cooling? I'm sorry but cooling of the eyes is downright painful. Do not put it in after you have put on your makeup, because if you do it will be all over your face. All in all if you really need some redness relief, and you can handle some pain to get there please get some! If your eyes are a bit more sensitive you might want to stay away.

Sultana Says: I couldn't agree more with the previous post! These drops work but they burn like crazy! I have a bad habit of going to bed late and waking up very early. Some mornings I feel like I have to peel my eyelids to open them. Although I really hate having red eyes, I don't know if I can actually go through this process. I literally had to shut my eyes for a minute before I could open them again.  The redness went away, so it is definitely an effective product. I would have to pass on this because I am super sensitive when it comes to my eyes.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rimmel London Celebrates the Royal Wedding with Us

Now, you can celebrate the Royal Wedding - Rimmel London style.

Where hip meets heritage, Rimmel London is your go-to resource for Royal Wedding-inspired beauty. Check out Rimmel's Facebook page for a chance to enter to win prizes, get the look of the bride-to-be, see unique photos live on the big day and create your royal look with make-up tutorials.  So check out the Facebook link above every week for new prizes and "how-to's" with make-up artist Liz Pugh.  Just thought I'd share for the royal-obsessed among us.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Hibba NYC Hair Removal Salon

Hibba NYC
(Hair Removal Salon)
448 West Broadway
(between Prince and West Houston)
2nd Floor
New York, NY

Hibba NYC is a quaint, unassuming little salon in the heart of SOHO.  You would never guess by it's posh address just how relaxed and inviting this parlor of hair removal could be.  Hibba is not only the salon's name, but the owner's as well.  In no time at all she whisked me to a chair to thread my eyebrows ($15 or $20 with Hibba herself).  She quickly and deftly took care of my overgrown brows, not removing too much, just what was needed.  The entire procedure took about 10 minutes and after I had movie star brows.  They are growing back in now and the shape Hibba gave them is so natural that tweezing them is a breeze.  I will definitely be going back to Hibba monthly for a tune up, though.
I also received a half leg wax ($55) by Hibba.  She directed me to one of the small waxing "rooms" where she gave me an absolutely painless and thorough waxing.  She is a total waxing perfectionist, going over your leg with threading to get any strays.  She's been doing this since she was 13 years old and it certainly shows.  The only downside of my visit is that knees are not included in a 1/2 leg wax.  I'm assuming it is available for an additional fee, but I'm not sure.  With only that one drawback, I recommend a visit to Hibba NYC if for nothing else than to get $20 brows that look like a million!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Review - Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen

No-mess liquid eyeliner creates a precise line from soft to dramatic.

Can you guys just do me a favor and promise never, ever to buy this eyeliner pen? It's the worst.

Review - Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Sally Knows nails are the best accessory. Now, Sally makes it easy to get a salon effect anytime, any place. It wears like nail polish because it IS nail polish. No dry time, so you’re ready to go.

You guys.
I think I'm in love.
I saw these nail strips on some beauty blog and knew I must have them, immediately. I ran directly to the drugstore and found...that they were out of stock of ALL the prints. That was about a month ago, and between then and now I have found them in a few places, but almost every store I go to has been ransacked (again, just for the prints; the solids don't seem to move as fast). But check it: Ulta has them online! Finally, I got Kitty Kitty (the leopard-print one), which I have STILL NEVER FOUND in a drugstore.

So what these things are is like a thin strip of nail polish - sort of like a bandaid or a piece of tape, but made of nail polish - that you stick to your nail just like a sticker, then trim off. They look and feel like real polish because they are real polish. They are so, so easy to use and look SO good once you get them on. I had the houndstooth ones on last week and I literally had a conversation about them every single day, with friends, with strangers, etc. I actually found the glitter ones (I wore the gold) to be more durable than the prints (of which I tried the houndstooth, the zebra, and the fishnet), but all of them lasted far longer than my home manicures ever do. The gold looked amazing for a week and a half and I only finally took them off because my nails were growing out.

Tips for use:
- the package says to discard any unused strips in the little sealed packet (each box comes with two sealed packets). This is because the strips will dry out otherwise (which I learned the hard way). I've started keeping my extras in a little tupperware thing, so we shall see how they hold up.
- if your nails are short like mine, you can probably cut the strips in half and use one strip per two nails! Double fun!!
- the package suggests that you can "gently stretch" the strips to fit your nails. Don't bother with this. I would recommend picking a strip slightly larger than you need and trimming it, rather than attempting to stretch the things.
- although there is theoretically no wait time for them to dry, don't do anything super-strenuous to them for a couple hours after putting the strips on - I took a shower a couple hours later and one of them got chipped off a little.
- when I bought them the first time, the girl at Duane Reade was like, "ohhhhh I love these, but just put them on like one or two nails and then do the rest in black." I took that one step further and did zebra + hot pink and houndstooth + electric blue. Both were very well-received.

Yes, they are more expensive than regular nail polish, but they're about the same as a salon manicure, and they are fun and easy to use! Plus, most of the prints are too intense to wear on ALL your nails (all ten in houndstooth might be overkill), so you get plenty of uses out of one box. I love them. I even paid for them myself!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review - Urban Cowgirl Blush in Absolutely Peachy

Try a layer of the Happy Trails Bronzer topped with a touch of the Absolutely Peachy for a fresh summer look. The Sassy is
great on a darker complexion for a natural flushed look. Rich and full of color. We know you’ll love them all.

Apply with a sweep of your mini Kabuki on the go

Alright, so I'll be honest with you: I got this blush in Absolutely Peachy and I was stumped. I thought that it was an eyeshadow, and I was horrified by the prospect. I couldn't imagine wearing this peachy bright shade on my eyes (yes I realize it is for your cheeks now.) So this morning I used it over a primer in a pretty light metallic bone color as a shadow and I am a HUGE fan. I can't wait to use it as a blush tomorrow! The pigment is very bright, with great coverage and lasting power. When used with a feathery blush brush you have great control. I will definitely be looking into other products from this line, as this one is such a find. You could also add it to a clear lip gloss just as pigment for a bright happy lippy! Yep- I'm sold!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Review- Frais Towelettes

  • Natural botanical extracts of Ginkgo Biloba and Alpha Bisabolol rejuvenate tired skin while fending off environmental stresses and reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • The rich emollient pure Shea Butter moisturizes to soften and sooth dry skin while helping to relax tension in the face.
  • Revitalizing antioxidant Vitamin E from wheat germ helps maintain the appearance of young, healthy skin.
At night, the last thing I really want to do is add any more extra steps before washing my face. Just getting motivated to wash it, is enough for me! Yet, having tried Frais Towelettes, I don't know if I can skip that step anymore. Yikes. I'm so converted (and addicted). It really feels like I'm experiencing a mini-facial spa before bed. The cloths contain 8 essential oils, botanical extracts and Vitamin E, and there is a light and fragrant scent, yet the cleansing power behind these towelettes is simply amazing! The heaviest eye-makeup, waterproof mascara, powder, etc. all clears away in a few simple and effective swipes. Just to make sure I've removed everything, I've used the entire towelette to the point where no further make-up is picked up anywhere. The best part though, is how super clean and refreshing my skin looks and feels afterwards. The all-natural towelettes are really safe to use and non-irritating - there's no alcohol, no redness, just glowing clear skin. I'm so hooked and in love with these towelettes- it is worth feeling this pampered and indulgent! Plus, they are so easy to carry around with you, consider a pocket facial wherever you go!

Review - Softlips 100% Natural Lip Tint in Natural Honesty

Softlips Lip Tint Free from preservatives - phthalates - parabens - sulfates - mineral oil - and gluten

LOVE IN A TUBE!!!! Ok people, I don't want to lead you wrong, if you want a lipstick, this is not your tube, if you want a very light moisturizing tint this is it! I really really like the texture, the color (a sheer nude), the effect on the lippies, basically everything about this perfect tint! It doesn't have much of a flavor, but does have a nice fragrance, almost like almond. Truly, for a toss in your bag everyday lip conditioner you can do no better, and for 6 bucks?!? I'll take it!

Melissa says: I love Soft Lips. From all of their interesting varieties and their innovative product launches, I always have a stick in my purse. However, this didn't work for me. Every time I put it on, it was a bit waxy and left a residue of my lips. Yes, it does smell good and has a nice glitter, but it didn't go on properly. However, it did leave my lips feeling moisturized.
Sultana says: There are two things I love about Soft Lips: Affordability & variety. Their products are inexpensive but not at all cheaply made. They always come out with a new flavor & that keeps me wanting to try more. This color happens to be a little too light for me and doesn't match with my skin tone. However, I like the consistency and the way it made my lips feel. It also doesn't come off too quickly, which is a big plus for me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review - adesign Gel Liner Brush

Finish: High grade synthetic
Shape: Super thin point
Use: Liquid or cream liners
Multi-Purpose: Try wetting this brush and using with your traditional powder eye shadows for a dual purpose.

Oh, how I love gel eyeliner. It is so much classier than a pencil, and if you combine it with a power liner over it, it stays FOREVER. Like, forever. But you do need the right tool to apply it, and this adesign brush is a perfect candidate. The synthetic bristles are great for keeping a stiff, even line, and the point truly is super thin. Particularly nice about this brush is that while it's long and thin, there is a slightly wider area where you would hold it, making keeping the brush steady very simple. A good, solid brush to add to your stable.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review - Montagne Jeunesse Tonic Mask

Rip open and feel immediately perked up! The orange oil aromas smell so fresh - freshly squeezed! Pure Vitamin C invigorates the skin restoring natural vitamin levels. Fresher, Softer and stress free. 

I freaking love face masks like this. Growing up, I used to (and still do) love peel-off masks because they made me feel fancy and spa-like, but there is something about the towel-based mask that makes me feel EVEN FANCIER. Maybe because they are single-serving? In any event, I love them, and was excited to try this orange oil-based one from Montagne Jeunesse. 

This mask is intended to invigorate your face, but with my face, I think the experience was a little TOO invigorating, because I got ALL RED after using it. I did look amazing while using it, however:

Turbin' it!! Apparently you are supposed to pull the mouth part off and use it on your nose, but I didn't read the directions or realize that, so my nose went un-masked. At first, the mask felt really nice, but then it started to warm up (it did say it was a thermal mask) and my face started to get a little too hot. I think if you have less sensitive skin than I do, you might be all right, but it was too much for me to take, and I looked like a lobster when I took the thing off. That said, Montagne Jeunesse has, like, a million kinds of masks and I kind of want to try them all, even after this less-than-stellar experience with this one.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review - Liz Earle Botanical Shine Conditioner for Oily Hair

With black cohosh, yangu oil, blue seakale and shine-boosting apple and orange extracts, our ultra-light, finely balanced colour safe conditioner leaves oily, dull, limp or lifeless hair shiny, volumised and full of life.

I very rarely use conditioner. A hairdresser once told me I didn't need to, since I have short, fine, relatively oily hair, and from then on I was like "HAHA SUCKERS NO CONDITIONER FOR ME!!!" But I do like the idea of moisturizing one's hair so that it looks shiny and beautiful like Penelope Cruz's, the goal of course being to snag a babydaddy as sexy as hers. So I was excited to try this conditioner, the first one I'd used in a long time. The best thing about this conditioner is the lightness of it - it's creamy without being heavy, and rinses out easily.

My hair wasn't noticeably shinier after just one use, but it was definitely softer, and I didn't feel like it was weighed down like I normally do after using conditioner. If you're a conditioner-phobe like me, this is one to try, especially in the dry winter months.

Deedlejuse Says: So I am an avid onditioner user, with long processed blond hair that needs A LOT of lovin'. With that being said, I will tell you this really is a good conditioner, it just wasn't blow your mind amazing. I feel like my hair should be shiny and wonderful instantly if I am going to spend $14.50 for 6.7 oz. Don't get me wrong, I love love the idea of all that Liz Earle has to offer, and the natural ingredients she puts into them, but I found I needed just a bit more moisture. If you don't have blond processed hair I am positive you will love this conditioner, but for me I have found better.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review - adesign Finishing Crease Brush

Finish: Grade 'A' goat hair & high grade synthetic
Shape: Elongated finely tapered point
Use: To blend & contour the crease of the lid.

I will never know why there are so many different kinds of makeup brushes. Some of the distinctions make sense to me - you cannot use a blush brush on your eye, of course, and a lip brush and an eyeshadow brush are very different. But this brush, the Finishing Crease brush by adesign, seems SUPER SPECIFIC. "I only use this brush on my eye crease and NOWHERE ELSE." 
That said, it's quite useful to have a brush shaped in this manner - it's longer than your average eyeshadow brush, and more tapered, to really get into the crease of your eye. I liked using it with a dark shadow on the outer part of my lid to create a glamorous cat-eye effect. Also useful is the fact that it's a combination of natural and synthetic hairs, so you get the durability of a synthetic with the softness of a natural.

Review- Dove Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner

  • Conditioner + treatment system
  • Contains patented micro moisture serum with fiber actives
  • Deep internal nourishment and prevents split ends and breakage
  • Advanced care and repair for beautiful hair
I am African-American with super coarse, kinky hair that constantly needs deep conditioning. I tried Dove Damage Therapy's Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner, hoping that it would bring new life to my flustered, frizzy strands. Sadly the formula was just not intense enough for my hair texture. The conditioner had a light texture and nice smell, but my particular type of hair just needed more. Also, this product is designed for daily use, but I only wash my hair once a week, so I don't think I got the maximum benefits. Overall this might be a great product for someone with less coarse hair that isn't as challenging to manage, but it definitely didn't do much for my mane.

Sultana says: I love our blog because we all have such different features. I think all of our readers can relate to at least one of us. With that said, I had the complete opposite experience! I have damaged and frizzy hair that takes A LOT of different steps to manage. Most important in my routine, is conditioner. I need something strong, yet not heavy. Unfortunately, this conditioner was too much for my hair. I was really shocked. The directions say use a quarter size on your hair. I went a little over that because my hair is long. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! When my hair dried after, it still felt like I had conditioner on it. It was hard and stiff and felt so strange. So the second time around I only used a dime. The end result was not that much different. This is one conditioner that I am going to say is actually over kill for me. Its very strong, and if you have fine hair I don't think it will work.

Trish says: This winter my hair had been especially dry and helpless. Trying to highlight my hair definitely didn't help it either. When I reached for this conditioner, to say the least, I really needed some of that moisture back quickly, too. I will say that Dove's Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner did do the trick and added the much needed hydration back to my hair successfully. However, in the process of re-moisturizing, I found the conditioner a little too heavy for my head to handle, and while I had noticeably silkier strands by far, it was also flat. Fortunately, I had a volumizing conditioner on hand and mixed it with the Dove daily treatment and came out pretty well with the best of both worlds. I would keep this conditioner on hand, especially if you're the type to color or treat your hair a really does moisturize, but be warned if you have fine hair like me, you may need to mix two types of conditioner together to get optimal results. Otherwise, it worked adequately for me with a little commingling going on!

Melissa says: I am African-American and my hair is natural. I need a conditioner with a lot of moisture and protection from dry ends, NYC's weather and the heat used to keep my hair straight. This conditioner didn't work for my hair. While it smells good and I had I hopes, I think I needed double the dosage to make an impact. I'm sure this would work for fine hair that can stand everyday washing and conditioning and needs minimal moisture.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review- Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner

This innovative gel-based waterproof liner stays blendable for 60 seconds then dries to a smudge-proof, budge-proof finish that lasts all day. JET SET is perfect for lining the inner rim of the eye or as a stay-put traditional liner. Glides on effortlessly with ARCED LINER BRUSH #21. $22

I am feeling this eye liner in a major way!! I tried it in navy blue and am loving just how sexy it looks! It seems to bring out a super cool and chic downtown edge to it (if that's the look you're going for) which adds that extra bit of fun and fashion to any style. I found this silky eyeliner to glide on very smoothly and was able to create a super thin line, although it did take me a couple of practice tries to perfect it. Eventually, I learned that to maximize the use of the eyeliner brush, I had to press the brush firmly into the pot and make sure all sides of it were equally covered. That way your first application is your best, and ideally, only application. Once you create the perfect line, it doesn't take long to set (about 60 seconds or less) you're pretty much done for the rest of the day! I didn't experience any smudging, although my line was pretty thin to begin with, and noticed it lasted a long time. The best part is how cool the midnight blue looks and how little it budged! As well as being overall very easy to use with a nice eyeliner brush. I can imagine this being a great navy eyeliner that works for all skin tones and eye colors, as well as an excellent choice for the stylish fashionista in all of us!

Hillary says: This is the waterproof eyeliner you want to use if you are just starting with waterproof eyeliner because as it says in the description, it gives you 60 seconds to blend, but those seconds can be used to correct as well. Believe me, I'm an old hand with an eyeliner brush but even I make mistakes now and then, which is why I love this eyeliner. I have it in Dark Brown and Midnight Purple and both colors have an amazing amount of pigment and stay on until you want them gone. I must admit, the first time I used one in my waterline (rim of lower lid) I used too much and it was totally uncomfortable, but I've since learned my lesson and it wears comfortably and beautifully. These liners are "must-haves" when creating a smokey eye (yes, smokey eyes can be any color you want). As an added bonus, if you think your eyes might tear, in the wind for example, this gel stays put.

Movie Maven says: Yeah, yeah, I know the whole Mad Men look is kind of played out at this point - fashion has moved on to being inspired by Black Swan instead, replacing pencil skirts with chiffon layers and clean lines with feathery details. But I know what looks good on me, and it's a 60s-inspired thick black line. This is partially due to the fact that I find it incredibly difficult to do a thin, thin line, and partially because like every other woman with a substantial rack in America, I want to look just like Christina Hendricks. This gel eyeliner is perfect for completing this look, since with the use of an appropriate brush, you can create a great, solid line that stays in place like a dream. Thanks, Smashbox, for making my life a little more Mad Men.

Review - Scunci No Slip Grip 59293-A

Sooooo, this is not the image of the product I am reviewing. Unfortunately I believe that the company must have discontinued the hair ties I got, because they are no where to be found online....... I have to say if this is true, it is for good reason: they aren't terribly practical. They are made of this gummy rubbery texture that isn't very pliable. I always wear my hair up in a pony tail, or in a bun and these hair ties pull a bit, and don't even think about wearing them on your wrist at night (which I do every night.) Maybe I am a traditionalist, but the normal Scunci elastics are much more my speed! On another note, I will not use anything but Scunci elastics. They really are the best, and cost next to nothing! I do love that they are looking into new products, but this one just wasn't my thing...

Melissa says: I was so excited to try these ties as Scunci is the gold standard. Unfortunately, they hurt my hair so bad and pulled a lot out. Although these weren't fore me, just like Deedlejuse,
I will continue to use Scunci forever !

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review- CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM

Ordinary moisturizing lotions need to be applied frequently because the ingredients are released in a single “burst” and absorbed in a short period of time. Like all CeraVe® Skin Care products, CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM offers the benefits of unique, patented MVE® delivery technology, which provides a controlled release of essential ceramides and other skin-nourishing and protective ingredients slowly over time. It penetrates deep into the skin to moisturize and nourish skin throughout the day while “locking in” precious moisture. The unique ingredients in CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM help restore and maintain the natural protective function of the skin barrier, help restore damaged skin, and help keep skin healthy…all night long!

It probably won't surprise you that this lotion is ALSO one of my current favorites. It's everything I ever wanted in a nighttime moisturizer. It doesn't break me out, or make me feel greasy but it is strong enough to contend with my Tazorac (think strong Retin-A) and keep my skin from peeling off like dead leaves from a maple. The time-released factor really helps keep my skin hydrated through until the morning. It's a unique quality that really helps considering most moisturizers are done as soon as they rub against your pillowcase. My skin has not looked this good in a long time and again, this is happening with a $12 price tag. Be sure to read my review of Cerave AM Lotion because the two together make an awesome duo.

Trish says: Totally agree on what Hillary said above! I too so love this PM moisturizer that I use it affectionately and delicately, because it really does work and absorbs so gently into the skin, nourishing every bit of it while working its moisturizing magic. Usually, I skip nighttime moisturizers because my pores clog easily and for anyone who has combination skin knows how tricky it can be - super dry in areas that beg for the extra moisture, yet oily areas that can't bear it. With CeraVe's PM Lotion, my skin thoroughly drank up the moisturizing lotion without the heaviness of clogged pores the next morning. Used in combination with the facial cleanser, I noticed a quick turnaround with my skin - it was glowing and soft and so much more youthful looking, I can't praise this CeraVe Facial Moisturizer Lotion PM enough!

Review- Cerave AM Facial Lotion

Ceramide-rich formula
SPF 30

Deflects UVA and UVB rays from the sun and other sources of UV radiation
Rebuilds and restores your skin’s protective outer lipid layer

Today is my "Favorite New Finds Day". I'm only going to review things I love today and Cerave AM Facial Lotion is DEFINITELY one of my current favorite things. The bottle and packaging are totally unassuming and your eyes have probably gone right past Cerave products on the shelf 100 times. They are the definition of "no flash, all substance". This moisturizer is rich without causing breakouts, minimizes fine lines and to top it off has a healthy SPF of 30. I have given up on using all of my pricey Sephora-bought lotions in favor of this one. Why? Because I am seeing results. It is chock-full of good for your skin ingredients like niacinamide (fights dullness & dark spots), ceramides (helps retain moisture) and cholesterol (moisturizes). This is everything I want in a moisturizer in a fragrance free, hypoallergenic bottle. And it's time released to continue improving your skin for 24 hours. Oh, and did I mention it runs about $12-14 a bottle, which lasts for so far, 2 months. At that price and with these benefits, what do you have to loose?

Trish says: You know how when you use something good for your skin, you can really feel it and tell? That's how it is with the CeraVe line. I love that as I get older, and my skin is starting to show little signs of aging, there's a moisturizer such as this one that fully hydrates the skin and protects it with SPF30 during the day. It is a thicker moisturizer than I would normally use, and because I'm prone to oily areas, this CeraVe AM lotion did add a bit of heaviness for me, but throughout the winter I really didn't mind it at all as I needed the extra hydration. Now, when the weather warms up, I may have to use just a little of it or less, however the thought of going totally without it would make my skin a little sad. For oily types, this facial moisturizer may be a bit heavy during the day, but if you're dry year round and need and want that added moisture and protection, this is definitely a nice and affordable facial lotion to have packed in your anti-aging arsenal!

Review- Certain Dri Antiperspirant Solid

This product is specially-formulated to provide everyday, all-day dryness for those who suffer from excessive underarm perspiration.

Certain Dri® Solid Anti-Perspirant contains 25% aluminum sesquichlorohydrate (Anhydrous). It is the only over-the-counter antiperspirant with this ingredient, which is more effective than the aluminum zirconium formula found in over-the-counter solid antiperspirants that are labeled “clinical strength.”

If I were to make a list of my current favorite things, Certain Dri Antiperspirant would definitely be on it! I know what you're thinking "What's all the hubbub? It's an antiperspirant." Oh, but it's so different from your ordinary underarm protection. I am not what you would refer to as an excessive sweater. I do, however, have a more sensitive than normal sense of smell (thank you S.A.D.!). So basically, if I smell sweaty in the slightest way, to me, I stink. Probably not to anyone else, but I digress. I started using this "unconventional" sweat-stopper - I mean, you use it at night and you don't need to re-apply after showering- thinking that it couldn't be better than my usual deodorant/antiperspirant. I stand corrected. I simply do not sweat from my armpits when I use this. The insert from the package says that the sweat is directed to other parts of ones body. I put this on at bedtime, shower & stay dry all day. No fear of deodorant stains on my clothes & definitely no sweating. If you want to stay drier than you ever thought you could, try Certain Dri. Yes, I sound like a commercial! I genuinely like it that much. Oh, as an added bonus, it's unscented so it can be used by both sexes. For the super-sweaters among us, they also make an auxiliary daytime deodorant/antiperspirant "refresher" called Certain Dri AM. This summer skip the worrying and get Certian Dri.

Melissa says: For years, I have been loyal to my deodorant. However, I knew that I should be looking into other brands as they health claims associated with mass labels have gotten me a bit worried. I thought that Certain Dri wouldn't do the job but it did. It kept me smelling fresh all day and I only needed one application. It's really and excellent antiperspirant and I've been using it faithfully without going back to my old standby. Also, unlike other "good for you" deodorants, you will not feel self-conscious about having body odor mid day! Like Hillary, I highly recommend Certain Dri!