Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review - Scunci No Slip Grip 59293-A

Sooooo, this is not the image of the product I am reviewing. Unfortunately I believe that the company must have discontinued the hair ties I got, because they are no where to be found online....... I have to say if this is true, it is for good reason: they aren't terribly practical. They are made of this gummy rubbery texture that isn't very pliable. I always wear my hair up in a pony tail, or in a bun and these hair ties pull a bit, and don't even think about wearing them on your wrist at night (which I do every night.) Maybe I am a traditionalist, but the normal Scunci elastics are much more my speed! On another note, I will not use anything but Scunci elastics. They really are the best, and cost next to nothing! I do love that they are looking into new products, but this one just wasn't my thing...

Melissa says: I was so excited to try these ties as Scunci is the gold standard. Unfortunately, they hurt my hair so bad and pulled a lot out. Although these weren't fore me, just like Deedlejuse,
I will continue to use Scunci forever !

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