Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review- Cerave AM Facial Lotion

Ceramide-rich formula
SPF 30

Deflects UVA and UVB rays from the sun and other sources of UV radiation
Rebuilds and restores your skin’s protective outer lipid layer

Today is my "Favorite New Finds Day". I'm only going to review things I love today and Cerave AM Facial Lotion is DEFINITELY one of my current favorite things. The bottle and packaging are totally unassuming and your eyes have probably gone right past Cerave products on the shelf 100 times. They are the definition of "no flash, all substance". This moisturizer is rich without causing breakouts, minimizes fine lines and to top it off has a healthy SPF of 30. I have given up on using all of my pricey Sephora-bought lotions in favor of this one. Why? Because I am seeing results. It is chock-full of good for your skin ingredients like niacinamide (fights dullness & dark spots), ceramides (helps retain moisture) and cholesterol (moisturizes). This is everything I want in a moisturizer in a fragrance free, hypoallergenic bottle. And it's time released to continue improving your skin for 24 hours. Oh, and did I mention it runs about $12-14 a bottle, which lasts for so far, 2 months. At that price and with these benefits, what do you have to loose?

Trish says: You know how when you use something good for your skin, you can really feel it and tell? That's how it is with the CeraVe line. I love that as I get older, and my skin is starting to show little signs of aging, there's a moisturizer such as this one that fully hydrates the skin and protects it with SPF30 during the day. It is a thicker moisturizer than I would normally use, and because I'm prone to oily areas, this CeraVe AM lotion did add a bit of heaviness for me, but throughout the winter I really didn't mind it at all as I needed the extra hydration. Now, when the weather warms up, I may have to use just a little of it or less, however the thought of going totally without it would make my skin a little sad. For oily types, this facial moisturizer may be a bit heavy during the day, but if you're dry year round and need and want that added moisture and protection, this is definitely a nice and affordable facial lotion to have packed in your anti-aging arsenal!

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