Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review - Band-Aid Friction Block Stick

BAND-AID® Friction Block™ Stick has a lubricating formula that glides on smoothly to instantly reduce rubbing on skin. It forms an invisible barrier, making it ideal for open shoes, and provides an easy, non-messy application.

I can't tell you how much my feet have been through in the past. I have about 40-50 pairs of shoes and only about 8 are comfortable. The worst part of buying a brand new pair of shoes, is breaking them in. Well, fear not fashionistas! Band-Aid's Friction Stick lets you wear just about any shoes you want to! What it does is provides a clear barrier so that the shoe doesn't rub up against your skin. Now that I have this, I can't imagine my life without it! EVERY woman/man needs this!
I tried this with a pair of pumps that I love, but the front always makes the top of my foot red. I went out for a few hours and I didn't even feel a pinch. When I came home, no red! Ta-Da!!!!!!! That simple. That fabulous. Get it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Review - 3LAB Perfect Cleansing Foam

choosA daily-use scrub that cleans deep below the skin's surface, yet is gentle enough to use every day for the most sensitive skin types. Preservative-free formula cleans without irritating the skin. Mild enough to use as a daily cleanser.

Sooo.... You'll all please note that the items I have been reviewing for the last day have all come to me complements of Beauty Fix. This one, specifically, is the one you don't actually have to choose. It is their special promotion of the time. Whats better is that I am taking all of the product info off the Nordstrom website, believe me I know a lot about Nordstrom and I know that they only choose the best of the best to sell at their stores.
I will go on to say that regardless of whether or not this Cleansing Foam is $55 I will definitely be repurchasing.... for life. I have never tried anything as wonderfully cleansing without being drying or too abrasive. There are little beads of something to exfoliate a little bit. It really foams up beautifully and gets all the makeup and everything built up from the day off your face. I don't even need to use my toner after.... there is NOTHING! I am so happy with the way my face looks and feels I might be tempted to never buy any other cleanser again! (well...that's probably not true since I'm super addicted to trying new things...) Suffice it to say this cleanser is AWESOME!

Melissa says: I also received this item from Beauty Fix. Like the name says, it is perfect. Honestly, you only need a small drop to get a really nice leather to cleanse your face. So, this is going to last a long time. It does a good job cleaning and it never dries out my skin or burns. Plus, it takes off make up easily, but doesn't strip away anything else. I'm a big fan and it just feels good after you are done.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review - Canyon Ranch Lightweight Moisturizer

Refreshing, effective, lightweight hydration transforms normal/combination skin into balanced, healthier skin. Plant proteins instantly firm. Alpha arbutin brightens skin for an even skin tone.

Ok, so this post is actually three fold: I LOVE BEAUTY FIX !!! Please if you have not done so yet go and use the coupon and select Canyon Ranch Lightweight Moisturizer as one of your seven items!!! It is the most wonderful light weight (hence the name) moisturizer I have tried in a long time. I had been using a bit of a thicker moisturizer before this and I was breaking out big time because of the humid summer months. This moisturizer is so light, but sooo moisturizing. You only need a tiny bit and your whole face is nourished immediately. I have also been getting so many compliments since I started using this because my skin tone is brightened and my face looks really wonderful. Part three: unfortunately, some time last year I used up the last little bit of my wonderful Canyon Ranch Age Transforming Concentrate if you remember, every last one of the reviewers from back then found this concentrate un-parallelled in its effects. Try to imagine the wonderful effects of both together!?! I can't even tell you how much I respect the Canyon Ranch products I have tried. This moisturizer has not dissapointed. Please try at least one of these products. I mean seriously it costs you next to nothing with Beauty Fix!!!

Review- Brocato Shimmer Platinum Spray

Brocato Shimmer Platinum Spray is a subtle, sparkling spray of platinum flecks. Use after styling to add a sexy glow. Shimmer Platinum Spray can be used on skin and clothes for added subtle glamour. This one-of-a-kind product features platinum flecks which provide delicate shine and sparkle.

If you haven't been able to achieve that perfect, lustrous shine you see on models in hair commercials, you can at least fake it with Brocato Shimmer Platinum Spray. After styling your hair, just mist on a little bit of this spray, and not only will it provide light hold to keep your do in place, it adds a very subtle, sexy shine to your locks. It looks especially gorgeous when the light catches your hair and the little platinum sparks just glow like tiny stars in your hair. I'm not a big fan of hairspray, but as they go this formula was just fine, and the shimmery effect was simply gorgeous. You can also spray it on your skin, but its a tad sticky when used this way. Overall its an amazing way to add an extra special touch to your look for a fun night out on the town.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Review - Sally Hansen Diamond 12 Hour Lip Treatment

  • A gorgeous lip gloss that deeply conditions and moisturizes lips for up to 12 hours.
  • Provides a luminous diamond shine.
  • Improves lip texture every time you use it.
I get really excited about having my lips moisturized, and yes; I do realize that's extremely weird! I just really like to take care of my pout. I was dying to try this and I gave it some time to work. OK Ill say this much, this does leave your lips super soft and kissable, but I don't like the way it tastes! It's not minty or berry....just strange. The color I have is Be Dazzled which is a shimmery coral. It is the perfect summer shade. I am really into coral this summer. I just couldn't get past the taste. For that, it doesn't make my list.

Deedlejuse Says:
I have to agree, sort of, with Sultana. This Lip Treatment did not make the cut for me at all, but it wasn't because of the taste. I know we all like to save a buck, and this is appropriately inexpensive, but it just isn't worth the dough. It maybe lasts on your lips for tops 40 min, if your lucky, and it pills the same way a sweater would. I have the shades Always Ascher and Twinkle, the colors are very nice, but the scent/taste and consistency just wasn't up to my standards. I'm sorry Sally, but it just didn't work for me!

Malikah says: I really want to play devil's advocate here, but honestly I didn't really like this gloss either. Lip gloss naturally makes your lips shiny, which is good, but the whole "diamond treatment" just gave my lips way too much shine. It might have looked nice on someone with smaller lips, but my pout is just way to full to pull off that much shine. The color would have been the perfect nude if it didn't have all the extra sparkles, and probably would have lasted much longer too, but as it is, the formula definitely needs some work.

Trish says: Not that I'm trying to stand up for the underdog here - but I actually liked this lip treatment! Maybe because I tried it with very little expectation especially after reading the helpful reviews here - but as a simple lip treatment with a little gloss and shine, plus a sweet caramel taste, I didn't mind it so much! I tried it in a peachy orange Tiara shade, one that I wouldn't normally go for, but it was light and subtle enough. Most importantly my lips did stay moisturized and soft (non-sticky too) for a few hours and I liked the extra sheen and gloss on my lips at the same time as it was feeling/being moisturized! The taste didn't last too long nor did it bother me at all, so don't be afraid of trying this inventive lip treatment from Sally Hansen. I liked it, maybe more than I should had, but at least it did work to moisturize and add some extra shine!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review- Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Base & Top Coat

Patented Vita-Release Technology™ Formula with encapsulated micro-tubes and Exclusive Formula with Marine Kelp continuously releases a nourishing vitamin complex.
  • Base Coat: Exclusive Formula with Marine Kelp seals and smoothes nails while locking on color for up to 10 Days.
  • Top Coat: Patented Time-Release Technology protects any nail color and delivers brilliant shine for up to 10 continuous days.
I'm all about streamlining my beauty regimen and getting the most out of the products I buy, and this base & top coat product makes a manicure super simple. Just brush on one coat as the base, top with the color of your choice, then finish with another coat on top. The directions say to let dry completely between coats, but this stuff dries almost instantly. It works just as well with other non Sally Hansen brand polishes, and keeps your nails stain free, even if you're using a super dark shade. It helped keep my manicure in great condition for a week, and no more juggling multiple bottles of base coat, treatment and top coat when I set down to do my nails!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review- Liz Earle Superskin Bust Treatment

This light, precious serum contains Kigelia extract sourced from an African women's co-operative to visibly plump, smooth and firm skin around the bust and d├ęcolletage. Perfect for skin which has lost elasticity, tone and firmness. $52 for 1.6 oz.

Words cannot describe my sadness that my chest has a bout of chest-ne from this divine product. I love Liz Earle and quietly covet all of her exquisitely made treatments. The care this line uses to craft its offerings to the world puts it in a small group of skincare lines that are just simply mystical. So, it is with great regret that I share that the bust firming treatment did not work for me. In fact, I never even knew my decolletage was sensitive before trying this out but it does appear to have had a near-instant unfavorable reaction. I feel certain though, that while not the choice for me, this lotion has the pedigree to deliver.

Sultana says: I have very sensitive skin and surprisingly, I didn't have any kind of reaction. I love the concept of this product. I have three kids and the wear and tear shows (more than I'd like it to). I tried this solidly for two months and saw no difference. When it goes on, it tingles and I thought that meant it was swelling, but then nothing.
This is one I would skip. I still love Liz Earle and the fact that she is always making something interesting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Review - Neosporin Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy

Restores visibly healthier lips by:

  • Locking-in moisture
  • Reducing scaling
  • Improving healthy lip tone
I am a certified lip balm/gloss lunatic! I believe that lips need daily moisture in order to look better with or without lipstick. When I got this, I was very intrigued. It promises visibly healthier lips in 3 days. I never though Neosporin would make something like this since they usually make first-aid products.
OK the good is, it has SPF 20 which is a plus. The bad is that it tastes like medicine! Which really sucked because I liked this so much! If they made this in flavors, maybe it would be better. As for the healthier lips in 3 days, I think it did what it was supposed to.

Hillary says: I couldn't disagree more with Sultana! I am LOVING this stuff! It has saved my always dry lips. I've got this one, which is the day formula, and the night formula. I've been using them religiously and I've noticed a vast improvement in the state of my lips. I'm not sure it only took 3 days, but I'm officially hooked and I'm getting a little down thinking about the fact that I've used most of both the day and the night formulas. Luckily it's totally affordable and you can find it at a lot of drugstores. I don't get a taste from it at all. The other day I left the house without lip balm and was 6 flights down on the street and seriously considered going back to my apartment to get some. I'm just that addicted. I have to admit that I was sceptical when I was contacted by the Neosporin folks to review their new lip balms, but I'm so glad I said yes. The level of moisture these products impart on your lips is comparable to department store lip balms I have owned. Ah, yes. And the day formula has my beloved SPF! These get 2 thumbs up from me. Oh, did I mention I got a time machine and went back to the 70's, so I now think that giving the thumbs up is hip? Just thought I'd add that.

Trish says: I have the Neosporin Overnight Renewal therapy - and so far it seems to work nicely as a night repair treatment. I recently ran out of my regular lip balm and started using this as a quick substitute because it was easily within reach. I know it's meant for nighttime renewing, but I really like this for daytime use! It seems to stay on for hours during the day, softens my lips, and adds that extra bit of moisture and fullness to my lips. So I can't complain, as a multi-tasking lip balm/repair therapy - I'm fully embracing this little gem of hydration! On a side note: I'm not too particular about lip balm - as long as it works and it doesn't dry out my lips, I'm pretty happy. With this lip balm, it works and doesn't cause any further complications - so I'm pretty pleased!