Sunday, June 20, 2010

Review - Sally Hansen Diamond 12 Hour Lip Treatment

  • A gorgeous lip gloss that deeply conditions and moisturizes lips for up to 12 hours.
  • Provides a luminous diamond shine.
  • Improves lip texture every time you use it.
I get really excited about having my lips moisturized, and yes; I do realize that's extremely weird! I just really like to take care of my pout. I was dying to try this and I gave it some time to work. OK Ill say this much, this does leave your lips super soft and kissable, but I don't like the way it tastes! It's not minty or berry....just strange. The color I have is Be Dazzled which is a shimmery coral. It is the perfect summer shade. I am really into coral this summer. I just couldn't get past the taste. For that, it doesn't make my list.

Deedlejuse Says:
I have to agree, sort of, with Sultana. This Lip Treatment did not make the cut for me at all, but it wasn't because of the taste. I know we all like to save a buck, and this is appropriately inexpensive, but it just isn't worth the dough. It maybe lasts on your lips for tops 40 min, if your lucky, and it pills the same way a sweater would. I have the shades Always Ascher and Twinkle, the colors are very nice, but the scent/taste and consistency just wasn't up to my standards. I'm sorry Sally, but it just didn't work for me!

Malikah says: I really want to play devil's advocate here, but honestly I didn't really like this gloss either. Lip gloss naturally makes your lips shiny, which is good, but the whole "diamond treatment" just gave my lips way too much shine. It might have looked nice on someone with smaller lips, but my pout is just way to full to pull off that much shine. The color would have been the perfect nude if it didn't have all the extra sparkles, and probably would have lasted much longer too, but as it is, the formula definitely needs some work.

Trish says: Not that I'm trying to stand up for the underdog here - but I actually liked this lip treatment! Maybe because I tried it with very little expectation especially after reading the helpful reviews here - but as a simple lip treatment with a little gloss and shine, plus a sweet caramel taste, I didn't mind it so much! I tried it in a peachy orange Tiara shade, one that I wouldn't normally go for, but it was light and subtle enough. Most importantly my lips did stay moisturized and soft (non-sticky too) for a few hours and I liked the extra sheen and gloss on my lips at the same time as it was feeling/being moisturized! The taste didn't last too long nor did it bother me at all, so don't be afraid of trying this inventive lip treatment from Sally Hansen. I liked it, maybe more than I should had, but at least it did work to moisturize and add some extra shine!

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