Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review - Canyon Ranch Lightweight Moisturizer

Refreshing, effective, lightweight hydration transforms normal/combination skin into balanced, healthier skin. Plant proteins instantly firm. Alpha arbutin brightens skin for an even skin tone.

Ok, so this post is actually three fold: I LOVE BEAUTY FIX !!! Please if you have not done so yet go and use the coupon and select Canyon Ranch Lightweight Moisturizer as one of your seven items!!! It is the most wonderful light weight (hence the name) moisturizer I have tried in a long time. I had been using a bit of a thicker moisturizer before this and I was breaking out big time because of the humid summer months. This moisturizer is so light, but sooo moisturizing. You only need a tiny bit and your whole face is nourished immediately. I have also been getting so many compliments since I started using this because my skin tone is brightened and my face looks really wonderful. Part three: unfortunately, some time last year I used up the last little bit of my wonderful Canyon Ranch Age Transforming Concentrate if you remember, every last one of the reviewers from back then found this concentrate un-parallelled in its effects. Try to imagine the wonderful effects of both together!?! I can't even tell you how much I respect the Canyon Ranch products I have tried. This moisturizer has not dissapointed. Please try at least one of these products. I mean seriously it costs you next to nothing with Beauty Fix!!!

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