Friday, February 29, 2008

Review - Garnier Fructis

Each Garnier Fructis product is enriched with active natural ingredients, specially selected to give your hair the nourishing care it needs to look healthy every day.

Ok, so I tried to find the specific Garnier Fructis product that I tried really recently. It is the Length and Strength Leave in Conditioner. Unfortunately, I could not find an image of it on the internet, anywhere. Do check out their website though, it won't tell you specifically about ANY products, but it has nifty hints and tips about your hair, and which products might be wonderful for your hair-type. So ultimately I decided that I would just write an ode to my favorite product brand ever. It is relatively inexpensive, and awesome. I currently use their hair color, it isn't quite as natural as some other types, but it doesn't break my hair and it is always shiny and bright. I do a very light blond color and it never fades even if I let it go for a long time. I also use their shampoo and conditioners, all of them, and they make my hair smell awesome and look brighter and shinier than pretty much any other kind. The Length and Strength Leave in Conditioner is what I tried most recently, and it was really great for my hair. It even seems to repair the already there split ends, and makes my hair straighter even if I don't straighten it. It smells a little funky, but it doesn't stay for long. It also doesn't muck up your hands like some other leave-ins can. Also, my boyfriend saw me getting all of my many bottles of products out to look at them and fight with the computer, and it turns out that he uses my Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioning Cream for his hair. Let me tell you his hair is really hard to handle, it is super curly and puffy and adorable, but he says that this stuff is the only thing that will make it calm down and look managed for the whole day. All in all I just really like this brand, they are consistently wonderful and amazing in every way.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Review - Paula Dorf Lip Slides

Lip Gloss will never be the same....

now your lips can glisten with lightweight, luxurious LIP SLIDES™ enriched with jojoba and avocado oils. And, it lasts all day.

Deedlejuse Says:

I love a good lip gloss, but I hate the sticky icky feeling that many lip glosses can leave you with, as well as the incredibly lacking longevity of them. These Lip Slides from Paula Dorf come in a variety of fun colors; I personally like “Shy” because it adds a hint of color and shine without a big bang of color. The cool thing about this lip gloss is that it really is very moisturizing. It doesn’t have a taste or smell at all so you aren’t constantly licking (and drying out) your lips. The color lasts for a very long time without reapplying, but it all gradually fades together so I don’t have the ring around the mouth look going on. It also isn’t super sticky, just sort of moisturizing feeling, which is really nice! The really nice bonus with the Paula Dorf Collection is that they are all hypoallergenic, and she doesn’t condone animal testing. I definitely recommend it if you are prepared to spend a little bit on a really superior gloss.

Rewview - Paul Mitchell's The Rinse

Paul Mitchell The Rinse Lightweight Conditioner $8.95
Wheat-derived conditioners provide excellent wet and dry detangling with a soft silky feel.

CitySlicker Says:

I only used this once. My hair couldn't bare a second use. I have color treated fine hair that is right above my shoulders. I found that the rinse has a nice fruity light scent. It's a light conditioner so I ended up using more than I should, only because when I was pulling it through the doo, my hair started to get smooth but I could feel the knots. I usually don't run my fingers through my hair while conditioning, but I did with this, I was running into little snags here and there. It does rinse well and even though I still had some snargles my hair was smooth feeling.

The test was drying. When I was done with a blow dry, my hair was full of flyway's and fuzzy at the ends. This just didn't do it for my doo, I ended up re wetting and adding leave-in conditioner for a quick remedy. I think this would be perfect for anyone who likes a super light sheer conditioner.. I thought my hair looked dry and totally untamed!

Hillary says:

I used to swear by this conditioner when my hair was shorter. I don't know about you, but it takes forever to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. This stuff is in and out in no time (which I loved). Then my hair started growing and growing (not like I'm Rapunzel or anything, to the middle of my shoulder blades) and this conditioner no longer cut it. With my longer style you could see all the un-glossed fly-aways it left, even worse than when I use the 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner. To summarize: I recommend this for people who have shorter hair styles and want to get in and out of the shower quickly. For all of you long locked lasses, stick with something more substantial

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Review - Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Get delicious shine with shades that taste as good as they look.

This is a great little lip gloss, I can't believe Victoria's Secret sells these three for $15, that's pretty cheap considering the size and how cute and great they are. My Favorite is the "I want Candy" color, a pale pale pink that just makes my lips shiny and soft. It goes on super easy and it's sticky, BUT it is thick, don't be fooled, and has staying power. Well, staying power that is... if you don't lick it all off because it tastes so good. I'd honestly never really considered buying cosmetics or body products before from VS, but I will consider it now considering the price and how cool it is.

Review- Sun Feather Lullaby Balm with Shea Butter

Relax away the worries of every day life with the combined goodness of lavender and rosewood. Promote sound and peaceful sleep with Lullaby Soothing Herbal Balm.
Contains moisturizing shea butter.

When I first applied this lavender and rosewood balm, the top note (what your nose smells first) made me go “Hmmm….I don’t know about this.” By the time it moved to the middle then bottom notes (about 3-5) minutes, I was in love. Anything made with shea butter is usually going to be a good product just because, and this one is; but I apply this like fragrance. Skin smoothness and soft scent last for hours. Lots of hours. I love the tin it comes in; but in hot months or climates, you might have to be careful if it melts in the heat and you have it in your purse or pocket. Lavender is known for its soothing qualities to the skin and the senses and is why I use this balm every night before I go to bed, as well as all day long.

Review- Boob Lube by Save the Ta-Tas

Boob Lube™ by Save the ta-tas®, is the first ever breast check soap. Put some fun in the fight with Boob Lube™!

This would make a great all-over soap since it’s light, foamy, and doesn’t get tacky the way liquid soaps do when you rub them on your skin. It has shea butter, lavender, and rosewood for softness and scent. They also make it easy for women to do their breast exams by putting the directions and a sketch on the label. You don’t have to pull out a diagram or stick one on your wall. There’s even a date tracker on the label so you keep up with the exams. I’ll add this: Excellent to use alone or with a friend (grin).

Hillary says:
I used this lube to give myself a breast exam recently and I'd say the consistency of the gel made it much easier than normal. It seems to be extra slippery so you're hand just glides along. My sister's best friend was just operated on for breast cancer & it was a real wake-up call for me as she is only 38. Boob lube sits in your shower reminding you to perform a self check every month. Plus a portion of the proceeds go towards breast cancer charities. You can never be too careful ladies!

Review- Victoria’s Secret Pink Perfume

Think fun, flirty, sexy, playful. Domestic and imported. Fragrance type: Green floral. Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, green leaves, violet leaves, artemesia (armoise), juniper berry. Middle notes: Freesia, lily of the valley (muguet), neroli, peony. Low notes: Sandalwood, vetiver, musk, vanilla.

Though I like scented items like body moisturizers, I don’t usually wear fragrance. Pink is so pleasant, I have to say I really enjoyed using a light spritz. To my nose, it has a delicate honeydew melon-like bouquet; and rather than feel I might overwhelm someone with scent, I feel pretty feminine when I use it. I think hot guy might enjoy moving in closer for a nuzzle because of it.

Deedlejuse Says:

I LOVE PINK!!! This is definitely one of my absolute favorite fragrance by Vikkie's! It is light and girlie and sort of flirty. I kind of think it smells a little bit like pear, but I totally understand the melon direction that Joyce mentioned. I agree that it is not too strong, and lasts for a really long time. This would be an awesome pick-me-up fragrance for just before going out after a long day at work.

Review- NIA24 Gentle Cleansing Cream

  • Continuous, deep delivery of Pro-Niacin strengthens the skin barrier
  • Pro-Niacin is clinically shown to visibly improve skin tone, texture and hyperpigmentation
  • Evening Primrose and Olive Oil deliver supple moisture
  • Sodium Hyaluronate holds up to 200 times it's weight in water helping the skin retain essential hydration

I was excited to try this cleanser because it is specially formulated for dry, sensitive skin. I am not usually much of a cleanser person because most leave me too dry and tight skinned. Not this one. I did have to use an eye-makeup remover because I wear black liquid eyeliner, but the cleanser wiped away the remnants. This is a very moisturizing, thick cleanser which can be rinsed or tissued off. It leaves my skin thoroughly clean, soft and prepared for the rest of the NIA 24 regimen.

Deedlejuse says:

I have been using the Gentle Cleansing Cream for the last two weeks, and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. This cleanser gently reduces impurities and rough spots on your skin, while leaving you feeling fresh and clean. It is not drying at all; in fact, it feels so moisturizing that you could use it without a moisturizer. I have normal to dry skin and I was amazed by how my skin felt afterwards, almost dewy. I definitely, definitely recommend this cleanser, after just two weeks my skin is already looking brighter and clearer. I used it in combination with the Intensive recovery complex, and the two together are amazing!

Amanda S. Says:

Ditto to these above comments, my skin has a tendency to get irritated and annoyed and do awful things when I clean it wrong, like peel off in weird little patches, get red and splotchy around my eyes... all sorts of horrible things. But I've been using this cleanser for ten days and have noticed a marked difference in my skin, red patches or sun spots are faded a bit and my skin is much less tight and dry after washing it. I definitely love this stuff and will continue using it.

Maria V says: How on earth did I get so lucky to have been able to test drive this gem of a line? NIA 24 is AMAZING. I love this cleansing cream. I use this after my DHC cleansing oil and it just rinses everything off and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. No tight feeling, lovely soft scent - just a great line. Love it.

Review - Ojon Shine and Protect Glossing Mist

A weightless mist of pure shine that hydrates, nourishes, strengthens and protects the hair, leaving an incredible high-gloss, flyaway-free finish.

  • Intensifies color brilliance and maximizes color retention
  • Eliminates fly-aways and combats humidity
  • Natural antioxidants help protect color longer
  • Provides protection from thermal styling
  • Leaves hair silky soft and easy to comb
  • Leaves an incredible high-gloss, fly-away-free finish
(features Broccoli Seed oil and a natural Algae extract that adds a natural gloss to hair, similar in effect to silicone)

Deedlejuse Says:

This company is sooooooooooo cool! They believe in fair trade, so they actually donate profit (I think) to the Miskito people of Central America. This helps ensure that the rainforests there will be protected. I love that story as much as I loved this mist! It smells awesome, very nutty and deep and spicy. It didn’t leave my hair smelling too strong either, sort of like a mini-perfume. It didn’t compete with other smells I was wearing, because it blended nicely. The spray was very light and didn’t leave my hair greasy, as some shine sprays can if you use too much. It really did leave my hair super shiny though, really beautiful. It my hair looked shiny and bright all day long. I would without a doubt buy this spray again, and I would probably try the rest of their products too… I love being pampered while I contribute to helping the world and environment!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Review - Sun Feather Gardener's Herbal Hand Cream with Shea Butter

Soothe your hard working hands with Sun Feather's moisturizing hand cream with premium shea butter.

Sun Feather makes some really great natural products, and I was excited to try out their hand cream because I had used their insect repellent before and it was great. The cream smells a little like ginger and lemons and absorbs super fast and is non greasy. Because I don't have a garden, I decided to improvise and clean the house using some fairly harsh stuff, which normally dries the heck out of my hands. I washed my hands and used this cream and waited about an hour to see if my hands had their usual desert cracked dirt feeling that I get after cleaning, and alas, they were soft and smooth with no signs of abuse. At $13 a bottle on their site, this is also a lot cheaper than other equal gardener's creams, and I would frankly recommend this one a little more because it smells less medicinal and strong than other gardener's creams I've tried.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Review- NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex

In clinical studies, patients have seen dramatic results with daily use of the NIA24 skin care line:
  • 90% reduction in hyperpigmentation
  • 82% inprovement in texture
  • 81% improvement in tone
  • 80% increase in skin smoothness
  • 68% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 53% improvement in skin firmness

This "extreme cream" has a heavier consistency than the Skin Strengthening Complex, so I've been using it at night (although it can be used at any time). If you read my other NIA24 reviews you'll see that I'm quite pleased with the results I'm seeing. I really like the feel of this cream. When you have it on you feel like your skin is immune to everything yet it's not greasy. I'm now a believer in the whole NIA24 line because I can't remember the last time my skin looked so good. I suggest you follow the link above to the NIA24 page and look at the ingredients. They are very impressive. My skin is very dry (sometimes to the point of cracking), but I haven't had any problems with overly dry skin since about the second or third day of using these products. This is a line that delivers on it's promises. And as an added bonus, it smells great!

Deedlejuse says:

I am 23 years old, and I have very pale, pretty naturally clear skin. So, when I was sent this Intensive Recovery Cream to test I sort of laughed. How big of a difference could this stuff possibly make, it is for sun damaged skin, shouldn’t I be like 75to use it???

I am very happy with the results of this product. Even for someone who really did not have any complaints with their skin beforehand, this stuff did wonders for me. My skin looks paler than it was before, more as it did 10 years ago if you can believe it! I also had a few scars on my face from various things, these scars were not particularly noticeable to anyone but me, but it still bothered me. After two weeks, the scars are almost not noticeable, even to me! It is amazing how this cream settled my skin. I used the cream both in the morning and at night, and I did not find that it was too thick for all the time use. I really liked the consistency it isn’t oily at all, and I have not felt dried out since I started using it. The smell is very pleasant and natural smelling. I would recommend it to anyone, even if you don’t think you have sun damage it will work wonders!

Joyce says:

I’m using the Intensive Recovery Complex, Skin Strengthening Complex, and Gentle Cleansing Cream. By day 4, I happened to brush my hair from my cheek and felt my skin. It felt retextured─noticably smoother. By day 5, I noticed pore refinement. I could go on and on giving these products the kudos written in the other posts, but I’ll add that I got an additional pleasant surprise. Though the company has a product for décolletage and hands, I didn’t have it, so used what I had. I was naughty this past summer and kept forgetting to apply sunscreen before I went for daily walks. The backs of my hands and forearms turned crepe-like. Big ick! I really did some sun damage, but I’m pleased to say the products designed for the face are repairing these areas. I can only imagine the product created specifically for this must be even better. Saw hot young guy from the first floor of my building after using the products for two weeks. He got inspired to ask me out. I’d like to think it wasn’t only my cheery personality that moved him, but also the fact that I Looked Good (wink).

Review- NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex

  • Continuous, deep delivery of Pro-Niacin strengthens the skin barrier
  • Pro-Niacin is clinically shown to visibly improve skin tone, texture and hyperpigmentation
  • Evening Primrose and Wheat Germ Oils deliver moisture
  • Contains Vitamin A, Green Tea and Rosemary

This cream is designed to deliver long lasting moisture and bolster the skin's ability to hold on to moisture. NIA24 products are also engineered to repair and heal past sun damage from moderate to severe. Pro-Niacin helps repair and strengthen the skin barrier which is what improves moisture retention. Add to that effect all of the great humectants and antioxidants in the ingredient list and you can see why I love these products. I am using the Skin Strengthening Complex as a day moisturizer (I'm adding a sunscreen) but it is suitable for night use as well. I can't say I can pinpoint the exact benefits of each NIA24 product as I am using them as a complete system, but I can say that I am seeing results! I don't usually expect for a moisturizer to do all it says it's going to do. So imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I started seeing an improvement in my skin tone. I have some sun damage, not a lot, but I can see a difference between now and two weeks ago when I started using the NIA24 products. It's not only the discolorations fading, it's seriously improved the moisture level in my skin. The company is very forthright and warns that you may break out a bit at first (I did), but it has since disappeared and my skin looks great. If you have sun damage (and logically who doesn't?) you should definitely give this cream a look. Oh, and all the NIA24 products smell wonderful!

CitySlicker Says:

I am already onboard with the NIA 24 skincare system.. I can't be separated from their sunscreen. It's amazing & if you want to know more scroll down to read my thoughts. This is wonderful too! This line is truly results driven! Their claims are reality for me. In the short time of using Skin Strengthening Complex, I am noticing vibrant skin that is clear and fresh looking. My skin can look sallow in the winter. I think that over time, I will see more repair. I am fair so every mark, blemish & scar shows. I do use this in the AM & PM. I am using this with another moisturizer and I swear that by using 2, I am holding moisture longer & my skin is plump throughout the day. This has a quick absorbtion time also. I put this right on my naked skin to ensure my skin is reaping the full benefits. I am starting to see the bit of reddness I get on my lower cheek fade.. I am overjoyed by this. I highly recommend this & their sunscreen, nothing short of AMAZING!

Maria says: Could I please just steal everything that Hillary and CitySlicker posted about this product? I am in love with NIA24. I love the Skin Strengthening Complex so much so that it is ALL that I have used since receiving the product a little under a month ago. My skin feels stronger somehow - more resilient - less droopy? Trying to find a way to explain it. I don't have a lot of sun damage per se but do have hormonal melasma patches that the SSC seems to have helped minimize - my skin just looks more even toned. When I first started using the line, I found my face reddened up - and I was all "oh no, it's too strong for my skin!" But just give it time - a day or two was all I needed - then the joy began! I didn't have any breakouts which was great - and I know without a doubt that the SSC will be a repeat purchase for me.

Review - Bliss Carrot and Sesame Body Buff

Based on our beloved carrot+sesame body buff spa treatment, this do-it-yourself de-roughing, dew-upping duo is the quickest way to achieve 'domestic Bliss'.

• a jar of skin-smoothing, sea-salt-infused carrot+sesame spa body scrub (8.8oz)
• a bottle of body-quenching, milk and honey-hinted carrot+sesame finishing foam ( 3.4oz)

This scrub is awesome; it’s like candy in a body scrub!!!!! It smells just like Halva, which is sesame seed fudge that is scrumptious and wonderful smelling. If it is possible this scrub quenched both my skin’s desire for moisture, and my belly’s desire for dessert! Seriously, I would have used it just for the smell, but as it turned out it was also super moisturizing and exfoliating. It has really coarse sea salt in the suspension of oily yummieness so it scuffs off all of the dead skin and leaves you feeling……just wonderful (sigh). This body scrub is a necessary for anyone who loves to pamper themselves every now and again!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Review - L'annine Lemon Hand and Body Cream

This non-greasy moisturizer is formulated to heal and protect dry, chapped skin. It is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin types, yet tough enough to be recommended for a diabetic's foot care plan.

I've been using this cream on my hands for 2 days at work after my many compulsive hand washes, and there is something really unique about it. I'm not sure if it's the fact that it is 'silicone based' as the packaging says, or what, but it absorbs incredibly fast and really plumps up and hydrates my skin with absolutely no greasy weird after-feel. I have to admit though, even though I think the cream in and of itself is top notch, the truly significant factor here to me is the smell. It smells like Pez and I can't stop smelling my hands after I put it on! I love the smell, it's really delicious and cute.

Joyce says:

This is the kind of product I’d love to have with me all the time for my hands. I used it on my legs, as well. At first I thought it wasn’t doing much. I waited a minute then stroked my legs again. They were smooth, and I realized I’ve become used to greasier products. I can see that this is perfect to use anytime, but especially when wearing more delicate fabrics like silk or lace, and especially in the summer. I also liked the light, fresh lemony scent.

CitySlicker Says:

I am on board with the other reviews. I found this to be an exceptional hand cream. I have used it at home after washing my hands and at work. I need a hand cream that doesn't leave my palms greasy. I am known to have sweaty palms so you can understand why a dry palm that is grease free is nec. This cream is just that. it goes on and it seems within a minute after rubbing on, it's completely absorbed and hands are velvety soft and smooth. The scent reminds me of a lemon lollipop. It's lemony and sweet at the same time. I am also seeing an improvement around my cuticles.. Hallelujah!!

Deedlejuse Says:

I totally agree with everyone above. This cream is really amazing! It leaves your hands so silky smooth, and smells amazing. I actually think the smell might be my favorite part of this hand cream. Not because I don't love the way it makes my hands feel, or am not amazed by it's staying power, and haven't noticed a difference in the overall look of the skin on the back of my hands, because I have noticed all of those things. The reason that my favorite part is the smell is because it smells soooooo wonderful. I love it, it is like a sweet lemony pie or something. This is the best smelling natural lotion ever. Two happily moisturized thumbs up!

Sheba says: I found this cream to be extremely effective. Other creams work well and I am happy with them. This goes beyond. My skin seems to drink it up and then quickly show me the results. I wash my hands numerous times a day as I do have my dog and he is a licker. My hands get dry from all of the washing but that dryness just disappears with this cream. You would not even know that they had been as dry as they were. This had found a place in my regime for sure. However, I selected the Avocado cream which has a very refreshing scent. I will definitely go for the Lemon next time around after reading all the reviews. One of my favorite scents is Fresh Sugar Lemon and it sounds like the lemon would blend with that very nicely. The cost is very reasonable for the benefits I received.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review - Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick - The original Shimmer Brick Compact. This shimmering, brush-on powder creates a deep, bronzy glow. Sweep on cheeks, after Blush, using the Face Blender Brush. Works well with neutral and deep blush shades. $38.00

CitySlicker Says:

I will start by stating that I am super pale and I can pull this off, it's got an amazing range for a bronzer. There are so many on the market that are just plain out to dark for me. When I saw this in the store, I turned away. I usually am the lightest shade in foundations but got drawn back. I love the multi colors in the brick. I go back and forth between Bobbi Brown & theBalm's hot Mama. This is a great bronze shade with the perfect amount of light reflecting shimmer, it's not overly shimmery so I feel like I am not trying to be a teenager. I get a nice natural glow that compliments my face. I sweep it on starting at the upper temple then over the cheekbones around to the other side and lightly over my forehead. It really warms up my skin without making me look like I am wearing bronzer.. This has worked wonderfully with my naturally sensitive skin also.. There are many bricks to chose from and they all look amazing in person! I love this and will keep on in the train case always! LOVE IT!

Review - Sun Feather Bar Soap

SunFeather's handcrafted artisan soaps feature our renowned olive oil soap base and the finest ingredients, botanicals and essential oils.

CitySlicker Says:

I have one of the Eco Bar soaps in the Circle of Life Fragrance which sells for $6 a bar. It's a heavy dense bar of soap, it reminds me of the soap I used as a kid no nonsense, a bar to suit all the needs of a dirty bod.. This scent of the Circle of life is a blend of rosemary, vanilla, patchouli, lemon verbena, oatmeal, sweetgrass, & mint.. It's scrumptious. I can really pick up the rosemary and mint.. I am getting a really nice lather also, I really didn't expect that from such a natural looking product. I thought it would be weak and creamy. I am really liking it. I did leave it in the shower after the first use; It started to melt.. I am now moving it out of moisture's way. I also use with a bath pouf so this small bar is really lasting. It's got a fresh scent that isn't perfumey at all. The scent is light on my skin and doesn't interact with anything else I wear. I recommend a look at this line, there are SO many products to chose from.. Nice & moisturizing too..

Deedlejuse says:

I have been using the rose cranberry 2oz bar of olive oil based soap. It has a wonderfully pungent fragrance that is quite romantic and really beautiful. It is sort of spicy and floral, the rose and fruit is a really nice combo I think. The smell didn’t really overwhelm the other fragrances I wore, though it did last throughout the day. I don’t really like bar soap in general because it just feels like there is something left on my skin. This one, unfortunately, has left me with that same hard feeling. I also didn’t really get a wonderful lather from the bar. I was using it just as a bar soap straight on my skin, though, and I think I might have avoided that if I had used it with a pouf like CitySlicker. It didn't zap my skin of moisture like some other bars, which is a definite advantage. This soap does come in beautiful packaging, and really smells delish!

Review- Sun Feather Angelica Soothing Herbal Soap

Nourish your skin with Angelica Soothing Herbal Soap. Angelica, or angel root, and shea butter are traditionally renowned for their emollient, stimulating and protective properties.

I have the Angelica variety of this soap with shea butter, balsam and lavender. It smells wonderful! If you asked me without looking at the label I would not have known the scent but let me tell you, the combination is great. It is in a pump dispenser and can be used for hands or body. I chose to use it as a hand soap & it's so well scented that you can smell your hands 10 minutes after washing them and they still smell like aromatherapy oils. It's also very gentle due to the Angelica & shea butter. My husband even commented how much he liked it and he never mentions things like that. At $13 this soap is a great deal as I've been using it for about 2 weeks (for a family of 2) and it's maybe 1/3 of the way done. You get great softening benefits, lovely smell and good value with this soap.

Review - Alaska Glacial Mud Facial

The glacial facial purifying mineral mud masque contains the most mineral-rich and pure glacial clay in the world, sustainably harvested from the remote waters of the Copper River Delta in Alaska. Our glacial masque detoxifies, exfoliates and softens skin while more than 60 nourishing major and trace elements promote healthy skin cell regeneration.

When I first investigated the website for Alaska Glacial Mud Facials, I got very excited - it's a certified organic product! They harvest the mud in a sustainable way! They donate 10% of profits to various environmental causes! "Hooray," I thought, "this company is amazing!" Then I started to worry that the mud facials would fall short of my now-heightened expectations. Thankfully, these mud facials not only met, but surpassed even my inflated hopes. First of all, it smells glorious - earthy, but not musty, natural and sweet. I used the vanilla-lavender scent, which is soothing, but it also comes in a lavender-peppermint and an unscented version. The little applicator brush (which costs extra, but you get free shipping when you purchase it) allows you to spread the mud on more evenly than you would with your fingers, so you get more uses out of the 3.5oz jar. I left the mud on for the recommended 20 minutes, then rinsed and - I am not even making this up - saw IMMEDIATE tightening of my pores and a reduction of redness in my face. (I tend to be what Dickens might have called "ruddy-faced." I would definitely have been a chambermaid or bar wench in his time.) It did feel slightly drying, but nothing a little moisturizer couldn't handle. For that reason, I would be cautious if your skin tends to the dry end of the spectrum - I am definitely over the line into Combinationville, heading down the Oilytown Freeway, so someone with less natural oil on their face might get too dried out with this product. As for me, though - I am officially an addict. At $34 a jar (plus $6 for the brush), it might seem steep for what is, really, a jar of mud, but if I do manage to get the suggested 20 uses out of it, I'd say $2 for a mud facial that ACTUALLY WORKS (and is, don't forget, sustainable) is a bargain and a half. Currently, this product is only available online at their website, or at a few online retailers.

Deedlejuse says:

I agree with Movie Maven. I have normal to dry skin and I usually find mud facials rather drying, almost comfortable after removed. This one was definitely a different sort of mud facial than those I have used in the past. The smell was very pleasant; I used the Lavender Peppermint flavor. After, my pores were much tighter and my face just felt fresh and squeaky clean, but not super dried out. My boyfriend even noticed (without me telling him) that my face looked different, in a good way! I was impressed. For me $34 for a jar of facial mud would be expensive, but for the results and considering the green efforts the company is making, I think that it would be worth it. I really loved the way I looked after I used this product I am a big fan.

CitySlicker Says:

I, like Deedlejuse got the chance to try the Lavender Pepperment scent. From the moment I opened the container, the cooling mint was enveloping. I am a huge clay mask person and am not sure I have ever tried an actual mud mask. I feel like I have been living under a rock, confessing to this. I always apply my fluid masks with a fan brush. It's easier and doesn't waste any product. This mask is loose and easy to sweep over the face with a brush, it't got the consistency of a cream... It feels amazing on, a cooling sensation take over and really relieves all the stress of the day. I loved the experience..

I read about this last year at some point. I think it was in the spring. I found it in a magazine and was enthralled but never actually bought any or looked into it any further. I am elated that I was able to try this out. Back to the review, I rinsed off using a face cloth, when it dries, it does tighten and make you look like a crumbling statue. It's easy to wash off with the cloth. I wet my entire face as well as the cloth then rinse and rub gently. The results are an instant plump flush face (not from being irritated) My face felt smooth and clean. It was soft but felt refreshed firm. This is a great mask that I will surely pick up. I totally recommend the Lavender Peppermint scent. It's amazing! I felt like it refreshed my skin and relaxed my mind. It's a great spa experience at home!

Amanda S says:

Holy cow! I am converted, I don't want to repeat everything said above, but here I have been, strolling through life using drug store bought mud masks that are pretty alright but not amazing, and then *this* stuff comes along. WOW! All I can say is honestly, I love this stuff, my skin was so soft and clear and smooth after using this mask twice in one week that I am definitely going to have to go out and get more. I don't want to pretend to know what sets it apart exactly from other mud masks, I just know that there is something special and different that I really appreciate here. If you're a mudmask / facial type person that loves using these types of things, this is well worth the money to have such an experience. Highly recommended.

Joyce says:

I’m going to continue to use this on my nose and chin, especially since this mask quickly and easily took care of a blemish that popped up. I did enjoy the cool scent and feel. However, I noticed the fine lines on my forehead that have been diminishing were more noticeable after I rinsed it off. But I’m not going to say the product, alone, had this effect. I’m using a specific skincare line and maybe the two just didn’t agree. This mask is supposed to be for all skin types, but I’d love if the company enhanced one for more mature, dry skin.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Review - Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil

Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil

A rinse-off oil-based cleanser especially formulated for quick and easy removal of long-wearing foundation and water-resistant sunscreen. Protects skin’s natural moisture as it works. Rinses away quickly, leaving no sensation of stickiness.

Barbara says:

5 oz. $22.00
For about 6 months of the year, I use an SPF strength on my face that takes no prisoners—50 or even 60. It had never occurred to me that the cleanser I used at night might not fully remove the SPF. That is until I bought a Shiseido sunscreen and the saleswoman suggested I also needed the cleansing oil.

All I could picture was a sticky oil that would be hard to apply and not really
come off. I thought I was being hustled but with a pale complexion with some freckles, I didn’t dare ever go out without SPF.

I’ve always been partial to using an oil to take off makeup, feeling (rightly or wrongly) that it somehow penetrated the makeup much more effectively than a regular cleanser. So why wouldn’t it work that way on an SPF cream? I decided
to give things a go for one bottle of Ultimate Cleansing Oil and see what happened.
The result was instant love. The oil absolutely glided on, nothing sticky or tacky about it. I discovered that if I used a tissue to first wipe the oil off, THEN rinsed with water afterwards, there was not a trace of the oil left behind and my skin felt completely clean and smooth.

I owe both the saleswoman and the cleansing oil an apology for originally thinking, “Oh, yeah?” After using Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil for quite a while, my thoughts are now, “Oh, yeah!” The product can be found at the Shiseido counter at any major department store.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Review - L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream

Ultimate moisturizing comfort, with a high (25%) concentration of Shea Butter. A pampering, whipped cream enriched with linseed, mallow, sweet almond and honey extracts, apricot oil and vitamin E. Fast-absorbing; non-greasy texture. $38.00

CitySlicker Says:

This came to my via a friend, I was told it worked wonders on dry chapped lips.. I am lip gloss, liner, lipstick fiend so my lippies are dry by the end of the day. I typically lube them up in the evening so they can refresh & plump up then start over the next day.. I am the type of girl that feels naked without something on my lips, having said that you can understand my pleasure when this was presented to me.. I felt no need to use this in any other way.. I have been using this nightly on the lips for over a week now and all I can say is "Fab"! I have found a product that has been working wonders on my lips since the first night of usage.
This has a very faint scent is natural/earthy/herby and it doesn't bother my lips in the least. It's also got no taste (big plus) and lasts all night long.. I do put a heap on my lips every night after washing up. I haven't encounter a problem with any of the skin around my lips, since this is heavy I thought I might get oily or break out. My skin is clear and not break outs. I think it I was going to beak out it would have happened by now. My lips are moist, hydrated and feel plump.. I think they really even look smoother and I am finding that my lips aren't all dried out at the end of the day..
A little trick I picked up is, buy a babies toothbrush and apply a lip treatment to the brush, rub around on the lips lightly. It's a light exfoliant.. It removes dead skin and leaves the lippies soft and smooth. I usually use Aquafor to do this but have switched and this is working really well also..
I am sorry to not put out there a complete review of all the ways this can be used.. I am dead set on this being my lippie rescue so for all the dry lips out there, this can be your saviour also! I will try to pry some out of the tub to use else where, but don't hate me if you don't hear back!

Review - De-Luxe Rosemary Mint Body Lotion

CREME de-luxe Luxury Body Creme $5.99
Authentic Spa Quality Personal Care
Soy, Milk Protein, Shea Butter, Aloe & Vitamin-E Lotion.

CitySlicker Says:

The scent of this lotion is AMAZING in my book. I can't get enough of it, it's got that super cool sensation thingy going on.. The instant I take a breathe, I feel like my nasal passages open up, I feel calmer & relaxed.. It's not to strong either just the right potency for a perk up... I think this lotion is a loose cream almost milky.. When I apply it to my legs if I don't quickly rub in it does start to run down my leg, no big deal for me but just different than what I am used to.. The scent carries on my skin for a short time. By the days end, I can't pick it up at all.. I think honestly, that is a good thing.. I don't want to be smelling minty fresh all day. I will say this, this is a nice blend of the mint & rosemary.. It's not a harsh rosemary scent, it's light and blends nicely with the mint. I think it's a great combo. When this dries down and is totally absorbed into my skin feels soft, plump and hydrated. This line is super affordable, offers a great variety of products & scents.. The price is right for a re-buy!

Review - Sea Blossom Soap

Calming $6.50 100% natural, extra mild Calming Shea Butter soap with Calendula extract has soothing botanicals and a beautiful new look!

CitySlicker Says:

This is a lovely moisturizing soap.. It's got a light scent that kind on my skin. There is nothing perfumy about this bar. I found that it doesn't lather up into a thick froth, it's more creamy. I used it two ways, to wash the entire bod as well as to shave with. I found that it's great to shave with, my legs were nice and smooth after.. It's been pretty dry around my neck of the woods so my legs can get itchy when I don't moisturize. This soap left my skin feeling good enough to stand on it's own. I find anything with Shea Butter is wonderful to my body. I liked this soap and would look into picking up more. I found that the light, earthy scent didn't cover me in fragrance, it was so light that I didn't really notice once I dried off. I had no adverse reactions from the soap, a plus in my book.. The Sea Blossoms site looks like got some bathing beauty goodies for all the peeps who indulge in spa days at home!

Deedlejuse says:

I used a different kind of soap than Cityslicker, the Chocolate Shea, but I had similar results. It lathered up nicely, but again not a very thick froth, which I actually preferred. The smell was really lovely, not overwhelmingly chocolaty, sort of like a mug of cocoa, perfect for a decadent bath before bedtime. I’m sure everyone else has used Shea soap before so understands the difference between the soft richness of Shea soap and the hard texture of a bar of glycerin soap, but I hadn’t and it was a wonderful experience. I would definitely try a few other flavors of this soap... But I do love chocolate!

Hillary says:

My soap is French Lavender. It smells great, like true lavender essential oil. I don't usually like to use bar soap on my hands as I'm a bit of a compulsive washer & it tends to dry them out. This bar- not so much. My hands felt fine, not tight after their fourth wash of the day. Couple that with the great fragrance & I may just conquer my fear of washing my hands with a bar (ok, that's not entirely likely).

Joyce says:
I tried Vanilla Milk & Honey and loved the scent of this handcrafted item. I also appreciated the fact a soap didn’t dry my skin out when I used only it. If I used dish liquid then used the soap, I did have to use a moisturizer. My thought was if I checked with the soap crafter and learned it was safe for babies (I’m pretty sure it’s safe for toddler ages and up), I’d definitely use it for their baths or to wash their hands. People would pick up my little angel and say, “This is exactly how a baby should smell.” Definitely for babes of all ages.

Amanda S. Says:

I received the White tea & Ginger scented soap, and it has glitter. I LOVE GLITTER (it's a guilty pleasure of mine...). Now, I am a person that *makes* my own soap by hand, so I am super picky when given a bar of soap and this stuff really does have a really soft smell, a long life, great consistency and after using my skin felt very soft and nice. A+ on this product, if you are big into scented/gift soaps Sea Blossom is a great place to start.

Review - Nougat Bath Truffle

Loaded with Cocoa Butter these bath truffles melt in warm water to release. The intense moisturizing property of natures finest butter leaving the skin hydrated and protected. Either cut in half or drop in the bath whole, allow the truffle to slowly melt, sink in and let your mind drift away.

Deedlejuse said:

These bath truffles made the water feel almost butter soft and very silky. The scent was mild, not quite as intense as some others that I have used, but definitely there and quite pleasing. I used the fig and pink cedar and it had a musky sort of woody scent with a fruity top that was very refreshing and calming. My skin afterwards felt very slick, like I really had a layer of Cocoa Butter around my whole body, and my skin smelled faintly for the rest of the night. I would recommend that you cut the truffle in half (I didn’t and it took longer that my bath was warm to dissolve), and also that you toss it into the tub when you first turn on the water. The package is beautiful; it would look nice in any bathroom. I think that this would be a really easy gift.

Amanda S. Says:

I agree with Deedlejuse, these are great and I am a *big time* bath person, I take a bath at least twice a week to relax and soften my skin and calm it down if I feel itchy and dry. This was super moisturizing and my skin has been soft all day after using them the night before. I actually did break the truffle in half before using because it seemed pretty big, and the smell lasted all night and gave the entire room a nice hint of scent (it wasn't overbearing by any means however). I would love to receive these as a gift anytime and hands down they're better than the scented bath salts and fizzies I use quite often.

CitySlicker says:

I agree with what the other girls reported on the bath truffles. This is an amazing new concept. I have never seen a product that melts like this in the tub. I used both of the nougats Tuberose & Jasmine and the fig and pink cedar.. The first time I used the Fig & Pink Cedar, it did take a while for it to melt.. It's very dense and feels slippery soft in the tub.. The water got cloudy as it melted. I think this is nothing like a bath bomb/bath fizzy. I noticed right after jumping in that the water was very soft on my skin. Deedlejuse mentioned that you feel enveloped by a layer on your skin, she's right . It's amazing.. I wasn't greasy, my body felt soft and smooth. The best part is everything rinsed away in the tub.. When I was done I turned on the shower and gave it an addt'l rinse, pouf all gone.. I love that, some products leave a heavy residue in the tub and it's not worth the cleanup!

I found after use I didn't need a body moisturizer, this scent was almost gone when I was dried. I did notice that it's not an overwhelming scent in the tub. It's full of moisture not perfume. I noticed on the first one that it didn't melt. The second time around I popped it in when I turned on the water. It dissolved on the second time and I waited till the bath was full to get in, it looks like a swishy swirl of marshmallow, cloudy and inviting! LOL, I crack myself up!

The scents are yummy. The fig & pink cedar is musky and reminds my of musk at dusk, a bath fizzy and the tuberose & pink jasmine is a pretty girly floral that isn't overwhelming but light and airy!

I also wan't to mention what a wonderful innovative site Nougat has, there are some great cool looking spa items. The packaging is amazing very girly and pretty. It's the kind of stuff you want to share with other but become to greedy since you really want it for yourself, at least I do! I can also see there products being left out to display in the bathroom. I think this is a wonderful line and look forward to see a lot more of them..

Joyce says:

This nougat is the size of a golf ball. The scent is light, which is great because I don’t like to feel overpowered by scent or sneeze once it starts to diffuse. I was concerned it might make the tub slippery, but it didn’t. And, I add, my nougat lasted for two 25-30 minute baths. Maybe it’s because I dropped it into the water instead of placing it under the water flow. Who knows? I only know I liked the experience of it and how my skin felt after. I bathe every day. Maybe the Easter Bunny will put some of these yummy bits into my basket.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Review - Body Candy Foaming Hand Soap

Body Candy Foaming Hand Soap
Hand washing with this remarkable foaming sulfate and paraben free natural and organic cleanser is truly fun and never drying to your skin. Formulated with organic oils of coconut and olive oil and scented with a natural vanilla extract.

9 oz, approx. $10.00
My usual hand soap routine went like this: hit soap dispenser pump, catch a glop of something, wash hands, think they’re soft but know they won’t be shortly afterwards. Body Candy Foaming Hand Soap was quite a surprise after this.

First of all, product appears clear but the pump dispenses a white foam, almost like a very light mousse. The washing part was much faster and easier than pushing around a thick product and the result on my hands was delightful. They felt soft without any kind of greasy after effect and the scent was perfect. Just a hint of fragrance.

“Truly fun” seemed like a strange description for a hand soap but they’re not kidding. Body Candy Foaming Hand Soap really is fun to use, it’s both gentle and effective and it comes in a very generous size. Love it. You can find this on the internet.

Review - Baby Phat Goddess

Baby Phat's presence as an aspirational lifestyle line for young women is now complete with the addition of Goddess, the newest perfume creation by Baby Phat and Kimora Lee Simmons. A passionate floral bouquet that evokes all the power and grace of a goddess. Baby Phat Goddess perfume notes include Gardenia, White Rosebuds, Cedrat Flower, Blue Lily, Hyacinth, Black Pepper, Seringa, Musk, Exotic Woods.

Movie Maven Said: This is a nice, sort of powdery-clean scent that reminds me of a fancy version of, say, Love's Baby Soft. It's not necessarily what I would expect from the Baby Phat line; it's more girly and not as edgy as I was imagining. It's a good daytime scent, not too strong. I'd give it a try if you're a girly-girl who likes scents that aren't terribly perfume-y. $39.89 @

Amanda S. Says: I love this! I genuinely went into trying out this scent without any big expectations because like Maven said, I expected it to be edgy and maybe a little too much for me. It's such a nice soft hinted scent, it's hard to describe other than very girly and soft, like caramel and vanilla. I love it so much!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Product Alert - Baby Quasar

Power + Price Conscious. Believe.
The Baby Q is designed with powerful wavelengths and frequencies making it the most powerful consumer device. Simply and thoughtfully designed for you, the individual who wants to perform maintenance treatments and touchups all within the fun and convenience of your own home. The perfect solution to enhance results in problem areas in between treatments at your spa or clinic.

A petite light-therapy powerhouse. Designed to lessen the look of lines, wrinkles, and large pores, even out discoloration, address acne and other skin conditions, slow hair loss and actually rev re-growth, this baby (or BabyQ, as it's affectionately called) is the only tool out there to tout (count 'em) four light wavelengths (that's amber, red and infrared). What that means? Quicker, more reliable results.

OOOO, I am going to have to look further into this device.. I think I would like one in my arsenal.. If the claims are true this can really save women & men a lot of $$ and time over the years.. I love at home products, it's great to go to the spa but nothing compares to relaxing at home and having a little spa treatment in your own livingroom

Friday, February 15, 2008

Review - Revlon Expert Effect Quick Dry Base Coat

Revlon Expert Effect Quick Dry Base Coat
Super fast-drying formula blends oils and vitamins to nourish and condition. Patented plasticizers and an acrylic polymer lock in natural moisture and form a hard, flexible shield that helps prevent nail staining.

About $6.99
The first time I tried a deep, dark wine nail polish was nearly my last. I’d used my regular base coat and all was cool until it came time to remove the polish. Things didn’t just end up messy, my hands looked like special effects from a horror film!

The dark polish had come off but my nails were so terribly stained, it appeared I’d been crushing grapes with them. I thought I was literally going to have to wear gloves outside the house. I turned into Lady Macbeth, scrubbing my hands maniacally to make the stain go away.

I assumed the problem was the polish and it never occurred to might be the basecoat. I spotted Expert Effect Quick Dry Basecoat while I was looking for a light colored polish but it claimed to prevent nail staining so I bravely decided to give things one more try with the deep polishes I really wanted to use.

Voila. Success. The base coat indeed protected my pinkies and it supplied excellent adherence as well. I do use a ridge-filling type basecoat when I use light polish, but for dark colors, Expert Effect is now my “go-to” best friend.

Review - Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara

Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara

For lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes, this best-selling mascara provides the ultimate in shaping and separation. Patented brush coats each lash, from base to tip, for superb definition.

I once saw a quiz that asked: if you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one beauty product you’d have with you? I voted for mascara. This makes no sense whatsoever except if you’re eyelash obsessed and want lovely, fringe-y eyes even if the rest of your face looks like leather!

Definicils was probably one of the first mascaras on the market created specifically to define lashes but in my book, it’s still the champion. My eyelashes kind of perk up and say, goodie, when they see me open the tube. They know the brush is going to hunt down and pay attention to each and every one of them –and make them stars.

For complaints that Definicils doesn’t make lashes thicker...hello? That’s not what it’s for. And there’s nothing to prevent doing the makeup artist thing—using a couple of coats of different mascaras to achieve a desired effect.

This is one product where you won’t have to worry that a few months later, the company will replace it with the next new thing. Lancome knows it has a classic in Definicils.

Trish Says:

I love Mascara. I love mascara that lengthens and conditions at the same time. I love mascara that defines and shapes. All these things and more are what Lancome's Definicils High Definition Mascara successfully achieves with one simple stroke. When wearing this mascara, you don't have to worry about it running or flaking off during the day. It lasts, with beautiful precision and a bit of perkiness too. My eyelashes looked pretty and kept up without any residual mess whatsoever. Only downside, which is important for people with thin eyelashes, this product unfortunately does not add any thickness or volume, so your eyelashes while well-defined and looking long and pretty, won't thicken up miraculously before your eyes. Although, if you are graced with luscious lashes, this product will make them that much more long, luxurious, and lovely, but if you're one of the few like me with thin and sparse lashes, this mascara only lengthens and defines, without filling in the some of spaces in between. This is a high quality and well-defined mascara without any added pretensions nor extensions for that matter. If you have nice and thick lashes, you'd definitely want to treat them well and add extra love to them with Lancome's Definicils High Definition Mascara, it’ll show.

Review - Sunsilk Anti-Poof Shampoo, Styler & Conditioner

Soft, smooth hair that doesn't poof.

I've seen the ads for this stuff and they're pretty funny (a little corny?) but I DO get poofy hair in the summer and this product would probably do me good when it gets really humid outside and my hair is a fuzzball on top near my roots. It smells really clean and nice, and out of the three (the shampoo, the conditioner, and the styler) I would say the styler is the most useful and my favorite because it gives my hair a little bit of hold but also makes it seem a little thicker and less erratic and fuzzy up front where my bangs are growing out and can do REALLY weird stuff if I don't keep them in check. These products can all be had for under $5 which is a steal and they are 100% comparable to those 'anti-frizz products that are over $10-15 in drug stores. If you've got poof-fuzz, try this stuff first.

Review - Garnier Fructis Shampoo and Conditioner

New Garnier Fructis fortifying shampoos, conditioners, and treatment products now contain Reinforced Active Fruit Concentrate. Active Fruit Concentrate acts deep within and on the surface of your hair to strengthen and smooth each strand. Hair is up to 5x stronger, up to 5x smoother, and so much shinier.*

I love this line of shampoo and conditioner. I have dry, colored hair so I use the colored hair shampoo and conditioner. It works really well, it leaves my hair shinier and silkier than any other shampoo that I have tried. The shampoo lathers really well, and the conditioner rinses out without leaving residue in your hair. The smell is sort of citrusy, and very fresh so it always revives me and leaves me ready for anything! They also are available in economy sizes which cuts down on the cost.
From Amanda: I am dedicated to using Garnier Fructis conditioner about 75% of the time, that's how much I love it. When I'm not using it, I'm using intensive conditioners or something else I am reviewing for the site, or sampling something or other that's new and exciting. But this stuff is my default for conditioning, and I have found out now, in trying out the shampoo, that it's just as great as the conditioner. I only actually wash my hair a few times a week max (generally I just rinse it), but this shampoo is great because it's not too harsh and doesn't strip my hair leaving it feeling like hay rather than hair. Like above, the smell is great, the price is great, and the economy size will last you FOREVER. highly recommended.

Joyce says:

The shampoo seems to lather differently than other shampoos I’ve used, but don’t let that fool you. It gets the job done. The conditioner seemed light enough not to weigh my thin, fine hair down, even if I put it close to the scalp. The key to hair products is always a thorough rinse. I did like the styling cream, especially since I often like to flip my hair over and finger-dry it and did find that when I twisted hair sections and dried them, the body and curl stayed until I washed it the next day. I think it’s best to comment on an anti-humidity product during summer months (it’s winter now), but I went out into the misty day and my hair didn’t frizz. My hair is quite touchable and smooth-looking. I wish they’d make candles with this scent.

Review - Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Perfume

A sensual blend of smooth white peony, soft vanilla and creamy sandalwood. Domestic.
Fragrance type: vanilla oriental

Top notes: quince, cardamon, wild ivy, mandarin
Middle notes: waterlily, white peony, freesia, iris,
Low notes: white musk, sandalwood, orchid vanilla

I have to say, though I often don’t look twice at the Victoria’s Secret body products, I really respect their genius. This fragrance is lovely; it is not too strong and not too light. It is ambery as well as floral with a splash of clean linen for good measure. Basically everything anyone could ask for in a perfume all rolled in to one clean delicately shaped bottle. It is the perfect perfume for the masses. They say it is “America’s #1 Fragrance” on their website, and I definitely believe it. I can’t imagine anyone hating this smell. Its staying power was respectable, a good 6 to 8 hours until I couldn’t smell it anymore on my skin. I think if you are finicky with perfumes and can’t find one you like, give this one a try; it is the perfect equation for a non-offensive perfume.

CitySlicker Says: I have been wearing this for about a week. I am very picky about what I wear for perfumes.. I am all over the board in terms of what I like. I love shopping at Vickies.. I have a couple cosmetics that I really like from them and never really gave their perfumes a change, it's always very fragrant in that section.. I hate being thrown into the mix of everything, it's kind of noxious.. Anyway, I spritzed myself each morning after showering, just a spritz on my wrists then on my neck.. Initially, this wasn't for me, it has a very warm scent to it and I wasn't turned on. The next thing I knew I was at work then took a second deep breathe and it really evolved into something a bit different, I could pick up the florals within, it turned out to be really pretty and a bit lighter than the initally dry down.. it transformed into a springy light floral which is one of the scents I am attached to.. I had a different frame of time than Deedlejuse, I could still smell mine by the days end.. It was light but still apparent.. This is a great scent that really surprised me!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Review - Talika Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler

Maximize your eye-batting beauty with Talika's Eyelash Curler. Designed to quickly and professionally curl lashes, this easy-to-use makeup tool will soon become your cosmetic best friend.

Talika Eyelash Curler Features:
Steel body with an attached silicone rubber pad.
Comes with a spare silicone rubber replacement pad.$24.00

CitySlicker Says:

This is an amazing curler, I used the Shu curler and thought hands down it was the best.. I lost my shu, so I went to the mall and popped into C.O. Bigelow. I found the Talika there.. I was initally thought naww, just get what you know but then I jumped and got one.. I absolutely love it, it does an amazing job at curling my lashes and keeping the curl. My lashes are pretty straight so I need the help.. It's so easy to use and I never pinch myself.. I love the spring mechanism that gently pulls the curler away from the lashes so no matter how long or heavy I press my lashes don't stick. I don't apply a lot of pressure either, just saying you can, but don't need to.. I am a neat freak so I don't let any mascara build up on the pads.. I haven't had to replace the pad and I have had this a long time.. So if you take care of it, it doesn't break down, it just keeps on curling.. I think this is SO worth the money, it truly changes my straight short lashes for the better!

Review - L'Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Shampoo

For Medium To Long, That's Damaged Hair $4.99
New, Expert Care For Beautiful Hair
Pearl Protein Complex
Boosts Shine And Helps Prevent Split Ends
Mirror Shine, Cashmere Touch
Before Using Nutri Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner: Your hair may be damaged, dull and lacking life from heat styling, brushing and the environment.

CitySlicker Says:
I really liked this shampoo, it's a nice shampoo that lathers up into a thick frothy, bubbly experience.. What I like is that I could really scrub my scalp and doo. When rinsing it wasn't all knotted, some shampoos leave my hair bunch up and tight to my scalp this wasn't the case, I couldn't feel a lot of tangles. It rinsed quickly and left my hair feeling clean.. This too, was only a sample but the results were really nice.. I think the price is right, the products did leave my do shiny, soft and full. My do wasn't wieghed down in the least. I think for $10.oo to get both products.. Kudos! The sample was just enough for to leave me wanting more, with the hopes of stronger healthier hair. Can't wait!

Review - L'Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Conditioner

For Medium To Long, That's Damaged Hair $4.99
New, Expert Care For Beautiful Hair
Pearl Protein Complex
Boosts Shine And Helps Prevent Split Ends
Mirror Shine, Cashmere Touch

Before Using Nutri Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner: Your hair may be damaged, dull and lacking life from heat styling, brushing and the environment.

After Using Nutri Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner: Your hair becomes stronger, more dynamic and shines brilliantly with targeted nourishment that helps prevent split ends.
Nutri Gloss with a New Pearl Protein Complex protects hair against damage as it boosts shine and infuses touchable softness:
Conditions hair without weighing it down
Nourishes for greater strength
Detangles and helps defend against split ends
Ignites glossy, healthy shine


I got a decent sized sample of this and am happy to report it's really worth a deeper look.. I have a doo that is above my shoulders and it worked for me so I don't think you really have to have medium length hair to use, it's a rich, thick conditioner that was easy to distribute through the doo, it's got a floral scent that didn't relly have any distinguishing notes popping out at me.. I did notice when rinsing that my doo felt super smoooth and silky. I left the conditioner in my hair for about 5 minutes while washing up. When I went to style my hair it was tangle free and smooth, I dried and styled.. The results were shiny hair.. I will need to purchase to investigate if it truly helps with split ends, I could use help in that dept! All in all it's worth the $5.. It totally made my hair manageable and smooth.. The doo looked shiny and healthy too..