Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Review- Boob Lube by Save the Ta-Tas

Boob Lube™ by Save the ta-tas®, is the first ever breast check soap. Put some fun in the fight with Boob Lube™!

This would make a great all-over soap since it’s light, foamy, and doesn’t get tacky the way liquid soaps do when you rub them on your skin. It has shea butter, lavender, and rosewood for softness and scent. They also make it easy for women to do their breast exams by putting the directions and a sketch on the label. You don’t have to pull out a diagram or stick one on your wall. There’s even a date tracker on the label so you keep up with the exams. I’ll add this: Excellent to use alone or with a friend (grin).

Hillary says:
I used this lube to give myself a breast exam recently and I'd say the consistency of the gel made it much easier than normal. It seems to be extra slippery so you're hand just glides along. My sister's best friend was just operated on for breast cancer & it was a real wake-up call for me as she is only 38. Boob lube sits in your shower reminding you to perform a self check every month. Plus a portion of the proceeds go towards breast cancer charities. You can never be too careful ladies!

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