Saturday, February 2, 2008

Review - Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips

Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips

A Fast-Acting Instant Lip Line Relaxer Formulated with GABA:

  • Visibly relaxes skin so lines and wrinkles appear minimized for hours
  • Optimizes lipstick wear by preventing feathering and bleeding
  • See dramatically smoother, younger-looking skin within seconds of first application
  • Dermatologist tested - hypoallergenic

GABA Complex works immediately to create a tightening, lifting and smoothing effect. Elastomers and Vitamins correct the signs of aging.

.2 oz. $9.99

Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips proves that good things really do come in small packages. Make that REALLY small packages. One of the fun things (NOT) about getting older is that my lips started looking like a dried up creek bed. Gloss just highlighted the problem and matte was a disaster. I'd tried a mountain of smoothers and plumpers but they left my lips a little slippery or a little tacky--no good for a foundation for lipstick which was the whole point of the product.

Once I tried Line Freeze, I found it really was faux-tox for lips, thanks to GABA, and the other good stuff in there acted like a watering can on my poor mouth. Just the teeniest bit, and a minute or two wait, and lipstick started loving my lips again. Stain, gloss, regular, long-wearing, matte--they all looked excellent and the color was true. I definitely have a much prouder smile.

TIP: You need so little of the product and the jar is so small that's it's best to pick up product from jar with one of those pointy Q-tips (the ones meant to clean up eye makeup mistakes). Dab product on lips with Q-tip, then use finger to spread it.


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Anonymous said...

Loved reading your review :) I have the same problem as you. I've purchased it after trying numerous glosses, creams and all types of vaselines to cure this pathetic and annoying lip line problem. I did not really take the time to use this product for a long time because I've encountered the Sally Hansen Peptide Lip Line Treatment which supposedly works the same but come in a small pump bottle.
It works good enough as far as immediately erasing the lines on my bottom lips, but I have not tried it on with lipstick on top. So I will test that out and see what happens.
Thanks for sharing again and please let us know if you find something similar or better.
God bless!