Monday, February 11, 2008

Review - Dove Calming Night Beauty Soap

Dove Calming Night Beauty Bar Soap is soothing honey & vitamin A. Prepare yourself for your beauty sleep with Dove Calming Night bar. The moisturizing formula of Dove, with soothing honey & Vitamin A, works together with the warmth of the shower to regenerate the look and feel of your skin's surface. While a sensual fragrance embraces your body & relaxes your senses. To enhance skin's natural renewal process, apply Dove Regenerating Night Lotion after showering.
My honest to goodness standard reaction to a bar of soap is to cringe. Normally, after I use soap my skin feels tight and dry and it takes a layer of moisturizer AND a layer of almond oil to make my skin stop feeling this way. However, because Dove brands have a reputation of being gentle I figured I would give this soap a try and wholeheartedly the rumors are true, my skin didn't feel dry and icky after my shower. I am probably one of... five people left on the planet that has only used a Dove product once but just in case there are others waiting to be converted out there, if you like to use soap in the shower/bath, this is the kind of soap to use. Plus the scent of this particular brand is super subtle but very relaxing and beautiful. I will definitely buy a few bars of this for my dedicated soap using family members as I think they'll enjoy it a lot.

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