Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Review - Marilyn Double S Pro Round Brushes for Straightening

100% natural blond boar bristles
Foam handle
Enlarged neck in the handle so the hair won't get caught in the union of the wood and the foam
Gorgeous bottle green with green foam on the handle
Perfect for straight styling; bristles in a 90 degree angle gives less motion
The professionals choice!
Available in five sizes:
$17.85 - $31.50

CitySlicker Says:
These are one of my favorite brushes, I have fine hair that I dry and style everyday. I will either dry it under so it looks straight or flip it out for a "that girl" look. My hair is above my shoulders but I have used these when my hair was really short and beyond my shoulders.. I can tell you this, natural bristles are ther way to go, they totally add shine and offer a straighter look than the ones with the metal barrel. I never feel like I am going to burn my hair when going over it a few times.. These brushes really cling to the hair which allows me to start close to my head and pull out for a smooth finish, if I do this in sections I get a really straight smooth finish. If you look at the brushes above, check out how the bristles are angled towards the middle, I think this is the secret to not loosing peices of hair while drying it sends everything I brush to the center for an easy blow dry. My stylist turned me onto them and I have been a fan every since. I have a few others but these are my staples.. If you haven't tried em, RUN out and grab one.. I have the large and the next size down..

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