Friday, February 15, 2008

Review - Revlon Expert Effect Quick Dry Base Coat

Revlon Expert Effect Quick Dry Base Coat
Super fast-drying formula blends oils and vitamins to nourish and condition. Patented plasticizers and an acrylic polymer lock in natural moisture and form a hard, flexible shield that helps prevent nail staining.

About $6.99
The first time I tried a deep, dark wine nail polish was nearly my last. I’d used my regular base coat and all was cool until it came time to remove the polish. Things didn’t just end up messy, my hands looked like special effects from a horror film!

The dark polish had come off but my nails were so terribly stained, it appeared I’d been crushing grapes with them. I thought I was literally going to have to wear gloves outside the house. I turned into Lady Macbeth, scrubbing my hands maniacally to make the stain go away.

I assumed the problem was the polish and it never occurred to might be the basecoat. I spotted Expert Effect Quick Dry Basecoat while I was looking for a light colored polish but it claimed to prevent nail staining so I bravely decided to give things one more try with the deep polishes I really wanted to use.

Voila. Success. The base coat indeed protected my pinkies and it supplied excellent adherence as well. I do use a ridge-filling type basecoat when I use light polish, but for dark colors, Expert Effect is now my “go-to” best friend.

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