Friday, February 29, 2008

Review - Garnier Fructis

Each Garnier Fructis product is enriched with active natural ingredients, specially selected to give your hair the nourishing care it needs to look healthy every day.

Ok, so I tried to find the specific Garnier Fructis product that I tried really recently. It is the Length and Strength Leave in Conditioner. Unfortunately, I could not find an image of it on the internet, anywhere. Do check out their website though, it won't tell you specifically about ANY products, but it has nifty hints and tips about your hair, and which products might be wonderful for your hair-type. So ultimately I decided that I would just write an ode to my favorite product brand ever. It is relatively inexpensive, and awesome. I currently use their hair color, it isn't quite as natural as some other types, but it doesn't break my hair and it is always shiny and bright. I do a very light blond color and it never fades even if I let it go for a long time. I also use their shampoo and conditioners, all of them, and they make my hair smell awesome and look brighter and shinier than pretty much any other kind. The Length and Strength Leave in Conditioner is what I tried most recently, and it was really great for my hair. It even seems to repair the already there split ends, and makes my hair straighter even if I don't straighten it. It smells a little funky, but it doesn't stay for long. It also doesn't muck up your hands like some other leave-ins can. Also, my boyfriend saw me getting all of my many bottles of products out to look at them and fight with the computer, and it turns out that he uses my Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioning Cream for his hair. Let me tell you his hair is really hard to handle, it is super curly and puffy and adorable, but he says that this stuff is the only thing that will make it calm down and look managed for the whole day. All in all I just really like this brand, they are consistently wonderful and amazing in every way.

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