Monday, March 30, 2009

Review- Physician's Formula Eyebrightener

Brightens dark or dull eyelids with subtle hints of pearlescent color for a natural-looking finish! $7.95

This is a very unique and useful product. It looks marbled in the case (I have Touch of Smoke as seen above, but there are 6 colors altogether) From the look of the powder you would never guess that it could lighten your lids, but magically it does just that. It adds a slight bit of irridescence (we're talking slight), but other than that, you look like you- only better. I happen to have eyelids that are a few shades darker than my browbone (I think most women do), but if I don't feel like doing a full face of make-up, I can just throw this on w/ some tinted moisturizer & lip and cheek tint and I'm ready to go. It really does brighten the eye area, hiding any discolorations in the process. Yet it goes on so light, you hardly feel like you are wearing anything at all. What amazes me most is the way it looks medium grey in the pot then lightens my lids once it's applied. How'd they do that? I highly recommend this product for either the "un-makeup" look or if you are just making a quick trip out and want to look fresh and awake.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review - Nintendo Wii Fit

So I know that this site is dedicated generally to beauty products, but in my opinion this is THE MOST important part of my beauty regimen right now. I have had the Wii Fit for exactly eight days, tonight will be my eighth workout, and I have to be honest I am already seeing improvements in both my body shape and those little aches and pains that have been showing up recently. I am about to turn 25 (gasp), and I know that sounds young to many, but I have allowed myself to become very unfit. And I'm not just talking about the extra pounds I have managed to pack on since college, I am really talking about the fact that I am a) much less flexible than acouple of years ago b) lack any sort of muscle definition c) don't have the strength that I had before d) have acqured a constantly sore ankle and knee aaannnddd hip! So yes, I am sure that I am young for these problems, but I'm still having them.
I belong to a gym, and I go at least four days a week for at least an hour a day, but I was constantly focusing only on cardio, and wasn't sparing time on stretching and strength training. There just isn't enough time between work, the boyfriend, life ect. Also I don't know about your gym but mine closes early on any day that seems convenient to them, grr.
Back to the Wii Fit, this game is not easy, it really tells it like it is. There is a daily log, it gets mad at you if you skip a few days (very helpful for me) and it weighs you and gives you all specific details about your center of balance, when I started apparently my Wii Fit age was 35, I'm down to 29! You can either do Yoga (awesome but so hard!), strength training, aerobics, or balance games. All in all you can get a pretty decent workout in about an hour a day, and it can be whenever you want it to be, which is the most important part I think. I strongly recommend this game even if you don't think your unfit, I bet you'll be surprised by how much better you'll feel. Oh, and my ankle knee and hip problems have all but disappeared!

CitySlicker Says: I too, have the Wii fit along with the guitar hero. I have had it since Feb. I have it in the basement since there is more room down there and the floor is tiled so it's sturdier than the livingroom. I think my favorite is the hula hooping. I think it totally helps with freedom of motion and is actually fun. The more you use it the more you can unlock more challenging levels.. My hubbie is in love with the boxing and tennis.. I just can't get into those. The yoga is fun too. I swear if you are a couch potato then this is perfect for you, it's a video game workout all in one. I go to the gym mon-fri and mostly get down to use the Wii on Sat & Sun. It doesn't matter what age you are there is something fun for everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Review - Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Your Skin Foundation (Inspired by Carmindy)

From the TV show - "What Not to Wear" comes this line inspired by Camindy, the show's makeup artist.

Maria Says:

Every now and again, I'll find a drugstore product to rave about. The last time I did this was with Cover Girl's Lash Blast. I would say about this foundation...RUN don't walk to your nearest CVS and buy it. Buy it all. This foundation at it's lovely price on sale for under $10 DELIVERS. You would think your were applying a Chanel or Armani - but's just lil' ol' Sally Hansen, and this foundation is a winner. Goes on smooth and creamy - color blends RIGHT in and after few minutes you don't even feel like you're wearing anything - yet your face looks airbrushed and natural. It also lasts the day without caking, flaking or looking/feeling like a mask. I can not believe that this foundation is from a drugstore. I have put away the Illuminare for now so that I can continue to be in blissful shock about how much I love this product. Now, you may not find a perfect color as they don't have as many as say Prescriptives or something, but if you do find a match (for me, it's Ecru beige) I really think you will love this foundation. For the price (and the return policy of CVS) it is sooo worth you checking it out. A sure-fire winner.

CitySlicker Says:
Based completely upon Maria’s review I headed over to Rite-Aid in search of this gem. I think Carmindy is a great makeup artist; I even have her book The 5 minute face. I have yet to perfect the on the go look like she does but I am trying. I have never been a fan of Sally Hansen; I remember trying her leg spray a couple of years ago to end up finding it rubbed all over my car seats and to this day is still faintly apparent. I am a huge fan of Armani’s foundation! So when a product that is only $10 I can’t go wrong... I did find that the color selections are limited but I was able to scoop up the porcelain and it is the best match for me. I totally love my first few days of use. It is very cream and absorbs into your skin making it look better than before and very natural. The coverage is light to medium depending on application and it wears wonderfully throughout the day. This is a MUST for all gals! It is even great on hot days; I don’t find that it melts... OMG! Thanks for finding this diamond in the rough... Also check out Sally Hansen for printable coupon too!

Sheba says I thought I read these reviews thoroughly but no, I didn't. Now - after I ran around looking for this foundation -- I see that there are coupons available. Well, that teaches me -- I have to pay more attention. I did run out to find this foundation based on Maria and Cityslicker's reviews. Guess what -- they are so right! You do not really need a large selection of colors. I discovered that I might be able to wear maybe 3 -- possibly more. It is so strange -- I had this experience with Avon. I picked various shades and asked friends to help me select. They picked one and I tried the others to be sure. They said -- gee, all of them blend in and they are so completely different. I guess I just have a face that thirsts for foundation and for some unknown reason even darker or lighter colors (not several shades off) will work for me. Never mind my weirdness -- this foundation is incredible. Unlike Cityslicker - I have had excellent luck with Sally Hansen -- however, I will admit I never used the leg spray and I am going to take Cityslicker's word on that. This line intrigued me as it is inspired by Carmindy and she works wonders with make up. Well, she knows her foundation for sure. It is hard to believe you can get such a great foundation for the price (even without a coupon). It applies very easily and smoothly and gives you the airbrushed look that Maria mentioned. You do not look like you are 'made up'. You look natural -- but enhanced. Maria also mentioned that it has longevity and she is not kidding - it lasts. You will be very glad you invested in this foundation and your face will show its appreciation! It is a small price to pay for such a terrific foundation.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sale- Up to %75 off Vintage Too Faced Cosmetics

Run- don't walk- to Too Faced Cosmetics' site to get up to %75 percent off "vintage" (re: discontinued) Too Faced Products. Their make-up is some of my favorite and I feel I might have to loosen the old purse strings for this sale! Sale ends April 6th, so huryy up and get your gloss on!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review - Crabtree & Evelyn Gardener's Liquid Hand Soap

Our delicious hand soap blended with alfalfa, carrot root, rosemary leaf, sage and chicory leaf leaves hands feeling clean and refreshed after a day in the garden.
  • Naturally deodorizing
  • Alfalfa and herbal extracts
  • Mild pH balanced formula
Scent: Fresh green clover, lavender, sage rosemary and thyme.

I am very disappointed to have to admit that there is virtually no gardening in my life. Sad, sad, sad, but I still absolutely love this hand soap. It is soooo fresh and herby, and it really gets rid of any kind of nasty smell your hands might have picked up (ie. cooking scents, garbage , cleaning products) whatever it is this hand soap cleans you up, without drying you out. It really is amazing, and so yummy smelling! It lathers up instantly, and is a much better consistency than many less expensive brands. It is thin enough that it can really loosen all grit and dirt that you could have possibly picked up anywhere! I can't really say enough about it, I got it as a Christmas gift this year, and I have to say I was absolutely thrilled. I would definitely recommend this as a gift for a friend, or for yourself if you are tired of all those super-drying liquid soaps on the market. This is really one of the best liquid soaps I have ever tried.

Sheba says I don't think I can say much more than Deedlejuse. This soap is truly one of the best on the market. It's fragrance is just wonderful and refreshing. It removes every bit of dirt you might have on your hands without drying them out. I had heard about it from people who do garden and get their hands into a dirt frenzy. Dirt and mud are over and in the skin and nails -- but disappear quickly when this soap is used. I figure if it can help with gardeners' hands, it can help with any one's hands. It really works well while lathering up and smelling so nice and fresh. Deedlejuse mentioned this soap as a present and I totally agree with her - it makes a terrific present that you can be sure the recipient will appreciate. So whether you buy it as a present for yourself or someone else - you will love it!! You might discover that you don't really need moisturizing cream when you use this -- however, I would recommend their hand cream for gardeners also.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Review- Lush Bath Bomb

"Romantic pink water and an incredibly sexy jasmine fragrance set the mood... and once the rice paper rose petals fill your tub, there's no holding back!"

OK. Holy sh*t. Where do I start? I think this was the most fun and amazing bath experience of my entire life. I love taking baths. I use all sorts of neat fun bath items all the time, but this was the most awesome thing ever. I want like 100 more. So... I unwrapped this fuzzy little ball and see a teeny flower inside on the top and I'm thinking, 'what is that?', so I drop it into the bath and WHAM! Total explosion of fizz and pink color. The entire bath was a hot looking pink color, and out pops this cute squish dissolving pink rose from the top! The smell was amazing, my boyfriend came in and hollered "Holy Sh*t that looks awesome!", and ummmmm I want like 100 more of these.

Deedlejuse says: So, I didn’t actually receive my Sex Bomb Bath Bomb from beautifile, as Amanda S. did. I actually had to go to the Lush store and snoop around for a while so I could have her same experience. Which I did by the way, and two days later my bed-sheets still smell beautifully of Jasmine essential oil. I guess the point of my post is you must go to Lush. I know you think your getting the experience from looking online, but your not. The store where I work is a smelly store so I wasn’t expecting to feel like I was walking into a wonderland of amazing (and socially/environmentally cautious) bath treats. It is sort of like walking into the candy room in the original Willy Wonka, except your thighs don’t get bigger! Yeah, it’s that good. I also have to say that while I didn’t actually purchase one (for me upwards of $11 on one bath is a bit excessive) the Bubble Bars look, and smelled, so awesome that if you can indulge in one I totally would! Go to Lush, you will not be disappointed.

We don't usually tout causes around here, but Lush is sending a Petition to the Canadian Government to stop the killing of baby seals (a practice that goes on every year in Canada). You can do something by signing this Petition (they only ask for your name, town & country so you won't receive any mail from them). I just thought it was worth pointing out what a wonderful thing Lush is doing. Please sign up if you can. Thank you.

Review- Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

Create beautiful, natural brow effects with this two-shade compact. The smudge-resistant formula is enriched with antioxidant vitamins and emollients to condition brows. $22

In the past, I never had to do anything but pluck my eyebrows or have them threaded and the thought of my eyebrows stopped there. Then either because I didn't have the money or I was lazy (take your pick) I didn't get my eyebrows professionally shaped for a long time. Now I'm paying the price. I plucked my eyebrows too short on the outer ends. They are now growing in, but the ends look like half plucked chickens! That's where Anastasia Brow Powder comes in. All I have to do is apply the slightest amount to the sparse area and no one short of my facialist could tell that my brows are less-than-they-ought-to-be on the sides. It's practically mistake proof as well if you use a fine brush. I'm not terribly exact about it, but it comes out looking great every time. It's an eyebrow optical illusion. I recently had my eyebrows groomed at the Anastasia Brow Studio @ Sephora (so worth the $25) and when I asked her what color brow powder to get she said "Ash Blonde". Mind you, my eyebrows are dark brown. She said that Ash Blonde is all she uses on any client. I recommend trying the ash blonde @ Sephora because I would have bought the darkest powder and it turns out the lightest will do.

Maria says: WOW, Hillary we must be on the same wavelength b/c I JUST bought this exact duo in Ash Blonde no less! Ummm.....LOVE IT! (I just wish Anastasia could come to my house and pluck my eyebrows properly). Way back when I plucked my eyebrows to the extent that they looked like skinny commas above my eyes! They never grew back in all the way - I have always penciled them in using a Lancome pencil called "Sable" but had forever been on the hunt for something that didn't look so "drawn on". I had been browsing in Sephora (and by "browsing" I mean spending money I don't have) and I happened upon this powder duo. It is everything that Hillary says above! It looks so natural and it lasts -- even through a easy task! I also purchased her eyebrow gel but have not used it enough to post a proper review, but as far as this little compact goes - oh yes, it's fab!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Discount $5 off $10 @ Ulta till 4/30/09

Use Coupon code 36677 valid on all regular price, sale & clearance merchandise. excludes fragrances, prestige cosmetics, including Bare Escentuals & prestige skincare, hair artistry, Go smile & T3

Review - Lippmann Nail Polish

Celebrities seek her unique nail know-how and now it's just a click away. Introducing the new nail line from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann. These long-lasting lacquers and specialized treatments are available in many vibrant colors.

I've got a great color in this nail polish, especially for summer: "I Dreamed You" which is a soft shimmery pale pink. I have another polish of a similar color in an unnamed drug store brand, and it chips so fast it's depressing, within 24 hours, even with a double top coat, my old polish would be chipped at the ends and streaking. What a bummer. So I get this little bottle, the color almost a perfect match, exactly what I was looking for... And it has lasted all week! I wouldn't be surprised if it stayed on even without a topcoat, it's super strong and resilient considering what I put my nails through. They have a huge variety of awesome colors available online, and really cute color names. I highly recommend this polish if you do your own nails at home and don't have time to do them every 3 days.

Joyce says: I decided to put this polish on with no basecoat or topcoat so I could see how long it lasted. Since the color, I Dreamed You, is a delicate shell pink, I figured it wouldn’t discolor my nails as a darker color might. I put it on Sunday morning and went about my daily business of lots of keyboard use, washing dishes several times a day, and basic daily chores. It took until Thursday afternoon (and lots of activity) for the polish to start showing wear. That’s actually a record. I’ve been using a brand I buy at the drugstore that promises to be chip- and peel-proof and have had to repair it by the next day. I’m seriously pleased with how this polish stays on.

Maria says: Wow, Joyce, I did the same thing - (no base or topcoat) I had looked at the color (My Romance) and thought it was such a sweet shade of pink that I just had to see what it looked like on! So pretty!!!And here we are three days later and not a chip to be found (and I did my housecleaning!). I keep my nails very short and don't usually pay attention to them as far as polish goes, but I can see myself using this very often as the color is just perfect, it dries quickly, and is quite chip resistant. A winner!

Sheba says: Okay, I did the same thing. Put on the polish with no base coat or topcoat -- but for a different reason. I am lazy! I have 'My Romance' also and it is beyond good. It looks and wears super. It goes on very easily with no streaks or smears even though I was rushing. It dried quite quick and I was tapping my fingers on the keyboard in minutes. I hate to admit it -- okay I said I was lazy -- but I have had the polish on for over a week and not even one chip. That is truly amazing. I am not usually that lazy but I can always say I left it on for research. Seriously, it looks as good as the day I put it on. This polish takes quite a bit of punishment and still shows off nicely. I have never experienced this longevity so I intend to acquire many more of their fantastic shades. This nail polish is simply the BEST.

Deedlejuse says: I don't want to sound like a parrot, but..... I love it! I try so many nail polishes, and always am amazed by how quickly it wears off. In fact, I generally only paint my toes because I am so hard on my hands. With this Lippman collection, I also got "My Romance" which must be their best-selling color it is just so wearable and cute. I decided, after reading other's reviews that I would try wearing it on my finger nails, you know just to see if it really is as amazing as everyone was saying. It did not disappoint. The only thing that I have to add is that the polish is the absolute quickest drying lacquer I have ever tried, which for me is a huge bonus! I hate waiting 45 min before going back to my life. In my opinion a manicure is not an all day affair. As soon as I'm done painting, it should be over. With this awesome nail polish it is! I can't rave enough. If you are the most impatient, and busiest person ever, this is your nail polish.

Movie Maven says: I don't know if I'm particularly hard on my nails, or what, but I painted mine with the "Kiss from a Rose" color (a gorgeous, deep red) on Monday night; by Wednesday, they were chipped. I'm not a laundress, or a manual laborer (though I do make crafts), so I'm not sure why I didn't have as much luck as the other ladies. I will say this, though: this stuff dried so fast that I did not have time to smudge the polish. My normal MO is to be impatient about drying my manicures, and end up with funky, bunched up polish. Not so with Lippmann. It's so freaking fast. As with most quick-drying polishes, though, you trade in the speed for the longevity, and I found this nail polish to last no longer than your normal store brand. However: with topcoat and base coat you might have better luck - the speed alone bumps this polish from "all right" to "I'd pick it."

CitySlicker Says: What have I been dreaming of? I dreamed you nail lacquer. OMG, this is by far one of the best polishes I have used EVER! I have gone through the gamut of cheapies to expensive. I usually go for the mid ranged polishes, this way I can get 2 as opposed to 1. I was a newbie to the Lippmann line. I knew about them and frequently would see the line at C.O. Bigelow. I don’t know why I didn’t jump sooner. I have had I Dreamed you on my tootsies for over a week and they look as good as they did when I applied. I have no chips, the color looks shiny and it still looks fresh (aside from the fact that my nails are growing). I can’t recommend all you polish-o-holics to get a hold of one of these lacquers. I can pretty much say you will be hooked. I Dreamed you is a lovely opalescent color that is pinkish with a tinge of lavender too. I looked at the other colors in the line and there is totally something for everyone. I will be making the investment in these. I am in love!

Review - Decleor Essential Balm

Banish greyness. This balm will brighten dull complexions, dissolve and eliminate impurities, and soothe and purify the skin. In short, a multi-functional balm to cure all minor problems. $69.00

I am always excited for a new night treatment – I feel that they are the ones that make a big difference in my complexion and moisture level. This is very different than any other product I have used in the evening. It’s as thick as Vaseline and has to be warmed up for application. The first thing I noticed is the fragrance; it’s not terribly strong but it’s there and I can smell it. It’s more herbal than perfumey. Instantly, my skin feels plump and moist without feeling greasy at all. In the morning my skin is still hydrated. This is amazing. It’s so dry in my home right now that sometimes when I wake and blink my eyes they sound like a parrot's beak clacking (just to let you get the gist) When I wake up I am hydrated, my skin is still plump and I can still feel the balm on my skin, it’s that good. I am using the smallest amount so this will last so now the price isn’t so scary... I have to tell you this also, my complexion looks better my skin is holding all of my makeup longer – I can’t rave enough about this balm. Question? Does Decleor make is in a vat so I can dip my oh so dry legs and arms in? Cause if they did I would... Check this out!

Hillary says: I'm very partial to Decleor products because I've never been disappointed by anything of theirs I've tried. This balm continues Decleor's winning streak. For those of you who have never used a balm before, I find it to be a real treat for the skin. Have you ever gotten the feeling that half of your face cream ends up on your pillowcase? I don't get that feeling with this balm (nor the other Decleor balm I've tried). You warm this balm a bit in your hands and apply to skin. It feels like it melts into your skin yet leaves a layer on top of your skin. As Cityslicker said, you still can feel the balm on your skin when you wake up in the morning so you know it's been working all night. Yet with all this coverage, there's nothing "suffocating" about the Essential Balm. It is recommended for normal skin, but it works wonderfully on my dry skin as well. And the best part- no dry flakes in the morning. As an added bonus, it smells- I know this sounds strange- soothing. It actually has a relaxing scent. I recommend this balm for anyone with normal to dry skin. Oh and it comes with a stick to scoop out the product, so you'll be able to use every drop without digging around with your nails.

Amanda S. Says: I can't really find much to add about this product except to reiterate that my skin is a complete train wreck when it gets dry. One application of this, and I went an entire frigid New York City day, in and out of blazing hot offices and freezing cold streets, and did not have a flake on my face. Which is, essentially, a total miracle.

Review- Revlon Matte Eye Shadow

Soft, suede-like texture glides over lids smoothly and evenly. Provides high-impact color and a soft matte finish.Feels smooth and luxurious on the eyes. $4.99

I really love the texture of the new matte eye shadow from Revlon. It feels so soft and smooth going on; luxurious one might call it. And the color stays on. I got this in Vintage Lace (pictured above) and it makes the perfect brow highlighting shadow. I know ivory might not be the most exciting color, but I can use this shadow with practically any other shadow I've got. I also like it because it's sparkle-free. Sometimes a girl doesn't want sparkles on her eyelids. Sometimes we feel like playing it down. This eyeshadow is perfect for that (although a few of the colors available are too wild to be played down). This shadow distributes a decent amount of color (I use an eyeshadow brush but it does come with an applicator). Check out the colors next time you are at your favorite cosmetics watering hole, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review- Perricone MD Ceramic Skin Smoother

This oil-free treatment instantly fills lines and wrinkles, corrects skin imperfections and diminishes the appearance of enlarged pores. Formulated with a proprietary blend of advanced technologies, it also provides long lasting ant-aging benefits and antioxidant protection. It leaves skin looking smooth and flawless. $75
  • 100% reported their skin appeared smoother
  • 97% reported their skin appeared firmer and more moisturized
  • 81% noticed more even skin tone and a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles

I have to say I was very skeptical about the claims this product makes. It sounds like a face lift in a bottle. And where I can't attest to the wrinkle part, my skin did look smoother and more even. It also felt like it was "locking in" my moisturizer. But the real stunner is what it does for your foundation! I applied it the other night at 7 PM. I went out and returned at 1 AM. I looked in the mirror and my foundation looked as if I had just put it on! I was amazed! No wearing off at the cheeks, no foundation rolling into cracks and crevices, just flawless foundation. All that & it's good for your skin! It is a little pricey, but if youve got the dough, this product is definitely worth it. It's by far the best primer I've used.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review- Revlon Matte Lipstick

Straight from the Runway shades! Beautifully rich matte color glides effortlessly across lips. Suede-like, cushiony feel and with maximum color impact. Beautifully rich shades from nude to deepest berry. $7.99

I was so excited when I saw this lipstick at the drugstore, then I look in the flyer & IT'S FREE! I was so happy that they had tucked the display behind some boxes and I had my choice of all the colors on the display (I've since learned there are many more than I saw- 10 to be exact). I got one and got one for my friend. I bought Nude Attitude which is so close to my own fair skin color it looks like I have no lips at all. I like the look, but my husband asked me "What's the point of that lipstick? I get that lipstick is supposed to enhance your lips, but that makes them invisible." I didn't really have an answer for him so I muttered something about fashion and scuttled away. This is a very rich, creamy matte but I still need some lip balm under it (I win the prize for World's Driest Lips). I'd also recommend you use some kind of lip scrub before you apply this lipstick as it sticks to every little imperfection such as flakiness. I know it seems like a lot of work just to swipe on some lipstick, but if you love the look of matte as I do, it's worth it. My friend ended up giving me her tube of Really Red and let me tell you, it is really red. Too red for me and I wear red almost exclusively. It's almost neon red it's so bright. I'd bet it would look really great on someone with darker skin. It's sort of that Mad Men (great series BTW), 1961 red. If you are considering buying it, just know that what you see in the tube is what you get on your lips. The lipstick is very good that way. Overall I'd recommend the new matte lipsticks from Revlon, but I think I would buy them at a store that has a money back guarantee on cosmetics if you don't usually wear matte lipstick.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Review- Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Mascara (in Plum)

A lush stroke of lash-enhancing color. Pigment-rich formula defines lashes in wearable color for look-at-me eyes. Made in U.S.A. Usually $7, but it's currently on sale 2/$12 or 5/$20.

This mascara is fine. There's nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing to write home about it either. It doesn't clump or flake, but I have to apply a few layers to see a result. I have this mascara in Violight, which is the old name for Plum although I just got this 2 months ago, so it's not that old. The thing that disappointed me about this mascara is the lack of purple-ness. When I buy a colored mascara, I want the color to be obvious. This looks just like black on my reasonably dark lashes. Perhaps on a blonde or a redhead this mascara would show up wonderfully (who knows?), but on me it's just an average mascara that looks like it's black. If you are lighter toned and you've used this mascara with success, leave a comment or write me because I'd be totally curious to know.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Review - Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara Thickening

Up to 100% thicker lashes in one smooth, even coat. This volumizing formula builds lashes double thick in one quick, clump-free application. Nourishing formula is infused with aloe and vitamin B5 to help keep lashes conditioned and silky. Extra gentle, non irritating formula.

I have to admit that I am one of the hardest people on mascara. I tend to spend a lot on my mascara for the sheer fact that if I don't I end up with raccoon eyes before noon. Not a good look for anyone. This One Coat Nourishing Mascara - Thickening by Almay might just have changed my mind. I have been wearing it for a couple of weeks exclusively to see what kind of results I would end up with, and I have to say it way outperformed my expectation! Not only does it wear like an absolute dream, but it also seems to plump your lashes a bit after extended use. Amazing, and for under $5 an ounce, which will last you forever by the way. It is easy to remove, doesn't crust, flake or smear throughout the day and it looks more like a much pricier mascara. I am sold, I will be re-purchasing because it is soooo much easier to shell out $5 instead of $25. You will not be dissappointed!

Review - Lancôme Magique Matte Soft-Matte Perfecting Mousse Makeup

"The next generation of makeup from LancômeMousse to soft matte makeup for smooth, even toned skin - Magique Matte features a breakthrough mousse texture that applies like a foundation with the finish of a velvety powder. The air-whipped formula with Spherelight™ micropowders glides on smoothly. Innovative technology evens skin tone and blends away imperfections. This ‘never flat matte’ makeup offers buildable, moderate to full coverage that stays fresh all day. Available in 12 shades, the diverse shade range has all skin tones covered. Please note: Magique Matte is for all skin types except very dry skin." $22.00 @ above site

Okay, I am going through a 'make up' phase right now. For some reason I have tried and reviewed 4 or 5 recently. I am going to have to admit I have had excellent luck with each of them. Yet, every one was different. I used Matte make up for quite a while and then went on to Mineral Powders. However, this Lancôme Magique Matte Soft-Matte Perfecting Mousse Makeup is definitely in strong contention for one of my top three or so make ups. On Lancôme's site the recommended price is $37. Look around. . .Amazon has it for $22. while I located it at TJ Maxx for under $10.00. It is now on Ebay for around $23. It is a matte as it says and it applies very easily, smoothly, and evenly. When you are done -- your face looks and feels velvety soft and smooth. It does even out any uneven tones, etc. to your skin as it claims while it does NOT look heavy on. It looks very natural. When I am done -- it is me (darn it, I was hoping to see Cindy Crawford) but with an improved and brightened tone to my face. It does leave you with a velvety soft appearance that still has a naturalness to it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Review- Mario Badescu Lip Wax (SPF 15)

Soften and shield your lips from the harsh effects of the sun, cold and wind. Contains a blend of Rose Hips, Palm Oil and Vitamin E Oil for an emollient, creamy lip treatment. Protects against UVA and UVB rays and deliciously fragranced with Black Currant Extract. $7 with SPF, $5 without

I cannot live for more than 15 minutes without lip balm. My dry pucker is in constant need of moisture. My lips have met their new best friend in Mario Badescu Lip Wax (SPF 15). I'm head-over-heels in love! Not only does this wax feel great, not only does it have my beloved sunscreen, but it also lasts and lasts. I put it on before I go to bed & it's still there when I wake up. I'm in awe! My lips haven't been this pampered in a long time. And despite the fact it contains extract of Black Currant (which I would hate if it was strong), it has no taste whatsoever. It's everything I look for in a lip balm- and so affordable. Now I just need one for every room! P.S. I've been back to buy this stuff 3 times since my first tube. I'm addicted!

Amanda S. Says: I've been desperate for a collection of lip balms and glosses with sun protection after reading in the news that regular lip gloss lacking in some sort of sunscreen can increase the risk of skin cancer around the mouth and on the lips! Mario Badescu makes great product anyway, so I was more than happy to see this is SPF 15 and wow.... it goes on super smooth and is so silky and great, not waxy or clumpy like some lip waxes can be. I am using this as my primary lip product when I'm out in the sun and need some protection.

Joyce says: This lovely, lightly scented lip balm has a softer texture than most. It glides over lips rather than drags, and instantly makes lips feel good. The first time I put it on I did what most people do: I pressed and moved my lips together to make sure it was evenly distributed. I remember thinking, “This Feels Really Good,” and wished someone was on hand to kiss. I highly recommend it. Just heed my warming: use of this product may cause you to find someone to use it on in a lip-to-lip encounter.

CitySlicker Says: I can’t live without out a lip balm; I use it underneath my lippie in the AM and slather it on at night... Upon my first application I notice that this is different than others I have used, this is nothing like Chapstick. It feels very soft to the lips touch. It’s also very light & delivers moisture. My lips feel smooth and relaxed after a day of heavy drying gloss too. I will not be taking this out of the house, therefore no risk of losing a new fav! It also adds enough shine to wear alone and get a pretty shine too!

Deedlejuse says:
Um, I'm sorry but this is the absolute best lip whatever I have ever tried. Literally I don't think that "Lip Wax" is an appropriate name for this lovely stick of wonderfulness. My lips are softer than ever, yes ever, and the initial 5 min. of having it on are like pure bliss. It doesn't have a flavor, which I love because I don't lick my lips when that is the case. The scent, which I think Joyce said was lovely, is. It is so light and unobtrusive, not really minty, but not coconut, I don't know it is just nice. I think that the best part is definitely that it feels like the entire stick is going on to your lips in one fell swipe, but really there is absolutely no difference in the amount there was before you put it on. Please, please, please give your lips the pleasure of this lip wax!

Sheba says: Me too!!! They should change the name -- lip wax is NOT appropriate. Wax fits Chapstick. 'Lip Silk' might better give customers an idea of what to expect inside this plain little tube. I have had excellent experience with Mario Badescu products and this one is at the top. I was afraid that anything good for your lips and that protects them from the sun might have to be waxy and medicinal. I am so glad I am wrong. This is smoothing something very soothing over your lips that not only looks good -- but it DOES good. You can wear it just for protection and/or for the great shine that it provides. It also has some staying power - even for me -- who wears anything off quite fast. This lasts for a while. I now need to pick up a few more. Once I find something that works this well -- I want one at home, one in the purse, one in the car, and one in the desk at the office. I do not think that is overdoing -- especially with a product like this. Mario Badescu has done it again!!

Maria says: You know, I was never a big fan of lipbalms - every one I had ever tried left me with filmy, waxy, cakey lips that felt coated and yukky.....I was a just-say-no- to lipbalmer....And then things got interesting.....Last year I decided to give them another shot and found a couple that I deemed VERY worthy. Now this little tube of magic from Mario Badescu? I love it. It feels so amazing going on - smoothing, soothing, but with a lovely shine as well - a shine that lasts a VERY long time WITHOUT the sudden urge I had always had in the past to wipe it off b/c it had started to feel waxy and icky on. This does not do that at all. On the contrary - your lips feel pampered and comforted. I kind of have to have it with me at all times. Sheba's right - it SHOULD be called Lip Silk b/c that's how your lips feel with this little wonder on. This is so NOT your mother's Chapstick...what this IS - is a lipbalm you HAVE to try. You'll love it.

Movie Maven says: It's winter, ladies. Your lips are dry. PARCHED. SEARCHING for moisture. And out of the Sahara-like climes of a northern winter comes an oasis for your lips, in the form of this lip wax. Now, unlike some of my fair colleagues on this blog, I am not one to wax rhapsodic about lip product. I have a lot of it, but I tend to lose it very quickly in one of my many purses. But this lip makes me want to write poetry. It is so good. You will love it. That is all.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Review - Mineral Power™ Natural Perfecting Liquid Foundation

"Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation with micro-minerals is a lightweight, luxurious liquid formula that provides a luminous, natural coverage.Discover the power of micro-minerals:• Only our formula combines micro-minerals with a liquid in a lightweight texture for a healthier, more natural finish• Naturally breathable, seamlessly blendable• Provides buildable, even coverage• Talc-Free • Oil-free• Fragrance-Free• Non pore-clogging• SPF 18 sunscreen• Medium Coverage" $7.59 and up, depending on where you find it

Maybelline is and has been a very trusted name in the cosmetic world. It is usually one of the most affordable lines and can be found most anywhere. I have been using Mineral make up since being introduced to it. However, I had not tried the liquid foundation until now. I have been using this in Classic Ivory Light 2 which seems very suited to my complexion. Maybelline recommends dotting it on your face and then blending it in. This technique worked very well for me. They claim it provides a medium coverage which seems about right. I think that if you felt you need a little more coverage -- you could easily apply a lighter layer over the original layer (they do say "seamlessly buildable". It does give a very natural (but improved) look to my skin. I have gotten so used to the dry minerals that I thought I might have difficulty adjusting to this, but it worked wonderfully. You cannot go wrong with a Maybelline brand and the cost is affordable which is nice in this economy. I know I will continue with this and I already had their Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation, which I will review at another time -- also very favorable.

Movie Maven says:
It seems silly, I know, but even though I write for this blog, I still have a real fear of looking too "made-up" in real life (onstage, that's another story). What luck, then, that I got to test this liquid mineral foundation from Maybelline! It gives just enough coverage to my decidedly less-than-perfect skin without making me feel like I'm wearing a mask. I typically dot a bit on the inside of my wrist, then use a makeup brush to blend it in, which works very well for me, and you barely have to use any! I've been using it daily for quite some time and feel like I still have 3/4 of a bottle left. As with any foundation, the key is to get a color that suits you, which I was lucky enough to do on the first try. My main complaint with this product is that it does not last very long. If you've got oily skin, you'll probably be powdering by mid-afternoon, so just be forewarned - you might want to try the powder version instead of its liquid counterpart.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Review - Dr. Michelle Copelands Rewind Advance Wrinkle Defense

"Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense - Helps diminish the appearance of troublesome lines and wrinkles -- in minutes & without injections!" $86.00

Sold, Sold, Sold! I am 100% sold on this wrinkle defense. Seriously, this is an amazing gem in a tiny tube. My initial reaction was what is this clear liquid going to do... Verdict- Change that way my stubborn little fine lines appear to the world, without an injection. When I apply this I use just a dab, it dries down and my skin feels completely naked, so I thought I would see no results, I think the best way to describe my results are the no nonsense way. I swear it’s like I have an invisible piece of tape over the areas I have applied to. The little lines are smooth and the lines gone and I don’t mean for 10 minutes but all day – go into the bathroom at work and instantly go to the mirror and can’t believe it... I have only been using for a week so I am very hopeful that the results keep getting better– Thanks Dr. C, I think trying is really believing!

Sheba says: OMG -- I thought Cityslicker might have gotten carried away when I read her results. But, NO, she is putting it mildly. It is almost like "The Curious Case of Sheba" with this magic potion!!! I think I am going back in time!! Who is Dr. Michelle Copeland and where has she been? I think she has come up with a real 'miracle elixir'!! You just put a tiny, tiny drop on and it actually smooths the wrinkles before your eyes (and I had my glasses on so I could see this transformation). No, it did not completely wipe out some of my deeper wrinkles or as I prefer to call them -- 'smile lines' but it instantly made them seem to smooth out right away. I have used some products that gave me similar results -- but my face felt like I covered it in egg whites and you could feel the pull. This just does its job and leaves your skin feeling natural. I have to apply for a job with Dr. Copeland -- I volunteer here and now to be a guinea pig for any other products she is coming up with!! Dr. Copeland knows what she is doing and you will become a believer when you try this! I cannot say enough -- this product is fantastic!! Dr. Michelle Copelands Rewind Advance Wrinkle Defense does rewind time as you watch. I will continue to use and watch to see if the amazing results get even better (I will be happy if it just stays the way it looks when I use it now!)

Maria says: I wonder if Dr. Copeland would be interested in adopting a slightly errrr...older child....I think I might love her. I certainly love this product. It's like Botox without the needles. I seriously feel like I can't furrow my "elevens" that lurk between my eyebrows. Just a small dab massaged there and voila - I don't look cranky any more. This is what so many other products I've tried have claimed to do (but didn't). This does. It softens lines, doesn't feel tight, and performs how it says it will perform. It is a terrific product that works. A most definite repurchase. Dr. Copeland has heeded the call of those of us who were clamoring for a product that would do what the Rewind Advance Wrinkle Defense serum does. With this product, I have gotten off the fence I was sitting on regarding getting up the nerve to give Botox a shot. This product has bought me some time! You just have to try it.

Hillary says: Unfortunately for me, I am the only reviewer that gets to test the wrinkle cream AND the zit cream. Oh what a lucky girl I am! But I have to say had I not tested it for myself, I wouldn't have believed what the girls said in their reviews, but I've seen the evidence for myself. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know that Dr. Michelle Copeland products are of the utmost quality and rarely if ever have we been disappointed with any of them. I'm on the frugal side and if you were a salesperson trying to sell me this tube for $86 I would ever-so-politely tell you to shove off, but oh the results! And one drop (literally) covers all my wrinkles. It's a very thin, slick liquid that dries leaving no sticky feeling or discomfort. I've been using it under my eyes for weeks now and it really makes a difference in the look. It also soothes that one crevasse I have between my eyebrows from giving skeptical looks all the time. It's true, there are better known potions for wrinkles, but I can't imagine getting better results.

Joyce says: Wow! I have to say that the first two times I used it, I didn’t notice any real difference (don’t we all want to look air-brushed the first time we use a product?!). But by the fourth time, I was impressed. The lines on my forehead and between my eyebrows did smooth quite a bit. Of course, I put it around my lips, as well. Yup. Smoother. And now I have to confess that I forgot to use it every day and exactly the way instructed: smooth on, let dry, reapply – and I still got good results. Wonder what’ll happen if I use it right?

Review - Joey NY 4 in 1 Foundation

"This exquisite liquid to powder foundation is the ultimate in makeup with perfect coverage. Specially formulated for normal to dry and normal to oily skin types. Contains Marine Collagen, an anti-aging ingredient that will deeply hydrate skin as it helps to reduce the appearance of large pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Luminous satin finish for a radiant complexion. Kit includes an anti-bacterial brush to give the skin the most natural perfected look. Dermatologist tested."

$35.00 (on - this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping)

I happened upon this makeup at TJMaxx by chance and it was on clearance. What luck -- JoeyNY makeup in my shade @ a clearance price!! I have only tried a few things in the JoeyNY line but I have been very happy with each and every one of them. This foundation is no exception. I mentioned in another review that I haven't used liquid makeup for some time -- well, I am making up for it now. This is wonderful. It comes with a little brush to assist in applying it and it works very well. It applies very easily and smoothly. It gives my skin a very natural but glowy appearance and it feels as soft as silk. I ran back to TJMaxx to see if I could scoop up another but no more were available in my shade. Alas, I will need to look for sales, etc. when it is time to replace this. However, it will last a while -- it takes just a brush stroke or two or maybe even three to do the job. I love the results with this Joey NY 4 in 1 Foundation!!