Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review - Decleor Essential Balm

Banish greyness. This balm will brighten dull complexions, dissolve and eliminate impurities, and soothe and purify the skin. In short, a multi-functional balm to cure all minor problems. $69.00

I am always excited for a new night treatment – I feel that they are the ones that make a big difference in my complexion and moisture level. This is very different than any other product I have used in the evening. It’s as thick as Vaseline and has to be warmed up for application. The first thing I noticed is the fragrance; it’s not terribly strong but it’s there and I can smell it. It’s more herbal than perfumey. Instantly, my skin feels plump and moist without feeling greasy at all. In the morning my skin is still hydrated. This is amazing. It’s so dry in my home right now that sometimes when I wake and blink my eyes they sound like a parrot's beak clacking (just to let you get the gist) When I wake up I am hydrated, my skin is still plump and I can still feel the balm on my skin, it’s that good. I am using the smallest amount so this will last so now the price isn’t so scary... I have to tell you this also, my complexion looks better my skin is holding all of my makeup longer – I can’t rave enough about this balm. Question? Does Decleor make is in a vat so I can dip my oh so dry legs and arms in? Cause if they did I would... Check this out!

Hillary says: I'm very partial to Decleor products because I've never been disappointed by anything of theirs I've tried. This balm continues Decleor's winning streak. For those of you who have never used a balm before, I find it to be a real treat for the skin. Have you ever gotten the feeling that half of your face cream ends up on your pillowcase? I don't get that feeling with this balm (nor the other Decleor balm I've tried). You warm this balm a bit in your hands and apply to skin. It feels like it melts into your skin yet leaves a layer on top of your skin. As Cityslicker said, you still can feel the balm on your skin when you wake up in the morning so you know it's been working all night. Yet with all this coverage, there's nothing "suffocating" about the Essential Balm. It is recommended for normal skin, but it works wonderfully on my dry skin as well. And the best part- no dry flakes in the morning. As an added bonus, it smells- I know this sounds strange- soothing. It actually has a relaxing scent. I recommend this balm for anyone with normal to dry skin. Oh and it comes with a stick to scoop out the product, so you'll be able to use every drop without digging around with your nails.

Amanda S. Says: I can't really find much to add about this product except to reiterate that my skin is a complete train wreck when it gets dry. One application of this, and I went an entire frigid New York City day, in and out of blazing hot offices and freezing cold streets, and did not have a flake on my face. Which is, essentially, a total miracle.

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