Monday, March 30, 2009

Review- Physician's Formula Eyebrightener

Brightens dark or dull eyelids with subtle hints of pearlescent color for a natural-looking finish! $7.95

This is a very unique and useful product. It looks marbled in the case (I have Touch of Smoke as seen above, but there are 6 colors altogether) From the look of the powder you would never guess that it could lighten your lids, but magically it does just that. It adds a slight bit of irridescence (we're talking slight), but other than that, you look like you- only better. I happen to have eyelids that are a few shades darker than my browbone (I think most women do), but if I don't feel like doing a full face of make-up, I can just throw this on w/ some tinted moisturizer & lip and cheek tint and I'm ready to go. It really does brighten the eye area, hiding any discolorations in the process. Yet it goes on so light, you hardly feel like you are wearing anything at all. What amazes me most is the way it looks medium grey in the pot then lightens my lids once it's applied. How'd they do that? I highly recommend this product for either the "un-makeup" look or if you are just making a quick trip out and want to look fresh and awake.

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