Monday, March 16, 2009

Review- Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Mascara (in Plum)

A lush stroke of lash-enhancing color. Pigment-rich formula defines lashes in wearable color for look-at-me eyes. Made in U.S.A. Usually $7, but it's currently on sale 2/$12 or 5/$20.

This mascara is fine. There's nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing to write home about it either. It doesn't clump or flake, but I have to apply a few layers to see a result. I have this mascara in Violight, which is the old name for Plum although I just got this 2 months ago, so it's not that old. The thing that disappointed me about this mascara is the lack of purple-ness. When I buy a colored mascara, I want the color to be obvious. This looks just like black on my reasonably dark lashes. Perhaps on a blonde or a redhead this mascara would show up wonderfully (who knows?), but on me it's just an average mascara that looks like it's black. If you are lighter toned and you've used this mascara with success, leave a comment or write me because I'd be totally curious to know.

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