Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Review - Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Your Skin Foundation (Inspired by Carmindy)

From the TV show - "What Not to Wear" comes this line inspired by Camindy, the show's makeup artist.

Maria Says:

Every now and again, I'll find a drugstore product to rave about. The last time I did this was with Cover Girl's Lash Blast. I would say about this foundation...RUN don't walk to your nearest CVS and buy it. Buy it all. This foundation at it's lovely price on sale for under $10 DELIVERS. You would think your were applying a Chanel or Armani - but's just lil' ol' Sally Hansen, and this foundation is a winner. Goes on smooth and creamy - color blends RIGHT in and after few minutes you don't even feel like you're wearing anything - yet your face looks airbrushed and natural. It also lasts the day without caking, flaking or looking/feeling like a mask. I can not believe that this foundation is from a drugstore. I have put away the Illuminare for now so that I can continue to be in blissful shock about how much I love this product. Now, you may not find a perfect color as they don't have as many as say Prescriptives or something, but if you do find a match (for me, it's Ecru beige) I really think you will love this foundation. For the price (and the return policy of CVS) it is sooo worth you checking it out. A sure-fire winner.

CitySlicker Says:
Based completely upon Maria’s review I headed over to Rite-Aid in search of this gem. I think Carmindy is a great makeup artist; I even have her book The 5 minute face. I have yet to perfect the on the go look like she does but I am trying. I have never been a fan of Sally Hansen; I remember trying her leg spray a couple of years ago to end up finding it rubbed all over my car seats and to this day is still faintly apparent. I am a huge fan of Armani’s foundation! So when a product that is only $10 I can’t go wrong... I did find that the color selections are limited but I was able to scoop up the porcelain and it is the best match for me. I totally love my first few days of use. It is very cream and absorbs into your skin making it look better than before and very natural. The coverage is light to medium depending on application and it wears wonderfully throughout the day. This is a MUST for all gals! It is even great on hot days; I don’t find that it melts... OMG! Thanks for finding this diamond in the rough... Also check out Sally Hansen for printable coupon too!

Sheba says I thought I read these reviews thoroughly but no, I didn't. Now - after I ran around looking for this foundation -- I see that there are coupons available. Well, that teaches me -- I have to pay more attention. I did run out to find this foundation based on Maria and Cityslicker's reviews. Guess what -- they are so right! You do not really need a large selection of colors. I discovered that I might be able to wear maybe 3 -- possibly more. It is so strange -- I had this experience with Avon. I picked various shades and asked friends to help me select. They picked one and I tried the others to be sure. They said -- gee, all of them blend in and they are so completely different. I guess I just have a face that thirsts for foundation and for some unknown reason even darker or lighter colors (not several shades off) will work for me. Never mind my weirdness -- this foundation is incredible. Unlike Cityslicker - I have had excellent luck with Sally Hansen -- however, I will admit I never used the leg spray and I am going to take Cityslicker's word on that. This line intrigued me as it is inspired by Carmindy and she works wonders with make up. Well, she knows her foundation for sure. It is hard to believe you can get such a great foundation for the price (even without a coupon). It applies very easily and smoothly and gives you the airbrushed look that Maria mentioned. You do not look like you are 'made up'. You look natural -- but enhanced. Maria also mentioned that it has longevity and she is not kidding - it lasts. You will be very glad you invested in this foundation and your face will show its appreciation! It is a small price to pay for such a terrific foundation.

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