Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review- Revlon Matte Lipstick

Straight from the Runway shades! Beautifully rich matte color glides effortlessly across lips. Suede-like, cushiony feel and with maximum color impact. Beautifully rich shades from nude to deepest berry. $7.99

I was so excited when I saw this lipstick at the drugstore, then I look in the flyer & IT'S FREE! I was so happy that they had tucked the display behind some boxes and I had my choice of all the colors on the display (I've since learned there are many more than I saw- 10 to be exact). I got one and got one for my friend. I bought Nude Attitude which is so close to my own fair skin color it looks like I have no lips at all. I like the look, but my husband asked me "What's the point of that lipstick? I get that lipstick is supposed to enhance your lips, but that makes them invisible." I didn't really have an answer for him so I muttered something about fashion and scuttled away. This is a very rich, creamy matte but I still need some lip balm under it (I win the prize for World's Driest Lips). I'd also recommend you use some kind of lip scrub before you apply this lipstick as it sticks to every little imperfection such as flakiness. I know it seems like a lot of work just to swipe on some lipstick, but if you love the look of matte as I do, it's worth it. My friend ended up giving me her tube of Really Red and let me tell you, it is really red. Too red for me and I wear red almost exclusively. It's almost neon red it's so bright. I'd bet it would look really great on someone with darker skin. It's sort of that Mad Men (great series BTW), 1961 red. If you are considering buying it, just know that what you see in the tube is what you get on your lips. The lipstick is very good that way. Overall I'd recommend the new matte lipsticks from Revlon, but I think I would buy them at a store that has a money back guarantee on cosmetics if you don't usually wear matte lipstick.

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