Monday, March 2, 2009

Review - Dr. Michelle Copelands Rewind Advance Wrinkle Defense

"Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense - Helps diminish the appearance of troublesome lines and wrinkles -- in minutes & without injections!" $86.00

Sold, Sold, Sold! I am 100% sold on this wrinkle defense. Seriously, this is an amazing gem in a tiny tube. My initial reaction was what is this clear liquid going to do... Verdict- Change that way my stubborn little fine lines appear to the world, without an injection. When I apply this I use just a dab, it dries down and my skin feels completely naked, so I thought I would see no results, I think the best way to describe my results are the no nonsense way. I swear it’s like I have an invisible piece of tape over the areas I have applied to. The little lines are smooth and the lines gone and I don’t mean for 10 minutes but all day – go into the bathroom at work and instantly go to the mirror and can’t believe it... I have only been using for a week so I am very hopeful that the results keep getting better– Thanks Dr. C, I think trying is really believing!

Sheba says: OMG -- I thought Cityslicker might have gotten carried away when I read her results. But, NO, she is putting it mildly. It is almost like "The Curious Case of Sheba" with this magic potion!!! I think I am going back in time!! Who is Dr. Michelle Copeland and where has she been? I think she has come up with a real 'miracle elixir'!! You just put a tiny, tiny drop on and it actually smooths the wrinkles before your eyes (and I had my glasses on so I could see this transformation). No, it did not completely wipe out some of my deeper wrinkles or as I prefer to call them -- 'smile lines' but it instantly made them seem to smooth out right away. I have used some products that gave me similar results -- but my face felt like I covered it in egg whites and you could feel the pull. This just does its job and leaves your skin feeling natural. I have to apply for a job with Dr. Copeland -- I volunteer here and now to be a guinea pig for any other products she is coming up with!! Dr. Copeland knows what she is doing and you will become a believer when you try this! I cannot say enough -- this product is fantastic!! Dr. Michelle Copelands Rewind Advance Wrinkle Defense does rewind time as you watch. I will continue to use and watch to see if the amazing results get even better (I will be happy if it just stays the way it looks when I use it now!)

Maria says: I wonder if Dr. Copeland would be interested in adopting a slightly errrr...older child....I think I might love her. I certainly love this product. It's like Botox without the needles. I seriously feel like I can't furrow my "elevens" that lurk between my eyebrows. Just a small dab massaged there and voila - I don't look cranky any more. This is what so many other products I've tried have claimed to do (but didn't). This does. It softens lines, doesn't feel tight, and performs how it says it will perform. It is a terrific product that works. A most definite repurchase. Dr. Copeland has heeded the call of those of us who were clamoring for a product that would do what the Rewind Advance Wrinkle Defense serum does. With this product, I have gotten off the fence I was sitting on regarding getting up the nerve to give Botox a shot. This product has bought me some time! You just have to try it.

Hillary says: Unfortunately for me, I am the only reviewer that gets to test the wrinkle cream AND the zit cream. Oh what a lucky girl I am! But I have to say had I not tested it for myself, I wouldn't have believed what the girls said in their reviews, but I've seen the evidence for myself. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know that Dr. Michelle Copeland products are of the utmost quality and rarely if ever have we been disappointed with any of them. I'm on the frugal side and if you were a salesperson trying to sell me this tube for $86 I would ever-so-politely tell you to shove off, but oh the results! And one drop (literally) covers all my wrinkles. It's a very thin, slick liquid that dries leaving no sticky feeling or discomfort. I've been using it under my eyes for weeks now and it really makes a difference in the look. It also soothes that one crevasse I have between my eyebrows from giving skeptical looks all the time. It's true, there are better known potions for wrinkles, but I can't imagine getting better results.

Joyce says: Wow! I have to say that the first two times I used it, I didn’t notice any real difference (don’t we all want to look air-brushed the first time we use a product?!). But by the fourth time, I was impressed. The lines on my forehead and between my eyebrows did smooth quite a bit. Of course, I put it around my lips, as well. Yup. Smoother. And now I have to confess that I forgot to use it every day and exactly the way instructed: smooth on, let dry, reapply – and I still got good results. Wonder what’ll happen if I use it right?

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