Friday, March 20, 2009

Review- Lush Bath Bomb

"Romantic pink water and an incredibly sexy jasmine fragrance set the mood... and once the rice paper rose petals fill your tub, there's no holding back!"

OK. Holy sh*t. Where do I start? I think this was the most fun and amazing bath experience of my entire life. I love taking baths. I use all sorts of neat fun bath items all the time, but this was the most awesome thing ever. I want like 100 more. So... I unwrapped this fuzzy little ball and see a teeny flower inside on the top and I'm thinking, 'what is that?', so I drop it into the bath and WHAM! Total explosion of fizz and pink color. The entire bath was a hot looking pink color, and out pops this cute squish dissolving pink rose from the top! The smell was amazing, my boyfriend came in and hollered "Holy Sh*t that looks awesome!", and ummmmm I want like 100 more of these.

Deedlejuse says: So, I didn’t actually receive my Sex Bomb Bath Bomb from beautifile, as Amanda S. did. I actually had to go to the Lush store and snoop around for a while so I could have her same experience. Which I did by the way, and two days later my bed-sheets still smell beautifully of Jasmine essential oil. I guess the point of my post is you must go to Lush. I know you think your getting the experience from looking online, but your not. The store where I work is a smelly store so I wasn’t expecting to feel like I was walking into a wonderland of amazing (and socially/environmentally cautious) bath treats. It is sort of like walking into the candy room in the original Willy Wonka, except your thighs don’t get bigger! Yeah, it’s that good. I also have to say that while I didn’t actually purchase one (for me upwards of $11 on one bath is a bit excessive) the Bubble Bars look, and smelled, so awesome that if you can indulge in one I totally would! Go to Lush, you will not be disappointed.

We don't usually tout causes around here, but Lush is sending a Petition to the Canadian Government to stop the killing of baby seals (a practice that goes on every year in Canada). You can do something by signing this Petition (they only ask for your name, town & country so you won't receive any mail from them). I just thought it was worth pointing out what a wonderful thing Lush is doing. Please sign up if you can. Thank you.


deedlejuse said...

HAH! I love your review! I'm going down the street to buy one right now...

Sheba said...

Now that you have enjoyed the Lush store -- if you want to get the Bubble Bar at a decent price -- check out EBay. I have gotten some good deals on Lush Soaps there. Beware though -- there are some soap stores amoung the Lush products that say 'like Lush' or something like that.