Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review - Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion

Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion eliminates excess oil, controls shine for 8 hours - and provides the hydration that oily skin needs to become balanced over time. This smart mattifier doesn’t absorb oil and sit on the skin. Instead, it actually works on a molecular level to flash oil off of the skin’s surface. The result? Beautiful, matte, shine-free skin all day long. With continued use, skin becomes less oily as skin is hydrated where it needs it and becomes balanced. Even better, Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion protects skin with SPF 20 and UVA/UVB protection – and antioxidants to fight free radicals. The perfect one-stop solution for oily skin! 1.35 fl oz $42

I am head over heels in love with this lotion!!! It has become an important part of my morning routine. The best thing about this lotion is it really lasts for 8 hours, maybe more. Its almost like wearing makeup because it instantly makes your face look that much better. When I wear this, I don't need a primer and I don't need a heavy foundation. It makes life so simple.
The best part is that over time, it makes your skin less oily. I don't know how, but I've noticed that my skin is much more balanced than before. I happen to think it has to do with the antioxidants it has in it. I've read that antioxidants fight off all the negativity in your body, so why not your face too?
The price is a little hefty but I am willing to continue purchasing this because it completes me now.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Review- Curlisto Straight Time Glaze

A heat-activated, straightening balm designed to temporarily relax curls and provide thermal protection. Tames curls and fights frizz all day- even in humid weather. Vitamins A and E are added to soothe and condition the hair shaft. Can be mixed with Repair Styling Cream for ultimate protection against heat damage.

I love this Straight Time Glaze! I am someone who can surely appreciate any product or process that tames my wild and frizzy hair (it happens even for us straight-haired ones). To me, it's kind of like using a flat iron to make my hair even smoother and silkier - but without using the flat iron. Using this glaze even by itself produced straight, glossy hair that maintained its silkiness and shine all day even in misty rainy humid weather. And it's so wonderfully lightweight that it didn't feel as if I was wearing anything at all! Out of all of the Curlisto products, this is definitely my all-time favorite. It works overtime as a heat protectant, silkener, straightener, and frizz controller! This is one product that straight-haired types can totally benefit from the selections of their curly-haired friends! And if it works this well for my straight hair, I can only imagine the gorgeous effects it'll have for my curly compatriots!

Deedlejuse Says:
I have to completely agree with Trish. Recently I had to start interviewing for jobs. My hair needed a little pick-me-up so that it didn't look super frizzy and fly-away in the humidity of the summer. I looked no further than the Straight Time Glaze by Curlisto! I was completely amazed the first time I tried this that I really didn't need any more products, like at all. My hair, which is straight naturally, literally fell into line with a quick blow dry and a brush through! I took about 15 mins on my hair, and it looked like I had spent at least 1/2-3/4 of an hour. I definitely didn't need to use a hot iron, but also I didn't need any of my other products to make my hair look smooth, shiny, and gorgeously straight! Seroiusly, everything from Curlisto has been lovely to try and will probably be in my make-up bag for quite a while!

Review- Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

This multi award-winning, concentrated cleanser quickly removes everyday grime and make-up, including stubborn mascara, to leave all skin types soft, smooth and radiant. $9 - $43. Different websites to order from in different countries.

I am a woman who varies her face cleansing routine greatly. Sometimes I use make-up wipes, sometimes a foaming cleanser, cream wipe off cleansers or simply water with a microfiber cloth. To that end I was totally open minded when I got to try Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish Cleanser. It's very unique (in a great way). You apply a pump of the thickish cream all over your dry face, heat up one of the enclosed muslin facecloths under hot water, wring it out so it's not dripping, then wipe off all the cleanser. What comes off is all of your dirt and make-up. What doesn't is the natural moisture in your skin. You finish off with a warm (not hot) rinse and your face will be glowing. Now you ladies with oily skin who are cringing at the thought of a cream cleanser- don't. I had the privilege of meeting Liz Earle (who is just as nice as can be) and I asked her what is the #1 product she recommends to prevent pimples and she surprisingly said this cleanser. It's good for every skin type and exfoliates according to your preference. If you want heavy exfoliation, you go over your face more with the muslin cloth. I absolutely love it. I've never broken out from it and it treats my dry skin with care. It even takes off eye makeup! Since there are so many price points to choose from (you can get a generous travel sized for $9 with the muslin cloth), it's convenient to give it a try for yourself. I have actually loved all of the Liz Earle products I've tried right down to the foot scrub.

Amanda S. Says: I first saw this and thought, really? I mean, I'm one lazy girl. And now I have this fancy cloth I have to use and then clean off? I gave this a try and I have to admit, I love the texture of the cream cleanser. I've used a few before (I'm more prone to use very basic non-cream ones) and they felt weird and heavy. But this is pretty clean stuff that goes on thick but comes off instantly with the cool cloth thing. It really did remove my eye make up and I was seriously laying it on the other day testing out all these shadows I'd gotten in new colors. It came off instantly! And yea, the cloth was pretty easy to rinse off (I soaked it for a minute in hand soap and hung it to dry).

Malikah Says: I was totally with Amanda thinking the 2 step system would take way too much time. I use so many products on a daily basis, I try to keep each step in my beauty regime as simple as possible. Having combination/oily skin, I was terrified of the rich cream, but was pleasantly surprised at how easily it removed all the makeup and summer city grime from my face. The muslin cloth exfoliated really gently, and the cleanser's eucalyptus and rosemary extracts left my skin feeling rejuvenated. I love it, love it, love it, especially since it took the same amount of time as my usual cleansing routine.

Sultana says: Wow! Liz Earle is one smart woman! What an idea, what a concept! This cleanser is like a facial in a bottle! Only a woman could think of something this great. I had no preconceived notions going into this, I just wanted to try this right away. It was a really nice experience. I started looking at the ingredients and I noticed it had cocoa butter in it. I love cocoa butter but alone, it is too heavy for my face. I have oily skin and even though this is a substantial cream, it does NOT leave your face feeling greasy. What you get is an instant glow and a very refined surface. My face felt so smooth after I used this.
The muslin cloth is wonderful. Its amazing when you see all the dirt & grime that comes off onto the cloth. It shows that it is working. Normally cleansers I use don't always remove all my mascara but this time it was all gone. It was so surprising because I use a lot of mascara. I had a hard time cleaning off the cloth but I guess that is why it comes with more than one. You can only use it so many times.

Trish says: Fans of moisturizing cleansers rejoice! This is such a gentle and easy cleanser to use from the muslin cloth to the texture of the cream, your skin will absolutely feel nurtured and pampered with it, considering after a long and taxing day this is an especially welcoming experience! The subtle hints of eucalyptus, rosemary, and chamomile really put you in the most relaxing mood ever and you just know that your skin is being treated with expert care as well. I agree with everyone, after a nice and cleansing wash, my skin had a nice and healthy radiant shine to it. The whole experience is full of pampering and relaxation, which is just the gentle finish wanted after a long day. Your skin will glow with joy and your mind at much more ease. Expect to feel pampered and nurtured from using this!

Josephine says: I am with you, my sisters. I am IN LOVE with this whole ritualized experience. I have long thought (not to mention argued to my respective bedfellow) that a woman's bathroom routine at the end of a long day is sacred. Clearly, Liz Earle feels the same way! The muslin, which I was at first a little suspicious of, is divine. I love using it and systematically wiping down my face while enjoying a surprisingly sensual encounter. The cream cleanser smells vaguely of eucalyptus and/or rosemary and it subtly exfoliates--or wait! Maybe that's the muslin. Seamless. That's what I am talking about. I wholeheartedly recommend this cleansing routine.

Using the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser has been such a treat because it feels like a mini spa getaway. The cream is thick and gives me a nice coat on my face. Plus, a little goes a long way. When I add warm water and put it on, it feels heavenly. I can feel and smell the refreshing eucalyptus oil and it's nice and soothing, probably from the chamomile too. Phase 2 requires you to use their muslin polishing cloth. It has a bit of grainy texture so it gently exfoliates your skin. I’ve used the cream for a few weeks now and can feel the difference. It also does a nice job of taking off my make up without stripping my face or leaving it dry. So really, it's a great all in one cleanser, polish and make up remover and hydrating cream!

Deedlejuse Says: Have you ever come home from work and your face just felt like it desperately needed some love? Like all crusty and tired, and your positive that your pores are super clogged with whatever nastiness you have been dealing with all day? Well that's the kid of feeling you can completely get rid of with this fantastic cleansing system. I have to say, my skin is sooooo happy, moisturised, and refreshed after using this system. My favorite part is that your eye make up completely comes off with the fantastic muslin cloth. I love the smell of the cleanser, and you might not even need to use a moisturizer every time after you cleanse! Seriously, if you are looking for wonderful natur-inspired products look no farther than Liz Earle, all of her products are aromatherapy packed, and super effective(and so worth your dollar!) Great product!

Movie Maven says: This cleanser, a thick cream that you apply to dry skin, then "polish" off with the included muslin cloth, is fast becoming one of my favorites. It left my skin soft, but not oily, and I did see mild improvement in my problem skin after using it for about a week and a half (which is about as much as you can get out of the little tube in the try-me kit). It did claim to remove even "tough mascara," which I didn't see happening, but it's definitely a nice product for teens (or women whose faces think they are teens).

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Review - John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Condtioner

Visibly Lightens Your Blonde. The sheer blonde® hair care experts were the first to create innovative solutions for your ultimate blonde color and shine. That's why we're the leading brand and preferred by blondes.

As you will all see I reviewed the shampoo from this pair yesterday, and I have to say you should totally use these together! There really isn't any point in using the shampoo if you aren't going to invest in the conditioner. Plus your hair looks sooooo nice when you use them together. Your hair is left soft and shiny, and perhaps a bit lighter. I really like this pair, and I totally recommend any thing from John Frieda, nothing I have ever tried is any less than wonderful. This shampoo & conditioner pair is no exception!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Review - John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo

sheer blonde® go blonder shampoo and conditioner gradually lighten your hair for a sun-kissed look all year, with daily use. This shampoo with a lightening complex and chamomile improves the healthy look and feel of your hair for shimmering sunlit blonde every day.

This shampoo is seriously wonderful, but then have you ever used anything less from John Frieda? I have only used one bottles worth of the shampoo and conditioner set, and I recently dyed my hair a bit darker, so I can't really tell how much is my hair actually getting lighter because of natural oxidation and how much is because of the effects of the duo. I must say that before I did dye my hair this combo definitely lightened my dirty blond roots into a bit lighter shade that looked a bit sun-bleached, although I wasn't really in the sun that much. Apart from that the shampoo lathers really well, cleans well, and begins the moisturizing process that the conditioner finishes nicely. All in all I would say one might need to spend a bit more time with this product to fully appreciate the lightening affects, but for a wonderful shampoo and conditioner set this is your pair!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review- DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew

Ultra-lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew™ from Doctor's Dermatologic Formula is a lightweight anti-aging facial moisturizer. The delicate, fluffy, mild moisturizer is free of oil, lanolin, fragrance, and color additives. Pure aloe vera and glycerin help bind moisture to the skin while squalene (a derivative of an emollient found in healthy skin), and dimethicone help delay moisture loss. May be used on oily and acne-prone skin. 1.67 oz, $38.

This super lightweight moisturizer really lives up to its name, leaving your skin soft and, well, dewy. My skin is pretty finicky - its combination to oily, but in the summer it tends to get really oily, and I'm also starting to incorporate anti-aging products into my routine. The moisturizer really meets all of those skin care concerns. It keeps my skin moisturized and controls oil, leaving your face soft and smooth, not at all greasy. Many of the anti-aging products I've tried are way too heavy for my skin, but this one addresses that problem perfectly. Even though it really is a light formula you don't need to slather a lot on, and it creates a great smooth surface for your makeup. I absolutely adore this product, and the longer I use it the better my skin looks!

Amanda S. Says: Agreed on all accounts. As reviewed recently, I love the sensitive skin cleanser. Although I didn't even feel like I needed moisture after using it, I followed with this and found it to absorb very quickly and leave no weird residue to mess with my make up. I have noticed, after using for a week, a nice 'taut' feeling to my skin which is totally different than an uncomfortable tightness. I just feel like my skin is fresher and bouncing back nicely from all the icky damage I've done to it this summer.

Trish Says: I am even more excited about this moisturizer once the weather begins to cool and my skin goes from oily in the summer to dry in the winter. I can tell already that come winter, this moisturizer will lightly, yet perfectly, lock in moisturizer in a way that keeps my skin looking natural, fresh and fully hydrated. I found best results with this moisturizer were when I let it s
et in for a few minutes, which created an ultra smooth base for my make-up. There's a nice healthy glow as a result and a clean, fresh shine, which I can appreciate any time of the year, and especially when the seasons begin to change!

Deedlejuse Says: I totally love this moisturizer! It is my absolute favorite to put under tinted moisturizer for the perfect amount of moisture without any build up! It is so easy to wear with or without make up on top. It is very light, but really sinks in quickly. I will say that you don't need much, one pump will completely nourish my face leaving it looking well tended and beautiful. Two pumps and you can get well down your neck and onto your decolletage. I love it!

Hillary Says: Not to sound like a mockingbird after reading all of the other reviews, but I couldn't agree more and I too love this moisturizer. This has been my "go to" moisturizer for years. I'm a patient of it's inventor, Dr. Sobel, (who I highly recommend) and one of the things I appreciate about him and his staff is that they don't push the DDF products down your throat. But now that I'm trying so many of the products I wish they would have (just kidding)! The thing I love best about this moisturizer is that there are no bells or whistles, just good, moisturizing ingredients which make your skin, even if it's dry like mine, look healthy and hydrated- with no zits! I have this in SPF 15 for day which has a full spectrum sunscreen and plain for evening. It is especially good on days when your face is extra dry because it doesn't hurt when you apply it. I even use it around my eyes. The consistency makes for a perfect makeup base; I often skip primer entirely when using this lotion. If you are looking for an effective moisturizer that won't break you out- look no further!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review- Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque

A revolutionary "8-minute Hair Repair" deep conditioning treatment for all curl types. Amino acids, vitamins and botanical extracts revitalize and condition. Rice, corn and wheat proteins work together in this Masque to rebuild the keratin inside the cortex. Consistent use promotes healthy and frizz-free hair. $32 for 4 oz.

I've always loved a hair mask and frankly I do not have enough of them in my life. I generally only indulge post-color at the salon. Curlisto offers up a really precious hair repair here. I left it on for the full 8 minutes it suggested for "longer hair" (shorter hair is 3-5 minutes). What I came away with was extremely soft strands and major manageability. As I remarked in a previous post for this product line, they apparently crafted something to give one's hair bounce no matter what the styling method and this rich conditioner promises "frizz-free hair" and that's exactly what I got.

Malikah says: As a woman with naturally coarse and EXTREMELY dry hair, I found this hair mask to be an absolute savior. My hair really takes on a lot of abuse, including chemical relaxers and heat styling, so I do try to deep condition it weekly. I left this rich hair mask on for 8 minutes as well, even though I have shorter hair. My hair really was miraculously soft, smooth, and shiny, after just one treatment. My style even stayed smooth and bouncy through today's gross 90+ degree heat!

Sultana says: I concur!!! This is good for dry, frizzy hair. Frankly, I think this masque can work with any hair texture. I am a big fan of Curlisto now. I absolutely love the way they customize a plan for your particular hair type. They literally write a "Prescription" for you locks!!! How great is that??? This makes you feel confident that you can maintain any look you want no matter what kind of hair you have.

Hillary says: I feel like the odd man out on this one. The directions say to wash, condition and then use this masque. I thought it must have been written wrong. When do you condition before a mask? I'm going to have to write more of this review when I try it with those steps, because when I used it without conditioning first, it left my hair tangled and unmanageable. I'm going to try it again and get back to you. But frankly, it's already got a strike against it as I'm not a big fan of extra steps. Check back soon for my review where I actually follow the directions!

Deedlejuse Says: I always have trouble with my super long, processed, blond hair. If you have processed blond you know what I'm talking about. It's THIRSTY! I have to say, please do as Hillary recommends and DO NOT forgo conditioning! It does not end well.... But, if you do condition before hand you will see brilliant results, and some really lovely hair! Hair masks are, I agree with Josephine, a favorite, if unfortunately lacking, part of my beauty routine. I really did like the one from Curlisto. I have to say one of the best parts of this line, for me, is that they are quality, without the super-scented-ness of some other brands. They err on the lighter side, which I love. So, yeah, I would say all in all I loved this mask. I didn't find it to leave any build-up, but it did make my hair flounce beautifully, and completely manageable!

Trish Says: I'm another fan here! By now, you may or may not know that my hair can best be described as perhaps moody - where it likes some products and just plainly rejects others. Having fine and delicate hair, I usually stay away from most deep conditioners or masks, because often, after all that is said and done, it just makes my hair heavier in the end. Even more so, I usually have to be selective about what I can and can't use on my hair. No worries here though, this Curlisto Masque delivered top results. Instead of flat and lifeless hair, I got soft and frizz-free locks that were light, bouncy and manageable! I know, I know, I'm surprised too. My hair actually looked and performed better than its normal best day and I didn't have to work that hard to make it happen. This is definitely going to be a part of my hair-care routine. The 8-minute conditioning was time well spent and the results were stellar even for me!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review- Three Custom Color Cosmetics Black Cherry Lip Gloss

This stunning array of shades is the result of over two years of gathering colors that inspired us from street fashion, runway trends, personal favorites and perhaps, most importantly, feedback from our clients! By using the trusty color wheel and the principles of color science as our guide, we whittled our picks down to this streamlined, comprehensive collection that is divided into Cool, Warm and Neutral categories for all skin tones and packaged in our sleek tubes with doefoot applicator $21.50

I love a good lip gloss. It is a definite requirement in my makeup bag. With that said, I am willing to try lip glosses that cost $1 as well as the ones that cost much more. I have this in Black Cherry. On the surface it looks like a very dark burgundy with sparkles. When you put it on, it goes on very light with a hint of shimmer. It took me completely by surprise.
I was scared that it might be too deep and then it turned out to be just right. It was a great look for the summer.
However, the formula is a little bit oily and doesn't last too long. But for those of you out there that hate glosses that leave your lips feeling sticky, then this is the right brand for you.

melissa says: I love gloss but tend to stick to sheer colors. I tried their Billie color that's part of their warm palette. It looked a little too much for my conservative taste, but when I tried it I really liked it because it was just enough to add color to my face but it didn't over do it. The gloss definitely moisturized my lips and even stayed on after dinner. Like Sultana mentioned, it's a great gloss because it doesn't get sticky. It does have the feel of a somewhat waxy lipstick, but with more moisture. I was pleased with the gloss and liked the color enough to use it several times a week...I never go crazy with my colors! I'd also recommend to either try it on if possible or don't be afraid if it looks too dark, but it is seems like with my review and Sultana's we were pleased when we put it on!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Review- Curlisto Bio Curl Conditioner

This deep moisturizing conditioner is specifically formulated for dry, chemically treated or damaged hair. Vitamins A and E moisturize and strengthen. Proteins leave hair soft, frizz free and tangle free. Gentle enough to be used daily. $14 for 4 oz.

Curlisto is one class act. I have made this opinion known through all of my reviews of their products so far because when a company authentically values its products and thus us, its consumer, it bears recognition. The Bio Curl Conditioner compliments the shampoo of the same name with its scent, performance and specialness. The jojoba oil topnote transported me back in time somewhere to my youth when I used a product with the same light fresh scent. I wasn't blown away by any new or evolved way in which my hair was conditioned, per se, but my experiences have been more than pleasant so far. One more thing, going back to my Seventeen magazine days, I would pour over the beauty tips like they were the secrets to the universe and I'll never forget a famous stylist at the time referencing stearalkonium chloride as a "must" ingredient in one's conditioner. I haven't seen it in a million years in something until now...!

Malikah Says:
This conditioner boasts amazing moisturizing properties that leave hair soft, supple, and tangle free. The directions say to leave it on for 3 minutes then rinse, but I let it sit for about 15 for extra conditioning. My hair came out incredibly soft and shiny, and the fragrance was superb! The conditioner is fortified with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein which retains moisture and prevents dryness, hydrolyzed soy protein which repairs and strengthens hair shaft and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract which hydrates dry hair and scalp. Curlisto Bio Curl conditioner is perfect for anyone concerned about dry, damaged hair and breakage.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Review- Essie Matte About You Topcoat

"No-luster polish is taking center stage in today's fashion world!Capitalize on the latest nail trend of the season with matte about youand create a smooth matte finish with just one product!" $10 for .5 fl. oz.

I cannot tell you how psyched I was when I found out from Kat at Essie they were releasing a matte topcoat! I had a bottle of matte topcoat in the 80's that I was still rhapsodizing about. I thought I would never see it's like again. Then Essie launches "Matte About You" and all my un-shiny nail dreams came true. I hadn't seen anything matte for nails in a long time, but now it seems everyone is coming out with matte nail polishes, however, the beauty of Matte About You is that you can turn any polish matte in seconds. Bored of what was your favorite color? Give it a whole new vibe with this product.

I have to tell you, my first experience with this product was seriously disappointing. I used it as a normal topcoat and it chipped the same day. Then I got the idea to put on an ordinary topcoat followed by Matte About You. I know, I know, that's not what the directions say. But who cares if it works? And it did work like a charm and stayed in place without a chip for several days. And needless to say, I'm totally head-over-heels about the look. As the season wears on I've been hearing that all of the matte finish nail polishes from other companies chip like a porcelain cup as well, but if you follow the instructions I just gave you, you can have your cake and eat it too. If you are looking for something a little different for Fall, this is a product that you should definitely add to your arsenal.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Review- Cosmedicine Honest Face Tint & Treatment for Fair Skin SPF 20 Moisturizer

"Honest Face Tint & Treatment for Fair Skin with SPF 20 is a skin perfecting tinted moisturizer that improves skin quality and provides SPF 20 UVA/UVB protection and antioxidants. Honest Face comes in four wearable shades and the the coverage is buildable. Honest Face for fair skin, the no BS tint & treatment cream." $35 for 1.35 oz.

This is a lovely product although a bit on the light side for my complexion which is categorized as "fair" by most. The texture is creamy and soft and the coverage suffices. The SPF is, as always, wonderful and a wonderfully conscious addition to a tinted moisturizer that allows you to combine several steps into one, if you like. It's loaded with antioxidants that aren't run-of-the-mill either, they're the ones that allegedly fight free radicals from sun damage plus there's caffeine in it which not enough products use to their advantage, imo. I would easily skip SPF and moisturizer in any season other than summer and reach for this instead.

Deedlejuse says: I also have this product in Fair, and as with Josephine, I am generally considered a fair complexion, even on the light side. This tint is extremely fair, and I found just too light for me. Perhaps in the months ahead when my marginal tan goes away I might be able to work with it more. I also found that though it was creamy, and worked well as a moisturizer I didn't get even the slightest coverage with it (although normally tints are my thing) I think it might be because it was too light for me though. I think all in all if you are purchasing this off a website go a level beyond what you might normally think of yourself, and be prepared to use some concealer, even if you don't have to normally. The combination of the "Mega-Boost" and the Honest Face was really nice feeling, and did help with some problem spots, but I kind of wish that they had left the tint out. Its a great product, but the color is a difficult choice.

Melissa says: I received the dark skin color and love it.I found that it blends in really well and feels light on. It's usually hard for me to find something that matches my skin color but with a little playing around, I'm good to go! It also gives a natural look while moisturizing. Plus, it has SPF 20 which is just wonderful! I was kind of hesitant because I stick to my normal, powder, but Honest Face is just what I need. I've also been using the other Cosmedicine products and am a big fan of the line.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Review- Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Oil Control Spray

Medi-Matte Oil Control Spray is an easy-to-use, portable mattifying spray that keeps your face shine-free and fresh all day. Medi-Matte Oil Control Spray can be used over or under makeup throughout the day for mattifying touch-ups or to refresh face in heat and humidity. The perfect substitute for powder, this oil control spray feels refreshing and instantly mattifies. Medi-Matte is the perfect shine-control touch-up spray for special events, outdoor parties or any occasion for photography. 2.0 fl oz. $35

For all the oily gals out there (and guys too), this is one awesome spray! Really, the last thing I'd want to do is to add any extra moisture to my skin- but this spray works oil-control magic! Instead of having to resort to blotting papers or obsessively using my powder to absorb excessive oiliness, all I have to do is spray a couple of spurts of this, blend a little (because I'm impatient ), and I'm done. Set. And shine-free! For hours on end too. In return, I get super smooth, soft, and clear looking skin that comes pretty darn close to perfect in my eyes. Usually, I'm suspect when trying "shine-free" or "oil-control" products, because, let's be honest here, a lot of times they just don't work. Either that or I have super oily skin, which could be. But, I'm very happy and pleased that this Cosmedicine Spray works better than most powders I know and minimizes the appearance of large pores instantly. And, if I had to choose this spray over my beloved pressed powder, I'd choose the spray in a heartbeat. It really works that well. I love products that make my skin look smoother, softer, pore-free and oil-free and this one does it beautifully.

Review - Pevonia SpaTeen Blemished Skin Line

I'm not a teen, but my face still thinks I am, so this line is probably appropriate for me. This line includes five items: a cleanser, a toner, a mask, a moisturizer, and a spot treatment called "Blemish-B-Gone." I'll discuss each a little bit.

SpaTeen Blemished Skin Cleanser: I love this cleanser. I know that's not enough to say in a review, but seriously - it is wonderful. It has just the right amount of scrubby grit in it to make you feel like you're accomplishing something, but not so much that your face will revolt and turn red. I didn't notice a huge difference in the number of breakouts I had when I started using it, but I did notice that when I stopped using it, my face was like "wait, what? No! We liked that!!" I don't know if this means that I have to use it forever or what, but in any event, it is effective.

SpaTeen Blemished Skin Toner: I'm not so great at remembering to even use toner, but for the purposes of this review, I tried to be diligent. This toner smells a little weird to me, but it was refreshing after a hot shower.

SpaTeen Blemished Skin Mask: My face felt nicely tight after using this, like I'd just had a mini-facial. (note: I have never had a facial, so I guess it's "like I imagine a mini-facial would feel like.")

SpaTeen Blemished Skin Moisturizer: I loved this stuff. It's light without being ineffective, and pleasantly ungreasy. Four thumbs up!

SpaTeen Blemish-B-Gone: I got two tubes of this - it comes in a tube that looks like it might be lip gloss, except that it's white and has a lime green cap - and I couldn't be happier. For spot treatments, this stuff is great. One time, I even managed to catch a little baby blemish and zap it literally overnight (obviously, larger ones will take more time).

Overall, definitely worth a try if you're a teen (or just have skin like one), and the cute packaging doesn't hurt.

Review- Three Custom Color Specialists Professional Concealer Palette

"Our versatile Creme Concealer formula can be used in isolated areas to conceal or all over the face as a foundation or face tint. Design the perfect shade for any skin tone and then use the lighter shades to highlight and darker shades to contour." 10 colors for $58

I love this palette! With it I can create the correct shade of concealer or foundation for almost anyone. When I first got this, I decided to do a little experiment. I wanted to see if this makeup would look as good at both the beginning and end of the evening on myself and my 70 year old mother. The application is a breeze. I used a foundation brush and I could paint on more where more coverage was needed and less... well you get the picture. I was struck by how little concealer was required to do a whole face. This stuff spreads like a dream. Looking at it in the palette you would think it had a thick dense consistency, but once you start using it you realize it is only dense in pigment. It feels weightless on and it didn't settle into any of my mother's wrinkles (she's 70, she knows she has wrinkles!). It gave a slightly dewier finish than I like, so I set it with powder. I'm pleased to report that both my mother and I still had full faces of makeup after an evening at the Atlantic City casinos. I was really impressed with the staying power of this multi-function cream. This is already a staple in my professional makeup kit. It takes half the guesswork out of applying foundation because for some reason, the shades are universally flattering. You can also buy the individual colors in compacts for $22.50 or in 3 shade trios (with larger amounts of color) for $67.50. The trio has individual refills available for $17.50. I recommend this palette to any professional makeup artist as it is an ultimately portable way to have hundreds of possible colors at your fingertips. Plus you save by having your concealer and foundation in one.

Review - Cosmedicine Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment Exfoliating Cleanser

This highly-advanced, fast-acting exfoliating cleanser with its proprietary oil-stopping complex and micro-fine granules not only fights breakouts and eliminates acne symptoms, it actually leaves your skin in healthier and better condition than before your acne problem began.

Man, I love exfoliating cleansers. I love the super-clean feeling my face gets when it's been scrubbed juuuuuust enough to get the icky stuff off my face (and city living can really do a number on you). Cosmedicine's exfoliating cleanser is probably one of my favorites - the "micro-fine granules" they mention in the description? That's totally true. The exfoliating sand in this cleanser is so tiny that even very sensitive skin will be happy afterward, but you still get that great, clean feeling. Now, I don't know whether this cleanser reduced my breakouts, but I will say this: I stopped using it for a couple of days after I forgot it at home when I was housesitting, and I did notice that I had a bit of a breakout when I stopped using it. The only complaint I had about this cleanser was the scent - now, I know for something to be super-effective it needs, like, crazy ingredients from the ocean or something, but this stuff smells a little bit like liquid nori. Not necessarily a bad smell, if you like sushi, but also not necessarily something you want on your face. Overall, give it a go as part of the whole Cosmedicine line!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pretty in Pink Spa Treatments for $31 in Select Areas in October

Register for the site and you can look at all of the $31 deals available from October 1st to the 31st only in select markets (Illinois including Chicago and Suburbs, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, New York and Wisconsin). The event raises money for bright pink, a non-profit which offers support for women at high risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer. Last year I got 2 sessions of Microdermabrasion (at 2 different places) for $31 apiece. This year I think I'll get another one. Check out the list if it's near you because there are some really great deals on it and it funds a good cause.
P.S. In NYC there's even a place to take a 20 minute nap for $31! Only in NY!

Review - Cosmedicine Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment Nighttime Blemish Powder

Speedy Recovery Nighttime Acne Treatment is a nighttime powder with a soothing botanical complex. Our Speedy Recovery nighttime powder works overnight to fight breakouts and eliminate acne symptoms. Speedy Recover nighttime Treatment, for no BS, overnight, results.

I think I like the idea of this product better than I actually like the product. Typically, acne spot treatments come in a gel or cream form, making them easy to apply, but also making it easy to use a lot more product than you really need to. I thought perhaps a powder would make it simpler to really target the blemishes without putting a lot of product on the surrounding unaffected skin. However, I found the powder a little unwieldy to work with - the packaging suggests you use a cotton ball to apply it - dry - to affected areas. It just didn't really work for me. I gave it another go by dipping a cotton swab in water and then in the powder to make sort of a paste, like what you would make out of baking powder and water for a bee sting, but that was also really tricky. I like the Cosmedicine line, but I'd rather stick to gels for my spot treatment needs.

Review- Cosmedicine Speedy Recovery Daytime Blemish Lotion

"Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment is a fast acting, pH balanced acne-fighting lotion with SPF 15 UVA/UVB protection. Our Speedy Recovery daytime blemish acne treatment eliminates excess oil and debris with proprietary oil-stopping complexes and micro-fine granules. Speedy Recover Daytime Treatment, for no BS results. This fast-acting treatment lotion with UVA/UVB sunscreens not only works all day to fight breakouts and eliminate acne symptoms, but actually leaves your skin in healthier and better condition than before your acne problem began." $40 for 2 fl. oz.

I have always wondered why it seemed that companies thought that acne only came out at night? I can count on one hand the number of daytime treatments for acne I know of. And of those treatments, most are spot treatments, not an overall product to keep your skin clear. Not only does this cream treat acne all day, it doesn't irritate your skin. True I do experience some extra dryness when I'm using it, but it's nothing a strong moisturizer won't take care of and it's only in the major culprit areas- the creases going from my mouth down my chin and around my nose. I mainly use this product during the time I have PMS, because that's mainly when I break out. I have to say, my breakouts have been seriously reduced since I've been using this cream. Plus the fact that it's got my beloved SPF. I recommend this product for anyone w/ moderate acne, especially since I apply it once a day, but the instructions say to apply it up to 3 times a day, in other words, you can tailor it to your level of acne. It's very light and sits well under makeup, so there's no complaints there. This is the perfect solution for those of us for whom nighttime treatment of acne just isn't enough. With this you can be fighting zits 24 hours a day!

Movie Maven says: I found this product to be a great companion to a more intense nighttime treatment for blemished skin. Because my skin tends to be less dry, I didn't experience any problems with overdrying, but I probably could have been applying it more than once a day for better results. As it was (I used it once a day), I saw some mild reduction in breakouts. I especially liked that you can couple this product with other products in the Cosmedicine line for maximum effect. Overall, this is an okay product by itself, but I suspect it reaches its maximum efficacy when used as part of the line.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review- derma e Skinbiotics Treatment Creme

"To help fight bacteria and germs and aid improvement of a variety of skin problems, choose derma e®'s NEW Skinbiotics®. These powerful products blend eco-friendly Tea Tree Oil with organic Oregano Oil to provide powerful, natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties that have been proven effective for helping combat a range of organisms including Staphylococcus and E Coli." 4 oz.- $19.95

Guest Reviewer Lulu says: I want to recommend a derma e. creme called Skinbiotics Treatment Creme. I had some sort of a rash/reaction to something on my hand between 2 of my fingers, and it wouldn't go away! I tried a few products and they were OK in calming it down but it didn't really disappear and every few days it would become bad again. It already looked like some kind of an eczema and the skin was dry there were little cracks and cuts. In any case I was part of a make up class that luckily for me, the founder of this site Hillary attended. She was nice enough to suggest the cream and even bring a sample next day. The creme did in 2-3 days what the others didn't do for weeks! It was amazing! I'm out of the sample and about to get the whole thing at the store because until I figure out what it is from (it still at times becomes worse) my hopes are that with the Derma E. creme it will disappear and heal much faster.

Guest Reviewer Dermot says: I recently developed eczema on the palms of both of my hands. It came on suddenly and completely covered my palms. I saw the dermatologist and he gave me a cream to soften and eliminate the eczema, but I had read on the internet that when a case is this bad, one will often develop cuts and wounds from how dry one's skin is. Around this time, my wife, Hillary, got me the derma e Skinbiotics Treatment Creme. I used it religiously on my hands and I'm glad to say despite very high chances of getting an infection, I never did. My hands are back to normal now and I think I owe part of my trouble-free recovery to this product.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Review - Tresemme 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse

Lightweight, maximum hold mousse that will pump up your hair’s volume to incredibly new heights.

I've liked Tresemme since I was a kid and my mom used to buy the hugest bottle possible of "shampooing" - I think the shampoo she bought was from Canada for some reason - that we would all use. Tresemme feels a lot more luxurious than it costs, and it always smells really nice. This 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse may be a bit of a misnomer - I mean, 24 hours of body is basically impossible, if you ask my lank locks - but it definitely works really well! Obviously, you'll do well to use it in conjunction with a blowdryer, but a little dollop will give your hair good body without being super-sticky (it's a little sticky, though. It's mousse). I know mousse is, like, sort of 90s or something, but I don't care. More throwback products to go with our throwback fashion! Everyone should be wearing mousse and Hammer - excuse me, harem - pants.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Review - Cynos Nano Molding Paste

CYNOS Nano Molding Paste is the ultimate paste that offers exceptional texture, incredible apilability, and a modern finish. This product is only sold at hair salons.

As a girl who has had a wide variety of hair lengths, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what product goes with what length. When I had short hair, I liked a pomade or a wax; at a longer length, I usually use a light mousse or texturizing spray. This paste falls somewhere in between the two: not crazy hold like a wax, but definitely enough hold to do something interesting. As it is, the only part of my hair that really benefitted from this paste was my long bangs, which tend to be a bit unruly, especially when it's windy. When I presented my bobbed-haired roommate with the stuff, however, she was delighted: the paste offered enough hold to give her messy 'do some shape, but not so much that she looked like she was wearing a helmet. Sadly, this product is only sold in salons, so if you're interested, ask your hairdresser to look into it for you!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Review- Graftobian Super Palette - 18 Lip Color Shades

"Graftobian now offers our High Definition Glamour Cremes and Lip Colors in this artist friendly Super Palette (18 shade) Configuration." 5 packs= $21.99 each, 18 color Super Palette= $64.99

How excited was I when I got this 18 color lipstick palette? Besides being a total lipstick junkie, I knew from Graftobian's reputation that it would be good quality. And I was right. It's a lipstick lover's dream come true! This palette mainly covers what I would refer to as "medium shade" lipsticks in that there are no super light pinks or super dark blackberry's. It has very wearable shades that can be mixed to create literally hundreds of different shades. It only take a little bit of these lipsticks to get full, opaque coverage. This is going to be a great addition to my professional kit (although I secretly would like to just use all of the shades myself. The lipsticks have good staying power for cream lipsticks (They also make a lipgloss 5-pack for $21.99). My only complaint is that there aren't enough shades of red. There is, however, one true red that is slightly sheer and can be mixed with any of the other colors to make a red with the undertones you want. After having tried this palette and the foundations, I am looking forward to trying the other products Graftobian makes. BTW, need some face paints for yourself or the kids for Halloween? Check out the Graftobian website. They have endless affordable options and even have kits to make the look for specific costumes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review- Hi-Def Glamour 18 Color Creme Foundation Super Palettes

"Graftobian now offers our High Definition Glamour Cremes and Lip Colors in this artist friendly Super Palette (18 shade) Configuration. This is a very convenient way for the serious artist to use and travel with virtually our full line of HD cremes. Each palette contains substantially all of our color range in each of the four Super Palette Styles: Warm, Neutral & Cool HD Creme Foundations, plus our fabulous Super Lip Palette!" 18 colors each. $64.99 each.

As I've mentioned before, I'm studying to become a makeup artist. Graftobian foundation is an absolute staple in many professional makeup artist's kits. You can vary the coverage anywhere from sheer to opaque and the cream doubles as a concealer. Oh and did I mention it's HD quality? When a makeup is HD quality, it means it does it's job better than can be seen with the naked eye. I've seen my everyday makeup on an HD camera and even though I feel it looks good, it looks just awful on the HD screen. *Makeup tip- If you are going somewhere where you will be filmed or photographed in HD, do not use mineral based makeup. Something in the makeup comes out as grey flecks when shot in HD.* In addition to using these creams as foundations, I use a concealer brush and apply them as foundation. It covers under eye circles beautifully. If you are a makeup artist or plan in being one, you must check out the various Graftobian palettes.

The foundations are broken down into cool tones, warm tones and neutral tones. Every shade comes in a variety of packages- singles, 5 packs of like colors and the Super Palettes of 18 colors in one color family. If you just can't seem to find the color or coverage you need, try a Graftobian palette and you'll be able to mix a custom color for yourself. If you don't know if you are a warm, cool or neutral tone, try taking something pure yellow up to your face, then try something pure red (no blue or orange undertones to it). If the yellow matches your undertones, you are a cool tone, the red- warm and if they both look equally good, you are neutral (%75 of people are warm). BTW, you can't just get the neutral palette and use it on everyone if you want a true match. I've tried it and it doesn't work.

Overall, I love these palettes and they are going to be the basis for my entire pro makeup kit. As a color runs out, I can refill the space by buying an individual pot of that foundation @ $11.99 @ Graftobian.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Review - Curlisto Glow & Shine Spray

This advanced, alcohol-free finishing spray gives you brilliant shine without added weight. The non-oily formula protects hair from moisture loss and eliminates frizz and static electricity. 4oz $28

I have to say that this is unlike any other frizz treatment I have ever tried. It is unique in so many ways. I used this on the nastiest, rainiest days in NYC & it didn't fail me once! It gave my hair a very nice shine without weighing it down. Normally after my four block walk to the train station, my hair is a soggy mess. I sprayed this on my hair at work and Voila! My hair manages to return to what it was like when I left the house! The one down side is that if you have long hair, you need a substantial amount to really make it work.
I love the Curlisto line and this happens to be my favorite product from them! If you have hair that gets oily easily, then this is a good light weight product for you.

Josephine says: Totally. My love for Curlisto is growing with every new product I try! It seems to me that the sheer audacity it takes to make a curly-haired shine spray, much less one that reigns supreme, is admirable if not gutsy. I would think that many lesser hair product companies would mistake curly hair for hair that needs loads of silicone in a spray shine when the exact opposite is true; When curly hair gets weighed down it looks like a weird pyramid so it needs something super light to compliment its buoyant nature. Btw, if that last sentence did not make sense feel free to blame it on the bachelorette party I attended tonight. Anyway, to wrap this all up, Curlisto has mastered a spray that mists a shiny, humidity-resistant veil of awesome over one's head.

Hillary says: Ditto. There's not much to say that hasn't been said, but this is truly a superior shine product. For fine hair like mine, my hairdresser told me to spray it onto a brush (I use a bristle brush) then brush it into your hair. The result is tame, gloss hair with no "oil slicks" or uneven patches. My hair is straight, generally, but humidity can still get the best of it. On a humid day, I blow dry & the front sides of my hair look like I tied two dead squirrel tails to my head! A couple of spritzes of Curlisto Glow and Shine Spray on my brush, and I have model-worthy locks (ok, maybe not model-worthy, but you get my drift). Considering how curly Josephine's hair is and how straight Trish and my hair is, I'd say this product is good for everybody.

Trish says: Hillary's right about this being a great product for both the curly-haired girls and stick straight-types (as myself and Hillary!) I took the advice of spraying some on my brush for best results and voila smooth and silky hair all over! The formula is super lightweight and high in shine...sometimes, I'll wear my hair up all day, and later put it down, I noticed this product not only smoothened out my frizzy strands, but also, it sure can hold a nice curl (or in my case wavy locks) and make it look ultra glamourous. I will say for a light spritz (on the comb or brush) this glossy shine goes the distance!
A curly hair's dream and a straight-hair gal's delight! It's super soft and light, just perfect for that gorgeous ringlet, and quite strong enough to add some body and waves for the limper types. I will say though in my experience, it adds more body (which is an awesome thing) yet less frizz control for me...then again I have fussy hair so I'm just saying that was my experience. In any case I found this to be a body-building, ringlet holding, and shiny making product with great potential for all hair types! As long as you don't have static-y or flyaway hair, then a little bit goes a long way.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Review- Three Custom Color Lip and Cheek Stain in Ski Bunny

Ski Bunny Lip & Cheek Stain - This sheer cherry balm with a swirl of shimmer will brighten any skin tone with the dab of a finger, creating a glow that is fresh and youthful, yet appropriate for all ages.

I absolutely love the compact above! It is just so use-able. The disk compact's a mirror is literally as large as the tin, which is awesome because there just isn't enough room in my travel bag for a larger mirror. The stain is ultra-useable, it works on any part of your face, from eye lids to cheeks to lips (they don't suggest eye lids, but it still works!) Ski Bunny is a deep berry color that just really enhances the color of your lips and makes at least me look ultra-sophistocated. I like to wear it under gloss, but it can also work solo. The stain lasts for hours on any part you choose to put it, and smooths really naturally on application. This is a perfect ten in my book, if I ever use it up I will be sure to repurchase!
yay to Three Custom Color!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Review- Three Custom Color Specialists Creme to Powder Blush

This luxurious formulation is appropriate for all skin types and can be applied with the fingers or a sponge. With the color wheel as our guide, we designed this broad range of shades to compliment all skin tones. $22.50

I've always loved a cream to powder blush formula. While some powder formulas can look dry and cakey, and some cream formulas don't have much staying power, cream-to-powder blushes are the best of both worlds. They give you that rich, dewy look of a traditional cream formula, but last much longer. Three Custom Color Specialists have mastered the ultimate cream-to-powder blush. It blends easily and the creamy formula dries into a long wearing powder with a great natural finish. I tried it in Burgundy (not pictured), which was much too dark for my skin tone, but I loved the texture and formula. I would recommend that shade to someone of a darker hue, but with 12 shades to choose from I have no doubt you can find your perfect fit!

Trish says: I like playing with colors. And sometimes I have to mix and blend a bit to get what I really want. So, when I tried this blush in Brown, I was a bit perplexed, yet excited about the challenge. First, I tried wearing it alone to see how it looked naturally on my skin. I'm no stranger to dark blushes, but this brown, as brown as it was, looked like I left an odd-color streak on my cheeks. So, I did only what I knew next - blend it. And I mean, really blend it with another blush to add contour and depth and dimension to my cheeks. I'm happy to report, that brown doesn't look so bad anymore! If you like playing with colors and adding some contour and shape to your cheeks, I feel that these customized blushes can provide so many unique and creative ways to formulate a specialized look. Not only is it fun, but you can discover so many new ways to make ordinary colors pop! Even brown. And I agree, as Malikah mentioned above - the creamy blush does dry softly to create a nice powdery finish and feels ultra smooth to wear! So to all, happy blending and contouring- although you may want to leave brown to the experts, ahem, just to stay on safe color side!

Melissa says:
I have added this to my color palette! I'm a powder type girl and was a bit scared to try this only because I tend to stick to what I know. I tried Plum and absolutely loved it. It was a great color for my skin tone and think it's a nice Fall color. I really liked the way it went on and it stayed for awhile. Since it's a bit creamy, I like how it could play with it to get the right color and amount on my skin. Sometimes I go for that strong plum color and then I just put a touch on! Either way, I really liked this product and added it to my make up bag. Overall, I was really impressed with the products from Three Custom Color Specialists. Their lip gloss was great and I really do like the blush! Now, if I could only learn to blend and contour more like the other ladies, I'd be set!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Review- John Frieda Curl Around Conditioner

Developed for wavy, curly, frizz-prone hair. Reawakens, energizes and defines your natural curl patterns for soft, smooth curls with lasting curl definition. Specially developed with a curl-enhancing complex, hydrating conditioners and frizz-fighting silicone. Features a nourishing formula that locks in moisture for well-defined, salon-style spirals that resist frizz in any weather. Curls look silky-smooth and glossy from root to tip. Gentle enough for everyday use. Safe for color-treated hair. $5.99 for 10 fl. oz.

This conditioner smells vaguely like cotton candy. It's formulated for curly hair but I think that anyone could benefit from smelling like the best part of a carnival, you know? Anyway, it didn't do anything remarkable and I feel that way about the shampoo, too, but it is a steady and reliable conditioner that smoothes and softens as well as anything else. I have one small bone to pick with the write-up on the website though. It states that it resists frizz in any weather, and this is true in my experience even with the "weather works" products, but I haven't seen this promise manifest.

Review- John Frieda Curl Around Shampoo

Reawakens and invigorates your natural curl patterns for shapely styling results. Specially developed with a curl-enhancing complex, targeted moisturizers and frizz-fighting silicone. Features a nourishing formula that’s the first step toward creating gorgeous, salon-style spirals. Moisturizes and smoothes the hair cuticle. Keeps curls glistening and ready to resist frizz in any weather. Gentle enough for everyday use. Safe for color-treated hair. $5.99 for 10 fl. oz.

I didn't notice anything exceptional about this shampoo other than the fact that it's consistent with John Frieda's other solid products. It cleans but not overly, it makes your hair smell nice but not in a cloying way and it neither enhanced or squelched my curly tendencies which is fine with me. Basically, I'm not mad at it. As the website states, it nurtures curly hair's propensity towards dryness and I am happy to see that it states that it's safe for color-processed hair because it's been my belief ever since I started to dye mine (in 1984) that every shampoo should overtly cope to being benign or not for the natural-color-challenged.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Review- Lancome Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss

Add power to your pout with brilliant shine. Dial up the glamour with shimmering color. Discover a favorite shade and flavor for every mood. LancĂ´me now offers a fun way to choose Juicy Tubes based on coverage and finish, giving your lips the high impact shine and color you desire. Juicy Tubes Smoothie shades offer medium coverage with a burst of color that glides on easily with its tube-tip applicator. $18 per tube.

If you are looking for the perfect summer gloss, this is it! Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss goes on smooth and easily, and the gorgeous color stays put for hours. I tried it in Cherry Burst, a pinky-red hue that left my lips a beautiful sheer red. It was the perfect naturally flushed lip that you get after eating fresh fresh fruit. It even had a slight cherry flavor, but it was quite subtle, not at all like the heavy fruit flavored glosses that haunted my junior high school years. The gloss was a tiny bit sticky when I first applied it, but after a while I forgot I was even wearing it, and I only had to reapply once after eating. If you're looking for a more dramatic lip look, top your regular lipstick with layer of Juicy Tubes gloss for a bold, shiny lip. And it comes in 14 different colors, so there you'll have no problem finding your perfect shade!

Trish Says: Malikah is soo right! There is a burst of fruitiness that comes with this lip gloss. Not in a bad way either, just a hint of fruit and lightness. I agree, the color and gloss stays on for hours! I tried the shade in a super light, pinkish Rose Nectar shade, which is too light for me to wear alone, but adding it on top of my current red lipstick adds that perfect shine and fullness to any look! It glides on smoothly enough to have a real effect and just a small amount was all I needed to provide a gorgeous shine to my lips. The best parts to me are the texture of the gloss and its durability. I also liked that over time it doesn't feel sticky at all (which is one of my turn-offs with any gloss) but blends very easily with the shade I'm currently wearing. As a result, you get a softer and fuller look from the lightest touch with this burst of gloss!

Review - Smashbox Bionic Mascara

BIONIC is the first ionic mascara for longer, stronger and more voluminous super-power lashes! $19.00
I found that with the first application of this mascara it is a jet black color which is blacker than most mascaras that I own. I don’t have to apply multiple coats to get the desired effect. One coat and I am done: my lashes are thicker, longer, deep and rich in color. The formula is thicker than most so be careful when applying as you may need to wipe a little away. The claim is this bionic mascara will make your lashes stronger but I can’t tell if my lashes are stronger. I can comment on the fact that I get little to no flaking and removing is very easy with an eye makeup remover. It is all gone and without any serious scrubbing – wipes away with a little more than gentle rubs. I do want to let you know that this mascara does offer that spidery wispy effect too, this makes my lashes thick at the root and spidery at the end. I like this look but I know a lot of people who don’t so I just wanted to throw that fact out there too.

Trish says: There are a number of reasons why I really like this Bionic Mascara by Smashbox. First, the color!!! I've been getting into all kinds of different hues lately and trying this mascara in Indigo Ink is the perfect midnight bluish shade for my current fix! Dark enough to make a dramatic impact, but not so black you're thrown into a dark abyss. In a way, the richness of the color softly brings out the brown-ness of my eyes and brightens the whiteness of my eyes at the same time too. Next, it is a nice, thick formula as mentioned above and I feel that I only need one coating and that does the job sufficiently enough! I have pretty thin lashes to begin with and found this formula to thicken with merely one coating without clumping and giving a pretty clean curl while I'm at. Since I'm not caking on too much, I feel my lashes are pretty and long and soft enough, without the scary mascara gone wrong look. And my favorite part of all, absolutely no flaking and drying and messy raccoon eyes at the end of the day! Just a clean curl in a pretty shade that suits my playful and offbeat mood these days!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mario Badescu- Vitamin C Serum

This Vitamin C Serum contains 7.5% Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) to reduce discoloration and brighten skin. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to retain skin's natural moisture and Collagen to enhance skin's firmness and elasticity. $45 for 1 oz.

In true Mario Badescu form when they say in their stylish bare bones fashion "vitamin c serum" you can expect a product that smells vaguely like the juice of your favorite citrus fruit. I detected a hint of lemon juice, myself. I love products that advise an "every-other-day" use, by the way. You can glean that there's some real power behind this serum. I added it to my current rather slapdash skin care regimen because I am "in-between" reviews of whole skincare lines therefore piecing together my favorites in my closet morning and night. Anyway, adding the vitamin c has done wonders for my visage thus far. It's a mild solution that doesn't seem to make a huge imprint at first but after two weeks, I have noticed a decline in the newer "freckles" (heh) I have culled this summer despite my best efforts. I also have a more even skintone in general and a brighter glow. I love Mario Badescu and have for years so I am hardly surprised that this stuff is so effective.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Review- The Balm Pick-Up Lines eyeliner pencils

the balm Pick-Up Liners II features 3 mini eye pencils in green, plum, and navy shades. These water-resistant liners glide on smooth for a perfect application and are tucked in a travel-friendly case that's complete with its own mini sharpener.

(Warning, possible cute overload)Seeing whereas I am on the high end of the list for picky eyeliner people, I thought this could just be a gimmick and nothing more. I mean, after all, three mini eye-liner pencils in cute colors that come in a CUTE box with... yes it's true, a teeny sharpener built into the box?? But how well does it work? Really well actually, this is good eyeliner. The Balm (check their products out if you haven't already) has good products overall anyway, and this did not let me down. I tried all three colors over the weekend and they're all beautiful with good stay-put value. I'm an eye rubber of the worst kind too, so this isn't a small feat for a small eye pencil. Second to the cuteness/greatness of the compact idea is the built in sharpener. I seriously hate dull pencils. I am not that savvy with them to begin with, so if they get dull or hard to use, I just throw them out. And I hate waste. I get mean for the rest of the day about a bad eyeliner. (I'm petty sometimes too... oops). But with the built in sharpener I can take the clunky one out of my make-up bag and slide in this cute teensy box with everything I need to roll around town looking cute.
OH, and the clincher: the packaging. A cute little image with the quote "You must know karate 'cuz your body is really kickin'". If that's not a good pick up line for these liners, nothing is.

Josephine says: We have the Balm at Makeup Mania NYC so I use their line both personally and professionally. These liners are so creamy yet so long-wearing I have spent hours wondering just how this came to be. For real for real. All six colors (they come in two different packs of three, one set being more staple colors: black, brown, grey and the other more fun and experimental: olive green, navy, burgundy) are equally badass. The advantage to a tiny (yet mighty!) pencil, too, is that they are tres easy to apply to one's own eye line because you can get super close to the mirror. Finally, psychologically-speaking, it might be the name which as we all know can be powerful but I tend to use these after I have been at the store for hours and need a "pick-up." I am not making a bad pun either!

Deedlejuse Says: I love this little three pack of eyeliner! The three pencils I got were black, grey and brown. I love them, so much! I, as Amanda S, am like insanely picky when it comes to both Mascaras, but more so with my eyeliner. My go to liner right now is Make Up Forever in black, but I have begun leaving it at home because I sooooo much prefer The Balm's Pick-Up Liners. They are small, which can be as aggrivating as the pencils at Ikea, or mini-gulf, but as soon as you get the hang of them you realize that the size is just one of the best parts! There is a sharpener at the end of the box ( which is awesome) the creamy pigment that really stays, even when you tend tp rub your eyes like all the time, and even at the end of the day I have not found that any black streaks are left around my eyes. The tips of the pencils are so wonderfully small that your able to draw on exactly what you wanted. I'm very, very happy with this little trio!