Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review- Three Custom Color Cosmetics Black Cherry Lip Gloss

This stunning array of shades is the result of over two years of gathering colors that inspired us from street fashion, runway trends, personal favorites and perhaps, most importantly, feedback from our clients! By using the trusty color wheel and the principles of color science as our guide, we whittled our picks down to this streamlined, comprehensive collection that is divided into Cool, Warm and Neutral categories for all skin tones and packaged in our sleek tubes with doefoot applicator $21.50

I love a good lip gloss. It is a definite requirement in my makeup bag. With that said, I am willing to try lip glosses that cost $1 as well as the ones that cost much more. I have this in Black Cherry. On the surface it looks like a very dark burgundy with sparkles. When you put it on, it goes on very light with a hint of shimmer. It took me completely by surprise.
I was scared that it might be too deep and then it turned out to be just right. It was a great look for the summer.
However, the formula is a little bit oily and doesn't last too long. But for those of you out there that hate glosses that leave your lips feeling sticky, then this is the right brand for you.

melissa says: I love gloss but tend to stick to sheer colors. I tried their Billie color that's part of their warm palette. It looked a little too much for my conservative taste, but when I tried it I really liked it because it was just enough to add color to my face but it didn't over do it. The gloss definitely moisturized my lips and even stayed on after dinner. Like Sultana mentioned, it's a great gloss because it doesn't get sticky. It does have the feel of a somewhat waxy lipstick, but with more moisture. I was pleased with the gloss and liked the color enough to use it several times a week...I never go crazy with my colors! I'd also recommend to either try it on if possible or don't be afraid if it looks too dark, but it is seems like with my review and Sultana's we were pleased when we put it on!

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