Sunday, September 27, 2009

Review- Curlisto Straight Time Glaze

A heat-activated, straightening balm designed to temporarily relax curls and provide thermal protection. Tames curls and fights frizz all day- even in humid weather. Vitamins A and E are added to soothe and condition the hair shaft. Can be mixed with Repair Styling Cream for ultimate protection against heat damage.

I love this Straight Time Glaze! I am someone who can surely appreciate any product or process that tames my wild and frizzy hair (it happens even for us straight-haired ones). To me, it's kind of like using a flat iron to make my hair even smoother and silkier - but without using the flat iron. Using this glaze even by itself produced straight, glossy hair that maintained its silkiness and shine all day even in misty rainy humid weather. And it's so wonderfully lightweight that it didn't feel as if I was wearing anything at all! Out of all of the Curlisto products, this is definitely my all-time favorite. It works overtime as a heat protectant, silkener, straightener, and frizz controller! This is one product that straight-haired types can totally benefit from the selections of their curly-haired friends! And if it works this well for my straight hair, I can only imagine the gorgeous effects it'll have for my curly compatriots!

Deedlejuse Says:
I have to completely agree with Trish. Recently I had to start interviewing for jobs. My hair needed a little pick-me-up so that it didn't look super frizzy and fly-away in the humidity of the summer. I looked no further than the Straight Time Glaze by Curlisto! I was completely amazed the first time I tried this that I really didn't need any more products, like at all. My hair, which is straight naturally, literally fell into line with a quick blow dry and a brush through! I took about 15 mins on my hair, and it looked like I had spent at least 1/2-3/4 of an hour. I definitely didn't need to use a hot iron, but also I didn't need any of my other products to make my hair look smooth, shiny, and gorgeously straight! Seroiusly, everything from Curlisto has been lovely to try and will probably be in my make-up bag for quite a while!

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