Sunday, September 13, 2009

Review- Graftobian Super Palette - 18 Lip Color Shades

"Graftobian now offers our High Definition Glamour Cremes and Lip Colors in this artist friendly Super Palette (18 shade) Configuration." 5 packs= $21.99 each, 18 color Super Palette= $64.99

How excited was I when I got this 18 color lipstick palette? Besides being a total lipstick junkie, I knew from Graftobian's reputation that it would be good quality. And I was right. It's a lipstick lover's dream come true! This palette mainly covers what I would refer to as "medium shade" lipsticks in that there are no super light pinks or super dark blackberry's. It has very wearable shades that can be mixed to create literally hundreds of different shades. It only take a little bit of these lipsticks to get full, opaque coverage. This is going to be a great addition to my professional kit (although I secretly would like to just use all of the shades myself. The lipsticks have good staying power for cream lipsticks (They also make a lipgloss 5-pack for $21.99). My only complaint is that there aren't enough shades of red. There is, however, one true red that is slightly sheer and can be mixed with any of the other colors to make a red with the undertones you want. After having tried this palette and the foundations, I am looking forward to trying the other products Graftobian makes. BTW, need some face paints for yourself or the kids for Halloween? Check out the Graftobian website. They have endless affordable options and even have kits to make the look for specific costumes.

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