Friday, September 18, 2009

Review - Cosmedicine Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment Exfoliating Cleanser

This highly-advanced, fast-acting exfoliating cleanser with its proprietary oil-stopping complex and micro-fine granules not only fights breakouts and eliminates acne symptoms, it actually leaves your skin in healthier and better condition than before your acne problem began.

Man, I love exfoliating cleansers. I love the super-clean feeling my face gets when it's been scrubbed juuuuuust enough to get the icky stuff off my face (and city living can really do a number on you). Cosmedicine's exfoliating cleanser is probably one of my favorites - the "micro-fine granules" they mention in the description? That's totally true. The exfoliating sand in this cleanser is so tiny that even very sensitive skin will be happy afterward, but you still get that great, clean feeling. Now, I don't know whether this cleanser reduced my breakouts, but I will say this: I stopped using it for a couple of days after I forgot it at home when I was housesitting, and I did notice that I had a bit of a breakout when I stopped using it. The only complaint I had about this cleanser was the scent - now, I know for something to be super-effective it needs, like, crazy ingredients from the ocean or something, but this stuff smells a little bit like liquid nori. Not necessarily a bad smell, if you like sushi, but also not necessarily something you want on your face. Overall, give it a go as part of the whole Cosmedicine line!

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