Monday, September 21, 2009

Review- Curlisto Bio Curl Conditioner

This deep moisturizing conditioner is specifically formulated for dry, chemically treated or damaged hair. Vitamins A and E moisturize and strengthen. Proteins leave hair soft, frizz free and tangle free. Gentle enough to be used daily. $14 for 4 oz.

Curlisto is one class act. I have made this opinion known through all of my reviews of their products so far because when a company authentically values its products and thus us, its consumer, it bears recognition. The Bio Curl Conditioner compliments the shampoo of the same name with its scent, performance and specialness. The jojoba oil topnote transported me back in time somewhere to my youth when I used a product with the same light fresh scent. I wasn't blown away by any new or evolved way in which my hair was conditioned, per se, but my experiences have been more than pleasant so far. One more thing, going back to my Seventeen magazine days, I would pour over the beauty tips like they were the secrets to the universe and I'll never forget a famous stylist at the time referencing stearalkonium chloride as a "must" ingredient in one's conditioner. I haven't seen it in a million years in something until now...!

Malikah Says:
This conditioner boasts amazing moisturizing properties that leave hair soft, supple, and tangle free. The directions say to leave it on for 3 minutes then rinse, but I let it sit for about 15 for extra conditioning. My hair came out incredibly soft and shiny, and the fragrance was superb! The conditioner is fortified with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein which retains moisture and prevents dryness, hydrolyzed soy protein which repairs and strengthens hair shaft and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract which hydrates dry hair and scalp. Curlisto Bio Curl conditioner is perfect for anyone concerned about dry, damaged hair and breakage.

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