Friday, September 11, 2009

Review - Curlisto Glow & Shine Spray

This advanced, alcohol-free finishing spray gives you brilliant shine without added weight. The non-oily formula protects hair from moisture loss and eliminates frizz and static electricity. 4oz $28

I have to say that this is unlike any other frizz treatment I have ever tried. It is unique in so many ways. I used this on the nastiest, rainiest days in NYC & it didn't fail me once! It gave my hair a very nice shine without weighing it down. Normally after my four block walk to the train station, my hair is a soggy mess. I sprayed this on my hair at work and Voila! My hair manages to return to what it was like when I left the house! The one down side is that if you have long hair, you need a substantial amount to really make it work.
I love the Curlisto line and this happens to be my favorite product from them! If you have hair that gets oily easily, then this is a good light weight product for you.

Josephine says: Totally. My love for Curlisto is growing with every new product I try! It seems to me that the sheer audacity it takes to make a curly-haired shine spray, much less one that reigns supreme, is admirable if not gutsy. I would think that many lesser hair product companies would mistake curly hair for hair that needs loads of silicone in a spray shine when the exact opposite is true; When curly hair gets weighed down it looks like a weird pyramid so it needs something super light to compliment its buoyant nature. Btw, if that last sentence did not make sense feel free to blame it on the bachelorette party I attended tonight. Anyway, to wrap this all up, Curlisto has mastered a spray that mists a shiny, humidity-resistant veil of awesome over one's head.

Hillary says: Ditto. There's not much to say that hasn't been said, but this is truly a superior shine product. For fine hair like mine, my hairdresser told me to spray it onto a brush (I use a bristle brush) then brush it into your hair. The result is tame, gloss hair with no "oil slicks" or uneven patches. My hair is straight, generally, but humidity can still get the best of it. On a humid day, I blow dry & the front sides of my hair look like I tied two dead squirrel tails to my head! A couple of spritzes of Curlisto Glow and Shine Spray on my brush, and I have model-worthy locks (ok, maybe not model-worthy, but you get my drift). Considering how curly Josephine's hair is and how straight Trish and my hair is, I'd say this product is good for everybody.

Trish says: Hillary's right about this being a great product for both the curly-haired girls and stick straight-types (as myself and Hillary!) I took the advice of spraying some on my brush for best results and voila smooth and silky hair all over! The formula is super lightweight and high in shine...sometimes, I'll wear my hair up all day, and later put it down, I noticed this product not only smoothened out my frizzy strands, but also, it sure can hold a nice curl (or in my case wavy locks) and make it look ultra glamourous. I will say for a light spritz (on the comb or brush) this glossy shine goes the distance!
A curly hair's dream and a straight-hair gal's delight! It's super soft and light, just perfect for that gorgeous ringlet, and quite strong enough to add some body and waves for the limper types. I will say though in my experience, it adds more body (which is an awesome thing) yet less frizz control for me...then again I have fussy hair so I'm just saying that was my experience. In any case I found this to be a body-building, ringlet holding, and shiny making product with great potential for all hair types! As long as you don't have static-y or flyaway hair, then a little bit goes a long way.

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