Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Review- The Balm Pick-Up Lines eyeliner pencils

the balm Pick-Up Liners II features 3 mini eye pencils in green, plum, and navy shades. These water-resistant liners glide on smooth for a perfect application and are tucked in a travel-friendly case that's complete with its own mini sharpener.

(Warning, possible cute overload)Seeing whereas I am on the high end of the list for picky eyeliner people, I thought this could just be a gimmick and nothing more. I mean, after all, three mini eye-liner pencils in cute colors that come in a CUTE box with... yes it's true, a teeny sharpener built into the box?? But how well does it work? Really well actually, this is good eyeliner. The Balm (check their products out if you haven't already) has good products overall anyway, and this did not let me down. I tried all three colors over the weekend and they're all beautiful with good stay-put value. I'm an eye rubber of the worst kind too, so this isn't a small feat for a small eye pencil. Second to the cuteness/greatness of the compact idea is the built in sharpener. I seriously hate dull pencils. I am not that savvy with them to begin with, so if they get dull or hard to use, I just throw them out. And I hate waste. I get mean for the rest of the day about a bad eyeliner. (I'm petty sometimes too... oops). But with the built in sharpener I can take the clunky one out of my make-up bag and slide in this cute teensy box with everything I need to roll around town looking cute.
OH, and the clincher: the packaging. A cute little image with the quote "You must know karate 'cuz your body is really kickin'". If that's not a good pick up line for these liners, nothing is.

Josephine says: We have the Balm at Makeup Mania NYC so I use their line both personally and professionally. These liners are so creamy yet so long-wearing I have spent hours wondering just how this came to be. For real for real. All six colors (they come in two different packs of three, one set being more staple colors: black, brown, grey and the other more fun and experimental: olive green, navy, burgundy) are equally badass. The advantage to a tiny (yet mighty!) pencil, too, is that they are tres easy to apply to one's own eye line because you can get super close to the mirror. Finally, psychologically-speaking, it might be the name which as we all know can be powerful but I tend to use these after I have been at the store for hours and need a "pick-up." I am not making a bad pun either!

Deedlejuse Says: I love this little three pack of eyeliner! The three pencils I got were black, grey and brown. I love them, so much! I, as Amanda S, am like insanely picky when it comes to both Mascaras, but more so with my eyeliner. My go to liner right now is Make Up Forever in black, but I have begun leaving it at home because I sooooo much prefer The Balm's Pick-Up Liners. They are small, which can be as aggrivating as the pencils at Ikea, or mini-gulf, but as soon as you get the hang of them you realize that the size is just one of the best parts! There is a sharpener at the end of the box ( which is awesome) the creamy pigment that really stays, even when you tend tp rub your eyes like all the time, and even at the end of the day I have not found that any black streaks are left around my eyes. The tips of the pencils are so wonderfully small that your able to draw on exactly what you wanted. I'm very, very happy with this little trio!

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