Saturday, December 29, 2007

Review - CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner

Smooth blendable color in a self-sharpening liner with blender tip.
* Water Resistant
* Ophthalmologist tested
* Lasting Liner

Although this isn't the longest lasting eyeliner on the market, for under $5 and for as easy it is to use for even the most novice of make up users, you can't go wrong with cover girl. This stuff sharpens itself and goes on in one smooth line no matter how jerky handed you might be, because it is a softer pencil tip than your usual eyeliner, and by that i don't mean liquid (which let's face it... can go horribly wrong and we've all seen the evidence of that...), i mean rather that it's just a super soft tip. It's pretty cool, you just turn the pencil and more of the tip comes out perfectly sharpened, and there's a neat little smudger thing on the other end for the smokey smoldering eye'd look. I prefer jet black to go with my hair, but they have all the standard colors. for a drug store purchase, this is always the one to get.

Review - Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush

• Air-whipped formula provides softly luminous, air-soft color on cheeks
• Glides on silky smooth and blends easily for seamless color and a natural, radiant finish
• Comfortable, long-wearing formula will not clog pores
• Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic
• Oil free
• Fragrance free
this is, hands down, my favorite blush. I'm not the best at putting on powder blush, i tend to stripe it so I look more like a warrior than rosy cheeked.... And this blush is great for avoiding that. I put a teeny bit on my finger tip, smile so the apples of my cheeks stick out, and rub it on the apples in a circular motion. It never fails! the blush goes on smooth, doesn't clump or smear/streak, stays all day, and has a shimmer to it that makes dry skin look less matte and dried out.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Review - John Frieda Frizz-Ease Take Charge Style-Managing Mousse

Incredible style-optimizing mousse increases manageability so even difficult hair responds quickly and easily to styling cues. Special alcohol-free formula delivers a non-crispy, non-sticky hold as it tames frizz and imparts magnificent shine. Leaves hair silky-smooth and instantly easier to manage whether you're creating a straight or silky look.
I just got one of those haircuts that looks great .. IF I DON'T EVER move my head or look around a lot... or touch my head... or turn my head... or think about doing any of those things. in which case it turns on me like a bad friend. And although I love it when it works the way I want, the wind in the city of New York is against me having fantastic hair that bounces back. So to the rescue I decided I would believe the bottle of this mousse and give it a shot. The package says that it is 'corrective' and it can fix problem hair and have it hold a style. So I've tried it three times since my haircut last week (so that's 3 of 5 days) and admittedly, those three days were the best days my hair has seen so far, and I plan on continuing to use this stuff. I'm not much for overstyling and heavy visible hair products either: it doesn't cause helmet-head (or the one chunk of hair syndrome as I like to call it) and it doesn't deem itself totally useless by trying to be too invisible. You just put a clump into your hands, rub it in and the run it through your wet hair before you style it and it works fantastic. My hair has better body and goes the way I hoped and dreamed it would go rather than turning into my hair nightmare that it was a few days ago.

Review - Mary Kay Nourishing Body Lotion, Red Tea & Fig

With a nutrient-rich mix of botanicals, this Nourishing Body Lotion leaves skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Feel the dryness disappear as emollient sunflower oil, rich in nutrients, conditions the skin. This lightweight formula also includes vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Lightly sweetened by fig notes, the scent surrounds you in its warmth.
I want to eat this lotion, It smells like candied figs and it's delicious and I want to hug the person that gave it to me as a holiday gift. Normally I get a basket of lotion/body products and I think, here we go again, but this is amazing and I think I should buy stock in the stuff (or you should) because I am going to be using this A LOT. i also got the body scrub and it is DELICIOUS and works great (but not too harsh) for scrubbing off that gross too-cold-weather-layer of dry skin. I wish I could send smells over the internet (is there a way to do this yet?) until I figure that out, find your nearest mary kay salesperson or go to the website and buy this, it goes on clean and light, smells (and the smell lasts, but not too strong...) fantastic and really moisturizes and isn't harsh on the skin or alcohol-y.

Review- Dove Pro-Age Body Cream Oil

Dove® pro·age body cream oil is formulated to treat very dry skin. With rich emollients and olive oil, body cream oil will deeply condition the skin and improve surface cell turnover.
Because beautiful skin has no age limit.
How it works:

  • Rich Emollients (20%) to fortify and deeply condition skin, and improve surface cell turnover.

  • Glycerin (4%) to add and maintain hydrating nourishment.

  • Olive Oil (1%) to provide additional nutrients.
Although this product is called an oil, I don't find it at all oily. I find it to be a super rich, immensely hydrating cream. It's consistency is that of a body butter but it glides on easily. It also has a nice floral scent and I would go so far as to say that if you used it all over you could go without perfume (it smells that good). I can apply it to newly epilated legs (think Epilady) and it doesn't cause irritation. My legs are still smooth the day after I apply it. I recommend this for anyone with dry winter skin. And it's a bargain to boot as a little goes a long way.

By Amanda S: I agree, it's super silky and smooth, I borrowed this while visiting family and it was all they had. It smells really awesome and I didn't get dry pinched up horrible tight skin like I usually do from their super hard water. I want a bottle of this stuff, and for under $6 it's a steal.

Review- Gillette Venus Vibrance Soothing Vibrations Razor

· One Venus Vibrance razor, one shaving compact, and one "AAA" battery
· Features multiple lubrastrips that ensure a smooth glide and gentle shave
· Primary strip contains aloe, botanical oils, and special ingredient "TONE" to gently exfoliate and moisturize
· Soothing vibrations can result in fewer nicks and cuts; includes one "AAA" battery
· Shaving compact ideal for mounting in the shower or for traveling
I got one of these little numbers as a holiday gift (you know, stocking stuffer sort of thing) and I absolutely just had to write about it because I am just... well I'm just confused. It's a razor that vibrates. YEA, it vibrates. I'm not sure it vibrates a whole lot, I could feel it sometimes, then other times not, but it really does.... vibrate. yea. I'm confounded because I am not sure how this translates into a clean shave, and I am the queen of accidental nicks and razorburn so I pride myself on razor safety and knowhow. I didn't cut myself, but it wasn't any more special than any other razor I've used that's touted itself as super close, soft skin, safe shaver etc etc. But it's just so weird that it vibrates I had to tell the world about it, and I frankly don't know why it does. If anyone can explain please get in touch.
All in all, it's a regular razor, but for over $10, it's an expensive everyday razor.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Review- Checks and Balances Face Wash

Checks and Balances Frothy face wash- When it comes to faces with dry and oily places, it takes a clever cleanser to balance the two. This gentle, frothy face wash carefully does both jobs without canceling each other out. Konjac Powder seeks out oil, soaks it up then keeps it well in-check, while Wheat Protein balances and protects dry prone zones. And Broadleaf Kelp breaks down dirt, disperses sebum and sends dullness down the drain. There’s also aromatic Bergamot, Spearmint and Lavender to add pleasure to the process. Skin feels comfortably refreshed after cleansing, never tight, pulled or parched.

This is a mild yet thorough cleanser. It's not often you come across a cleanser that completely removes dirt and make-up without stripping your skin of all moisture, but Checks and Balances pulls it off. It is very neutral and I would say it's good for everyone from "normal-to-dry" to "normal-to-oily" skin types. It leaves no residue and has a fresh, slightly minty scent. I consider my skin to be flat out dry and this cleanser even worked for me. I recommend giving it a try.

$17.50 for 5 oz. @ Origins

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Review- Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

  • Relieves chapped or cracked lips

  • SPF 4 sunscreen

  • Not tested on animals

  • Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips.

  • Helps protect lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather.

This lip balm is not for the novice; this is heavy duty lip balm. It comes out of the tube with the consistency of Vaseline, but once it hits your lips it turns into a thick oil. This is a great product for skiers, ice skaters or anyone who spends prolonged periods outdoors. I usually wear it to bed. You know how in winter you put on lip balm at night and still wake up with mummy lips? Not so with this stuff. It's thickness can feel weird at first, but it's so worth it for a soft smoocher all winter. Although it contains sunscreen, you'll need to bolster it with a higher SPF as it has only an SPF 4. Kiehl's does not test on animals, uses recycled packaging and encourage their patrons to return their packaging to the store for recycling as well.

$8.50 @ Kiehl's

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Review- Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo

Refresh, revive, and recharge hair and scalp without water. Pronto is perfect for use between washings, in a rush, or as a midday hair pick-me-up. This dry shampoo increases volume and removes dirt and build up in your root area in seconds.

Natural rice, oat, and tapioca starches cleanse hair by absorbing excess oil, product, and grease and increase hair volume at the roots without weighing hair down. Triclosan and tea tree oil help treat the scalp and reduce the occurrence of dandruff, while the invigorating lemon verbena fragrance leaves hair smelling and feeling fresh.
This stuff saved my life tonight! I was planning on going to a birthday party, but lost track of time. Long story short, I had 15 minutes to get ready. I shampooed with a 2 in 1 yesterday so my hair wasn't looking it's best. I separated my hair into sections and sprinkled the powder in the parts. Then I brushed my hair with a thick bristled brush. The kind of brush is important because it could leave you with white powder in your hair. By the time I was finished brushing, it looked like I had showered, shampooed and coiffed. I was really impressed! It also is made with one of my favorite fragrances- lemon verbena. Even if you've tried dry shampoo before and weren't the biggest fan, give this one a go. You'll thank me for it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Review - Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter

An intensive, creamy all-over body moisturizer. It absorbs easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin, and help prevent dryness, leaving your skin moisturized for up to 24 hours.

Okay, seriously, if you have not tried this yet, GO GET IT. It's winter, we're all dry/scaly/ashy and our skin is THIRSTY. Quench it with this body butter. I keep the smaller size in my bag at all times. Good for cuticles, good for hands, and a small amount can be used as a hair smoother in a pinch (not that I know that from personal experience or anything). I love citrusy flavors, and the pink grapefruit tricks me into thinking it's summer even in this cold season. If that doesn't float your boat, it comes in a bunch of other good flavors - think nuts and fruits - and some less pungent versions, too.

$10-$20 @ The Body Shop

Review - Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

Cleansing gel that lathers to gently cleanse, lift impurities and make-up while helping to control shine and blemishes, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh. Deep cleanses to remove dirt and makeup while allantoin soothes skin.

I love The Body Shop for a lot of reasons, and this cleanser is definitely on the list. The tea tree oil is gentle, but lathers up nicely and helps keep my oily skin under control. It is tea tree oil, so the scent is powerful, but I like it. Just beware for those with sensitive noses or ladies who don't care for the spicy flavor of the tea tree oil!

$10 @ The Body Shop

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nuxe Aroma-Vaillance moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle care with long-lasting effects, drawing on the action of Matrixyl® on synthesis of collagen and glycoaminoglycans to help restore the qualities of young skin. Enriched with anti-aging Vitamins A, C and E, moisturizing Plant Oils and soothing Essential Oils. The fine-textured emulsion literally melts into skin.

Wrinkles are visibly diminished, the skin is left supple and soft, the complexion radiant.

this is a pretty cool smelling and good textured facial moisturizer, but I'm not finding anything that sets it apart. it could be the small sample size that I have, that it hasn't had time to really work yet, but all I'm really seeing is a good moisturizer with a nice smell that undoubtedly works on my skin even when it's super dry, but I'm not too sure about the anti-aging properties that it purports. I guess if I had a larger size I would be able to say more, or if used for more than a week or so. Either way, it's right up there with the others as far as moisturizer goes (like Origins perfect world or chanel day and night cream), but it doesn't set itself apart otherwise.

$51 @

Monday, December 17, 2007

Review - Dr Michelle Copeland Microdermabrasion Formula

A deep cleansing, spa-like treatment that leaves you with an overall fresh, healthy-looking glow. Perfect for Dull-looking skin, clogged pores. A deep cleansing formula to revive skin and slough off dull cells with natural exfoliators. An enriched blend of exfoliators sloughs off dull cells, frees pores of impurities and helps correct environmental damage. Natural particles mechanically deep cleanse the skin. Our high level of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) penetrate the skin for deep exfoliation. Great for face, hands, feet and body.
$25 for 1 oz.
$42 for 2.5 oz. @ Dr. Michelle Copeland

I have tried this product 2 times, and already my skin (immediately afterward!!) was at least 10-15 times softer than it was before, my dark spots and weird red blotches were gone, my skin feels so smooth and my blemishes and the tiny marks from previous ones are shrunken or gone. Admittedly, the scrub feels a bit harsh and I was really afraid it may be too severe for my super sensitive skin, but afterward my skin was glowing and did not feel irritated or look like it had been ravaged. Quite the opposite actually, my skin looks better than it has probably since the summer, now that the winter weather is harshing it, I will be keeping up with using this to keep my skin looking summer soft and glowy.

Movie Maven says:
Remember when you were a kid and you used to create exfoliating treatments out of wet sand, and cover your whole body in it? No? Just me? Fine: imagine that sensation, minus the sand in your swimsuit, and apply it to your face. It's wondrous. At first, I was a little alarmed at how this product really puts the "abrasion" in "microdermabrasion," but after I used it, I loved the results, and felt like my (typically problematic) skin was much smoother. I wouldn't use the product any more than a couple times a week, but that's plenty. Love it!

Hillary says:

How do I love this product? Let me count the ways (there's quite a few)! I use a prescription cream called Tazorac (it's like Retin-A). My doc just increased the strength and I've started peeling all over the place. But it only lasts until I use Dr. Michelle Copeland's Microdermabrasion Formula. It's like it gives me a whole new face! I go from peeling and mummified to smooth and soft. Like Movie Maven says, I wouldn't recommend it more than 3 times a week max, but boy what a difference it makes! It's been keeping me looking my best for the last 2 weeks and I don't really know how I could live without it. I've had professional microdermabrasion and it pales in comparison. This cream revealed supple skin I thought had flown south for the winter. Log on to Dr. Michelle Copeland's site and get some on the double (that goes double for those of you in cold climates).

Cityslicker Says:

I am a fan of The Copeland line. I have seen it in magazines and on entertainment tv.. I would compare this line to Kate Somerville & Sonia Dakar.. I love trying and using self starters who not only create for others but for themselves, to me it means that you will go the extra mile! This microdermabrasion is great to use.. It's a very this scrub that has a light menthol scent, I am sure this is to help tone your skin after a scrub.. This isn't like other kits I have tried, I found that the granules in the scrub aren't a fine as other lines, this isn't a good or bad thing, just different and worth mentioning. I use about 1/2 tsp. for my entire face, I go lightly on my nose and when close to my eyes.. I pretty much got over my face about about 90 seconds, when using this you don't need to apply heavy pressure.. I go over my face lightly and when I am done, the results are super soft skin without and sensitivity.. I do find my face looks pinkish but this is NORMAL, I think it if looking like the same before using I would be sloughing anything off.. I have been using this every other night.. When I am done I use a nice heavy night moisturizer and when I wake I am finding that my skin look bright and glowing.. I will continue to use and highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a little something extra for if you have an event coming up and no time for a facial, a week of this and your face will look great..

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Review - Leiber Eau de Perfum Spray

With LEIBER fragrance, you can feel that special, every day with Italian bergamot, pineapple and mandarin leaf that form a top note with a sumptuous blend of Turkish rose essence and white gardenia as delicate middle notes. Invigorating base unifies vanilla, musk, and amber in this floral oriental scent.

First of all, what a cool looking bottle huh? Second of all, what a complex and difficult fragrance to describe to someone not smelling it! This is a really deep combination of fruits and what smells like roses and gardenia, the combination works great on my skin, although I could see how it could be a little bit tart on some people with more oily skin perhaps. Leiber comes in a really neat looking bottle (above) and has a long-lasting scent that ranges on different skin (I tested it on two friends at work) from very flowery to mild and almost orient/spicy. I really like it, I will definitely wear it probably more often at night when I go out than during the day, but it's very beautiful and would make a great gift.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Review - Comme de Garcon Series 5: Sherbert Scents

Rhubarb is the tart one in the Sherbet series, perfectly capturing the sourness of a rhubarb stalk with a tiny dash of sweet. A beautifully fresh, green stem scent runs throughout the evolution, and it dries down to a creamier version--like an icy rhubarb sorbet mixed with a non-sweet (or overtly feminine) vanilla. We pick up a bit of wood (wenge) in there, too. Completely unique and unisex (go on, show us someone you know who wears a rhubarb scent), the tart green of Rhubarb is a study in converting taste into an exhilarating and crisp bottled scent. Extremely addictive, you just may drool a little when you smell this.

This is my favorite perfume of all time, hands down. I've had this stuff for over a year and i wear it at least twice a week. It smells like candy and vanilla and incense all mixed together, it's never too strong, goes with any occasion, and I find that all of the scents available from this series work well for almost everyone I know that's tried them. It smells like the most delicious food you've ever tasted/smelled, and I almost want to lick it off every time I apply it. Although I primarily wear the rhubarb because I find it's my favorite and goes best with my skin, all the scents/flavors are amazing. I would *highly* recommend this for people that love wearing non-traditional perfumes and cosmetics and love trying something truly new and different, this stuff is fantastic.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Review - Maybelline Expert Wear Blush

This powder blush comes in soft color-true shades that last for hours and hours.
  • Silky smooth formula keeps skin looking fresh
  • Streak-, smudge- and crease-resistant
I normally don't use powder blushes, I use creme/cream blushes because my sensitive and often dry skin holds onto the matte powder blushes too much and makes me look a little clownish if I'm not super careful. This 'expert wear' blush by Maybelline actually went on really subtly and clean looking, and lasted through an entire work day with only one reapplication (admittedly after running out in the rain). I think it's great and you can't beat the price.

Review - Estee Lauder High Gloss (Lip Gloss)

It's all you really need to shine. High Gloss gives you irresistible color and brilliance as it caresses with feel-good conditioners. It lets you wet your lips with luscious super-shine, minus the heavy, sticky feel of traditional gloss. Lips are left looking moist, plump and smooth.

Lip gloss is supposed to be subtle and compliment your face. But what do some lip glosses go and do? they clump up around your lips in shiny weird colored spots, rub off in strange streaks, or fade within 10-14 seconds of putting them on. Estee Lauder's High Gloss is just that, heavy shine for your lips, it stays where it's supposed to be (the texture is much thicker than your average gloss, but not so heavy it's annoying to wear), the color stays and doesn't slide around or clump up. It's fun to use and comes in great colors (I have 'berry # 13', which is fantastic for fair/olive-y skin). the $16 bottle will probably last months and months too, so the price is very reasonable, considering the clumpy gross alternatives. Definitely recommend it.

Movie Maven Says:

As lip glosses go, this one is just okay. I got it in the Berry color, a great basic pink that looks good on ladies with cool undertones. It's really sheer color, which is great for girls like me who feel like wearing lipstick in the daytime looks overdone. I liked that it was sheer and crazy shiny, like Japanese-TV-crazy. Also, it tastes nice, but isn't flavored. However, you have to reapply it fairly often, and it does tend to get a little sticky after you wear it for a while. Overall, I probably wouldn't buy it again at the $16 price, but if you can find it on sale, it's worth a try.

Review- Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

"By using a shielding lotion that bonds with the outer layer of your skin you can keep irritants out and moisture in. Because most moisturizers do not seal in the body's own moisture, they artificially lubricate the outer layers of skin. When they wear off, the lubrication is gone and the original dryness remains. Sometimes this process will draw out the body's natural moisture and contribute to the dehydration process," writes Dr. Peter Helton, a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology.

"A conventional lotion is not formulated to protect the skin like a shielding lotion does. Conventional lotions only add surface moisture to temporarily alleviate the dryness or itching. Shielding lotions are an effective dry skin treatment because they bond with the skin and protect it for long periods of time. With this protection in place your skin keeps its own moisture in and has a chance to use this natural moisture in the deep layers of the skin to heal itself," states Dr. Lisa Benest, a board certified dermatologist of Burbank, CA.

This stuff really works. I had several little cuts on my hands (I sleepwalk & I have no idea where they came from) and I used this for three nights and they were gone. Not that it claims to heal cuts, but I believe it did mine. It says you can use this on face, hands and body. It seems like it would be the perfect "outdoors in winter" moisturizer, yet it goes on very light. There is no fragrance and it is chock full of good-for-you ingredients. Definitely check this out if you work somewhere where you constantly have to wash your hands. It is a bit pricey, but you can get a sample for $2 s&h to try it first.
4 oz. bottle (1-2 month supply) $25 @ Skin MD Natural
Jinki says:
This product seems to be getting some good press and is worth checking out - Skin MD Natural in the UK. It uses a new advanced scientific proprietary formulation which, apparently, has a moisturizing factor 6 times greater than glycerin, the standard humectant (water absorber) against which all others are measured. It is a shielding lotion which bonds to the skin to keep the irritants out, moisture in and protects the skin in a way a normal moisturizer can’t. Well worth a look.
Thanks for your comments Jinki!

Review - Dr. Michelle Copeland Lip Enhancer

Enriched antioxidants and anti-wrinkle complex make lips appear fuller immediately Reduces the appearance of fine lines around the lips and protects from harsh ultraviolet light May be used under lipstick or as a lip-gloss
No burning or stinging – just soft, kissable lips!

The first thing you notice about Dr. Michelle Copeland's Lip Enhancer is the scent. With notes of mint and herbs, it smells like Sleepytime tea, a comforting scent. I had no real issue with the fullness of my lips, but decided to give it a try anyway. It says somewhere on the package that you may experience some tingling. This was...slightly more than tingling. It wasn't pain so much as extreme discomfort. Not so much that I wanted to run to the faucet and stick my lips under the cold tap, but enough to say, "Hey! What's happening?" Fortunately, that sensation lasted less than a minute and I was left wondering whether I could lick my lips or not (I didn't, just to be safe). But you know what? IT WORKED. My averagely full lips were noticeably "plumped." I would imagine on someone with lips that they felt needed plumping, it might work even better.

Hillary says:

It's so funny how 2 people can have such different opinions of a product. I love this stuff. I've had 2 "allergic" reactions to lip plumping glosses in the past and was very leery to try this one. I put it on and it tingled for about 3 minutes after which, it was perfectly fine. And I love the way it makes my lips look! A little like I've put on a sheer stain plus a shiny gloss. It seems to bring a "flush" to my lips. I used to the other day over my favorite lipstick, which happens to be super matte, yet it still was super glossy. I've also been wearing it on it's own for the pink flushed look it gives me. I can honestly say I'm surprised at how long the moisturization lasts. I have really dry lips and usually I have to apply gloss or balm every hour. On Saturday I went to a 4 hour bridal shower and only had to re-apply once. I'm not much of a lip gloss girl, but with the way the Dr. Michelle Copeland Lip Enhancer conditions & it's yummy minty taste, I'm hooked.
P.S. I almost forgot the most important part- it doesn't bleed into the lines around my lips. Fantastic!

Amanda S. Says:

I have tried several products before that claimed to make a noticeably plumper appearance to lips and enhance their contour, but all they did was essentially burn my lips, feel stingy, taste weird, and look shiny. Dr. Michelle Copeland's Lip Enhancer actually does what it says: i put the product on, waited 5 minutes, and asked my roommate 'do my lips look difference?', and he said 'yea actually they look BIGGER what happened??'. it works! it doesn't sting, or taste weird, in fact it has a pleasant non-greasy feeling like it won't rub off in seconds, it feels like it absorbs and that's it! you barely feel the 'effort' in it working, but you can tell your lips are suddenly a little more plumped up. i think this is definitely my new favorite lip product!

Cityslicker Says:

I am don't usually go for lip plumping products so I was eager to try this out.. I was pleasantly surprised.. I don't feel that I need plumper lips they are pretty full not Angelina full but full to me.. I have to tell you if you are over 30 this a little plumping action is GREAT.. I have found that my lips have gained a youthful fullness from using this.. I think that when the action begins it feels like when I chew big red chewing gum, a little hot and spicy on my lips.. I love it and have been using this in the morning under my lips, I feel like a get a little bit of a more pouty look. It doesn't last the day so if you are looking to keep reapplying.. I find this is a great product and would indulge and buy again.. Just keep in mind that this isn't an injection so you aren't going to look bee stung but you will notice a nice difference and the more you use it during the day the longer it lasts.. I have had no ill reaction to using on a daily basis and my skin and lips can be sensitive..

Review- Dr. Michelle Copeland Ageless Skin Under Eye Concealer

In an independent study, women used Ageless Skin Under Eye Concealer—provided in an unlabeled white container—for four weeks.
  • 81% noticed lessening of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (crow's feet)
  • 94% noticed their skin had smoother texture
  • 94% noticed their skin was less dry
  • 87% noticed an overall improvement in the quality of their skin
  • Dr. Michelle Copeland is onto something with her make up line, non-cakey under eye coverage without run-off, without the product falling into any creases of the eye, and great color matching. I used "medium" for my somewhat fair but also olive skin and the coverage with a few dots of the make up was quick and flawless. Containing 11 anti-aging ingredients, it feels like your feeding your skin instead of coating it and drying it out like some other heavy full coverage concealers feel.

    This is light, non-irritating on my super-sensitive eye area and goes on very smooth. Coverage lasts average if not longer than most under eye concealers and make up, but really when it contains all the added anti-aging benefits like coQ-10 it's worth what it does in double duty far beyond the other options out there.

    I also love the texture of the make up, it doesn't look clumpy or thick or hard to spread on your skin, even if you have fussy sensitive under eye skin that tends to dry out.

    Hillary Says:

    The first time I used this concealer, I had been outside for a while and my skin was like parchment, so there wasn't much it could do. Every time since then I have used it I've loved it. It goes on smoothly, yet covers completely. It comes with a "fabric" applicator wand that distributes the make-up well. It doesn't go into the minuscule lines under your eyes (which as we all know makes you look 10 years older). I originally thought the "Light" color wouldn't be light enough, but once I put it on, it matched perfectly and it stayed on all day. My eyeliner quit before it did & I had used sealer (we're talking a long time). It has lots of anti-oxidants as well as aloe to protect your eye area. I feel a lot of people overlook the eye area when it comes to anti-oxidants, so this is a no-brainer. This product is staying in my purse at all times!
    P.S. I haven't been using it long enough to notice an improvement in my skin, but check back in a few weeks and I'll let you know!

    Cityslicker says:

    I LOVE this concealer, it's a perfect yellow based concealer (at least that how it appears to me).. I don't use a lot of this, I don't need to, I find that a little does the job, it leaves my eye area looking bright and flawless.. I dab a little on with the wand and blend in with my concealer brush, I am finding that it is covering the teeny tiny veins that aren't super visable but yet I know they are there.. I think that since using this concealer that my foudation looks better. I have a bright complexion. I also have to mention that I don't notice this riding in any of the fine lines that I around my eyes and it's made for longterm wear.. I don't need to reapply if I go out at night. I also would like to mention that this is creamy and hydrating.. I find that along with an eye cream, there is no riding and it looks fresh all day long.. It stays on and really blends in with my skintone.. This is a concealer that offers a light to medium coverage depending on how it's applied, you can totally cover up imperfections or just dab on for brightening in dull areas.. I have only been using for about 10 days so I haven't notices any decrease in my fine lines I am very happy with my results thus far..

    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Review - Dr. Michelle Copeland Dental Whitener

    • Formulated specifically to minimize tooth sensitivity
    • Brightens teeth at least three shades within seven days
    • Formula: 6% hydrogen peroxide gel
    • Whiter teeth for a beautiful, healthy, younger-looking smile
    • Disposable one-time use pre-measured trays
    • Guaranteed whiter smile in just one week!
    • One size fits all
    I have extremely sensitive teeth. Also being an ex-smoker and a coffee and tea drinker, I get some heavy staining on my teeth. I started using Dr. Michelle Copeland's dental whitener kit praying that it wouldn't sting and burn my teeth and gums like those other strips you can buy (no names mentioned!) which really ripped my gums apart and made me feel like I had just gotten ten new fillings and was afraid to even chew after a few days of using them. This stuff is different. First off, it comes in these awesome foamy little pre-filled things that are so comfortable to use, no weird drooling or feeling like you want to spit them out, I wore them for the full time (15-30 minutes) and felt fine doing it each day. They fit really well, didn't slide around, taking them out was easy and you can just rinse afterward and go on with your regular life. This stuff is just great, my teeth are definitely whiter, much whiter. I had several people checking my progress over the week of use and there is a seriously noticeable difference. It's even whiter than I expected it could be without getting some sort of professional whitening that costs $300 and burns like crazy. I would recommend this HIGHLY to anyone having problems with teeth discoloration because it's a lifesaver, and to date no stains have returned. I will use this again if any issues arise with discoloration, it's definitely worth the money savings (this is only $99 for a ten day pack versus the $300-400 a dentist will charge for the same exact thing). try it!

    Hillary says:

    This stuff is amazing! I can't believe how white my teeth have come with this kit! I started seeing results from the first time I used it. I venture to say it gets your teeth 2 shades lighter with each application (I leave it on for as long as you're allowed to). This has gotten my teeth much whiter than a professional cleaning at the dentist does and there's not poking or prodding. I'm not implying this is a substitute for a real cleaning, but aesthetically this kit does wonders and at such an affordable price.

    Review - Origins A Perfect World Serum

    In an ideal world, skin would never age before its time. Now Origins has uncovered the key to longer-lasting look of youth, health and vitality - utopia’s own Silver Tip White Tea. It helps banish youth offenders long before they cause visible signs of oxidation, deterioration, dehydration. Boswellia sets up a secure sanctuary against age-accelerating static and stress. Without the need to defend itself, skin’s energies are devoted to improvement. Smoothness is immediate. And lush, tranquil Mimosa, Orange and Bergamot sweep over you like a tropical trade wind. Skin has found its Shangri-la.
    I am an Origins fanatic, and I am also somewhat of a moisturizer expert. I would like to think I've tried almost any moisturizer I could afford, from the $5 stuff at the drug store to the $75 stuff at the department and specialty stores. The fact of the matter is, at leas two Origins products are on my top 5 of all time favorite and useful moisturizers, and A Perfect World is one of them (the other is Constant Comforter). There are many great things about Origins products in general, that they're all gentle and use natural and often organic ingredients, they all smell great, they're perfect for sensitive skin, and also, they are reasonably priced. A little bit of this serum goes a long way, and for $32.50 for a 1 oz, (which I would think could last well over a month or two for me), it's reasonable enough to baby your skin with the best. I have tried a lot of other moisturizers, but time and again I go back to Origins because it calms my skin and it always works perfectly, whether I'm feeling oily and broken out, or I am dried out and in need of some deep moisturizing. If you have to have one moisturizer you rely on, make it this one.

    Review - Caress Body wash, Exotic Oil Infusion Moroccan

    Want to discover a Moroccan inspired beauty secret? Caress Exotic Oil Infusions captures the magnificence of exotic oils in a body wash! Entice your skin with the richness of Morocco in this authentic Cream Oil formula. The unique fusion with a blend of Cassis Cream and Starflower Oil soaks your skin in decadent moisturizers, leaving it ultra silky. With skin this luminous, you'll enchant everyone around you!

    Wow, for $5.32 at you can't go wrong with this body wash. I am absolutely definitely getting a big giant bottle of this stuff! It has oil essences and is so creamy and awesome, your skin doesn't feel stripped/dry after showering, it feels so soft you almost forget to use any body lotion. In fact, you open the bottle and it almost LOOKS like body lotion it's that creamy. I really truly love the smell, it's clean but exotic and spicy smelling, I'd definitely recommend trying it out. Despite the oil and creaminess of the body wash, you don't feel greasy/unclean afterward, you just smell great and have super soft skin.

    Hillary Says:

    Want to discover a Japanese inspired beauty secret? Caress Exotic Oil Infusions captures the magnificence of exotic oils in a body wash! Spoil your skin in the feelig of Japanese silk with this authentic Cream Oil formula. The unique fusion with a blend of White Lotus Cream and Kukui Nut Oil gently silkens your skin and leaves a delicate sheen. Step out and enjoy skin that looks lustrous - like pure silk!

    I have the body wash in "Japanese". It smells of an oriental floral perfume (it reminds me of Shiseido's Zen perfume). It is very creamy, but not greasy. It is just the right balance of cleanser and lotion to leave your skin soft yet totally clean. Another bonus is that it doesn't leave slippery residue on the tub like a lot of other lotion based body washes. It's actually called on the bottle "Cream Oil Body Wash" and they put it perfectly. It's all of these things in one nifty package. I don't even need a body lotion after using this. This is an affordable indulgence that shouldn't be missed.

    Review - Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturizer

    A light-textured cream/gel, which carefully meets the needs of oily and combination skin, regulating the sebum secretion, while hydrating. It also makes an excellent makeup base.
    this is a great little moisturizer that works really well under those mineral make up foundations everyone is keen on using nowadays. I've noticed that some moisturizers clump up or get weird under foundations, but this one works great and my skin wasn't dried out at all by the end of the day. It is also dermatologically tested so my super sensitive skin handled it really well. I love the texture too, which is light and not greasy at all, it absorbs almost instantly, faster than any moisturizer I've used to date.

    Review - J.F. Lazartigue Deep Action Treatment with Carrot Oil

    This is a deep action pre-shampoo treatment for thick hair that has been excessively sensitized, damaged end dried out. Carrot oil is rich in vitamins and in carotene, effectively combating the dryness of the hair. After just one application, your hair will look silky-smooth again.

    Not only do I dye my hair black, but I periodically relax it and straighten it regularly with a ceramic iron. And well, it gets... pretty fried. I received a sample of the J.F. Lazartigue deep action treatment with carrot oil and was skeptical, how could carrots help my hair? Well, after you follow the (somewhat unorthodox) instructions of applying for 30 minutes and THEN shampooing your hair, you'll see for yourself. My hair has never been this soft or shiny, not even after having it treated with a color glaze. I love this stuff, I want to get a gigantic bottle of it and run around giving everyone a try.

    please note: the container says this is not necessarily for those with bleached/streaked hair since the carrot essences can, apparently, cause some discoloration. I have jet black hair and this was not an issue for me.

    Hillary Says:

    This is my absolute favorite hair treatment! I dampen my hair, work this through with a wide tooth comb and sit around w/ a shower cap on for 30 minutes. By the time I leave the shower my hair feels like silk. I have straight untreated, unprocessed hair, but I am the driest of the dry so I use this every 2 weeks or so and my hair looks like I just had it blown out. I would only recommend this for people with dry hair who are light brown or darker. I feel that on oily hair it would be way too much conditioning. J.F. Lazartigue also makes a similar mask with shea butter that can be used on blond and bleached hair. This stuff may be pricey, but it makes your hair look like a million bucks.

    Monday, December 10, 2007

    Review - Cover Girl Clean Eyes Make-Up Remover

    • Lightweight lotion gently and thoroughly sweeps away traces of eye and lip make-up.
    • Gentle formula helps keep delicate skin around the eye and mouth soft and smooth.
    The claims are true: this product is gentle and it does work to remove your eye makeup. My main issue with it is that it seems more like an oil than anything else, and it leaves oil on your face, which for those of us with naturally overactive sebaceous glands, is not acceptable. I feel like I have to wipe with all my strength in order to remove all traces of this removes, and even then, it's a battle. Perhaps for someone with drier skin than mine would find what I consider to be a flaw to be a benefit, since the product works fine otherwise, but this girl says: no thanks. You can buy it (if you dare) for $

    Review - Nivea Visage Eye Makeup Remover

    This unique gel formula uses Pro-Vitamin B5 to care for the delicate eye area while removing make-up. Formulated to remove even water-proof make-up and mascara without leaving a greasy residue.

    I wear stage makeup, so I have a lot of experience in both putting on and taking off all the wonderful gunk we put on our eyes. Cold cream is an old favorite, but it's pretty hardcore. When I've been wearing regular old eye makeup and need to get it off quickly and easily, this is the stuff I use. It's more like a lotion than anything else, and it's super soft on that sensitive skin around your eyes. You don't need to use much, and it works remarkably well. $5.79 at (or steal it from your roommate like I did).

    Review - MD Formulations VitaPlus hand & body creme

    The Vit-A-Plus Hand and Body Creme reduces the appearance of age on the body. Quick-absorbing, long-lasting, moisture-rich formula contains Alpha Retinyl Complex, a special combination of AHAs, Vitamin A and antioxidants that work beneath the skin's surface to diminish the signs of skin aging.

    MD Formulations vitaplus is a great little hand creme that comes in a cool orangish color. At first it goes on a bit greasy, but absorbs quickly and lasts through many a hand washing and even keeps my super dry elbows and knees looking nice and smooth at the end of the day. Nice smelling and quick absorbing.

    Review- Chanel Rectifiance Intense Eye

    Chanel Rectifiance Intense Eye
    Retexturizing Line Correcting Eye Cream

    This seductively rich, creamy formula has a secret: A unique Micro-Protein Complex targets three distinct types of lines and wrinkles and helps correct them in three dimensions.
    $70 for .5 oz.
    I really like this eye cream. I like my eye creams to be thicker than my face creams as my eye area tends to get dry. The first time I used it it has a tiny bit of sting with it, but that went away with continued use. I don't have many lines around my eyes, but I can tell the quality of an eye cream by how well my under-eye concealer stays in place. I had no problems with "flaking" while I was using this. My only complaint is that it doesn't contain an SPF, so I would only use it at night. I would recommend this for people with dry skin and mild wrinkles.

    Review- Yu-be Moisturizing Skin Cream Review

    Yu-be Moisturizing Skin Cream is Japan's #1 selling medicated, vitamin-enriched cream in Japan. It is a glycerin-based moisturizing cream with Vitamin E, B-2 and Camphor. It was tested at the summit of Mt. Everest by the first Japanese woman to ever summit Everest's difficult North Ridge. She taped a tube to a shoelace around her neck! Yu-be is safe and effective on all the dry skin areas of your body including your face and lips (works great on kids too). It contains no artificial colors or fragrances. It is recommended for rashes, eczema, dermatitis and other inflammation, cracking and itching in addition to just dry skin. Yu-be has been around for 50 years in Japan and is now available in the U.S. and around the world.

    This is the most versatile cream I've ever used! I've been using it for weeks now on my lips, my hands (especially my cuticles), my face and my feet. It is super-moisturizing and has even taken care of the callouses on my feet. They now always look as if I've had a pedicure. The cream is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. It has a pleasant camphor scent which disappears in a minute or two. Yu-be is great under lipstick as it absorbs completely and allows smooth application. I think it will be the perfect thing for wind-chapped skin. They are very careful to warn you that it has no SPF (I wish more companies did this). I'm very happy I found this product, I'll be using it from now on.
    $24 for 4.25 oz. jar

    Current specials: Buy a 4.25 oz. jar and get a 1.25 oz. tube free! Free shipping on $45. Not sure you're ready to buy? Order 3 small sample tubes for just $4.95 shipping! Trust me when I say a little of this cream goes a long way.

    Cityslicker says:
    I have to admit that I too like the camphor scent of the Yu-Be. In fact I love it. I used to use lip balms with camphor so when I got this and one of the uses was for the lips I jumped on that. This is very different from any balm I have used on my lips though. Lip balms carry the scent of camphor the entire time they are on; this has an initial scent that lingers for a moment and once it's absorbed it's completely gone so EVEN if you hate the scent of camphor it's dissipates into thin air in almost no time at all. This cream is a buttery yellow tone and reminds me of a cross between Vaseline & Aquaphor but not as heavy. It is still heavy but doesn't coat in the same way. It's a little lighter.
    I have found that for me, since I am a paper pusher this is a great product for my cuticles and overall hand moisture. It's amazing how much paper dries me out. I have been using this on my hands, lips and feet. I love to sleep with socks on and slather a little extra on. I wake up with baby soft tootsies... I love that. Also when I use on my hands, I can wash and it's not completely gone, it does add a little barrier as long as I am not scrubbing my hands clean.Overall this is a small tube but I use less than a pea-sized amount for each area. This little tube will last and I am excited to have it in my arsenal for the approaching winter months when the heat turns on all the moisture in my home is GONE.
    Great product and I hope they introduce some other products. Also for all you skiers out there I am positive this will be amazing for your faces, no more wind burns.

    Tiniwini says:
    This is a great cream! I have been using the Yu-be on my super dry and scaly elbows and the results have been nothing short of amazing. My elbows are no longer scaly and any red discoloration that was there has now faded. In addition to using the Yu-be on my elbows I have been using it on my brittle cuticles. I must say I have seen tremendous improvement and now sport more manicured looking nail beds. My five year old daughter sampled the product and is always telling me she has dry skin just so she has a reason to use the Yu-be cream.The Yu-be cream has an almost whipped consistency and the camphor odor does indeed vanish rather quickly. I agree with Cityslicker that the Yu-be product does seem to leave a protective barrier on your hands even after washing. My experience with this product has been fantastic and I would recommend it. One other great thing about the Yu-be cream is that it is safe to use on children. We live in a neighborhood where the kids play outside all the time so I am sure that I will be applying the Yu-be to some chapped cheeks this winter.

    Sunday, December 9, 2007

    Review -Chanel Precision Rectifiance Intense Retexturizing Line Correcting Cream

    • A light-textured day cream that helps regenerate skin for smoothness
    • Remarkable formula works from within to reduce appearance of fine lines
    • Micro-protein complex maintains skin firm & elastic
    • Essence of Neroli from orange blossoms block enzyme that causes aging
    • With sunscreen power to protect skin from photo-aging UV rays.
    • Skin is revitalized & provides a vibrant, young, matte look

    $78 for 1.7 oz. @ Chanel

    This is a great thick luxurious cream that goes on velveting soft and absorbs quickly. Although I can't say it did anything exceptionally better than other creams with the same name, my skin was really very smooth and soft, and stayed that way much longer than with other creams, and it smells great. I would definitely recommend this cream for someone with really noticeable lines in their skin around their eyes and mouth especially if they have extremely dry skin that absorbs creams too quickly and dries out too much after exfoliating. I can see myself using this cream after a facial to calm any freak-outs my skin might have and to keep it super hydrated.

    Hillary says:

    Let me start by saying not only do I have naturally dry skin, I use a prescription retinol cream every other day. This cream was a almost a match for my often slightly flaky skin. Then again, it's meant as a moisturizer, not as a super charged end all be all (if you find that, let me know). For example I often have to put shea butter or YuBe cream on my dry patches. For my skin overall, it worked fine. I can't attest to the wrinkle fighting properties as I'm already using a cream for that. I would still recommend it with a retinol such as Retin-A or Tazorac as it held it's own against it. For those of you with vaguely dry skin and the first signs of lines, this would certainly do the trick. Plus it has very good SPF ingredients which will protect you from the full spectrum of the sun's rays (you would be surprised how many are insufficient). I would certainly consider buying this if I ever went off retinoids.

    Review - Origins Modern Friction

    Sand-blasting skin with coarse, chemical crystals? How painfully passé. Here’s age-erasing exfoliation without irritation. Skin-refining Rice Starch, cushioned in cream, shows real affinity for rapidly removing sluggish cells, uneven patches and signs of skin damage and discolorations. Lemon Oil kick starts the process of illumination. Another age-sweeping action: skin-menacing molecules are mopped up. All while Aloe keeps skin calm and comfy. There’s no ouch, extra steps or other complications. No redness or flaking follows. The before-and-afters are amazing. Signs of fine lines and size of pores appear to shrink in size. Skin looks perfectly polished, smooth and luminous. And the perk-me-up aromas of Bergamot and Peppermint help you look on the bright side.

    I've used many abrasive scrubs on my face because I often get thick patches and rashes or blemishes that leave spots, and scrubs do the job. Some better than others. The great thing about origins is they use natural materials as the base for their product, and you can tell the difference. after using this product a few times, i noticed that the texture of my skin wasn't tortured (even immediately afterward) or red and irritated, but it actually felt very calm and soft. I wouldn't use this product quite as often as they recommend on their site (2-3 times per week) but i definitely think i could use it once a week to really remove any major exfoliation issues i have with my skin and it would do the job just great, and compared to other products with similar spectacular results, it's reasonably priced at $36 on their website.

    Friday, December 7, 2007

    Review: Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Conditioning Shampoo

    Our original formula produces a rich fragrant lather with a refreshing blue water scent that has a hint of mint and lavender. (If you have recently stayed at a Hilton Hotel, you will remember it.)

    I'm sure there's someone out there for whom this is great shampoo, but that person is not me. I have very straight, very fine, fairly oily hair, and this shampoo seemed to exacerbate those characteristics. After I washed it, it felt the way it does after a whole day of running around. Not dirty per se, but not clean either. As you can see from the description above, this is the shampoo provided in Hilton Hotels; I'd use it in a pinch if I was staying there, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. It does smell lovely, though.

    Amanda says: I am that someone that this is a great shampoo & conditioner for! In Fact, the shampoo was so gentle on my hair I think I could even wash with it every day and not have my hair turn into hay. I love the conditioner also, it's not too heavy, and it glides through my hair and rinsed out very clean. the shampoo has this very fine bubbling texture to it and it just seemed to rinse all the muck out without stripping my hair. I often use a ceramic iron / relaxers in my hair, so I fear damage, but my hair was super soft and manageable after using this. My roommate also tried it (he's a guy) and he loved it too, and said it worked well to keep his short, baby fine hair from being too greasy.

    Thursday, December 6, 2007

    Review- Avon's Christian Lacroix ROUGE Eau de Parfum

    Christian Lacroix, the premier French designer, is renowned the world over for dressing international celebrities in extravagant, brilliantly colorful fashion inspired by his passion for the theater, opera and life.

    $32 @ Avon

    I tend to stick to only a few fragrances and not wander too far off the scale of what I usually use, but I was intrigued by the packaging and the name. Christian Lacroix is a big fragrance name, and the deep red color is really beautiful, so I gave Rouge a try for two days. It's a really beautiful spicy sent that is a little more sexy than I would normally wear (especially to work!), but it's really delicious and citrusy and clean smelling, and very warm for this cold time of year here in New York City. I'll definitely be wearing it again, probably out at night. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a scent that's deeper than their usual and they'd like to experiment.

    Hillary Says:

    I wore this out the other day to a function and when I first put it on I was just luke-warm about it. Don't get me wrong- it's a really nice floral (but not too floral) with some warmer notes thrown in including chrype (whatever that is). After a while I smelled my wrist to see how it held up. I absolutely loved it! Much of the floral had given way to a warmer almost musky smell while remaining very feminine. I think what I would really like in Rouge is a body lotion. I'm sure there's one on it's way.

    *If you are buying Avon, please use the link above rather than the generic link as it supports a woman in business (no additional fees & it still comes right to your door.)

    Monday, December 3, 2007

    Review- Lasting Performance Liquid Foundation: Max Factor

    Lasting Performance Liquid Foundation stays put for as long as eight hours. This amazing foundation creates a natural finish that won′t streak, smudge or slip and it won′t transfer onto your clothes. The advanced formula is light and non-greasy so it won′t clog pores. What′s more, the fragrance-free formula is suitable for sensitive skin.

    When I wear foundation, it slides off..It slips off... or it rubs off. By the end of the day, it seems no matter what I do i'm left with a teeny bit of foundation on my face, and not enough left to do ANYTHING for my skin. It's unfortunate, because with the right foundation, when I leave the house I feel and look like a million bucks. But if it doesn't last, what's the point in spending upwards of $15 on something that lasts less time than my paycheck? This is where Max Factor comes in. In my constant search for foundations that last, this has turned out to be one of the best ones, especially for the cost. Easy to find in your everyday drug store, it goes on light, doesn't clump or settle into lines or dry spots, and comes in such a variety of colors everyone should be able to find a shade that works with their skin (although i noticed the very dark shades are a bit too peachy maybe for some people...) I use this in combination with one of my mineral based powders and it lasts even longer. I highly recommend giving it a try.

    Saturday, December 1, 2007

    Review- Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

    Lip Shimmer in Guava
    Pucker up for shimmery color.
    How it Works:
    A kiss of color and pearlized shine perk up our world famous 100% natural lip balm, while natural ingredients like vitamin E and coconut and sunflower oils moisturize and soothe your lips. Choose from 11 yummy, all natural shades: Champagne, Raisin, Merlot, Rhubarb, Watermelon, Nutmeg, Fig, Cocoa, Toffee, Guava and Papaya.

    @ Burt's Bees $4


    I love the Burt's Bees line. This lip shimmer is a great color, it's an icy shimmery pink that goes on smoothly.. It's lighter than a lipstick and even feels lighter than a lot of lip balms.. It stays on for a decent amount of time but I do find that when I eat, I do need to re-apply.. I really don't mind since it's a mere $4 I use it very generously.. The best feature is a lovely peppermint scent, it makes my lips feels cool, kind of like the infamous Peppermint Patty commercial.. This remains smooth feeling and doesn't dry out my lips at all. I also layer gloss over it.. This is a really diamond in the rough.. To think you can score a great lippie in the grocery store too.. I found this in the health food section.. The color will surely be appealing to many skin tones since it's so soft and sheer..

    Review- CoverGirl LashExact Mascara

    Get no clump, no glob, beautifully-defined lashes. The LashExact brush is a patented technology with bristles that are aligned and clean, so you get the Exact look you want. Also available in Waterproof. Available in Very Black, Black, Black Brown & Brown.

    • No clumps on the brush means no clumps on your lashes

    • Great definition and length

    • Superb separation

    • Opthalmologically-tested

    LashExact is definitely one of the best (if not the best) mascaras I've used. The unique rubber bristles (which everyone is trying to copy) really do coat lash by lash, even the tiny ones in the corners. It's also relatively goof-proof; I've never had a problem with application or clumps. As a contact lens wearer, I like the fact that it makes my lashes look longer without the use of the tiny fibers that other mascaras use. I've tried all of the "hot" mascaras and some of them were great, but they've all been more expensive and no more impressive than LashExact.

    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Review- Vinotherapie by Caudalie, Shampoo

    A gentle, repairing, conditioning shampoo which leaves the hair shiny and revitalized. Rich in D-panthenol to restore radiance and energy to dry and fragile hair.
    I was given this "Gentle Conditioning Shampoo" by Caudalie, in their Vinotherapie line, by a friend as a gift. My hair is so brittle from dyeing and straightening, processing and so on, that the slightest over-shampoo sends my hair over the edge. for the first time in quite a long time, my hair felt really clean without feeling totally stripped with my scalp feeling itchy and tight. My hair had body without being completely flyaway and dry all day, and didn't require super heavy conditioners to replace the moisture that is usually stripped out and torn away by regular shampoos. this shampoo is great for anyone with sensitive skin, it is dermatologist tested, doesn't cause break outs, contains no unnecessarily colorants, and really works amazing on dry, brittle hair that needs to be washed but doesn't need to be abused.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    Review- Imju Fiberwig Mascara

    Fiberwig is the top-selling mascara in Japan - beating the competition with remarkable, "false eyelash-like" results. What it is formulated to do:Engineered to create the perfect lashes with twice the amount of micro-fine interconnecting fibers, the instant drying formula creates a long lasting film coat around your natural lashes. Fiberwig imparts a perfect, smudge-proof maximum lash extension effect with a water-resistant formula that's easy to remove with warm water, without risking damaging or losing your natural lashes.What else you need to know:A jet-black fiber film coats the surface of each lash with long-lasting, clump-free, lash lengthening color that's resistant to tears, sweat, and oil.

    HELLO EYELASHES! being an eyelash deprived person for almost my entire life, I have suffered the horror of nonexistent wimpy eyelashes, smudges all over my face from cheap/bad mascara, and the loss of probably several hundred dollars in products I hated over the years... but never again. At first gasp, i couldn't bear to spend over $25 on mascara, seeing that I had spent so many days with raccoon eyes, or with clumpy lashes that looked more like a spider attacking my face than fluttery beautiful lashes... But this was, by far, the best money I have ever ever ever spent on any cosmetic product in my life! Fiberwig is just like it is described, like painting on beautiful false eyelashes that last all day, NEVER ever smudge, never clump, and wear like professional lashes. Not only that, but even the most novice eye make up wearer can manage to put this product on in a matter of seconds and walk away with a truly transformed face. I would recommend this mascara to anyone. I bought this product at Sephora in NYC and it has lasted for quite a long time, doesn't dry out, and is well worth the money spent, you'll get hooked and never want to use another mascara again.

    Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Review- SK-II Skin Refining Treatment

    This luxurious cream is specially formulated to reveal your skin's natural radiance and vitality, Skin Refining Treatment works by softening and lifting away dead skin cells. For a fresher, cleaner, more radiant complexion. To be used regularly at night.

    I have to say that although I think I need a little more moisture than this cream affords, it did seem to even out my complexion. My skin looks less "red here, white there". I would love to try their brightening line. And as with the Treatment Essence, a little goes a long way. I used a little less than the size of a pea & it did my whole face and neck. I really liked the results I got from the 2 SK-II products I used.

    $125 @ Bloomingdale's