Thursday, December 13, 2007

Review - Estee Lauder High Gloss (Lip Gloss)

It's all you really need to shine. High Gloss gives you irresistible color and brilliance as it caresses with feel-good conditioners. It lets you wet your lips with luscious super-shine, minus the heavy, sticky feel of traditional gloss. Lips are left looking moist, plump and smooth.

Lip gloss is supposed to be subtle and compliment your face. But what do some lip glosses go and do? they clump up around your lips in shiny weird colored spots, rub off in strange streaks, or fade within 10-14 seconds of putting them on. Estee Lauder's High Gloss is just that, heavy shine for your lips, it stays where it's supposed to be (the texture is much thicker than your average gloss, but not so heavy it's annoying to wear), the color stays and doesn't slide around or clump up. It's fun to use and comes in great colors (I have 'berry # 13', which is fantastic for fair/olive-y skin). the $16 bottle will probably last months and months too, so the price is very reasonable, considering the clumpy gross alternatives. Definitely recommend it.

Movie Maven Says:

As lip glosses go, this one is just okay. I got it in the Berry color, a great basic pink that looks good on ladies with cool undertones. It's really sheer color, which is great for girls like me who feel like wearing lipstick in the daytime looks overdone. I liked that it was sheer and crazy shiny, like Japanese-TV-crazy. Also, it tastes nice, but isn't flavored. However, you have to reapply it fairly often, and it does tend to get a little sticky after you wear it for a while. Overall, I probably wouldn't buy it again at the $16 price, but if you can find it on sale, it's worth a try.

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