Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Review - J.F. Lazartigue Deep Action Treatment with Carrot Oil

This is a deep action pre-shampoo treatment for thick hair that has been excessively sensitized, damaged end dried out. Carrot oil is rich in vitamins and in carotene, effectively combating the dryness of the hair. After just one application, your hair will look silky-smooth again.

Not only do I dye my hair black, but I periodically relax it and straighten it regularly with a ceramic iron. And well, it gets... pretty fried. I received a sample of the J.F. Lazartigue deep action treatment with carrot oil and was skeptical, how could carrots help my hair? Well, after you follow the (somewhat unorthodox) instructions of applying for 30 minutes and THEN shampooing your hair, you'll see for yourself. My hair has never been this soft or shiny, not even after having it treated with a color glaze. I love this stuff, I want to get a gigantic bottle of it and run around giving everyone a try.

please note: the container says this is not necessarily for those with bleached/streaked hair since the carrot essences can, apparently, cause some discoloration. I have jet black hair and this was not an issue for me.

Hillary Says:

This is my absolute favorite hair treatment! I dampen my hair, work this through with a wide tooth comb and sit around w/ a shower cap on for 30 minutes. By the time I leave the shower my hair feels like silk. I have straight untreated, unprocessed hair, but I am the driest of the dry so I use this every 2 weeks or so and my hair looks like I just had it blown out. I would only recommend this for people with dry hair who are light brown or darker. I feel that on oily hair it would be way too much conditioning. J.F. Lazartigue also makes a similar mask with shea butter that can be used on blond and bleached hair. This stuff may be pricey, but it makes your hair look like a million bucks.

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