Thursday, December 13, 2007

Review - Dr. Michelle Copeland Lip Enhancer

Enriched antioxidants and anti-wrinkle complex make lips appear fuller immediately Reduces the appearance of fine lines around the lips and protects from harsh ultraviolet light May be used under lipstick or as a lip-gloss
No burning or stinging – just soft, kissable lips!

The first thing you notice about Dr. Michelle Copeland's Lip Enhancer is the scent. With notes of mint and herbs, it smells like Sleepytime tea, a comforting scent. I had no real issue with the fullness of my lips, but decided to give it a try anyway. It says somewhere on the package that you may experience some tingling. This was...slightly more than tingling. It wasn't pain so much as extreme discomfort. Not so much that I wanted to run to the faucet and stick my lips under the cold tap, but enough to say, "Hey! What's happening?" Fortunately, that sensation lasted less than a minute and I was left wondering whether I could lick my lips or not (I didn't, just to be safe). But you know what? IT WORKED. My averagely full lips were noticeably "plumped." I would imagine on someone with lips that they felt needed plumping, it might work even better.

Hillary says:

It's so funny how 2 people can have such different opinions of a product. I love this stuff. I've had 2 "allergic" reactions to lip plumping glosses in the past and was very leery to try this one. I put it on and it tingled for about 3 minutes after which, it was perfectly fine. And I love the way it makes my lips look! A little like I've put on a sheer stain plus a shiny gloss. It seems to bring a "flush" to my lips. I used to the other day over my favorite lipstick, which happens to be super matte, yet it still was super glossy. I've also been wearing it on it's own for the pink flushed look it gives me. I can honestly say I'm surprised at how long the moisturization lasts. I have really dry lips and usually I have to apply gloss or balm every hour. On Saturday I went to a 4 hour bridal shower and only had to re-apply once. I'm not much of a lip gloss girl, but with the way the Dr. Michelle Copeland Lip Enhancer conditions & it's yummy minty taste, I'm hooked.
P.S. I almost forgot the most important part- it doesn't bleed into the lines around my lips. Fantastic!

Amanda S. Says:

I have tried several products before that claimed to make a noticeably plumper appearance to lips and enhance their contour, but all they did was essentially burn my lips, feel stingy, taste weird, and look shiny. Dr. Michelle Copeland's Lip Enhancer actually does what it says: i put the product on, waited 5 minutes, and asked my roommate 'do my lips look difference?', and he said 'yea actually they look BIGGER what happened??'. it works! it doesn't sting, or taste weird, in fact it has a pleasant non-greasy feeling like it won't rub off in seconds, it feels like it absorbs and that's it! you barely feel the 'effort' in it working, but you can tell your lips are suddenly a little more plumped up. i think this is definitely my new favorite lip product!

Cityslicker Says:

I am don't usually go for lip plumping products so I was eager to try this out.. I was pleasantly surprised.. I don't feel that I need plumper lips they are pretty full not Angelina full but full to me.. I have to tell you if you are over 30 this a little plumping action is GREAT.. I have found that my lips have gained a youthful fullness from using this.. I think that when the action begins it feels like when I chew big red chewing gum, a little hot and spicy on my lips.. I love it and have been using this in the morning under my lips, I feel like a get a little bit of a more pouty look. It doesn't last the day so if you are looking to keep reapplying.. I find this is a great product and would indulge and buy again.. Just keep in mind that this isn't an injection so you aren't going to look bee stung but you will notice a nice difference and the more you use it during the day the longer it lasts.. I have had no ill reaction to using on a daily basis and my skin and lips can be sensitive..

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