Monday, December 10, 2007

Review - Cover Girl Clean Eyes Make-Up Remover

  • Lightweight lotion gently and thoroughly sweeps away traces of eye and lip make-up.
  • Gentle formula helps keep delicate skin around the eye and mouth soft and smooth.
The claims are true: this product is gentle and it does work to remove your eye makeup. My main issue with it is that it seems more like an oil than anything else, and it leaves oil on your face, which for those of us with naturally overactive sebaceous glands, is not acceptable. I feel like I have to wipe with all my strength in order to remove all traces of this removes, and even then, it's a battle. Perhaps for someone with drier skin than mine would find what I consider to be a flaw to be a benefit, since the product works fine otherwise, but this girl says: no thanks. You can buy it (if you dare) for $

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