Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Review - John Frieda Frizz-Ease Take Charge Style-Managing Mousse

Incredible style-optimizing mousse increases manageability so even difficult hair responds quickly and easily to styling cues. Special alcohol-free formula delivers a non-crispy, non-sticky hold as it tames frizz and imparts magnificent shine. Leaves hair silky-smooth and instantly easier to manage whether you're creating a straight or silky look.
I just got one of those haircuts that looks great .. IF I DON'T EVER move my head or look around a lot... or touch my head... or turn my head... or think about doing any of those things. in which case it turns on me like a bad friend. And although I love it when it works the way I want, the wind in the city of New York is against me having fantastic hair that bounces back. So to the rescue I decided I would believe the bottle of this mousse and give it a shot. The package says that it is 'corrective' and it can fix problem hair and have it hold a style. So I've tried it three times since my haircut last week (so that's 3 of 5 days) and admittedly, those three days were the best days my hair has seen so far, and I plan on continuing to use this stuff. I'm not much for overstyling and heavy visible hair products either: it doesn't cause helmet-head (or the one chunk of hair syndrome as I like to call it) and it doesn't deem itself totally useless by trying to be too invisible. You just put a clump into your hands, rub it in and the run it through your wet hair before you style it and it works fantastic. My hair has better body and goes the way I hoped and dreamed it would go rather than turning into my hair nightmare that it was a few days ago.

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